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So here we are tonight, you and me together... the storm outside and the fire's bright.


1967                                            1999   



So... I me an... I want to be like, "what the fuck is wrong with you?" this is so obvious and so clear.  I'm not really saying my writing is clear, but it's clearly opened the doors of perception, it's done its job as the key to a much larger message--to give you the ability to search and find new answers and new meaning in whatever places it is that you're interested.  I'm still hyper focused on this "Silence" thing beginning with Silicon ... and how it relates to the degradation of freedom, as a lens it's the litmus test of "free speech" and of "free thought" and it really doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the public discussion of this message is a very important and very large turning point--that acknowledgement and the public response to the disclosure of the existence of "magical technology" that can make bullets disappear before they're even fired ... that we'll see amazing things happen.

The lack of any real kind of public acknowledgement of what is otherwise probably the most anticipated and "sung about" event that ever was or ever will be... it's put me in a very strange position--I have in my hands some information that I know you need and want, and I see that it is woven around social issues and "growing pains" that I have very strong opinions on--ones formed as part of this grand story, of the reason I am the person delivering the keys to a message that is literally woven into every language in all of our history... into every myth from Norse to Greek to Trekkie.  It's a story that I've told numerous times now, connected to what I call the New Jerusalem, a link between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (that appears in places like "permit" and "anonymity") and the Green Eggs and Ham of Dr. Seuss, the Son of Noah (whose name is the precursor to "ha'message"), and a large series of words and Biblical stories that show a war over Eden whose spoils may have once appeared to be "warden" and "prison" and as we move closer to Kermitham... I hope you see that it's no corruption of the truth to tell you the red stripes on our flag are a reminder of these words that are never to be forgotten,


I see that we have an opportunity here to take the sword of Arthur from the lake that is nothing more than a metaphor for your inability to come to a consensus opinion on "changing the world with magic" ... I see we can overcome this problem ... but that it will take actual discussion, and seeing that whatever invisible interface we have, whatever false sense of calm or ambivalence everyone has not to notice that everyone not being involved in this is a "sign from above" something that we really should be reacting to.  I love this world, and I love who we are; and I don't want to see us struggle to slowly change problems that we really haven't created, but might think are ours.  I don't want to have to wait, and I don't want you to have to wait to see the golden gates of Heaven shining before each and every one of our eyes; I don't want to decades to have to pass before you realize that what we have here is a key to leaping forward orders of magnitude in terms of morality ... that we can take a system that is clearly broken on purpose and turn it around, that's the gift... the real gift of the Magi.  From me to you, we have a chance here to see Atlantis rise from the sea into the air above our heads and actually walk to that place and come back, something predicted in my story... and in Amos 9:11.

I don't think the world realizes what this message is saying or proving; it's showing us without doubt that we are in the Matrix and that all of our history is designed--also in the Matrix.  You don't have a body in a sack outside the computer, you were born here--in a world designed to build a more perfect society using the magic of virtual reality.  

We are in a place where the natural course of macro-evolution would have created a similar kind of "nano dust" jack ... not really visible in the back of your heads ... using it to enter virtual worlds and other realms that are more robust and entertaining, also more useful than we can even begin to fathom or imagine in this place that is it's precursor.   Those jacks might have been used to enter a virtual world for a few hours a day, maybe just two--with the experience of being in Cancun or the Coco-mos for days or weeks; they'd be used to provide a place to work and entertainment while we slept in cryo-gen as we expand our horizons and visit new worlds--and it's pretty clear that these kinds of doors too will change the world significantly... like the airplane, and the computer.  

The point of this message, why we are standing here staring at Adam wondering what kind of hubris it takes to demand the attention of the entire world; the point is to show us that we don't have jacks in the back of our heads or nano dust floating around and binding to neurons--that we don't need to go to sleep or ... most importantly the point is that we don't have to die to go to Heaven, we can just walk there, and walk back--and that's what really makes it Heaven, a process that ensures that the Earth is no longer Hell.  

Brimstone rains down from the Heavens, this word that means "break that I am Saint One" beckons you to see that all that you are seeing is designed to help you understand that what I'm doing is morally mandated--that we cannot ignore this message or ignore the truth or even ignore that our newspapers and television stations are ignoring the truth en masse--there's a cloud of darkness that we must overcome, and we  really are lucky to be here in this place where you should see there is a very powerful force of good protecting the things that really are the heart of civilization and the heart of society.  Break the stone by turning from the southern trajectory headed straight for the lake of fire to north-east... look up, it's as simple as understanding that it only takes one more person standing up and shouting to break St. YMIONE... that and the world really seeing that it doesn't mean "disparage and disgrace" the only person willing to stand up for "free thinking" and "individuality" and to scream that this message about ending sickness and hunger is more than enough to mandate upholding the Constitution and seeing that it too is a tool of Moses, the true Ten Commandments that have been smashed here by ... Silence.

Worse, the message we have shows us that we've been here before, and for reasons unknown, undiscovered, and un-searched for we see that we've ... or what comes of this strange event has returned here in time to do over again something that is clearly not being done properly as we gaze at the mass of "no assistance" and "no comment" from the seasing gallery.   Sure, you can think in your mind that these things are a result of a single person's abrasive response to what is a glowing mass of "we think you should die, but we can't figure out how to tell you."  I think you should get out of my head, and care about your lives and your family and your world--and then you'll see that's what I've been doing for you, caring about your future in a place where you seem to either think it's already sealed to oblivion or that you've somehow "already won" absolutely nothing... as you look around at the simulation of diseases marked with cheat codes like "Hi-V, hi five will help us to see that this is an all or nothing strategy," we will cure HIV or this message is a poison pill.

