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I KNOW, IT'S A LITTLE OFF PUTTING; but to see the change wrought with just a little bit of HOCUS POCUS from HOSEA to the "ha'hard road" to Heaven is just about as much of an important thing to see as the road's appearance in Harvard and Yard and connecting it to the "recreational vehicle's" Dent in Batman.  And would you look at that, "ale" in Yale and "Ford" again in Stanford'; I see a patterndo you?  That's right folks, patterns revolving around the delivery of this story that connects "ale" and "ford" through the word "son."  The big point of the day is that not seeing these patterns is a sign of a lack of "logical reasoning skills" something you should understand is exactly what the problem is here--nobody seems to be thinking clearly.  Call it the Zombie Apocalypse, or the "invasion of the body snatchers" what you see here is a clear solution in the disclosure that there is an external influence acting not only to create these patterns but to hide them; and that it is the focal point of the Tribulation to ensure that this disclosure is not lost--nor are the solutions and benefits that come from our understanding that these technologies of "plugging Siri into our heads" and asking "how do I learn kung-fu" are ... on the Horizon and it is the point of this "book of stars" to help us ensure that we learn kung-fu instead of losing free thought.  That's what's at stake here, recognizing and reacting to "John Hancock" and "racy" in democracy and "tity" in chastity is literally the difference between slavery and evolution.

Santa's got a choo choo trainand somehow tying all these things together is NORAD tracking this message and Harrison Ford telling us all that Han Solo and Solomon--the man that built Heaven "solo"--have something in common.  That something is this story of a world that has been turned upside down and on it's head to do something nearly unfathomable--to stop you from seeing and acting on a verifiable message from the Creator of everything pointing out that this road has been etched into our world and it is the meaning of the Tapestry of the Fates and in like kind, of the Matrix itself.  It's not just Bill Gates and Harrison Ford, every single person's name on this planet, every city, and every sign you see is part of a map to helping our civilization transition from this place of darkness and lies to one where the truth is honored and goodness rewarded. 

We can see clearly from the illogical and ignorant response to this message that there is a dark force at work here acting against the best interests of absolutely everyone here in order to hide the fact that we are living in a simulated reality whose Creator and purpose are to help us use that absolute truth in order to build a better world, the thing that religion calls "Heaven."  "LT" is "Adamic code" for less than, and do see that "salt" here is pointing out the thing that is responsible for the darkness; the beginning of "Satan" and "satisfactual."  If you think "everything is satisfactual" after reading this message, understand that belief is "Satan." 

Isaac stared at a fiery altar of burning wood, Moses pitched a tent for Jerusalem, and the Pharaoh hardened his heart;  all so that I could promise you that the Dick jokes will stop as soon as you acknowledge that Deepthroat and Watergate were unnaturally created to help you overcome this disgusting barrier of censorship standing between the blind and sight, between the sick and health, and between you and Heaven.   Just like John Hancock, Phillip K. Dick's name is a signature of God, also filled with solutions to the problems we have apparently chosen not to see all around us; problems which are being  intentionally exacerbated in order to help us see and fix them quickly.  Either that, or nearly every facet of our society from our justice system to our mental health and the highest offices of government have been corrupted and infiltrated by an outside force in order to hide the truth from the masses; and to discredit this very easily verifiable message.  

The truth is, it's probably a little of both, don't you think?  I don't know how else to get the dick out of your mouth, I really don't--not seeing it doesn't make it go away... it makes freedom, thinking, and you ... go away.  Sorry that it's so big, I really am.  Please take a step back and realize that it's not OK for you to allow democracy and free speech to disintegrate to nothingness because of the names John Hancock and Tricky Dick... neither even just because I'm super funny!!

I'VE THOUGHT TO MYSELF BEFORE, THE MEANING OF THE WORD SOLUTION COMBINING THEIR BIBLICAL IDEAS OF SALT AND WATER that are central to the story of Salvation, and that's exactly what seeing and understanding this story of the life of Jesus Christ does for the world.  It exposes the corruption and infiltration of our social structures--in the places they are weakest, the places used by this darkness in order to attempt to confuse you into thinking that Jesus Christ never stood trial, and to believe that these VER IT ABLE solutions woven into our modern art are nothing more than "chance." 

