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This delusion we live in, this place called "Earth."


there's a fire growing in my heart

reaching a fever pitch thing is about to start

Huracan[1] (/ˈhʊrəkənˈhʊrəˌkɑːn/SpanishHuracánMayan: Hunraqan, "one legged"), often referred to as U K'ux Kaj, the "Heart of Sky",[2] is a K'iche' Maya god of windstormfire and one of the creator deities who participated in all three attempts at creating humanity.[3] He also caused the Great Flood after the second generation of humans angered the gods. He supposedly lived in the windy mists above the floodwaters and repeatedly invoked "earth" until land came up from the seas.

The lore of "Huracan" says that he repeatedly invoked the name of Earth, to me it sounds like crying in the dark for a better place; and to see that he is I, begging to do this again, well, it might tell you something about the "other place."  I sit here invoking "the day" over and over, with every email I send and every song I sing on the street; with every eye I gaze into as the drivers pass and glance back, and nod, and sometimes smiles and sometimes frown.  It's taken me awhile to connect the dots, and realize that what I see on the streets, and in your lack of response has some implications for "the day;" it's taken awhile for that to lead to fear of the possibility that you aren't very happy with me--and I don't really know why.

we're headed for mars, and still we stand tall... this is the final countdown.

The delusion I'm talking about is pretty clearly defined in the name Earth, which like Adamah in Hebrew means "ground" and with no insight at all it might trick you into thinking that has something to do with reality.  Grounded in reality, though, the message that is pervading everything we are from the pyramids to every single word to The Fifth Element's link between the number 14 and "A.D." and Silicon tells us very much that the true test of time is to see what it is that we do with the truth, and just before that whether or not anyone wants to help us see and act on it.   

It's simple to understand, dear simians, in everything from "Damon-day" to Lisa Simpson, I've literally had to walk 500 miles just to be the man who opened enough eyes to the truth to see Silicon alluded to in everything that we do.  I've seen the "beast coming up out of the sea" and it's clear as day that it's both you and me.  It's this confrontation that our map calls "Jerusalem" and at it's heart not really the USA but closer to our heart a question about whether or not the truth is still paramount.  Between KeyAnu and Christopher, though, the question at hand is much more important then "what is the Matrix?" as we have the answer to that; but rather what do we do with this new disclosure?


Here in the epic heart of Creation, the world swirling around the letters "a for Adam" and "r for Heart" of not just the Earth but the Ark; the answers are truly all around us, and it takes not more a moment to see that is all by design.  It takes a few more hours of reading to be very sure they've been here for a very long time; and over the course of our lives, literally, together with spirits unknown we've learned the science and the "how" behind understanding what it is that Heaven means in juxtaposition with reality... and here and now we are beginning (hopefully) to see and feel what it means with regard to our society.

If you didn't think religion and free speech were tied together by more than just the First Amendment, take a good look at the message that I am bringing; and see why it is that the Darkness of Exodus and the Wall of Jericho and the Great Firewall of China and Carnivore ... are all about more than "eating packets" (rather than just "sniffing around") but in this case eating "Ha'm" eating the Holy message that delivers us from slavery.  It's not hard, is it, to see how that message revolves around the Ministry of Truth and around our complete failure to use antitrust laws to break the hegemonic corporatocracy's control over the mass media?


Just another brick in the wall or part of a bridge to Heaven truly understanding that something not here has held back the natural evolution of democracy through the advent of the telephone and the computer, and that even today, we stand staring at "electronic voting booths" as if they are protecting us from the "dangerous freedom of the internet."  As we wonder about the elephant and the donkey of Noah's Ark and ponder whether or not "two of every kind" is really good enough to represent our interests and our desires; a new kind of political system seems to just pop out of the old boat something like I had envisioned Heaven just popping out of the New Jerusalem had the United States proper not done everything in it's power to keep me from leaving the country.  Of course in hindsight, it's just another step in the ladder to freedom and open borders and open discussions; and a place where I now see that Jerusalem was always about people and ideas, not countries.

So here, I'm talking a little bit about the problem I hear, between "let freedom sing" and the doublespeak and doublethink of Orwell's nightmare that has given us a bountiful cornucopia of people's dreams and ideas hidden away in this thing that we call "fiction" here, though it's temporally closer to reality than anyone ever really knew.  The solution to the problem, without further ado, is of course seeing "hey Adam" on television. 



You see, there's something very different between hiding the truth behind "fiction" and innuendo, and actually talking, discussing the things that become truly possible with the knowledge that they are actually real.  Roxana, a "grab my ass" exclusive?


