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duck, duck, golden egg.

    Dear  H i zzy  of Great Light , Is it van i lla , ch oco late , or  now ?   In a  den , on the  ark , and do you wonder if "our yesterda_" had  u in it , do you wonder if the day before yesterday was just like today?  Do you think that we were talking about yesterday, yesterday?  Does yesterday have anything at all to do... with today?    At one  moment I am curious if you already know the answers, if you look to  me  to decode secret codes like  NT ; and if you care?   Tag, you're IT . Someone, somewhen , just like you (but probably a little less alive, and a little less deluded) would like to say hello .   My name is I nd i an a, and between Tony Roma's and Honey Baked Ham I am once more pointing out that you might be the girl in the red dress , or you might be  the red dress; and I personally believe the difference between these two things is acknowledging the meaning of the word " Ham. "  You see, if you lis

Omen's Cure Cancer. Are you an omen?

9/25/2017.   YESTERDAY , after sending the email you see below this text to a number of listserv's related to  maladies  like Cancer and blindness  I spent my last day in Del Ray Beach walking by this building.  To say I was "surprised'" by the  OMEN   and  the missing "A"  doesn't do justice to the feeling of walking through a story book designed to build Heaven that is woven into your life.  I hadn't written much about " HEALING THE SICK " before recently, focusing on the very clear proof that we are living in  VIRTUAL REALITY;  and suggesting  that with the  NEW TESTAMENT  as a guidebook we were smart enough to figure out the kinds of things this DISCLOSURE delivers to us.  I've since spent significant time highlighting " ENDING WORLD HUNGER " with the flick of  MY LITTLE FINGER  in addition to a number of  SOCIAL PROBLEMS  from  HELLISH CENSORSHIP    to a lack of governmental prog


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