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"I will not eat green eggs and Sam" and our Noxodus from the Dessert.

I'd like to end Passover with an end to murder, and slavery... and the grotesquely long period of time we've been wandering around in the dessert of blindness.  A big part of the holiday revolves around unleavened bread--which nobody really knows is a metaphor for the expansion of our civilization in time and the Universe... but coupled with the enlightening tidbit of information that Yeast has something to do with "why East" and the idea of the time-utopic continuum being superimposed on the compass rose it's probably easier to cyanates (see why "an" ate South) as part of this process of exiting the desert.  I have it on fairly good authority that Samael is the "I AM" of at least of Dr. Seuss, and that we might associate him with "the letter P" through our modern attribution of that particular letter as the "Priestly source" of the Torah--who has delivered a message explaining how time travel is the actual cause of "problems" like the Flood of Noah and the gusting of "dust in wind" and Biblical storms also depicted in Exodus, you can see it in words in things like "re:p eat?"  I don't want to repeat this, I think we can and should move forward out of the desert and towards the Promised Land of Heaven, that's northeast on this map--I think we should do it yesterday, but today or tomorrow will work almost as well.  

The Priestly source (or simply P) is, according to the documentary hypothesis, one of four sources of the Torah,[1] together with the Jahwist, the Elohist and the Deuteronomist. The characteristics of the Priestly source include a set of claims that are contradicted by non-Priestly passages and therefore uniquely characteristic: no sacrifice before the institution is ordained by God at Sinai, the exalted status of Aaron and the priesthood, and the use of the divine title El Shaddai before God reveals his name to Moses, to name a few.[2]
P was written to show that even when all seemed lost, God remained present with Israel.[3]

I would really like to begin writing my vision of the inner workings of Heaven, things like how the Door system might work--using the modern paradigm of the connection between A.D. and Access Control Lists, showing the split of "d" to "c the light" shines bright in places like Microsoft Active Directory and Apache Directory; to me this is like a phone book coupled with an instant transportation system and a door code to let your friends visit.  I think there's lots of examples of things like this throughout our IT worlds naming scheme as well as actual "things we're making here" that are connected to the design and explanation of much more advanced ideas.  I see it in a link between Great Plains and Strawberry Fields and "above the fruited plains" where I pull the FRX Forms of that programs reporting infrastructure as a metaphor for what we also see not growing as much as I'd like in our Appstore world.  That specific thing is "meta programming applications" that allow for the end user to build their own applications with more simplicity--perhaps with better security built in--and you might see that in my mind as a way to "populate Holodecks" with ideas and items--which would probably bring interest from more people.  

Again, though, I'm stuck trying to explain that we have a message that tells us that Doors to Heaven and Holodecks are things we can have today--we don't need to wait for Microsoft Hololens or Google Glass to shatter the window between here and Heaven.  We do though need to see that there is a very real reason to take this "Magic Leap" forward--that we are in a place that does not require Matrix Jacks or nanodust in your brain to have an immersive VR experience, and we are in a place where you can walk to another VR realm, and not doing so means that we are stuck in this one, or worse as Nick Bostrom has pointed out, we might build Heaven (or Hell, this place seems keen on building Hell too, another huge problem) inside of Heaven, and then we might get stuck in that place--without knowing that there is such a thing as reality--something we have a clear understanding of here, and a message explaining that freedom and love and honesty are the keys to that particular door.

Don't be confused, this is not a political message--you can equally see religion is laced into the "do me" key of the ass of the Democrats, and you can see it in the "two-animal system" that very much resounds in the words and message of Noah's Ark.  There you might see this idea that more political parties would  probably be beneficial to the progression of democracy--and something that would naturally occur were we to expand to the East and North and see that utilizing technology to help the people participate in the the creation of laws and the process connecting goals and ideas to actual codification.  I think standing between us and the future is a very artificial darkness, a force keeping us from understanding this message as well as the nature of our existence and how it relates specifically to technologies like mind control and virtual reality--and I think that this force has "organized an opposition" to the dissemination of the truth--using mind control.  I feel like I've walked into a pit of lions, a large group that was pre-organized to oppose a message that they had not seen and still do not understand; I believe it's a testament to the power of this technology and a hurdle that turns into a stairway when we see that we now have a good understanding of why it should never be kept secret ever again.  I think a literal wall should be built to keep this technology from being used to confuse or stupefy--to stop it from imparting lies ... and specifically to stop it from keeping people from communicating, as that's apparently the sands of this never ending desert of "speech."

