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The Legends I follow, the dream I have is to do something that I don't believe has ever been done before.  I have seen and studied what are supposed to be the rules of this place; a strange corruption of things like the golden rule that have become subverted--now openly abused as the "norm" in a place of learning why exactly it is that we should be striving for a more perfect set of rules, a better system--one that we want to follow and adhere because we believe in it's goals and took part in it's creation... rather than building loopholes and working around what we can all see is nothing more than a broken covenant . To be as honest as I can, what I see around me is an oven broken by an ant; and a world that appears to prefer to see that "t" be a cross than a magical sword that ends Hell and builds Heaven.   I'm trying to show you that we have tools here already that are being ignored, and driven into oblivion; tools that will protect

In my head, in my head... they are fighting; and His words, and his thoughts... they are dying.

and the storm, and the wall they are thinking  In my head, in my head... they are fighting;  and Hi s words, and his thoughts...  they are dying. The pattern in Ecclesiastes 9:11 reveals a number of keys to the message that is the Revelation of Christ.  It's a little difficult to explain or grasp at first, but there are clues, ones that make it easier to see and spark further interest.  It's fairly easy to connect " the race is not to the swift " to Mercury and to Annakin's debut pod race in Star Wars 7; and it's easy to see how "time and chance" connect to Saturn, who is the God of time, and to Uranus--as in "this is your chance to build Heaven."   It's also very easy to see the 1:1 correspondence between planets and chemistry elements and Mercury and Uranium; though the five planets and symbols in between are at least as useful as keys.   This message is going to talk about the symbol for sodium, and

It's not a hallucination!

Yester day's messag e did not get well received, meaning very few of you actually saw it; so I'm sending this to you, to try again.  Understand there's a force working to keep you from seeing--literally from seeing it, and seeing how it helps us to cure blindness, and the slavery of "I don't get it." Agent Smith intersected with Dr. Who's Silence, a good "example" of how the intersect delivers truth through provoking thought.   ( self.conspiracy ) submitted  6 minutes ago   *  by  itsalmosttime So, I'm what they call " the Eye  of Ra" in Egyptian mythology, Christian iconography adds "those with eyes too see" as the Eye expands from a fictitious [little girl...  daddy I want it now!  in Willy Wonka and that link which is  the Hand of Goddard 's "Shalom, Earth." That  second link  is the reason Britney Spears "Toxic" will almost Universally be known as the key that opened the co


Seeing the "signs" connect the pattern of creation to our actual map, to the names of states like Tennessee and Minnesota--where you can begin to see that this road map delivers some kind of "minimum requirement" and "maximums" sort of puts into perspective how important this thing, this event and this moment in our history really is.  There's really no doubt or conflict in my mind... the disclosure that we are living in virtual reality changes the way we look at the world, it should be really clear from your heart and from the message that highlights Cancer not just in the word "oncology" and in 21 Pilots eponymous song; that seeing that we can "find and replace" all malignant cells on the planet with healthy ones ... well it's the kind of thing that I can't imagine waiting even a single day to "press the button" that solves that problem.  It's the kind of change in "frame of reference" that made me

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