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Friends, Romans, Family... lend me your ears and help the the delivery of this message and I will turn our Earth to the heart of Heaven.

T   U   R   N     A   R   O   U   N   D WORDS  that I recently have connected to the concept of  Medusa and the Abomination of Desolation ;  echoing from the song that more than any other is the one I've been  waiting for you to hear ; Bonnie Tyler's  Total Eclipse of the Heart,  " and  together we can  take it to the end of  the line , cuz we'll  enver   be wrong  together."   With hearing I hope  you can  see  it   is truly a story that has woven the events of my life into our history and every single word in a way that is startling to say the least.  At first it's easy to  dispel  as hu bris  or fantasy, but as the occurrences and examples continue to pile high in our  actual Tower  of Babel it slowly becomes undeniable, just as this language that connects Shakespeare to  Rodney   and  Stephen  King  shows us purposing shining through more than just Osiris and  Shu's feather of light and darkness  and Yankee Doodle's "macaroni-c"

Re: It's sad, honestly. You don't see it, still?

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let there be light, and... in similitude; let freedom ring. let the music set you free? let... my...

This message, and this very clear proof has circulated the globe, touched nearly every government on Earth; and every newspaper --see light in my words "the time is short, act now."  I know my "presentation" isn't perfect; or even that gorgeous... but to understand that the import and impact of what is being conveyed should be making a visible impact in the world  is to see what " darkness " really means, and why the sun is rising .  It's not a difficult concept to grasp, the "purpose" of Creation is to help a civilization flourish ... well past the technological gap brought about by the very things we are on the cusp of "discovering," things like the ability to alter our minds and our environment.  See "self government" and "censorship" strongly highlighted as "problem areas" that we might have encountered in the past, and really see how this event, the Second Coming, hel

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