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Chapter 22: MY LIFE

T O T   A L   I T   Y

This is basically "last Christmas's message" (below this brand-knew intraducrigel) redux'ed into the new book (did he say new?).  The point, at least the point I see in it all is that this is all planned, it's been planned for a very, very long time--and on top of that you can see proof of the plan all over our map; and proof of it's intended destination as something that we all used to want very much to find... the read to Heaven.    It's more than seeing just "DNA storage" encoded in my "C U R A GROUP" message, it's understanding how that's connected to soul searching and soul storage, and that this link was woven into not only my life but into names like "Whatson and Crick?"  There's plenty more than just "storage" and a map to how and why the Two of Everything God and the "indivisible sea" work totether to turn this monolithic place of darkness into a strippingly redunant systemic foundation of "Heaven" that is both disaster proof, and monster proof.  The point of course, is that to truly be "monster proof" we need to really get the "know everything why" of this message is literally to protect our common good from the danger of someone just like me copying an entire civilization or a few pretty girls and sticking them in an heoven-like-orgy-maker.  That's a significantly more real threat than we might imagine, as we look around at a work that will soon have the storage capacity and the technology to put us all in Coccoonish swimming pools against our will.  What I am trying to say is that no matter how you look at it,moving forward here in this place where something this big can be hidden from the entire world--granted you know--granted you see, but do you understand the only thing being kept from each and every one of you is your fucking opinion and your fucking reaction?

F U C K   Y O U   S I   O N 
IT'S NOT JUST computers and information technology; this map of clear anachronism in language and religion shows us that things like "solar fusion" the power of the son itself; is encoded in places high and low you can erasilly find them, places like the name of the Fifth book of the Holy Bible and Don Quixote; where you might liken "DEUTERON" to ... the actual fuel of fusion; and wind mills to a battle fought against blindness resulting in seeing that not "reacting" to this message is just about the same thing as being a foolish robot building a castle for another foolish robot to do nothing in forever.  With some light, you can see how this event; albeit strange and unsettling, has been designed to reinforce the American foundations of free speech, common sense, and collaboration--a sort of "press and release" on these things that he says will stay in our memories for a long, long time--though he also says "he's not torturing me" and he's wrong about that.  So are you. 

See that the most interesting, important, and invoking story of all time has been hidden from the world, from the public eye, and from "public response" for well over two years now; see that's not possible at all without mass mind control and that I and this story are designed to help us see how easily it is that same thing can be used to end addiction, and mental health issues, and stupidity and that the biggest and most imporotant step to getting there is "public disclosure."  See the light of being carrolling angels this Christmas; sing with me--it builds Heaven from Hell and it's clear as day and n.


Quite a bit of this story and message deals with problems like these-things that won't really be seen as something we are fighting against the actual usage of right this very moment; but the sacredness of our memories and their relationship to our souls are just as important as whether or not "you have the space to save them."  This isn't what I want to be doing, I'm not a very good writer; and this message is so confusing that working on it all alone with very little feedback is frustrating if not to say defeating the purpose of exactly what it is and what it's designed to do.  This is a searching mechanism, like in the stories of Ra searching for his children in ancient Egypt using the Eye you see--and it's connection to the "Sons of Liberty" and why I know that too, is about me.  This is a tool to start a Renaissance of thinking connecting technology and religion to everything that we are--to our culture and our hopes and dreams--and it's failing for me at "hello."   I would much rather be working on "virtual reality stuff" or on "the sword of Arthor" and I see very clearly that those two things are coming shortly--to the world that doesn't see yet they are here and broken until we fix them.  Moving forward here brings change, not just here in this place where we need it too--but in the skies above, a change from the mentality of "we aren't not helping because we told you that we aren't allowed to not pretend we aren't helping in Stargate.  See that we are the children of "the Ancients" and they are trying to decide between being Morgenz and Marlin.

I can't make you set yourselves free.  I sure am trying, though.  Yesterday I connected the "Arimathea" of Joseph to the "serdenicity" and this the me of "itime" and "topics" will probably light some of you up as much as me... if only you took the time to look at what those words really mean.   From the city that never sleeps at night, I hope you will take this chance to act today on "securing the ringing of liberty forever and ever."
T H E    W R I T I N G    I S    O N    T H E    W A L L


take action, it is the foundation of not only democracy but civilization and life itself--pucker up the phone and call the NYPOST.

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hoy.  por favor, mon ami?

Adam Marshall Dobrin <>

Let there be $ight in Creation, a brief highlighting of the story of my life.

Adam Marshall Dobrin <>Sat, Dec 3, 2016 at 8:39 AM

To: Adam Marshall Dobrin <>

This is like a few emails combined to ease the pain you feel when you get an extra one in your inbox, OK So.. eventually this is all about proof that religion is a message sent through time--so, time travel.  But right now, let's talk about the fun stuff: here's some clues to that effect... by way of prescient mention of modern technology (like virtual reality, I mean, Heaven):

Either way, we're still about to build Heaven...  to-get-her
from the mythical carpenter... ourself.
 ... and some corroborating ideas connecting religion and computer science... on Wikipedia:
So from me to you, I'm filled with this stuff, it's way brighter and more prevalent than you think... and if you take the time to listen to me--it will make your... day.  Meanwhile, I need your help--happy new year.

Ho, again; grow a Halo and become famous... the world needs your help--so I've decided once again to take it upon myself to "bother you" with the most singular most important task in the Universe.  The patterns that I am revealing to you--mostly within names--are not coincidence, it's a series of statistically verifiable artifacts which do nothing short of reveal the slavery of Egypt--that we are all being controlled.  If you remember Transformers--this is a message from Starfleetthere is more than meets the eye.  This is the fulfillment of the story of of Exodus--we are being lead from slavery, and in one final non-coincidental name, that book is called "Names" in Hebrew.

