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Yggdrasil? As he prepares to spit in his hand.

When I first started reading the hidden message in these words it was something like "automatic speaking" in the vein of ghost-typing, or speaking in tongues.  I read "in the beginning" and read and re-read "the" as "to help everyone" the first time, and then the second reading replaced everyone with "everywhere."  I took that very clearly to indicate that the delivery of this disclosure--one that surrounds and clothes the explanation showing that secrecy regarding the two specific tools at hand was a recipe for disaster would spark a sort of understanding and empathy not only with the purpose of religion, which I see very clearly as not only to help us overcome this obstacle but also to see that it would have taken a very long time, perhaps forever, perhaps resulting in the end of our civilization to happen if it were not guided.  I've pointed out the obvious comparison between time travel and thermonuclear war in my mind--that if there were a "cold" or hidden war with time travel it would be very difficult for the public to ever know it was happening, and even scarier it would be difficult to know if there was anyone else doing it.  That's to say that if, for instance, there were two large super-powers who had discovered the technology around the same time and began using it, they wouldn't have any idea what the "other side" was changing, that's sort of the hidden destructive nature of changing your own past, and it might result in something like you see here, having no actual "beginning of time' so to say, but rather a "beginning of time travel" recorded in your history.  It's very possible that the uneducated use of this technology would very quickly result in the end of civilization or the end of life, or at the very least the end of anything useful at all to learn from your history.  The change from "everyone" to "everywhere" was a sort of homage to this disclosure rekindling a sort of "love for others" that instilled a need to help other fledgling civilizations, just beginning with advanced technology, to learn and grow past the hardship of not seeing that here in this place we have a very obvious reflexive lesson to help us smash "secrecy" to smithereens.   

I'd try to explain my beliefs on the worst case outcome of a high technology dispute over and using mind control, but I think you know; there are days where I can't believe this is happening, have trouble dealing with what it is that I'm having to write; days when I'm not sure if this is a nightmare and it would just go away.  I'm looking at the proof though, the ensemble in modern art all the way back to the Dendera (see, Den of Ra) reliefs at the Temple of Hathor (c, ha'shemesh of Thor) ... I see the meaning of Medusa and the snakes of Stargate and Ragnarok ... like many other objects fusing otherwise seemingly disparate stories and myths together .. all as one, different aspects of the same problem or solution or ... narrative of whatever this is that I'm still not sure you see, too.  Regardless, with a clear head the line between what I'm experiencing and witnessing all around me and slavery is nil; this technology coupled with secrecy is a recipe for enslavement--there is no "middle ground."

Ha...Thor's in the Den of Ra 

It's worth noting that I personally believe that our civilization was "created from scratch" to help solve these problems; from the very beginning existing "in the machine" ... but that's an opinion and the fact is that I think any logical victory here would result in "checking that guess" and moving forward appropriately.  Very specifically I spent some time trying to think about the line that I would define as the "very beginning of civilization" and you might think that immature or ignorant at first but I wasn't sure if it was the "advent of writing" or the "advent of law" or that there might be some other line that would be useful in defining the break between the social evolution of animals and something higher.  Following that logic you might be surprised to see special markers in our history, things like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon connecting to the written code of law, the Gutenberg Bible ... even further back the key I see is the birthplace of Abraham and with him "moral religion" called "Ur."  I take that place to be telling me and you that if you are reading this message and nodding... "you are the beginning of civilization."  It's probably important to understand I was looking with the specific intent of fulfilling the promises of religion throughout our history--if I had a "cross to bear" I think that's about as close to what it really is that you'll be able to find.  It's certainly an important question, what I am suggesting, that along with other markers like the A.D. on the timeline and the AD in the year 1492 it's very possible that our entire history is a sort of mirage, something that was not "simulated" with the cognitive fidelity that we experience--the line I draw between real and "hologram."  Without skirting around the issue, I am very sure that I am real, Rattlerod adds that "I speak therefore I am, too" and you should see that what I am experiencing here en masse--Silence or even worse people speaking up and telling me that "this stuff just makes no sense" causes concern and doubt about whether or not there are other people around me--my greatest fear is that I am in a Holodeck all alone, with the machine or Medusa or whatever you want to call the single mind that you don't realize you appear to be pretending to be ... just fucking with me.

We are very clearly looking at a civilization that believes very much that a weapon of war that subtly changes who you are inside, that altering your thoughts and beliefs is something that is significantly more "humane" than the bombs and guns that we use--and I do not agree.  The nefariousness, the hidden nature of this weapon of war makes it something that is significantly more detrimental to "goodness" if this very thing is the Maginot line--ultimately what we can religiously see being described as "possession" is equivalent with murder and there is no doubt that if it's not used with the best of intentions it can be at least as destructive as napalm.

