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Presence, presents... and CLIMAX.

say it ain't so, i will not go turn the lights out, and i'll glow I've got to tell you that I get the distinct feeling that you as a group, as a single throbbing semi-mindless entity would prefer to kill me, or have me kill myself from lack of "soup" than to actually grow a brain, grow up a little; and thank me for all the hard work that I've put in to making our world a better place.  You might not see that as clearly as I do--but I am pretty sure that the future will be happy that I told you how stupid you were over and over again until you stopped acting like complete morons.  See, I understand you don't want to be called stupid, and I also understand that you might not think you are--but you are wrong--you are "hating" or ignoring the person who literally single hancockedly turned around a downward spiral towards Hell that would have plunged the entire galaxy into darkness forever--at least that's how it looks today

Oh, Canada? Yes we can.

It's probably worth noting that these examples I am showing you are just the tip of the iceberg; but they are the "light I see" and that's most likely because a significant amount of it relates to me.  Then "J is 10" of  Xbox ,  Nintendo , and Tennessee;  l is ten  every word connects to the "min" in Min nes ota that links to this hidden pathway through  the Amduat  that talks about "mins" and " max's " regarding what we can do with a focal point on  the "mid"  of medicine  lead me to a similar grouping of intersecting names in the "kinds"  of dogs (of which Max  is the Grinch's) ...  who-sky ,  your- key , and " dal ma tian " just the ones that pop into my head.  Minnesota also does a good job of showing you what I know; that this message has been written specifically using our  modern computing acronyms ; I say specifically for "me to read" but clearly it's also for &

there is no place to go, there is no place to go, there is no place to go... and to ra: "toe"

Y  O  U  R    D  A  I  L Y    B  R  E  A  D HSAY ? do you realize what's going on around you?  I could waste my time trying to explain what "Medusa" looks like with more detail; but the bottom line is that your minds are being infested by something that is acting to keep you quiet about something that you used to care very much about--yourself and each other.  Mind control is a powerful enemy, it can make you believe you are doing something for the most absurd reasons, and hold that belief for what amounts to an indefinite period of time (in raelity , that is)--something that most likely is the reason Dave Matthews sings that " every day has it's way of being forgotten ."   We are malleable here, but morose in the "next world" or the "next step" where we have out of necessity and evolution altered the fundamental basics of how our brains work--something that is simulated here in "virtual reality" with what app


did you ever think " statistics " would stop bullets? heal the sick ? ... and end world hunger ? You stare blankly at very obvious proof that the world around us blind, moving forward with no particular destination and refusing to see the message painted on our noses and the Rose cross itself; that we are headed directly Southeast.  It won't take more than few calling a single media outlet to break down this wall; this sickness that is standing between our entire world and Heaven--holding us a kind of frozen Amber and preventing any meaningful discussion of exactly how we might use this very clear proof that we are  living inside virtual reality  to accomplish the goals set out in books  like the New Testsament  and in the Matrix of art connecting Neo to Jean Luc Picard ...  stopping flying bullets to Minority Report  and healing the sick to Gigi Hadid, the word "addiction" and the heart of this message that ties the symbol for Silicon to the

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