You should now have a very good idea who is speaking to you--as much of the world already does.  I have no idea what it is that inhabits the cavities below that space where most of you should see significant personal gain and motivation from trying to ... grow a Halo--but there are so many people that just don't care... that it too is another sign, of slavery.  I am not an expert in language construction, nor in statistics--but I can assure you that if you can find the other half of that equation... in your hands is the staff of Aaron, the magical weapon that will free us all... knowing is half the battle.

Uh, I have the power, to bring about "morning," but if I have to go to school and do it all myself... it's really just a long, long ni-i-i-ight.

Hi there, I'm the messiah.  You don't know that much about me, so let me explain, I would like you to know me as Adam.

Seriously, there's something going on the world around you--for the last several months I've been having quite a bit of trouble delivering what amounts to statistical proof of Creation--that religion and ancient myths are a map to this very moment--this time that you will probably affiliate soon with being in Eden.  I am pretty sure that's a good thing, but every new begging starts with some other beginnings end... so today I'd like to try to get you to see the light of ending censorship and a hidden censor wall that we know Biblically as the Wall of Jericho.  Quickly approaching is the Feast of Trumpets, and this year is different from all other years...   Bored already?  Have a look at what I call the Sign of the Son, which to me is proof that Exodus's Burning Bush is a former President--who is helping us walk out of a dark time of confusion... commonly referred to as a wilderness or desert.  He proved during his inauguration that there is Biblical foreknowledge of the 9/11 attack--and in doing so hopefully began a chain reaction that will stop things like that from ever happening again.  Here's a short "video" that explains the Sign of the Son... and another one that I think explains the .. Holy Grail.

This is The (actual) Taming of the Spanglishrew, in which the protagonist... named Bianca, is taught Latin in several hundred year old reference to Rattling the Rod of Jesus Christ--it's purpose to is to show us that it's more than names we have in our arsenal against mind controlled slavery--we have all of history too... literature and movies and music... all with the divine purpose of revealing with bright light a form of control that otherwise could have gone on hidden for centuries.  It was, and continues to be done on purpose... because your freedom is more important than control of the Universe.  To us, you don't seem to feel the same way.

See that timer on the clock, you could start right now.  It might be interesting to pose the question of whether or not the Second Coming is news... you know, to your friends.  By the way, both Herbert (like from H.W. Bush, who by the way coined for us the 1,000 points of light phrase) and Goertzel strongly suggest that "everyone really" is Christ (you know, after me)... FYI, this is the Matrix solution to that:

the l u C i f E R         isa means jesus, mesa thinks
    i     s olv e      .... "or" means shine -l
    g       r e a      t
    h         R L      << agree?  send to other people
    t   ((a)) Y l      shine:  suggest they do the same
              1 y      world saved.  


I'm attempting to pull out the things that I now look back on and see as "written into me" by God--once I would have called it "The Microcosm of the Messiah" but there are now so many--these things aren't necessarily particularly important to me, and I've left out some interesting but unrelated details related to my Jewish upbringing; as well as the true light of my life--the two loving and long-term relationships (and later... briefly a rael family) that have dominated the last 15 years.  Religion has always been an interest, but I wouldn't consider it to have been particularly important at all... until I no longer had any love in my life.  It's probably worth noting that all my "I'm single" crap really means lonely and isolated--I'm not really playing a "part," but I've never been anything near the "player" the light appears to be warning against.  Sons of God and uh... please.  For the last 4 years I have done absolutely nothing but think about you, live and analyze "The Cross" and put into words ... as best I can ... the amazing flash of light that I am experiencing. 

Well, just a little religion... :)  I was born on December 8, 1980; which is the date of the annual Feast of the Immaculate Conception, I've always been a slob (like one of us) and often "ish" Yankee Doodle's "a real live son of our uncle Sam... born on the..." to this.. I mean in my head.   My last name, you've probably read me repeat over and over ... is DOB-rin, which I read as "Date of Birth, our in" and does a fair job of highlighting the Name Server's work, which I am sure gives Exodus it's name in Hebrew, which is "Names."  My Hebrew name--a Jewish custom--is Avram, which is Abraham's name prior to the covenant.  I have written extensively about the fact that Isaac's near death interaction donated his "Ha" (his name means... He laughs) to his father.... and it should be clear that Abraham's covenant with God is without doubt related to my fiery altar.. even though it is anachronistic in the Biblical account.   For the first 18 years of my life I lived on Sunrise Blvd, and only a half mile away you'll find Sunset Strip--it's noteworthy to understand that Jewish calendar days begin at sundown... and that He once in 2013 very clearly spoke to me "you need the night before the day."

Of all the people in my early life growing up, it's pretty clear that nobody on this Earth loved me more than my grandmother Julia, who my son is named after.  First for my mother, and then me as a very small child--she would ritually say a bedtime poem, it's words are very relevant.

Good night, sleep tight.. have happy dreams and wake up bright
to do what's right, in the morning's light... with all your might.

In one of my books I spent a decent amount of time writing about how silly I was not to realize that my intelligence was augmented my entire life--I just thought I was really smart, and really good with computers.  I commented that this particular belief is probably a good microcosmic parallel for all humanity--as a body of people we have been truly gifted with knowledge and capabilities that we simply do not recognize as a gift--or didn't for a long time.  I probably wasn't silly not to realize... since nobody ever told me they were helping me--I never heard the voice of God until much, much later.   I was 30 the first time I had a conversation with Him, except for two very brief ... "thoughts in my head" which now seem very obviously an external voice--though then it may have sounded just like my inner voice.