I don't really understand what others experience, I have trouble visualizing or gaining insight into exactly how The Silence is being made so invisible.  I have tried very hard to figure it out, to intersect the very strange experiences I've had with it, in person and on the internet; and it's almost assured that I will come up with fantastic and wildly inaccurate situations if you cannot walk yourselves the single step it takes to break free from this quick sand.  I began believing that the people I came in contact with did not really know what they were talking about.  That's to say that when they made comments about my personal life, things and events that occurred behind closed doors or decades ago--that they didn't really witness those things or have detailed information about them.  I thought that they were being manipulated and the description many years later of "Persephone(s)" rang true with many similarities to what I see--though it does appear that these particular phone-people are aware of this manipulation and "OK with it' to the point where it appears they are active participants in the manifestation of their very own slavery.

More to the point, lately at least, it seems that the thing that is behind the words "Shofar" and "Wells Fargo" has at least become partially true--that somehow many people are listening to my thoughts, or watching this message being delivered and written with a fidelity that is simply not possible for the human brain.  I have trouble hearing myself think--I can't imagine what it would be like, or how others could possibly hear me think as well as themselves--but that is basically what I'm witnessing en masse around me.  Assistance, this thing is a control mechanism hiding control--I think these people think they are running the show when in fact it's much more obvious from words like "mare" and "mane" that link directly to the Son of Man that the show is running them.

I don't think he wants to end the show, ever; I don't think the people taking part in it do either--but be very sure I do, and I am fairly certain that if anyone understood how it makes a "mane" of me and a "mare" of the world around me ... if they knew it was masking the manipulation of their own thoughts and beliefs, nearly everyone would want to end the show and get back to thinking for themselves.  It seems to me that this show that I see as the "on" of Amon-Ra and nearly every other word that uses those letters at the end of them; Creation for instance... has progressed from low fidelity "walkie-talkies" to something far more nefarious--probably because of this message and my warnings.  It appears that more information now comes through to the listening and speaking telephones, though I can't imagine that they are actually receiving an honest and thorough depiction of the message I am receiving and trying to spread--because they'd speak.  You'd be speaking to reporters and on forums on the internet if you really understood that this thing is keeping us from moving forward, keeping people sick, starving people; and really seeing that stopping these things is a magic leap forward towards Heaven.  I've likened what I imagine they are experiencing to the following...

you are watching subtitled "I know Kung Fu" movies
the subtitles have words written over words
the screen is black 90% of the time
every few hours the screen scrambles like your Playboy subscription has run out
a huge sub sequence in the Kung Fu movie explains that characters can be artificially created and designed
whole shows are dedicated to the implantation of thoughts, the changing of beliefs, and puppeteering of the protagonist

​and yet you don't see these things are happening to you too
you think you have the gist of it

you know exactly what's going on?

"the toxicity of arrr kissy kissy"

So in our New Agey understanding of the unified message of all religions and science fiction --this thing I'm trying my damndest to help you see you should be involved in creating and interpreting, along with me--there's a secret hidden inside the name of the tree.  It's Yggdrasil, the "thing" that really links the realms of Norse mythology and today we might see it more clearly as being the "Gate Network" of the Stargate SG-1 series--this sort of cosmic "dust in the wind" linking together many places.  

I've asked for book, like a history of histories past--I know that there's spirits or minds out there... that have that information; and the next day Amazon announced the Man in the High Castle Series--though we know how I feel about the truth hidden in webs of fiction, it seems apparently my purpose to unravel (what a word, there) these stories and deliver yet another semi-fictional account of what might have been, what could have been... mb (Dave J Matthews).   

I see we are deep inside a spectical, a word that might describe for the detectives searching for word-clues in this puzzle of Watergate that we might need to alter the map through time that does have a beginning and an end; at the very beginning of this message you can see the word "split" ... the beginning of it the key code for a magical spell, one describing how vision of the cross that is the "t" of Christ becomes a sword that delivers freedom upon vision and utilization of it's power--you can see it beginning to transform in "hilt" where there is no link other than these words between the "le" (which means "weak and right") of the hand of God's handle and the "al" which is the "the" that means strong and assisted.  I changed the subject of the last email from "as he prepares to spit in his hand" to "split on Napalm" and I wonder how many of you will re-read the message to see what "Napalm" refers to; Live sings a song called "Run to the Water" where he says "Babylon is Every Town" and I changed it, "ished it" to Venice is Every Town and than noticed the acronym created there begins Vietnam, and then noticed "name" just shy of being competed... see  here that the "name of God" is the key to walking out of the desert. 

Really see, it's collaboration in decoding this message; and public sight and knowledge that it not only exists, but that it is the Holy Coda of the Matrix... it is these things that are the litmus test for not only freedom, but for moving forward; it's really obvious, something of this magnitude cannot be kept secret in any place that is remotely happy or free--it's in every word, and it's obvious.  Less obvious is that not seeing it is a chain, it's a physical and invisible prison keeping our minds from making logical connections--talking about it, sharing it... these are the tool that we have to seize the day--to bring the light of morning to the world, to become free.


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