Somewhere in here I've got to mention that both Lothario (which contains a Trinity) and my ex-wife's name Nanna contain the chemistry symbol for salt; and it is where the elemental key for the planet Venus and the "battle not being to the strong" comes from.  Salt meant "girls" to me for a long time; "warming the road" through the Amduat which bares my initials and is the name of  the Underworld; all about the traversal of Ra transitioning from night to day; but "seasoning" and "preservatives" just makes so much sense today.  Very specific things in our world were "made broken" as the song goes; and I just want you to know that knowing who I am helps us see exactly what they are and how to fix them.

FOR YOU'RE IN FORMATION; this is the Hebrew word for "formation" and it defines the difference between a "rewind" and the continuation and thriving of this civilation; on face value, it might seem as simple as recognizing that Y is "why" in this hidden Adamic language of Eden, but it really is so much more--it is acknowledging that there is a message from the creator of the Universe woven into every single word, so many songs and movies and ancient myths that it's almost insane that we are still here waiting for this story to "become news" in this world that believe it's A-OK just to ignore such a humongous disclosure.  It is not A-OK; it is the end of logical thinking, and the end of free speech and freedom in general--not moving forward here is the end of ciation, in totality.  I'm not sure why anyone would want to do that--yet there seems to be a significant number of people here acting to hide this message--I imagine it's to "preserve the status quo" or to fight against what they've been told might be "the end of the world' but that truly is the "great delusion of Satan"--the driving force, whatever it is behind hiding such an obvious message in everything we see really must be seen for exactly what it is--the destruction of logical thought.  Closer to our hearts, the effect of this destruction is to keep us from making the world a better place, to stop us from building Heaven and correcting a broken system that has allowed these horrible things to happen in a place that is and can control whether or not they do.  What we are looking at is a golden opportunity to be the saviors of all of Creation; and instead of trying to make our world a better place we being stupefied and dumbfounded by an invisible force "promising everything" literally in exchange for ... destroying everything real.

This force is organizing thousands in secret, with what appears to be the sole purpose of not ending world hunger, and not healing the sick, and not opening Doors to Heaven all with the only apparent goal of "preserving thermoshit" A.K.A. the system we have in place that is being exploited and broken in order to ... hide this message.  All of this connects to a personally traumatic experience that I liken to THE TRUMAN SHOW by design; though here and now we might see that this could all be about "entering reality" and a world and group of people who think it's "just A-OK" to plop an intentionally broken and malfunctioning civilization into a place where it doesn't have the benefit of the same tools used to break it in order to remedy it--most likely because they think they have some way to "take over" once they get to the place that they have no understanding of whatsoever--because they've hidden this message.  A long, long time ago the reason for "no reality" might have been because of MAD; mutually assured destruction not really being recognized by anyone as the intentional suicidal behavior of entire civilization; today my reason is much closer to my Truman Show, and a group of people that are destroying their own well being and their own society in order to obtain absolutely nothing from me or anyone else.  Basically I see an army of invisible spirits that thinks that crushing the machinations of society here in this place will somehow make them "fit" to enter reality; and the truth is exactly the opposite, this place is designed as a test and a mechanism for turning around that 'destructive behavior' and showing us how wonderful things happen when we are trying to make the world a better place.  So that's your cue to try and call a reporter.

I MADE A MISTAKE a few months ago by suggesting that nobody complained about MAD, and that nobody saw that name as an "act of God" to point out that the behavior during the cold war arms race was absolutely insane; and then I made another mistake only mentioning a correction to that statement on Twitter--where I have less than 2,000 followers because each and every one of you makes the mistake every single day of ignoring my requests to follow me.  I'm telling you our disaster recovery communications system, that's what the internet was built for, is breaking down and failing to deliver world saving information; and your response is to do nothing.  I'm telling you the purpose of the Second Coming and of religion is to ensure this breakdown of logical thought and free communication is stopped, and your response is to do nothing.