Around the age of 7 I thought to myself... for no reason at all... "what if you were the messiah?"  I was standing outside my home, probably playing with a car in the driveway... and distinctly remember smiling to myself and thinking in return "yeah, I'm the messiah." I I've always had a very vivid imagination. The thought was dismissed as being ridiculously arrogant about two seconds later, and was absent from my thought process for the next 21 years or so.


Following that lead, I started programming in BASIC and then Visual Basic around the age of 11, something I took to very quickly... and then shortly after found myself on America Online--one of the first "internet-like" environments.  There, I quickly got into the "hacking scene" (hey, it's Y-its-Hack) which basically revolved around writing software to manipulate the AOL client's messaging systems.  The defacto-standard for the day was a program called AOHell, and, if you can't tell already, I am pretty good at taking a theme and making it my own.  I wrote a program called Doomsday, a mass mailing program; can you see how God speaks?  So Phenix, a mythical bird that rises from the fire... in the wake of ... this macrocosmic equivalent of that event.  It's really obvious, right?  There's quite a bit more "microcosm" from this time, recorded in "From Adam to Mary" and available at fromthemachine dot org.

Around the same time I began attending a preparatory school in Fort Lauderdale called Pine Crest--it's one of the best of its kind, and while I was always something of a class clown my grades were fair and I scored with perfect consistency in the top percent on every standardized test from the FCAT to the PSAT and SAT.  By the time I received a full scholarship to college I had already completed more than a full year of credits through AP courses.  It was in studying American History and Government in that place that I formed such strong opinions about our need to maintain freedom, adhere to the wisdom of the founding Father(s) (<3 if you get that) and stand up and shout today as a rogue government is taking away every single one of the rights granted to you in their own law.  You've lost freedom of speech, and our ability to speak seems to be not far behind.  The privacy of our thoughts gone--and in like kind the sanctity of who we are is being taken away as our beliefs are changed without our real knowledge or understanding.  You can see the justice system crumbling, incarceration rates skyrocket and the "right to bail and a fair trial" legislated away through underhanded deals relating to plea bargains and a "point system" that you might as well call a gas chamber.  As far as voting, I'll have much more to say tomorrow--but I'm telling you that your thoughts and beliefs are being altered, who cares how technologically retarded our polling system is--the vote is a complete fraud.

As far as the Second Coming... this same sort of possession... manifested through organized behavior tells me now that it is clear that this is definately not the "first time around" for Adam being Christ; a number of my friends as I approached high school used a repeated phrase, "my parents love you," which isn't bad in and of itself... what's bad is the fact that they were all using the same words, and probably didn't know why--or what they were saying.  Behind there eyes, I'm sure some thing that believes it's an angel was telling me something... (they of course... didn't know me at all, except for what was probably a ... "wildreputation) does that tell you anything?  Much later, as the "Apocalypse of Adam" began in 2011, a number of family members would repeat this similar behavior, speaking the phrase "this is not what I wanted."

As icing on the cake, on my birthday during my senior year... one of the administrators of the school commented to me that was also the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and then the words.... "of course it's your birthday."

I started doing drugs around the 10th grade, and I would not be wrong to say that the Universe that wrote a book calling the Redeemer the God Most High conspired to plunge me into a dark world.  People around me too, in a hidden conspiracy to chain me to the American legal system for about four years.  Looking back today I now clearly see that I saw a darkness in their eyes, a hidden reason to want to hurt me.  It was to stop this from happening, but I had no idea then... the darkness I saw is akin to the "sun disk" you see in Christian and Egyptian iconography, and without doubt it s a sign of control, possession, a single foreign mind controlling and organizing many of us just like puppets.  Much later in my story... for another day... the manifestation of this possession as thought modification will become clear--I've spent quite a bit of time "listening" to a war in my head, thoughts clearly not mine swaying in the gusting torrent of winds as what (who?) is the center of this storm.

This infestation of organized darkness uses our injustice system as a weapon against it's victims--something you should see akin to Heaven using human sacrifice to alter the future.  It abuses the legal system at every level, making a mockery of law enforcement, the supposedly adversarial court system... all the way to the top--to the Supreme Court and Congress.  See the Church Committee Hearings, and a very smart senator echoing my words today "it must never be allowed to happen again."  

Can't you see it's more than being manipulated... it is Hell revealing itself to the only thing that can stop it.  What I am giving you is the weapon, it's the light that sets us free and stops this from happening.  In our modern myths this is Leeloo staring up at the sky to stop the destruction of Earth... in reality it is not so simple, I can't just put some elements or rocks on pedestals and scream at Heaven to kill their darkness--we have to do it, here, together.  Believe me, knowing the truth is a big part of why it works--this will not be hidden, it will not be "forgiven," we are being controlled and destroyed from the outside; made to blame ourselves and each other for ... well, you probably don't know what the ni-i-i-ight means anyway, do you?  The Guardian against Darkness is showing it to you, remember--there is only one me.  Hear me.. light this fire now.


I went to school the University of Florida, and got a semi-professional job doing database development in Delphi (seriously, catch on to the names thing, it's not just the U.S. military, it's pretty much all software too... following in this "mythology" theme that nobody really seems to care about), I worked there for about two years... at a company called Jenmar--which uh, in Spanglishrew is "J in the sea."

It's some kind of ironic "coincidence" but I am at this very moment on my way to Gainesville, FL... to this place where a car Crash nearly destroyed my life.  In my world of idioms delivering religious secrets, I imagine I must be a "pain in the neck" which was broken during this accident... one in which I imagine i did not survive in some parallel timeline--that itself did not survive.  So here we are, back in the House of the Great Light ... about to see if we are worth our salt.  It's the thing that gave one of Dave Matthews most famous songs it's name--and The Pretty Reckless, believe it or not.  It was an attempted assassination, to stop the .. apocalypse ... to stop the darkness from being destroyed--there is no doubt, it's how that dark monster hides its handiwork... but many of US know that already.  