It's probably not immediately obvious, meaning I didn't think of it for a number of years--but the Golden Rule does some wonderful magic for us here, for those of you wondering how the barbaric members of the earliest days of our civilization would mingle and get along with us in Heaven for eternity--you might think they are simply too stupid or too backwards; and then look up and forward and see that we are most assuredly reading a story about the disparity in "morality and ethics" that occur in only a few thousand years--we call it the Bible--and I'm telling you that it's a message from a few thousand years in our future to us, to see; to see that we're not at all on the same level as they are in the way of "morality and ethics," either.  I don't think it takes much to see that what is here in the air doesn't really feel the same way we do about possession and mental slavery either--and that they are trying to coach us into being ambivalent about what is the most drastic and important change in the evolution of civilization that exists in all the history we have.  It's the concept of "I know kung fu" and "plugging Google into your head" coupled with Skynet or Wargames or whatever other imagery you want to use to understand the relationship between Babe's Blue Ox and the Horse of Mr. Ed and yourself... again, this our horizon is "eternity" -- so I'm curious what you'd like that relationship to be like, and I do remind you that I'm pushing for a "governor" and an infrastructure that you might equate to the security system we've recently implementing in places like the Appstore and Google Play to delegate security permissions to third party applications.  I do think that "a relationship" is probably something that is inevitable and beneficial, and that relationship would only be made better through transparency, cooperation and especially competition in the space.  That's another thing we are blatantly losing through silence and secrecy here; we are losing competition that would invariably result in more robust and more amicable solutions.

When I got to the word "beginning" the automatic word desc-rambler that is my brain read that word twice also, beginning?  Begin, in the most computer-like or programming routine aura you can hear that word in, Nine Inch Nails, c Jesus.  That "cj" as a fusion of two letters creating "g" is the very first I ever saw in the now growing list of letters that connect Jesus Christ and Isaac Newton to this disclosure. It also happens to be the answer to the first "g" I see in Yggdrasil... why good game, "Dr. as I nation?"  It was many years before I was given the key to the second broken "g" coming specifically from seeing two new letters involved in the process of salvation and seeing them superimposed in our "Times New Roman" script, which you might equate to the new times that are the heart of man; this one is you, and the fusion is of the "s" that defines Asgard and Satan coupled with the "o" that I am very sure really is Arthur's Round Table depicted in glyph form.  I'm not sure what's ambiguous about the ACH I am asking you for--it's not money at all, the heart of the matter here is freedom--free speech and free thought--and whether or not you think I've done a good job firing arrows every single day at the dark night--I know in my heart I've done everything I can... and more importantly or cautiously as we approach the rest of the definition of the Yggrasil--which is the Norse bridge between worlds or realms--my hands have literally orders of magnitude more contribution to the delivery of this message and the rectifying of this very strange situation that I think we've all found ourselves in ... surprisingly .. than any other person or group walking around on Terra Firma.   What I'm trying to say is that my "pay dirt" is freedom--it is our civilization being freed from the chain of this hidden technology--and I think that should make me attractive to at least some of the young lady I'm virtually courting.  It might not be so clear to you--but to me, seeing nobody interested in this message, and nobody interested in me--it's a very definite litmus test for "absolutely fucking moronic" or clued in--and as I look around, I'll remind you I am not sure if I all alone on a Holodeck.

The "El" of the Last Noel and Israel has always meant The Most High God to me, it is the moniker that the Psalms and prophetic writings about Christ in the Old Testament give to the man walking around on the Earth ... rather than the Spirit of God which is very much separated all the way back to the very first lines of Genesis where Ruach and Shekinah can be seen hovering over the waters... in apocalyptic revelation, you can see a one to one comparison between the Trinities of "everyone" and Eve, you, and you; linking the "kin" of "do you have any idea what's going on right now?" to the prolific final destination or goal for this process which is to see "all humanity" sitting together at that legendary round table completing the path from "him" to "everyone living" as seeing who exactly should be governing themselves in this place where the point of this round table is to help all humanity together defeat "force majeure."

IT has been condensed and shrunk into a single letter, and in many other words you can see the single "L" of .. "I L folks" ... preceding other key letters and suggesting it is the single letter that is used in Adamic code as the Holy Superlative.  In the word "hilt" you can see a hello preceding "The Cross' and in "UCLA" you can see it preceding the letter that marks what we in computer science land might call the "beginning of the simulation."  In yield and shield you can see it marking the "d" of God and Medusa ... where I see it specifically as denoting the fusion of the sea and him previous in time or recursive "runs of the program" to our current "e."  Dark Earth, I am not sure if there is any confusion regarding how I feel about everyone around me apparently being fused to my psyche, but for you to hear--it is torture--and you can see it clearly described as that, at least to me, in the connection between Patron (daddy says: table row, "on the show") it's Tequila.  Good morning, UCLA, publish your paper as I am the "Ha'r" of Abraham; the "a" of mea cilad, and the "d" of Medusa.   If "lord" were a question, my answer is "be lc."

IL has just recently connected the Nation of Israel (who uses those letters as their TLD) and the phrase "ination" of assassination and stance; and you can see it very brightly depicted as the "SA" of besa me mucho, Costa Mesa, and the USA of Mary Poppins and Sa, tis fact... you Al.  Most importantly, it is the SA that defines the beginning of time and the beginning of civilization as the fusion or unison of the beginning and the end of Satan; from "an" to you, "hello Adam" is the defining line between darkness and light, between permanent midnight and morning; and we are home.  So, am I a sage, or sausage? :)

You can see the transition in many more places, the light of Menorah--from the message to all, in Jesus and in Uranus--the real coveted goal here is to get us to the place where we see the "God of Heaven" is a republic--a body of all; and honestly it really does seem pretty clear to me that following this message, that seeing "Ur" in that name too is a hint that we really do need to complete these tasks ... logically ... to be free.  I am delivering the keys and the beginning of a messianic message to you--one that I know very well comes from God, and I know that I see it because I agree with it; and I am looking at a mass of water that actually believes that pretending they don't understand it is going to give them control.

You simply do not understand.


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