People did rally to stop the arms race; it seems more likely now that the problem is that the people's voice really hasn't been heard, and that we really have no control over the actions that our governments take--that too is something the Second Coming is designed to remedy, complete with a map to exactly how to do that.  It is literally a paradigm shift for democracy and self-rule that is being handed to us on a silver platter, and rather than take it, you are doing nothing.

There is something significantly wrong with a huge number of people here--something has broken your ability to think clearly, and I have story after story of people saying and doing absolutely ludicrous things for what appears to be no reason at all.  A large group of people are organized here in an effort to destroy themselves, and they appear to really think it's a good idea.  One example is a young female cashier at Wendy's (wonder why end) telling me as I was getting ready to order that "she has everything back here" implying something like "the spirit possessing her" is off in some virtual land that we can't see swimming in pools of liquid ecstasy.  Literally, that's basically the intent of this phrase that I've now heard oft repeated by a number of people--all of whom don't seem to understand that "thinking you have everything" in an imaginary world you've never seen, while you are watching babies starve and school kids being murdered to stop you from being so stupid is something closer to the end of everything than it is to you "ever seeing never-never land."  While perhaps slightly less eggregious, you must see that your "doing nothing" is part of this conspiracy, part of this monster that is Medusa in mythology and is here literally to stop you from picking up Athor's sword from the Stone; exactly what this revolution in voting will do for us--giving us the ability to actually solve these problems--beginning with solving the 'self governance' and 'censorship' issues that have been standing in the way of us "not being the lake" for quite some time.

These are huge problems, not easy ones to solve; but we have guidance available to us once we open our eyes and see that it is woven into everything from Minority Report to A Scanner Darkly to Dr. Who and Star Trek--and also that we have the promise of being able to actually implement them once we get past the concept of "what would Jesus do?"
S O   Y O U   T H I N K   Y O U   C A N   T E L L ?



PARADOX, PAIN, RAIN--the obvious implication of "wish you were here" by Pink Floyd, especially when coupled with The Pretty Reckless's complementary "blue skies all around me and the world looks just the same" is to see that knowing the blue skies are fake, seeing this message from God that places "Silicon" in Genesis and in "music" helps us to create a world that doesn't need drugs to stop pain--we need nothing more than to have the inner workings of the brain "decoded" and then an interface to be able to alter action potentials.  That might sound like futuristic sci-fi; but all around you, and perhaps you too have verifiable proof that this knowledge has already been found and that there is an active system using it today.  Everyone, actually; can see the effect of this technology in the lack of reaction to what is the most impactful series of disclosures the world has ever seen--not to mention the apathetic and "lackluster" response to the most interesting person in history.

To pretend I'm not here... is a sickness; to refuse to acknowledge the message I am delivering, one coming through the hand of God with his breath--a message that is equivalent to history itself is a disease that must be rooted out and destroyed.  Literally, refusing to acknowledge this signature is an act that has already resulted in the systemic breakdown of government, the media, and looming on the horizon is a "society" that no longer speaks.  Literally.  You stand by in silence as proof that our everything from our newspapers, our "justice" system to our voting system have been corrupted by a hidden technology and a hidden force; and "snicker."

As I walk through this story, this valley of the Book of Names; these two have stood out time and time again; messages that I read as being directed specifically towards me, tools for the delivery of this story.  This is a message about building Heaven of this Earth; one which speaks of making everyone living, literally; into angels; and through this process of building an amazing world here altering a force of darkness that exists elsewhere--most likely in timelines that came from this place, specifically from this "decision" to hide who I am and what I am presenting.  That's the original purpose or meaning of the words "to n," that you see also in Washington (changing ... the "to n" Cheers!)  and the implication from Allie Holton's name is that in order to "save everyone" as the message says, we can't ever actually know that Jesus Christ is writing to you... right now.  This is a decision that has been made in the past, to respect people's "personal religious beliefs" as paramount to the truth; to continue another kind of slavery, the worship of the Tooth Fairy; rather than to hear me tell you that "worshipping freedom and goodness" would be a much better use of time and effort.  I even might have agreed with the idea of not forcing the truth down people's throats--that was until I saw exactly what it does--it creates an army of moronic zombie slaves marching like lemmings off of the cliff of "the next life will be better."  This message and the person writing it are both designed by the Creator of the Universe with the intent of setting you free of bondage, of the shackles of both hidden technology and "in the clear" religion; something significantly more related to the "hidden technology" than you would imagine until you actually see that it is the purpose of scripture on possession, pre-destination, prophecy and inspiration to connect this technology to connections in modern art like the Tok'ra and Goa'uld of Stargate.