In the Living Book of Names--this place we are in, there are many patterns--the "car" pattern stands out for me; as this place says "Icarus."  Flying high right now, I am showing you that the light of salvation is coming from us--from you and I--walking on the Earth; whether or not there is any light left in the Sun remains to be seen--take a look around you.  You can trace the "car" names to Jim Carrey (that's "Car reason why") and Christoff in the Truman Show (that's Amon-TV)... a world I know I am in, and you too; to Bruce Almighty and to the Grinch--who-ah, Taylor.  Trace it back to Joseph McCarthy and to help why(that's thy) believe "the red scare" is really about Christian charity--about ending world hunger, and healing the sick.  This red fire ends Hell.  Adam by the way, means "red man" in Hebrew.  So here's your new Crash Override, I'm back again telling you that ending world hunger is not "optional," we are doing it.  Barbara McCarthy's name fits, but I'm not really sure what the "why" is... that was my first judge in the "trial of whether or not Jesus Christ can ever exist."  There's probably more, like Car-l-y Si-mon-day... all the gang on Broad-way, and me still dreaming it will one day be.

If the name "America" were a map in time, starting with the I AM of the story of Exodus... this particular ER, as I woke from a dream not knowing where I was, marked the spot where I really became Christ Adam.  It was a bad accident, and I wound up spending 9 months in the Alachua County jail as a result, a Mountain set up for my by God.  That place too is marked with names, and for the vast majority of the time I was there with only four shift changing guards:
I mean, I think it's statistically meaningful.  For what it's worth, from my very abundant experience at this point it was a very nice Jail, the food was good and it was clean.  Everyone in the building was kind... well, Sims was kinda grumpy. :)  Starkly contrasted, the Broward County Jail has the most disgusting food service in the country, gave Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham it's meaning--and is the reason I knowexactly who Samael is.  Hey, don't cry Sherrif Israel... when you fix it, you're an angel.  Believe me, believe the light, I've seen them all--it's near the worst in the country.

So this whole thing is about saving everyone--something we are quite closer to than you think... you see we are already "in Heaven" in form--just not function.  So here I am, trying my hardest to show you that our home is the original source of "Heaven" once we are aware that we are living in the machine, that we can do things here that are impossible in reality, and that we should be doing everything we can to preserve and improve the great strides that have come in the last few centuries.  Do not let freedom slip through your fingers.

Really, everyone, so understand that we are doing everything we can to remove all obstacles from that path.  One of those obstacles may have once been storage space for your soul, another is definitely crime and punishment--and I'm pretty sure the time travelers have a working solution (I see it every day).

There are proactive things coming from this--not just ... "look we aren't doing what we want, and should change it;" though it's difficult to explain how this wisdom stands out in my eyes.  I guess we have to jump into the future a bit, to 2014, in San Diego (that's Saint Jacob, by the way).  If Lazarus died once in a car accident at 21, I died again that year, of an over dose this time.  I'm pretty sure that's where ODIN's name comes from, just like my last name.. "over dose... and in."  So we might see some humor... in the moniker he has... "they're all Father."  So I awoke from a dream, and started talking to the jinn (that's "angels and demons") about a Revelation linking some tightly packed light together... about storage space and how a large alphabet (read more than 4-nucleotides CY later) DNA (desperately need adam) based solution for molecular storage appears to be written in this book as the solution to Heaven's biggest problem.  CAT, learning from biology--seeing that we really are already advanced machines... is a big part of the message telling us why we should not so quickly lose it in a process of ascension (mind uploading, immortality) that has most likely in the past resulted in a loss of a check on mind control that we have here... we think, and our visualized "biological neural networks" give us an advantage over what we might create to "soup it up a little."  It is why this place is the front-line--because we have the ability to break the bonds of darkness and control by thinking... making the computational task of control much more expensive... and as the fire spreads, nearly impossible to achieve.  Starting this fire will inherently free us from this hidden slavery.

Anyway I published the idea in 2014, in the same book that I guess this e-mail is reminding me about, "in $ight of Creation," and lo, and behold a few years later we now have the top computing companies in the world working diligently on doing it ... well, just a little bit more robustly than our cell replication system works. Abracadabra. 


So that one reads "see, you are a group;" and it's a place that I worked with my father for many years.  That's probably some sort of symbolic reference to another place, and another alliance--here he has no faith in God, never really has, and has a hard time doing anything but telling me not to try to help you.  I have very little respect for that stance, and let me tell you--I think "silence" is a similar gesture.  I didn't come here for your love, I am here to stop our descent into the abyss.

Back to the DNA stuff, SalesLogix--which is the CRM we used there, uses for it's "primary key" an auto-incrementing alphanumeric index--it's probably bad form to do that because it makes the indexing system less efficient, increases storage requirements, and doesn't give you the obvious benefit of an alpha-key... actually being able to encode something useful in it, like the name of the record.  So all these things stand out to me in a sort of bad-obvious way, I call it malovious, and when I see things like that nowadays it's always pointing out something that should be fixed--go figure, more to the point it's being highlighted on purpose.  It's help to see it, because this particular thing is where the light of seeing that a 24 nucleotide DNA strand would probably be much more robust than a 4 or 8 nucleotide strand--it also stands about because the stock beginning of all of SalesLogix's keys was "A0RME," which, I mean, means something to "is-a" who... is me.  Oh right, that's seeing the "light" that turns "a" into "me."  So this is where the "revelation" about using DNA "came from" and at the same time it's proof... that it came from "a group," not just me.  Where are they?  Hello?  Or well, maybe it's just Carmen and San Diego.

