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... your chance to purchase the rarest ancient religious text in the Universe ... an autographed copy of "the Holy Coda of the Matrix"

so.. the response on reddit wasn't great .  what did you think of it?  i think you guys should start a bidding war for this book... proceeds of course go to get the billboard . :)  Honestly, if I had some help editing and ... this stuff would be quite a bit more clear.  It's pretty obvious though, right?  I think the book will probably be worth millions. Feel free to reply with comments or suggestions, I really need "feedback."  This one is pretty, I think it'll work. As far as I know this is the only copy of the book in print, I have another one OTW.  It's "rare" and I'm pretty sure .... I think we know .... it will be worth something.   abra cadabra the "stone" turns the "t" from a cross to a sword. ​ hi "el t!" see... the "hilt" of xcaliber ... as opposed to " shield " .... see how I "el d" too! you probably see "el a" ...

At the end of the secret code of the Mattrix, Key-anu asks the question that drives us home ... "Are I the Xbox?"

I am really sick of being called crazy--I am about to show you verifiable patterns that pervade our world--our entire history, that link the Matrix to a video game theme woven through history and "*raelity*" and these patterns exist, they are here, not seeing them is delusion.  Worse, they are here to help us see the "light of the Matrix" that we can find and replace cancer and AIDS and "stupid' with something brighter and better.  Start there, the cheat code of the Matrix is "HIV [these AIDS]( will help us [cure Cancer](, too ... and faster."  See "hi-five" the book of Exodus is about this Revelation and in Hebrew it's called "the book of Names" these names are the hidden code of the Matrix, like [the character Cypher]( ). ![HISKEY]( We live in a time where the world appears to think that the religious

The Leviathan, Lotan.. Lo, Satan.

​ It might not be immediately clear from the word clues in names, but I see very clearly that this beast coming up out of the sea has something  to do with me , and apparently with a  past version--or the image of a past version  of me.  The solution appearing "from the Universe" in the blank void between Lot and "an" ... and maybe moving the cross, visually from a crucifix to something closer to the " parting of the great sea " depicted linguistically in the word "stone" -- turning it from a cross to a sword or an arrow -- it's trajectory changing from "southward" to "northeast" ... from Hell to Heaven.  The missing word is the key, it's "sat" as in...  who sat by and did nothing as children were being murdered? Yesterday  I sent a "mytho logical" description of the beast from the sea--this thing that is described as coiled and intertwined in those passages--and while I know  what that mean

End school shootings with the click of your mouse.

Adam Marshall Dobrin ‏   @ yitsheyzeus   53m 53 minutes ago More A simple vote on reddit makes you ... you ... the answer to "who ended school shootings?" Don't delay, figure it out.. this is the foundation of Heaven, proof we are in the Matrix and a very powerful "why we need to know." Lots of people know about mind control. Nobody seems to be talking about why disclosure of it is the key between Heaven and Hell.   ( self.conspiracy ) submitted   2 hours ago   *   by   itsalmosttime [ 🍰 ] I   know   there's   lots of proof of it , it's in nearly e very song you've ever heard --and when you get down to the details there's proof that our civilization is created in every single word. If you read through this stuff, if you try to grasp it--you have a quantum leap to enlightenment before your eyes. There is   a message in every word, it's the Cypher , the cheat code of the Matrix. There's a map tied to this proof--also encoded in words and

I will not sleep in this bed of lies.

​ The tool  of intersection that this story revolves around does a good job of explaining what it is in the few examples that I have--aside from me--we can look at  the TV show Chuck  and the myths of the "Eyes" of Ra and Horus and see ancient and modern descriptions of what it means to have "aided sight" to see  Biblical eyes to see  in action, right before our eyes.  It topically unifies the stories of rocks and stones that  connect Medusa  and  David and Goliath  and  King Arthur all  together to  the "brimstone" of Lot --with bright light on the concept that he's hidden away in "tools and weapons" primary master keys to the links between stories.  We can see it  Perseus's Shield  and  Narcissus's reflection  ... and in modern day art connecting the words and stories of the swords of He-man (5, in Hebew) and Voltron (5 in Latin) and Lion-O (and "Fivel") to the numbers 5 and 15.... and with that too the intersection o

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