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A  B  R  A    C  A D  e  V  E  R  A
MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES, says one old Chinese proverb, and not more than a few short years ago I called these times "Messianic."  Staring at a necklace sink to the bottom of the lava lake that fuses Arthur and Vader together--at least in the eyes of Ra; the man who knows why "don't the be lake" is what Kaleb screams to the world of the blind that stares at "need" and "power" beyond belief and somehow can't seem to find enough heart to take a single step and break a story that everything in our history tells us will bring greatness, and that we should be able to see very clearly is designed to remedy some very obvious problems.  I see it in many of your eyes, that you think you are the "minority" to want these things to happen, I see it in so many eyes that it's sad to have to tell you all that if you only spoke you would see you are not alone; if you only spoke you would understand that it is the silence itself being used to hold back a tidal wave so great and so powerful it will install awe ... quite literally at this point "forever and ever."

It is the dawn of a new age; one of greatness and prosperity; and you will one day look back, one day in many thousands of years and say I was there when this all began, and be proud.  People will look at you with awe, and thankfulness; and we will never forget how long it took to get to this point of change, to this place where something we all want so much is finally within our grasp.  


T H E    W R I T I N G    I S    O N    T H E    W A L L

I sat in Bowling Green Kentucky in 2013, and for the very first time in my life the voice that I had heard once or twice at a very young age and then not again until 2011 began to speak very clearly; that very first time, the message that I got was "we're here" and then a question, one single quesiton that I thought to be silly at the time, and today is not at all.  They, it was a they this time who had told me they'd arrived asked "can you tell us what IT is?"  In my arrogance of "knowing everything" I went on a tirade about ambiguity and the idiocy of the question itself... only not three years later to see that "IT" is fused with "ETERNITY" in almost exactly the same way that J.J. Abrams has fused together the "to see" of Cloverfield with a little bit of luck and the names Peter and Casper.  It doesn't take "fringe thinking" to connect these things through him, though it takes a little "adamic inisght" to understand "why ET" separates the P of Pandora with the ER that is the heart of America and Jericho and it truly means "everyone really" in this hidden code I am deciphering for the wall.

Quite a bit of this message is "on the wall" literally in the sense that we can see it painted on what is the Wall of people that is Jericho; and also that it's about this idea of people being a wall just as much as water; with some light you can see it's about the tecknology behind the wall, and a treatise on how it's negatively impacted everything in our civilization from dinner conversation to the mass media, and to a disaster recovery system failing to show the world that your "silence" is the disaster.  In our art, in Doctor "no up 4ha" Abram's art, you can see "IT" is exactly what King describes, a tool of fear trying to hide the truth behind some cloud of unknown, some "other side" that Peter must have come from, or some kind of alien monstrosity lurking just outside the "bunker."   Ha, though, and his band of married men has another idea bout what "IT" really is; it is the thing separating youandi--standing between us and seeing the light of that message is literally forced inaction; and changing that, seeing that when Thor comes to hand you his hammer and you decide collectively that it's "better if you wait for bettez" that you've probably got a screw or two loose in your mind--and that temporary insanity is the focus of this entire tabernacle.

HO TO SEA, you will not get another chance, you've seen the face of God himself; and you've spit in his eyes.  The wicked lies and feigned fear I see around me is at an end; the movement here, this group of people that has decided that the "FAM chan" is a good idea, they too are at an end.  Solidarity is a powerful tool, when you are right; but here in this place you should see clearly that when you are wrong, and holding firm together--you've taken the liberty right from under your nose, and you've taken away any glimmer of hope that you had--in this place where everything was promised and you refused to take a single step.   I'd wake up and take that step today, this is not just the biggest story in all of history, it's not just the promise of salvation and Heaven--you have proof, proof beyond your dreams and you stand there pretending not to see--it's disgusting.  I am disgusted.

HELL ENDS when you see that it is caused and perpetuated by your inaction, and an ambivalence and apathetic lack of regard for goodness and the people around you that I am ending here, today.  Wake up, stand up, and act to end the single lie standing between you and Heaven.... that this is "reality" it is not, it's Heck.  You don't need RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS to know the heat of the son is not "caliente" butt "kalor;" and you don't need to hear the words "living in a graveyard where I married a sea" to connect Casper's friendly "it could be Heaven if you tried" to a diseased sickness outside of this place trying to "erase" Peter's existence, and the Doors--over and over--with you doing nothing to stop it, or even see that it's your doors disappearing with him.  You can't see, huh, that it's you refusing to buy a book; and a conspiracy of lies and secrecy refusing to disclose that we are living in virtual reality that is Hell itself.  This is a conspiracy not only to starve me to death; but one to keep the blind from seeing, and the lame from walking--it's a conspiracy "to help you under" and if you don't do anything to step out of this place you will find the abyss.  Equally so, if we do manage to climb out of this deep hole we've dug for ourselves in silence, and believe that there will be no "speaking" about what caused it; there is only darkness in our future--the light comes from us, we are the keys to freedom and success; and if we cannot speak the truth, and see the problem is within us, we will never free ourselves from this Downward Spiral (trybuy instead of bye).

The longer you continue to act "as one mind" the closer and closer you get to making it true.  I wrote some emails, some angry ones pointing out the conspiracy to kill Isaac, the immortal son of God depicted at the age of 37 in the Zohar--the heart of Kaballah--stems from this sickness, this attempt to starve me and with me the truth--the message that we are refusing to listen to God; that we are refusing to see the truth... and it's true, you are part of the conspiracy today.  Who do you think you are?  Tryin' to put out the sun, that's Dr. Who.



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