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So Jacob called the place Penuel, saying, "It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared."

The NT calls Jesus Christ a  car pen ter , and through the  history of the building of Heaven  we see a transition from "Masons" to "Freemasons" -- just like the Jews of Exodus a  microcosm for all of humanity --here being described as  builders of something ; and in the light of day it's more and more clear that this  something is "Heaven"  itself.  All around us we can see that our technology industry is tagged with connections to religion--to a message about changing the world.  So too are words like " carpenter ." car:  connecting  Icarus, McCarthy, and Iscariot  to a story encoded  in my life . pen:  from  Op pen heimer to Arthur  Pen dragon , and a new key, "OP" as the "original poster" of ... this set of messages  explaining the hidden language  in every word that we call " Adamic ." It's probably  obvious,  but just like " hand " and " eye " this is a reference to "of Go

FAM, I COM. We have pictures? 10:59... tick... tick... ckto... a frog?

L E S  P LA Y  D ICE S   ?                                 Have you ever seen  hugs  and  kisses  that looked like  this ? there's actually some things for  us to build,  here; to help protect the future from  things like  censorship  and  the degradation of democracy ...  does anyone want to help ?       re:       ​​ SC RE AM, a n d  Sc hi zo ph re n i s a^ . So, do you think we should just  sc rat ch the timeline?   I haven't told you, but sometimes God  calls me a "rat."   Or is it a brat?  It's hard to tell sometimes, being in this place where I have something that looks like "sc hi zo ph re nia " as my weapon against darkness--the real mental illness of our  night .  Hidden in those words, in "scream" and "schizophrenia" and "scratch" is the key to success here, it's called "sacred consciousness" and it basically means not having anything done to your mind that

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