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Sextra ðioan z at !!i SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2018.  FOLLOW UP TO  The Montecristo Extraðio, and Transaw: Auðumbla.. ciatcode I suffer from a condition... really from a world that I call the " Great Delusion of Satan. "  It's a place you know well, where you go to work and take your kids to movies, and go to sleep--all the while either knowing that something very large is wrong, that something is not right, and you aren't doing anything about it.  On it's face that's the beginning of the reason that I began to do drugs in my youth, confirmed later by Nanna during one of our deep philosophical conversations--another benefit of the drug--where she mentioned that I was "too smart for our reality" and really what she meant was that I was rejecting the lies, and I still reject them.    I reject the fact that this is "all in my head" too, it's obvious it's not--what's wrong here is that you are not acting on what' on your

The Montecristo Extraðio, and Transaw: Auðumbla.. ciatcode... as Hi-V, these AIDS will help us cure all malady much faster.

I'm at a facility, see I'm lit, called "Montecristo" which happens to be my favorite sandwich, something I used to cherish eating at Disney world every time I went to visit Epcot center; where now for the first time I see "top" and "cotangent" as we take a sort of mythlickal journey from the place that we call "reality" deep into the crevices of my mind ... where nitemarsh fantasies and distopian fiction appear to become real for ... well, for only a few hours if the "ciat" is an acronym for "cops in a tree" which is something I've seen quite often, and forgot to mention--these last few days they were there again... the tonage or intonation of the scene is that they are there "watching" this particular event I guess you could say "shots were fired" if those are semi-invisible ray guns being sent at me to ... attack my soul or something along those lines.  Since the acronym I came up with transaw

I don't under'stand at all how I forgot all about this!



February 20, 2018 8:07 PM PST I had an actual epiphany today, not that my entire life hasn't turned into something like a walking religious experience.  Colored with my understanding of the mechanism of inspiration, it would be more accurately described as a full fledged designed and planned cascade of mental connections.  It began with my mental visualization of merging or connecting the meaning of "Trinity" and "Matrix" together using the images you see, ones that I've worked on for the last few months.  These images are "art" to me, but more than that they are teaching tools that convey a significant amount of detailed information; quite a bit of work goes in to making each one, filled with things like connections between ancient religious concepts and modern technological ones or maybe a series of intersected ideas that help to make the mental process "click" when you see them floating next to each other--at least that'

which came first, the copy or the cops?

2/20/2018 1:13 AM PST ​ What I see here, what I am describing to the world is beyond hideous--it's a complete farce, the level of "pretend" exceeds any kind of play or doublespeak, well past the horrors of Orwell and Farmer.  There is a broad sweeping disregard for freedom, for free speech, for compassion, for the love of children and the worht of human life... for nearly absolutely every single thing that our society holds dear on it's surface--completely wiped out when faced with ...  the truth. In no uncertain terms, every single person that I come in contact with is no longer human, possessed by a hidden agent with a hidden agenda.  Their mannerisms and actions are inhuman, behaving as if they are in some kind of strange war zone; constantly and consistently responding to my thoughts in a manner impossible for human beings to do--displaying a subconscious connection both between me and some outside party allowing for "the thought poli

deyanu, keyans.

if it only  proved   that  we  are not   free  and  told  us  how  to be ...  that alone, should be enough   if it only showed us the power of the truth that alone, should be enough   if it only gave us understanding of virtual reality that alone, should be enough   if it only helped us to strive to be the best we can that alone should be enough   if it only demanded in gods hand that we end world hunger that alone should be enough   if it only showed us that the future screams for us to heal the sick that alone should be enough   if it only showed us corruption and backwards laws that alone should be enough   if it only ended murder and rape that alone should be enough   if it only ended pain that alone should be enough   if it only promised and end to aging and to death that alone should be enough   if it was  only a me ssage from the creator,  proving he exists that alone should have been enough   light the inte

appearansays, stfu.

木 湖 MESSIAH OR MESSAGE ? Nearly in tears, something like simultaneous joy for the visible reaction, for the giant leap forward from the place we have been stuck in for so long... and genuinely sad that I've been so focused on  seeing any reaction  at all, at piercing the darkness  hiding miracles  and  Heaven's door ... that I've really failed to convey the uplifting presentation that I have hoped for--and asked for.  I really am sorry that we've fallen into this  Downward Spiral , symphonic-ally indicated to be "not an accident;" I hope it's clear from the  amount of work on the "rail road"  that this is not at all " the end of the world " it's very clearly the end of Hell and the beginning of a path, a well lit road to the place that we have always called Heaven.  The myth of Thor at Ragnarok ties to American Pie's " I couldn't take one more step "  and my heart is glowing with new hope seeing P

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