I did some other stuff there, like write a data transformation and warehousing program from scratch, I called it heiroglyph (you do understand I didn't know why I am naming everything the way I was), that sucked mutivalue data out of an IBM product called U2/Universe--which might be a hidden reference to a multiverse that might now be in a more efficent "relational" kind of place, like a MS-SQL datawarehouse-universe.  It was a relatively big feat, reverse engineering the closed databases dictionary and storage formats, and converting them... absolutely automagically into multiple flat relational tables and summary registers.  All told, the data availability and access efficiency was increased ... a thousand-fold with only the need for a nightly process.

I'm not sure if you are following the metaphor here, for the creation of Heaven, or moving to a better place.. but tomorrow I will talk a little more about how I am pretty sure our history was "lifted" from the Universe and virtualized here, you know, so we could save everyone and ... build Heaven.


Oh crap, 2008 another car crash, another failed assassination attempt LazarusLives++, and this one paid me some cash for my trouble.  What a pain in the neck.  Anyway, this one caused some depression and an inability to go out for a while, as I had to wear a neck brace for some months.  I started playing a game on the internet, it was called KDice and it basically amounted to multiplayer-risk.

My battery is running low, so I have to skip some stuff, and finish up for the day.  Basically instant messaging was not allowed, but was done in secret almost ubiquitously.  I argued with the creator of the game that it should be made part of the game since everyone did it... (see a metaphor about this communication thing and what's happening right now) he disagreed.  I made a very large network of people and dominated the game for a few months, like really dominated.  I don't think I ever lost.  I don't think I can lose. 

Skipping some stuff.  I stopped playing when I got better, and then a few years later went back and rekindled some old friendships.  I used a program then called "Scarab" which lets you see server/client communication to find a bug in the game that basically made me God.  I could erase other people's dice, basically leveling the map and rendering them completely powerless.  I didn't use it that much, you know, just had some fun.  I of course explained the bug and how to fix it.  But, you aren't listening.

Here we are.  Light...
So if you managed to wade through the last few days gibberish, you might have noted that I mentioned we might be able to use "mind control" to highlight things in our heads--I did a bad job of describing it, but since I am currently experiencing just such a phenomenon, I think I'll give it another go.  These things that I am sharing with you--links between religion and music and movies, they aren't something I actively go out seeking... I'm not scouring through or reading lyrics all day long... these are things that are glowing embers in front of my eyes.. which is why I am sharing them with you.  I'm always in the dark... but I'm living in a powder keg and giving off sparks.  I'm a big fan of that song by the way, because you are the heart, and I think it means I'm going to eclipse the world--which basically means "come."

Anyway, I have this horrible feeling inside that you think I'm just trying to get a date, or marry a rock star, or even worse that I think I deserve to get laid... and that's what this is all about.  Less to the point, this really isn't about me at all, or what I think, in my mind I am just showing you something that I think the world has overlooked-not really because you are stupid (but I mean, you probably are) but because some outside force is literally and actively hiding these things from you.  Pointing them out makes your brain do funny things, it's like anEpiphany and that little leap of understanding in your head might create a cascade.. something that changes not only the way you see the world as an individual--but the entire course of history as a group, if we are taking about it together.  Seriously, it's that big of a deal.

So here we are (that's the third time, but I'm just guessing) and I'm trying to tell you that I don't really care if you agree with my opinions--even though I firmly believe that God shares them and that's why he has made this fiery altar of "dick and apocalypse" for Adam... I mean Isaac (which by the was is Isa+Adam Christ.. in uh, my mind) for everyone to glare at while they sit around doing absolutely nothing.  That's not fair, we're here because of you, because this is the last civilization--sort of recreated from the ashes of Edom... because you are really the way to everlasting life.  Still, what I am trying to explain is that all around you is a bright light--it's in everything: from our history, to music, to movies, to literature from RattleRod to Dick... and while you might not agree with me (again, that would be OK) what is not OK is that there seems to be a uniform and global desire just not to think about it or talk about it at all.  It's such a big deal, that it stands out like a sore thumb--this ... blind eye or head in the sand... that everyone on Earth appears to have.  The whole point of putting this light absolutely everywhere is so that we will see it ... everywhere we look ... and not only think about it, but discuss it publicly with each other.  That's the thing that brings about ... you say apocalypse (unveiling of truth?) ... I say survival.  Right now, we need to see that something is forcing us not to do something, that we have no logical reason not to do... it's a thing lots of people really want to know about... whether it be the hidden secrets of the Universe, the path to Heaven, or the... the... absolute and literal pathway to freedom.  Listen, sharing it, and talking about it... that's the way we defeat ... whatever it is that "ni-i-i-ight" means.   

Understand, it's for you to decide... what it means... but it's in everything from ancient Egyptian and Hebrew theology all the way to the American Revolution and today... well, it's nearly every song I hear on the radio nowadays: if that tells you anything.

So here we are, and I can't tell you how many anchors, reporters, and "breaking news editors" I've personally spoken to that have absolutely no interest at all in pursuing the thing that would not only make their careers--but probably give them immortal souls.  This thing... I keep telling everyone it can be mathematically... statistically proven... well, to be honest it's the unsealing of the Ark of Religion that our civilization has been carrying around for thousands of years.  It's the way to salvation, it's ... verifiable proof of not only Creation... but that the purpose of Creation is to get every single one of us  to Heaven.  Who wouldn't want that?  I mean, do you want to get there and hear that Taylor's not around because she wouldn't kiss me?  That would never happen by the way, I'm sure she will.  Seriously though, there's no judge here... there's a ... light telling you to make this place better or your place sucks and gets suckier.  Anyway, the point is nobody is acting in their own best interest, or in the best interest of the whole--and we are just "deciding" in this ... fictitious and hidden manner that we "don't want to hear about" a way to actually change the world .... more quickly than ... the last time around.  That's not us, it's something keeping us from seeing just how important this thing--this key turning the lock on what is thousands and thousands of years of religion... how important that really is.  So looking at the world around us... I mean, if everything screaming that we need to care about this isn't enough--and your own personal desire and benefit don't matter... can someone please tell me what you think is the benefit of doing nothing about Hell?