Point in fact, by not acting on this message, by not calling a reporter today, you are saving absolutely nobody and absolutely nothing--you are participating in the disintegration of our social structures and our way of life--and succumbing to a hidden outside influence that is apparently tricking you into doing these things because you don't think I should be able to get a date, ever.   In the meantime, I've spent my entire life fighting for the truth, for freedom; and in the most recent years for us all to be able to help build and enjoy Heaven--despite what appears to be very distasteful response to portions of this message that I haven't even written--but reaffirm today we are absolutely blind morons not to see.

This story highlights not only critical points of failure in our society that have already been and continue to be actively exploited by dark forces; but it delivers solutions, produces a map and a plan to fixing everything from school shootings to artificial retardation and regression of our legislative system and a significant and critical breakdown in communication on the internet that is nearly transparent because you are not saying anything; signed by the hand of God with a suggestion that we move quickly to discuss exactly how to remedy these things.  It really does all start with a discussion(s), and hearing "I am made of stone" and that means south to northeast; Hell toward Heaven.


THAT A RELIGION OF THE STARS BE BORN of this place, of our culture, and of this well laid plan that pervades our modern art, in everything from Nine Inch Nails to the SEGA Genesis and the connections between these works of art and many on the silver screen, the Gene's Star Trek and the Land of Flowing Hot Chocolate we find in Willy Wonka.  It is a message woven into the thing that was once called the "Book of Life" and since then it's changed to a Book of Light and now to a Book of Stars; all of these things related, of course.  Today I am debating writing this book all on my own, even though it is anathemic to it's purpose and to my heart's desire; I plan on outlining the very clear "rubber tire bumpers" on the sides of our go-kart-track, things like the parallels between "replicators" in Star Trek and in Stargate that show not only clear design, but a clear intent to help us understand both why it is that these things have not already been done for us, and at the same time why we are being given free reign to "bunt" again.  Whatever that means.

I feel like when God doesn't like something about the world, he sticks me in it; so that I can tell you everything wrong with jails, and everything wrong with pharmaceuticals that definitely contain the word "harm" not by chance, but by design.  We have overabundant proof that "addiction" and "craving" can be solved with the flip of a switch, or a slider in Dr. Who's "the Bells of Saint John" and yet some large group of you is watching me literally be tortured having to write this message with no money, in my "spare time" as I get pushed through a system of "rehabilitation" that literally is being used to help keep this message and the truth from you.  You stand there guilty of not calling anyone, of not calling a reporter or even buying a book so I might have some money to pay for "advertising"--clearly lack of advertising isn't the problem though; the problem is you doing nothing.  My tirade on mantra's connects the "god is good all the time" of jail-time meals to "green eggs and ham" the thing that made me Sam; and the Biblical story of Moses speaking with a Lisp--tat happens to be a modern day programming language and a perfect depiction of how God speaks with strange diction; laying down my initials in words like malady and addiction to help us see that this is his plan; and that really listening to this story is our greatest hope for quickly fixing these social issues that have been exacerbated and plague us... in Exodus and in America; as it is the true setting of the story.

Again the point, the whole point is there are million of people on this planet that have direct first hand knowledge of the fact that "spirits are in the air" and that we are not in reality; even if you aren't sure that what you are experiencing is proof of that--it certainly is, and were we speaking publicly about it we would without doubt have that verified.  Knowledge of what is going on "under the surface" here in this place directly moves to seeing the solutions in the works of people like Dick and Anderson and Roddenberry; solutions that are clearly designed as a response to the plagues of Exodus.




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