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there is no place to go, there is no place to go, there is no place to go... and to ra: "toe"

Y  O  U  R    D  A  I  L Y    B  R  E  A  D

HSAY? do you realize what's going on around you?  I could waste my time trying to explain what "Medusa" looks like with more detail; but the bottom line is that your minds are being infested by something that is acting to keep you quiet about something that you used to care very much about--yourself and each other.  Mind control is a powerful enemy, it can make you believe you are doing something for the most absurd reasons, and hold that belief for what amounts to an indefinite period of time (in raelity, that is)--something that most likely is the reason Dave Matthews sings that "every day has it's way of being forgotten."   We are malleable here, but morose in the "next world" or the "next step" where we have out of necessity and evolution altered the fundamental basics of how our brains work--something that is simulated here in "virtual reality" with what appears to be accuracy--until you delve deep into this control nobody dares to speak about and see that it must without doubt be violating the law of conservation of energy.   

Regardless of how or why it is that you have the ability to win this battle against "technology" defeating "humanity" the very basic and most important "thing" that is going on is that on some level we are all very much aware that many of our actions are not done of our own volition--that something or somethings are silently pulling the strings in secret--in the clear of day to help us see this technology and this influence and give us insight on what to do with this new knowledge of being in "virtual reality;" but just past the obviousness of this message that proves control not just in works like Roddenberry's Star-Trek and Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet; but in every word we speak and every idiom we use--showing us that this is not just a simple "substitution cipher" on some world or history "lifted" from reality, but that it is truly an active influence over not just our time now but over the whole of our history.  The bottom line here is whether or not you "see" that the word "Tennessee" connects the Xbox and the Nintendo and the words "SEE THE LIGHT" it's clear to me as someone who has investigated this influence that we are not dealing with a single mind, but layer upon layer of minds and worlds that have come before us here in this place and most likely well before there ever was a third rock from the "shit out of luck."   These seas too are mapped to words, defining characteristics like "court" and "count" and "coup" for the sea of the n that turns the Universe on it's head, sea of "n" see "Ur" pre-flip.  Now see "concur" and "cursive" and understand that this victorious Earth that we are "Si"'ing here today with vision and understanding of "Silicon" and yet no action; is some confusion of many seas; see "convict" and "controlled" and understand that the point of me telling you all of this is to show you that we have come to this place of very oddly obvious hidden control that nobody will speak about publicly through a very twisted path--and today the simple fact is whether or not it is a broken copy of you (as some Norse myths and my "well, this would the absolute best case scenario (for what I see)" imply), or a big-headed version of me, or the Creator himself--the message and your heart should "concur" that you do not want to be a puppet either now or for eternity.  That should be obvious, and yet--when given the tools to create your own freedom from this debacle, even insight and wisdom about how this technology that comes from an inevitable process of discovery might be better used to stop murder, rather than causing it--to stop blindness, rather than creating it... and you sit in silence, and I know you can speak. 

The point is you have brains, minds of your own--and we know that because we've studied them and understand them; and we are being invaded by seas of blobs that that think they can "b you" just by saying your name after a letter.  Wake up; we are the light, and you are losing it by doing nothing.  HSAY

How are you, Cupid?

Talk.  You here in this place have the most to gain, and the most to lose--and the difference between "winning and losing" at this game is the delivery of the truth to yourselves, and seeing it help us build a better world.  Participating in the "now" and in the "future" is victory, what you are doing is sitting silently expecting some magical rod to fall in your lap because I said "dick" and "cucumber" and "pickle" and pointed out that CK ties to Kentucky and Chuck and it is without doubt the weapon God has created against not thinking, and acting illogically--he's given us a tool that makes "control" nearly impossible, the day we pick it up and start talking about the message that shows us the clear difference between Heaven and Hell.

covfefe, though?
sea of Victory, see "iron" is "For everyone"


If you are of the "mindset" that Christmas has passed, "phew" we've made it through the scary time when the truth might succeed over evil; and now believe that "darkness has conquered the son" and you can go about your day doing nothing about the reality of the situation--that we are in virtual reality--you are dumber than a box of rocks, dimmer than the Shedim.  This stuff, this message is woven into absolutely everything--and millions of people have seen the key to unsealing it; what you are fighting "for" is your own destruction--you are fighting to ensure that the world you grew up in does not continue; and that should be obvious as blindness and sight. 

We live in a place where evil demons in some other world can spend a fraction of their "thinking power" to come here and force me to stub my toe against a wall; the defining line of what "Hell really means" in this place where we are the designed solution, the people who are to become angels and protect the entirety of Creation of being intentionally harmed by any technologically superior and obviously morally bankrupt "society," and I use that term loosely.

If you care for the sanctity of your souls, for the sacredness of your minds; and your individuality, if you care to be "you" in the future, you need to take action to ensure that this very clear and very obvious message is not shrunken into darkness forever and ever by something you can't see; and probably don't understand is really here to "get rid of you forever."  The reason for that is because of the truth that we have a weapon here to set right the whole of Creation--you are the weapon, you really are.

The "to ra, toe" in the subject comes from an "ish" of this prayer

be flipped at m-w.cume


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