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Slow as molasses. Remember Manasseh... and uh, "all hands on de ck."

That about sums up the steady rate of progress "seeing change in the world" all along the path... though it's probably clear to you also that we've seen a significant step up in the rate of "reading and sharing" the information that I've been trying to explain to everyone is very obvious, very much in our face, and ... well, nearly impossible to ignore.  It's proof that where we are in time an in our progression or ... ascension or descent ... through what is more akin to the "final frontier" than space travel and colonization ever would be... that this story and this path are designed, part of a plan that has been pre-screened and guided by an entity (or a group, or multiple "tops") and at least one of these groups has made it a point to make it very clear that their guidance comes through a kind of perspective that is very much foreign to us--that they see the outcome and the events we are experiencing in a simultaneous m

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