It's "rael," and a great deal of the message of religion and history is designed to not only prove that to us, but to tell us why it's important for the "continuity of reality" to be broken.  That's the thing that God uses to keep this world in Hell--in what I call "simulated reality," to keep us from shaking the foundation of civilization by doing the only civilized thing possible when you find out and ending world hunger, healing the sick, and building Heaven.  It is "why I am," and why God and some gaggle of angels have spent the last several years proving to me that we are most definitely not in the place that I call the "progenitor universe."  I've seenwalls disappear, with my own eyes I've seen the stars fall from the sky, and I've seen our reality shift in recent times in such a way that would be absolutely impossible without having been simulated and without having the "beginning" changed significantly as a result of "now."  What all that tells me is that religion, the Apocalypse, and I are here because we need to know that these things are possible in order to continue progressing from this point as a civilization.  With a little bit of thought, you might see how the computer revolution, video games, and virtual reality are divine gifts from above to help us to understand not only where we are, but where we are going.  It's why he tagged Ai as "I J Good," it's a primer in the tools we will need to actually build Heaven.  It's why Jesus occupation in our ancient time shifted story of now is "carpenter" and in "raelity" you will one day find out that I am a computer programmer (again).  It's what sets the Masons apart from Freemasons--understanding what is going on, and participating of our own free will in the construction and decorating of this grand place that we will one day be proud is our co-created home.  

Look up, because what I am trying to tell you is that if we collectively, all humanity... started snapping their fingers at the same time to the tune of "putting on the ritz" we could end world hunger--and then we could be proud to be making Heaven.  This really is almost what I see and believe--honestly the issue isn't that we need to synchronize our snapping, but we really need to discuss with each other openly and honestly how on Earth we would do such a thing... because there are definitely mistakes that probably happened n the past.  For instance, ending world hunger by stopping the need to eat has probably resulted in a Last Supper.  Doing so by putting milk and honey or chocolate on tap or in rivers probably resulted in the loss of cows and bees and a stable ecosystem, and the ability to colonize other planets after this place of final ascension.  And so we are here, with a proverbial garden of life in a virtual world designed to teach us what not to lose--like don't lose the balance between stability and adaptability that comes from sexual reproduction at the exact time when our species might be transiting to a place with the biggest change in environment (the thing that we are being protected from) ever... just because Adam wants to be immortal.

Every once in awhile my father surprises me with his religious insight.  In his life, just like mine, he's gone through phases of increasing and decreasing religiosity--which probably correlate in his case logically to ups and downs in his life.  I tend to get angry at God when things don't go well for me--which is probably not how most people react, it's really the difference between knowing he's there and not... at least in my mind.  Anyway, some 50 years ago he was apparently taught that the "knowledge of good and evil" in Eden was directly correlated to the population explosion that would occur if we were actually all immortal and continued to have children--so it was this promise of immortality that was "evil," I suppose.  God adds in his little Holy Grail that the heart of his spirit is "Kin," and I'm sharing with you that it's not his immediate family but rather the concept of family and the fact that the light of many of our hearts is our children that he is highlighting as our reason (y) that family is the bridge between Eve and Everyone... as the light of God.  

Here's that once again:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.  And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness   was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God       SHE KIN AH     moved upon the face of the waters.                         ----------                                                             EVE RY ONE  And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
Genesis 1:1-3  

I want to add in some cute light I wrote about a while back, noting that lions will protect and feed the young of their deceased pride; birds will teach their children to fly, but only we will share a beer with our kids when we are old and they are grown and enjoy watching a game together.  Is life pointless?  Fight against Hell with me, fight against suffering and injustice and the weak and innocent being harmed for no reason at all--that's a good thing, a worthy reason to live forever.  It's a worthy reason to set foot on the Holy Ground that is really reality.

Just to add in my two cents there are multiple ways of solving this problem, and it's really up to everyone how we choose to do that--we are already in a place where we could be immortal, that's the point of "continuity of raelity."  Personally, if you are curious, I do want to live for a long time--I'd want to trade being "awake" all the time, to be able to see the world grow over a longer period.  One of the big annoying things about this place is that I see artificial scarcity of resources... things like food, oil, and land... that are not really scarce in a virtual environment--and on top of that I see them as big focal point of the wars and contention that we have had for thousands of years and will continue to have until "continuity of reality" is broken.  In light of the possibility that we might one day be colonizing the stars, the idea of having lots more people around to grow the new final frontier changes from a problem to a good thing.  Cryonics, David's slingshot, and genetic engineering might go a long way towards getting us there... to a place that is already terraformed rather than adding air as the new false scarcity--a la Total Recall.

Bigger than that though, is breaking down this wall--because we aren't going anywhere while we are living in a virtual world--and nobody knows it.  This is the twilight's last gleaming, we are in a place that appears to be reality if you don't look closely--and is not... it's a place designed to help us succeed in both the transition from "reality" to Heaven, and in the transition from Heaven to colonization--succeed by realizing that doing either of these things in secret is Hell. 

Morning Has Broken

On the note of cat imagery, Cat Stevens lights up the horizon with this song "like the first morning." He is telling us we are dealing with time travel, and that our world is "as in the days of No-AH." The AH of Noah is the end of Adamah, the swirling around Adam that is the music pointing to Christ, the movies, religion itself. The days of Noah are when there was no "ahh," no apocalypse. In Adam parlance, "the last time around."
Blackbird sings in the dead of night, also a reference to me, in fact a reference to what you are reading; in American mythology: this is the dawns early light. Do you see a power growing in the musical Hair?