This is a message that demands we see "our history is simulated" is something we also need to understand and verify--to see exactly what that means and how we should move forward in a place where it's more clear than is it the third or fourth or twenty-third revolution of "the Festival of Weeks."

Because of the strangeness of my life and story, I've been forced into a position of having to dream up "what would Adam do" if he had the power to change the world overnight, and that using it would ... lose it--a kind of strange scenario I have been "walked through" a number of times.  I know that we deserve and need to have an uplifting and reaffirming introduction to this message--and when I say introduction, I mean when the proof comes, it should be really obvious that it's the end of Hell and the beginning of Heaven.  I want us to actually see that we can walk to another realm, I want us to see how that proves that space is not scarce, and that power isn't either--what is scarce here is truth and action.  The truth is ...  just a little bit of action will start the ball rolling on something that is going to be the most important turn and change in all of history, probably forever and ever--it's probably that big of a deal.  

As I've begged and pleaded for these doors and this magically fantasy land that I call "my" Atlantis--for seeing the connection between Solomon Kerzner and the mythical Biblical figure that built Heaven... the Temple of Jerusalem in a single night on an island called Paradise ... just off the coast of the New American Standard for "no man to become Esau."

We're still here waiting for verifiable and obvious proof that the message that really does statistically and technically prove that we are living in virtual reality ... for proof that this message is actually here and from God--for visible and resounding proof that God is actually alive and here to help us build Heaven together.  I've been forced into the very negative position of having to explain why I know "Green Eggs and Ham" has something very important to do with Dr. Zeus's "God is good all the time is never true."  I've been forced to see the crumbling of the Justice system from the inside, a system that has disregarded the Constitution rights to bail and fair trial, literally legislated away in plain view with nobody caring to lift a finger to note that these laws are not just invalid they are illegal and atrocious.  We've watched and privacy has been legislated away, the Patriot Act and related chain resulting from the events of 9/11 ... and nobody really speaks out about the lack of free speech apparent in Carnivore's packet eating "I'm not a sniffer, I'm the firewall."  

We are watching as the lack of faith in the Constitution, in the failure to use it's proper channels of amendment has caused laws relating to new technologies to atrociously violate the precepts and the intent of the framers--of the Supreme Law of the Land; we're watching as the internet is being treated as a private property rather than the disaster recovery communications infrastructure it was designed to be--sirens blaring, listen, the disaster recovery system is alerting you to a much bigger problem--to hidden technology affecting our minds and giving you the tools you need to use that for good.

So yeah, I think that the power of virtual reality ... in a place where there was no other way, might be used to show us how I really feel about jails and about homelessness and hunger--and I think seeing prisons magically transform into a combination of and soup kitchens... complete with beds for the needing and bread for the wise, coupled with the delivery of Ryzen and "pre-crime" for the "mute," something like Al's waiting room scooping up would be murders just before they fire a gun and dropping them off at the local ... soup kitchen/mental stability center, with a note suggesting that we try harder next time to "try."

Just seeing it done would help I think--seeing that it can be done, and seeing that it might just be a metaphorical way to look at the next decade or the next hundred years--of what we will do together to make the world a better place, to make our society happier and stronger--using tools and the message showing u that "I know kung fu" really means I know bullets can be stopped in mid-air and I'm not going to shut up until I see it done. 


All told, in the End the message focuses squarely and clearly on the sword of King Arthur; the Round Table depicted by our circle symbols--a technological framework that helps us to communicate and collaborate on building things together--things like legislation and collaborative news--a system that allows everyone to have a voice, and a vote--on everything they care for.  This is a focus on seeing that participation in government is really a pre-requisite of true freedom; and that's being severely neglected here in this place where nobody seems to care that their voice is drowned out in a sea of ...

You have a message from me telling you how to build Heaven in a single day; maybe even in one hour ... a small place, one room whose key creates a personalized and private experience for every person that walks through it's door--another room, the ballroom where billions of people can congregate together, sort of in invisible layers on top of each other--meeting people through an Ai algorithm that connects to my letters, the k-NN of K's nearest neighbors.  It's the key to the "Konami cheat code" going up through the Doors to Atlantis and then up again to the second floor of that private room, where the Pool of Bethesda waits for everyone to ignore the warning signs and take a dip in the rejuvenating and invigorating pool that is depicted in Zelda and Coccoon and ...  

And you also have a map of a number of problems here in our home that these technologies can help to quickly remedy... what I'm trying to say is that you have what you need to get what you want--all you have to do is ask.

Uses the Force... Luke.

dick, you know everything.

I hope you really see that something has to be done--that we have to move forward and use this information ... to acknowledge it and see that it really can solve many of the problems civilization has faced--and really see that today it appears you would do nothing, and you aren't even willing to say that out loud.  There's a planet full of people here that either can't see very clear patterns or are pretending that they can't see them--by "see" I mean understand the implications and the purpose of placing such an important message all over everything--something is very vroncj.

_ שֶׁהֶחֱיָנוּ וְקִיְּמָנ‬
וְהִגִּיעָנוּ לַזְּמַן יהוה


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