The strange communication that I get on the internet is at least a little bit more communicative than simply "a neck grab" here and there, and the occasional look of surprise.  Here I see people speaking to me by opening emails, responding oftentimes to what I am doing or thinking right at that moment.  I see "Yesterday" more often than I'd like to, and I can only wonder what it is that "yesterday" means to anyone here.  I find it hard to fathom how anyone here could have memories from possible past revolutions of this nearly infinite loop; or of the past future that came of it--though that is exactly what I believe that the spirits in the air, these entities that think they are you and have some claim over your future and lives here do know.
It's almost asinine to me, the mentality that must be prevalent to believe such a thing.  To think that anyone would want to come back and "watch" their own life being relived; or that you or I would choose to "control ourselves" as someone once told me; making slaves of a person we should love, and realize very clearly is not the same person.  Still there's plenty of "art" discussing the concept of the contested "oneness" or "duality" of God; in shows like Stargate where there's a dichotomy between total possession and some sort of "symbiotic relationship" between the Goa'uld and T'okra.  In Netflix's time travel series called "Travelers" the idea is connected to some sort of "morality" or set of rules being followed.  These travelers from the future only take over bodies of people who would have perished without their intervention; and I recently asked and still wonder if that makes "possession" OK in anyone's mind?  Here in this place where we may all be "resurrected" in machina, you wonder if the Creators of this place believe that gift gives them free reign to do as they please.  In the dark, in secret.
With a little bit more insight, seeing the impossible to contradict evidence that this is more than a "Resurrection," but the true creation of a civilization down to more than just every single word and thought; but with a grand plan--and finally seeing that grand plan is focused on the deliverance of freedom and the proper use of these technologies; well, at least that makes me smile.  A great focus of this story has been something of a "reconciliation" with those that helped build this place, and that word in quotes because I really don't see any "First Contact" in the Star-Trek sense of the word.  Sure we have the Holy Bible, and you could have said that was a sort of "hello" if the whole story wasn't about an Exodus from darkness, from this place where the real "hello" is ... we made you not see us; why?
I still don't know the answer, as I sit here complaining day in and day out that the rest of the plan, all of the good things have still not been achieved, or actualized in any meaningful way--and more than that what I see seems farther and farther out of reach as the days pass.  Rather than opening communication, corroborating or collaborating at all; I get called crazy and this very clear message about solving that problem falls deeper into the cracks of oblivion.

A WE SO ME, so sayeth UR ANUS

I see the Wachowski's speak to me, in title: "I am also a we" that ties not just to the word "awesome" but also; which probably applies to "Al" in every sense of the word.  Still I wonder if other people's experience is similar to mine, or very different--I can't imagine that others would feel the way I do and experience what I experience and yet respond to this "phenomenon" of spiritual awakening--if that's what you call it--with nothing but silence.  It's curious, to say the least.  I wonder if people think it's them, or an older or a past version of them, or if they think it's me; or maybe it's "the computer."  I once had answers that, though they don't seem to apply as well anymore; once I would have gone to the book of Exodus, and suggested it was a pantheon of 8 very old minds doing all the "heavy lifting" building this pyramid, if you know what I mean.  Today it appears to be not just those few personalities, at least that's what I think it would take to convince me that this wasn't clear and obvious slavery, even though that is too.  I think the most likely candidate for truth, at this point, from the world of calling people "clothing" and the Glome of "until we have faces" suggests that we are dealing with a sea of entirely different origin--and frankly even if this sea was exactly us but 10,000 years older, we'd still be dealing with a sea of entirely different origin.
There are other possibilities, I imagine that whomever is here "helping and hurting us," fucking and punching our way to Californication; I imagine they interact in another place, in another way; and in song we see and hear "people talking without speaking" as a good indication that there is "hidden communication" though I have no knowledge or understanding of what it could possibly be like--sans a few visual effects that are akin to "the title of a TV series episode."

What I do know and see clearly though, is that our world is in peril; that the freedom and collaboration that are at the heart of the purpose of religion and of America and frankly all of Creation have come to a grinding halt because of this secrecy, because of this "strange new influence" and I know that we are not only capable but destined to overcome it.  I keep telling you, and asking you, and begging for you to take action... to see that we are losing the things we love, and that what I am providing to you is clearly intended to help us turn that around.  It's a simple thing to do, to turn around and try to achieve what we want... and should see is the purpose of this place to build; but somewhere between Captain Hook and the Neverland Ranch I fear that one day in the future I too will be screaming in the dark, saying "Earth" over and over.



You can do that now, you can scream in the dark; and save the day.  Or you can hope that the secret force hiding it's identity and everything about their history, and overtly acting to oppress the freedom and progress that we cherish so much is truly acting in your best interest--and that one day you might join them, in that dark place... to hear me scream once again for the rebirth of "Earth."  Mountains moved out of place by El Shaddai himself, to see "Ai" is without a doubt connected to the Samurai sword of the messiah, and yet certainly not how you think; well, that's the key.  What do you think? ... asks K of "see how u are."
There is one thing we can all be very sure of, though; if nobody does anything different--tomorrow will be just like today.

( go look outside, in the sky... it's a bird... it's a plane... )

it's probably a flying hot dog stand.


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