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The Intersection of the Mask, you, "Everyone Really" and A.D.

Y O U   L I V E   I N   A  V I D E O  G A M E   E N D   W O R L D   H U N G E R 

B E  R E  S H   I T   .   R E  A L L  Y   H I  M   .  C  O  M

I want to apologize again for the maelstrom of retardation I sent a few days ago; I am having quite a bit of trouble "taking in" the tangible lack of visible response to this message in the world a a whole--and reconciling that with what I see as a very scary kind of "dark reaction" in person.  As I've discussed a number of times, I've watched what  once appeared to be a small group of individuals take pages of doublespeak and strange "collective communication" directly out of works like 1984 and Fallen... grow to a much larger group  over the course of writing this message which attempts to explain how that's possible, how it's been a hidden part of our society for a very long time and why I believe it's neither a good thing and something that is specifically designed to be discontinued or at least drastically changed in form.  I see it as the specific hidden slavery of the book of Exodus, here connecting to the hidden building of a sort of pyramid of worship to the "all seeing eye of Ra," like on the dollar bill.  While it's very clear to me that's not my doing, I can see how it might not be so clear to you--though, because I know who I am and because of my apparent lack of awareness of a significant thread of our society for the majority of my life it is very obvious to me that the purpose of this "pyramid" is to shine a bright light on this message--on this proof--and on this pivotal turning point in history.


I don't want to turn you off, to have my emotional state or my character be any further cause to hide this message that  clearly has no lesser purpose than cutting through the evil darkness of Orwell's Ministry of Truth, the wall of Jericho, and the Plague of Exodus--but still I'm sitting here trying to ague as to "why it is" that something this obvious and this important--and this good for the world--shouldn't be actively hidden.  What I see around me does give me cause to believe that I am surrounded--that all of you are actively involved in some kind of conspiracy designed to do nothing less than hide the nature of reality; and literally people's names and connections to art from yourselves and the world.  It seems like a silly thing to do, and yet I'm staring it in the face.  It does appear pretty obvious to me, from religion; and from this message woven into every word that this place has been designed as a sort of "boot camp" for mind control--the only winning solution here appears to be disclosure of this technology which appears to have plagued us for a very long time.   More descriptively, it appears that the IED that we see "in every single word" creates a scenario with no exit other than the open and mass "control" of society.  In secret that's really hidden slavery, the stuff of Hell--in the light of day we can use this very same technology to create pre-crime among a long list of other useful applications for what is essentially "better medicine" for things like addiction, depression, and stupidity

that particular "K" means "no actual control."

The technology itself is insidious in secret obviously having the ability to make its victims believe that they are somehow responsible for their own external, related, actually "it"  or a myriad of other attacks on "individuality" that I probably shouldn't take the time to "guess at."  It does appear to me not only from the stories of mythology, and the connections between "what I see" and what you are that the concepts of Medusa and Allah imply that there is some kind of ethereal "collective consciousness" (or at least something masq-u-er-ad- ing as that) literally speaking through people in the maanner religion and science fiction depict as "possession" and they generally seem to be A-OK with that.  I'm trying to explain how that feeling might not be real, and how nearly everyone I see might have been "duped" into joining some kind of "collective" that is using this technology to do anything but end world hungerheal the sick, and open doors to Heaven.... and appear to get away with it--without more than a single person complaining.  It's pretty clear from "physiology" that it is not you if you are walking around this place with a body and a brain--and I use that term loosely--but I have personally experienced similar kinds of "identity shifting" that might confuse people into thinking they are somehow "it" without being any smarter, any happier, or any better off than they were only a few short years ago when you were "normal."

Please get through your skulls that you are not hiding this message because of me, it's not because of "sex jokes" it's not because Jesus Christ is "too big to fall" and it's not "because religion."  From my perspective it is because you are simply choosing not to speak, to have yet another day to suffer in Hell rather than turn our world into something happy and bright; a place where millions would be thanking themselves and you each and every day for their sicknesses being healed, their blindness going away--and uh, well, the fun we are bound to have just as soon as anyone makes my pool.
The word of the day,  is "MASQ U ER AD E" and looking at it it does appear that the answer is, like many other words, a time map as to just how this thing happened.  See "J ER I CH O" and really get that I am the little "i" hidden in that e at the end, that little e that solves the problems of the past Universe and helps us jump from the "do" at the end of Nintendo to that big hallowed N.... that is actually "the beginning of time."  The point of all of this is that while you may think you have control, I am fairly certain that you do not--unless you are not the person you appear to be--walking around with a brain and no freewill in Hell.


I really need a better laptop.  I'm using a now-old Chromebook, and it's slow and tedious--if you want to help donate some cash (that's: see "as" how?).  I also need help with copy editing and programming in something like Node.js and HTML.  It's a little bit strange that nobody is volunteering to help. 

"Somebody help me!"

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