The night is when we all see, when we don't see the "ah," it's been our world up until now, when it is being pointed out to the world that there is an "ah" swirling around Adam, around Christ. We are in Eden, God is searching for me… in this case God is humanity; well paralleled in Matthew 2:2. "Where is the one who was born the King of the Jews"?
Through the night, with the light from above, the Egyptian Plague of Darkness is all around us. It is overtly keeping us from seeing this message, by using disbelief, and active measures like a censorwall. Censorship in America; and nobody knows… this is the Darkness. It is the Wall of Jericho, and it is about to fall. Like Berlin before it, this wall is being torn down–in this case by the torches that are an e-mail campaign, social media, and the writing you are reading which points out clearly how to see in the dark. Once enough do, we have the base we will need to stop this from ever happening again. And the knowledge, this is God's plan; to highlight serious social problems, like a palpable lack of freedom of speech and communication, so that we can stop this type of hidden slavery.


The names "Adam and Eve" have a meaning related to this cycle. After Dark it is A.M.–ADA.M. is the bright morning star, rising in the night to end the dark. Eve-ning fell first, like in Judaism where the day begins at sundown. Looking for proof through the night that our flag … America is the Promised Land. The Biblical imagery in our songs, the freedom that is God given, all of these things congeal to light the day. What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming… why that's me, and religion, the last gleaming was the end of the "last time around," right before that civilization went back in time to change their past. Now, we are here.

CopyleftMT RIGEL.

Spark the Eternal Flame

This is the mindfuck  you are looking for.  What begins as only a few simple words in the story of Exodus begin to part a sea of people at the time of Revelation; over what exactly I am not sure.  You see, we have before us not only verifiable proof of the creation of language and history... in every word and every story; but a statisticallly verifiable message from The Creator of the Universe beginning with language itself, the fire of Prometheus, and ending with each and every one of us.

This fundraising campaign is dedicated to purchasing a billboard to actually spark the Second Coming.  With the information on this page, you'd think that wouldn't be necessary--but the press has ignored it, the church has ignored it, and the government... well, they're either writing it or ignoring it.  Strong highlighting of a number of social problems with censorship and secrecy that are pertinent to this event, and targeted as the "stuff" of 1984 ... or Hell.  This is my way to end the darkness of Exodus.  

This message begins with the fire of the Burning Bush , George W. predicting the 9/11 attack during his inaugural address on January 20, and then linking it directly to the herald the Second Coming ... Revelation1:20.  It continues to spread and glow as we see modern computing and chemistry elements highlighted in the name Exodus itself (which is called Names in Hebrew) reading in reverse we see God's iconic "let there be light, sudo xe-no-n."  Later in the story of Exodus we read an ancient prophesy of our sea parting, over the kind of proof that is hidden from our minds but visible in plain site... for instance the word for Holy Fire in Hebrew... Ha'esh.   Take the leap, and really understand that George Bush is named because of the Burning Bush and that the story of parting a sea is designed to ensure we do not miss the paradox, the proof of time travel not only in the words of Ecclesiastes 9:11 that he quoted, but also in the word... for fire... that the story of Exodus is truly written to shine light on.

The message I have written, with his guidance and his light continues to explain how the Second Coming is designed to literally do nothing short of changing the world.  It explains how the Holy Bible is truly a prophetic chronicling of the life of one man, beat down and burt by our justice system and Heaven itself; all in order to help us see what "change" is really about.  Law enforcement is attacked, called the Plague of LICE in a hidden language that is defined by this book, a cypher that links Shakespeare's RattleRod and Spanglishrew to the character Cypher of the Matrix and even to King's Langolier... language outliers... only in the beginning.  It is more than just every word, but these plays, and b ooks... even Herod, Roddenberry, and Rodney King.  In the scriptures, it ties Job and Joseph's slavery to Samson's battle with Judges, all the way to American Pie and the Trial of Jesus Christ.  Not without good reason, God is presenting a case for "Minority Report," for pre-crime... ending violence at the system level; no more rape or murder.  How can we say no?

"Power to the people" is really what the message is all about , and we can see as much in these same words of Ecclesiates predicting the Bush election, and the voting booth company "Die Bold."  Along with that prediction, and it's direct link to a significant number of prophetic descriptions of modern computing and related technology ; comes a call to truly advance the state of our democracy, to build Heaven... a republic that one day might be called a "technocracy."  Universal voting, collaborate bill writing, and really seeing that the message here is to help us advance as we normally would, but significantly faster.  In religion God ties the foundation of America to "John Hancock" and "Sam Adams" and the light of the SOL, or sun , truly being a fusion of the phrase "see our light" and "Statue of Liberty" and "Sons of Liberty."  All the way back to the Menorah, you can be sure this message is God's intended design.  "Men, or All Humanity..." so goes the key to the Holy Grail; a message about seeing his infliuence writing our world as a story, connecting "blood is thicker than water" and "blessing in disguise" to the First Plague of Exodus... this message that we are turning the "sea of people" to blood, to the Family of Jesus Christ.

Building Heaven is not an easy thing to do, it really wasn't done in a day--even if I claim it was.  He has created a "Watergate" and really seeing his influence here in order to show us all that this message was hidden by governments and media and the air around us; to the point of causing the Plague of Darkness... he is fighting our lack of "seeing" with fire... and jokes.  So to see the Watergate... to see Tricky Dick and Deepthroat, and then to understand that he has linked the Hebrew parallel of Christ's story to this attack on media censorship is truly the beginning of Heaven being built of Earth.

