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the Kalor of Fire

The last two times I've changed the "sword" to this image I nearly died.  Not hit by a speeding bullet, or run over by a locomotive; rather by some strange invisible force that seems dead set on the destruction of our civilization.  Not in the ways you might imagine, not causing a nuclear holocaust, or imagining an incoming ELE like an astreroid or a hostile alien invasion; this strangely sinister force seeks to destroy our future by doing absolutely nothing.  By trying to "write the Second Coming off the page" and Heaven forbid, call me irresponsible.  It seeks to hide and then ignore a tangible and verifiable message in religion and history that shows us that many of the problems in our society are being externally influenced, made worse--and to hide the obviousness of a charitable connection between information technology and a designed plan all over out planet to turn this roadblock of sight and logic into a Highway to Heaven.   This force thinks it's normal for you not to see the acronym "IT" in the word charity, and it thinks you don't know what char means.

Doing nothing might seem innocuous to you; and the "Second Coming" might not seem like that big of a deal of a thing to hide.  What you all seem to fail to realize is that this message is woven into every religion in the world, it's woven into every single word you speak, every movie you watch and every song you hear.  Whether or not you want to talk about it, proof of this external influence is literally woven in our souls--this message that links the disappearing act of Marty McFly to something as simple as "one little change" in our past.  Whether you realize it or not, that's what your inaction is doing--it's standing by and watching freedom and truth fade away into the ether, forever and ever.  Whether you realize it or not, there is a tangible and active force doing everything it can to trick you into literally willing yourselves out of existence... and you are doing it.

 לַזְּמַן הַזֶאֵשׁה הִגִּיעָנוּ  

I don't normally do this, I think one day people will be interested in solving puzzles and finding hidden messages highlighted in bold and underlined in a fancy blue... but this one is special: changing "enabled us to reach this occasion" by adding "fire" in place of "art" in "Hazeh" turned it into "the time has come."  Listen, the "Last Adam" is fighting here not to end up with an Earth with no heart, no art, no you--and you are the thing against me.

Whether you realize it or not, red white and blue are all colors of the flame.  Traditionally we'd probably associate the color Jesus Christ's first "coat" with purity and innocence; but to me it implies a sort of ignorance that I see as the literal cause of death itself.  Greek mythology tells us that "Hemera," that day is a child of the night; and in this place it should be very obvious that religion itself is a product of night.  Whether what lays just before us is the chaos that preceded the first morning or we are in a place that has seen a vicious cycle of day and night repeat as the Bible and the story of Creation tells us... we are today in a place with the strength, the knowledge, and the tools to ensure that Hell never returns.  

Blue is the hottest color of fire, but to me, from movies like My Blue Heaven and songs like Little Boy Blue it's been the color to code the light of Heaven and ties to concepts connected to the name Anderson, to Dr. Who's time traveling phone-booth, and to the Enterprise.  In this place it's impossible not to join the concepts of virtual reality and things like the Holodeck in both blue and red... the color we all associate with fire.

Looking at crosses and shields here in our map to Heaven, it's not hard to see why red, in the beginning, once upon time stood for the virtues of compassion and charity that we see in The Red Cross and the Salvation Army.  It's not hard to pick out Saturn's sickle and single "bright" star in the flag of the CCCP and to connect a phenomenon like the Red Scare and Joseph McCarthy to my stories of angelically surviving (several) near-fatal car accidents, to the references to Icarus in Wayward Son, and to the name Judas Iscariot; you know, if you have an eye for these sorta patterns.  The blue light there might relate to something like the benefit of innovation that comes from fair competition, and maybe I'll just throw in that Jeff "Be the end of Original Sin" and Elon "All for Erasing the Tears" would have been better off if they had shared that single launch pad rather than competing to be the only company that doesn't have the "resources" to ever reach escape velocity.  I just think their names are cute, like me.  We should probably chalk up the silliness of trying to completely privatize something like the survival of our species rather than creating an international consortium to the same retardation that pitted a "government of the people" against a "government of the workers" in an ideological war for global domination--and then gave the prize to the corporation--and the same force of retardation that gave us "the election is not to die bold.'   Oh, I forgot, you don't want me to be able to get a date.

Dave Matthews sang a long long time ago that all these bright colors fade together to grey, but here we are--and you are getting all of them--even the friendly Yellow Submarine we are in that ties to the color of Jesus (now called Is-A) when he came (DOA btw)... in the Koran.  Welcome to Ragnarok, where I am here to tell you that the legends of the demise of "they're all father" and "to help the light" are greatly exaggerated.  I don't really care if people think I'm "mean" for taking away the myth of Jesus Christ and replacing with actually seeing Heaven; I don't particularly mind if you think I'm "yuck" for pointing out a glowing fiery penis connecting Richard Nixon and Deepthroat to John Hancock--or telling you that I didn't put it there... but you can be sure you are blind and pretty stupid if you don't see that it's a signature that connects this to freedom.  In my humble eyes I am Captain America screaming in the dark about something that's so obvious, and so clear, I have trouble every day trying to believe that you "just don't get it."  I think slavery is "yuck," and I think not caring about the hungry, and the infirmed--that's yuck; and following my logic I think it would be pretty "yuck" if the "whole world hated me" for fighting for freedom, and for Heaven--and for some reason didn't recognize that I am the only one doing it.  That's "yuck" too, and I am telling you it's not you.  You aren't the one not picking up the phone and calling the press, or calling a rabbi or a priest, you aren't the one not putting any of these links on Facebook--that's something else.

Why, r u CK?

I'll be really pissed if nobody stands up for me, or recognizes the thousands of hours I've put in to breaking down a Wall of Shit; of twisted lies and outright ignorance.  I'll get you back, if none of you care, I'll do what I always dod, and ODIN.  Honestly, I don't mind being the bad man, but my eyes aren't blue; they're Hazel... and I can haz El.  Even if it doesn't sound like it, this place--you--you are the apple of my eye

It's about time we nailed Shrek to his High Castle... because I can't take anymore of this, and whether or not you know it--you can't either.

Orange, you never would have known; is the light of change, and because someone I know named Dawn used the handle "ang" twenty years ago; those three letters mean "morning."  This is e, telling you to try to make it a good one--it's the last. 

I was going to use this "red chance" to tell you three stories of Police that have used their red anti-glare lights to suggest that I was in hell while they lamely attempted to "help" this play like story of disclosure and building Heaven along--though I personally think the only blessing in disguise we are getting from them is a real demand for pre-crime; and to mention that's not the reason that Exodus calls them the Plague of Lice: it does that because they are brutal and under-disciplined--and because they should all have cameras on them--all the time.  You are staring at a crossroads between Heaven and Hell, I suggest you light my fire.

Change, Jesus Christ thinks you deserve better than uh, the way you are acting.

What would you say?


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