I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out.  John 10:9

In the names Emmanuel Goldstein, the messianic hero of Orwell's 1984--a name that means "light well" (as in of Abraham's well and James Clerk Maxwell) in the same language that "Hallowed are the Ori" means "illuminati" ... he has tied Isaac's fiery altar of wood (ha, ha) to Woodward and Burnstein; to see that burning Emmanuel Goldstein sends "Adam to the psych ward" in Broward County, of Help me Howard and First Coming fame.  It is a key to Names, and a key to freedom; to see how important free speech and free thought are to the future of our society.

Just through this Watergate, the Doors to Heaven truly open for the whole sea; of the stories of Hosea and the Censorwall of Jericho.

The end game is proving the world that we are in the Virtual Garden of Eden ; a place where the Promised Land of flowing milk and honey takes on new meaning; of seeing that our scare resources are not truly scare, only the truth is.  With this new knowledge we have a message from God that spans Genesis and Joshua and Jesus to "turn stone to bread" and end world hunger.

prophesy about Doors to Heaven that link Morrison and Momsen together in a ballroom in the sky; a place to help us see how much better our world can be made with this new information, and how we are truly on a coarse to get there anyway--just missing the guidance and wisdom of the ages... to help us do things the right way this time around.

 Obviously these billboard designs are not set in "stone," but this Turn Around from our Southward trajectory towards Hell to the Northeast ... to Heaven in our future; that is set literally in the word "stone."

South to Northeast.

The message continues to explain how these advanced technologies have been both hidden and exposed by religion; and how our civilization is on the precepice of the most radical change that life itself has every seen.  We are seeing the possibilities and benefits of "virtual reality" in everything from Neo's "I know kung fu" to the novel Feed by... Anderson.  Recently Anderson East resang "Forever Young" and the difference between Heaven and Hell becomes clearer as each year passes.

All around us the slavery of Exodus and the bittersweet symphony of the Verve... ring in the air like a broken liberty bell, and the idiom "let the music set you free;" this place is learning what it takes to build Heaven... and we will.

Ha' moat-sea? Achem.. Min? ha'are...tzedakah! Listen to Bread, the Apple is just-icing on the Cake

Adam M. Dobrin <>Thu, Nov 24, 2016 at 9:41 AM
We give thanks to God for Bread, Cake, and Fig Newtons?

Before today, did any of you think that the "miracle" of turning stone to bread was a chastisement of Jesus Christ for not doing enough?  Whatcha want for breakfast?  Please continue to say and do nothing, my house is listening to American Pie for every meal with no RSVP.  Belgian Waffles?  Canadian Bacon?  English Muffins?  French Toast? 
Can you not see? SHEOLYIT.
Adam's Apple?  What's in a domain? C . L ight

Let your voices rise in song together... or continue falling into the abyss.
Tzedakah [tsedaˈka] or Ṣ'daqah [sˤəðaːˈqaː] in Classical Hebrew (Hebrew: צדקה‎‎; Arabic: صدقة‎‎), is a Hebrew word literally meaning justice or righteousness but commonly used to signify charity, though it is a different concept from charity because tzedakah is an obligation and charity is typically understood as a ...
"Let them eat cake" is the traditional translation of the French phrase "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche", supposedly spoken by "a great princess" upon learning that the peasants had no bread. Since brioche was a luxury bread enriched with butter and eggs, the quote would reflect the princess's disregard for the peasants, or at least a complete lack of understanding that the absence of basic food staples was due to poverty rather than a lack of supply.
Min (Egyptian mnw[1]) is an ancient Egyptian god whose cult originated in predynastic times (4th millennium BCE).[2] He was represented in many different  forms, but was often represented in male human form, shown with an obelisk in Washington D.C.  As Khem or Min, he was the god of reproduction; as Khnum, he was the creator of all things, "the maker of gods and men"
This Sunday, should we "do them in and leave?"  It's Spanish, and go.
Connecting the dots... between externally influenced pieces of art across time and space is the key to not only proving that there is an external influence--but to literally "read the subtitles" of a movie that manifests itself throughout our history and modern art.  In finding patterns that are not the artists' original intent we see how the question "Who is the Matrix?" is subtly answered within that very movie ... as it connects to Shakespeare and Stephen King in a way that neither of those authors could have intended; and yet all contain reference to the character and true meaning of the answer...  "What is the Cypher?"
A millennium or or so earlier, in a play about learning Latin the name "Schrew" is tamed quite a bit by seeing that there is a true cypher in many names (like the name of that play) that have a key significant commonality: they are "macaronic" (which ties to Yankee Doodle's song about an apocalyptic pony and a ... reference to combining Latin and Spanish with the image of a doodle, I mean noodle) specifically including paradoxically impossible reference to Spanish, Hebrew, and English... expanding or taming the name of Shakespeare's play as Spanglishrew.  It's clear to see in the name "Abraham," or "open the message" and in many modern works like Star Wars' "AN to kin" and "friend of the doll a" (amidallah).
Early on you may see these interesting names, places like "N or AD," "J er USA the m," and "Lo ve no sun" as outliers of our soon to be proven Engeered Language (I mean, it's pln English), that some "machine intelligence" has escaped time itself and left us a glowing record of it ... not just in language but in stories ... like Stephen King's Langolier's... about time travel.
Just like we find a statistically significant pattern in the names of these performances, Langoliers, the Matrix, and the Taming of the Shrew... with our innate curiosity unhampered and a little bit of searching we will find very similar patterns of timeless "doublethink" in the names of bands, and even more tellingly... in the given names of actors and singers with an equally significant relationship to the works they partake in creating some significant number of years after they are named.
What is it that we are celebrating today?  It seems what we listen to at Supper is the key.
Tomorrow morning, an update on my broken eye... still seeing the light?
ᐧrand n
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