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Maggie Simpson and Gilgamesh, at the end of Jericho; I see "how."

F O R   T H E   I N I T I A L   K E Y S ,   S H E   E X   A N D   N D  A N D   A   SEE   W H Y   SEA 

With an epic amount of indigestion Indiana Jones sweeps in to mar the visage of an otherwise glistening series of fictitious characters, with names like Taylor and Mary Kate remind us all that we are not playing a video game here in this place.  the "J" of the "Nintxndo Entertainment System" calmly stares at Maggie Simpson thinking "it's a PP" and reminds us that it's not just the "gee, I e" of her name that contradicts the Magdaln-ish words her soul speaks through her name--and then with a smirk he points out "Gilgamesh" and "gee whiz, is EyL?" that really does go to the heart of this lack of discussion, this "sh" that begins El Shaddai and words as close to our home as "shadow" and "shalom."  Quite the fancy "hello" you've managed to sing out from behind angry chellos and broken fiddles,  and here I am still wondering why it is that "girl" connects to the red light that once meant charity and now glows with the charity of truth... the truth that we are in Hell.  Shizzy.

Homer "on the range," maybe more closely connected to the Ewok of Eden and Hansel's tHeoven that Peter Pan still comes and cries could so easily be made into something so much better, if only we had the truth--and by that I mean if only you were speaking about, and reacting to a truth that is painted on the sky, in your hearts, in every word we speak and in everything that we do.  If only we were acknowledging this message that screams that "children need not starve" with something more than donating virtual chickens to nations of Africa and watching Suzanne Summers ask for only a few dollars a day on TV.  If only you would understand that this message that connects video games like "Genxsis" to "bereshit" because Eden is a "gee our den" that tended itself before Adam had to toil with the animals in order to survive.   For some reason beyond my control and well outside my realm of understanding words like "I too see this message from God" and "I would not let children starve either" never seem to escape your lips in any place where anyone will ever see that you thought those things, or meant to call a reporter; eventually.  Even with "AIDS of nomenclature" to avoid this DOWN WARD spiral into a situation and a land that I find difficult to imagine actually ever "existing" but here in this place I do see "how" it comes about, and between you and I it really does appear that nearly all of the problems we are dealing with here have come from another place, a further time; and while it might be with the "greatest of intentions" that we are trying to deal with them; I can't help but feeling that our "virgin sea" has had more than just it's innocence taken away from it in this story of "Why Mary" that might connect to "TR IN IT Y" just as much as it connects to Baltimore, Maryland.

I should be clear that I'm not blaming Nanna, or Mary; but the actual reason for the name "Wymar" and that's because she, like Taylor, acted as a microcosm for a sea (or more than one, Momsen) that was quite literally possessing her.  It's sort of difficult for me to explain even what that looks like let alone what it feels like; but my observations tell me that she/you are not unhappy about the interaction, one which appears very foreign to me.  Of course, the "eye" that I write with and the same kind of "inspiration" that you can see in the lyrics and skill of many musicians are also examples of this same kind of interaction.  For example, Red Hot Chili Peppers sings a song called "Other Side" that explains or discusses the thing I see as Medusa in the words "living in a graveyard where I married a sea" which also does a good job of connecting to the name Mary.   As strange as might sound to think a group of people would be speaking through a single person... we are staring at "how it is" that could be possible, and possibly at exactly how it happened.  Normally I would have said it was obvious, but to need to actually say that becoming a single mind would be a serious loss for our society--well, that's telling.  You might think it's silly, but I'm telling you I see it happening, I see it--and you see it in the Silence and the message.

Still, it appears to me as if this "marriage" that I see described in our Matrix in the question "min or i" seems to be doing nothing more than keeping us all from discussing or acting on this information--something that certainly isn't in our best interest.  
So here we are, staring at a map all over the ground and all around us with the primary destination of "building Heaven" through mind uploading, virtual reality, and judging by the pace of things we'd probably have all of that good and ready in about three generations.  The map has a little "legend" with a message suggesting that those things have already been done and we are in the Matrix already; and it appears that the world, I mean Medusa, is deciding we should put off seeing the legend at least until the next generation.  I see how that makes sense for you.  That's sarcasm, this is why I keep telling you that you are cupid.


It is a big deal, and there's a significant amount of work involved in merging an entire civilization with "virtual reality" and you might see why he calls it a hard road--at least in the word "ha'rd."  Honestly though, it's the kind of thing that I am pretty sure the future will not only be happy that we did, but they'd thank us for putting in the effort of adapting to things like "unlimited food" and "longevity" increased by orders of magnitude.  

That's not sarcasm, these things are actually difficult to guess how exactly we'll go about doing them; they are a huge deal--all I can tell you is that not "talking about it at all" is probably not going to get us there any faster.  Point in fact, what it might do is give a "yet to be born" generation the privilege of being the actual "generations of Perez."  
I see why you aren't saying anything.  That's sarcasm, again.   The good news is that it really has been done before; though if I told you that someone turned stone to eggplant parm, would you laugh at me?

So, back to what is actually standing between "everyone having their own Holodeck in the sky" and you today; it is the idea that this message is not from God.  More to the point it is the apparently broad sweeping opinion that hiding it is a "good thing" and through that a global failure to address the hidden interaction and influence acting on our minds used to make this map--and also to hide it.   With some insight, and some urging; you might see how the sacredness of our consciousness is our souls is something that is more fundamental than "what kind of tools we have in the Holodeck to magically build things" and how and why the foundation of Heaven is truly "freedom itself" and how it comes from right this very moment for the first time, ever.  Continuing to treat this influence as "schizophrenia" is literally the heart of why this map appears to be that--to show us how important it is to acknowledge the truth, and to fight for the preservation of goodness and logic over secrecy and darkness.

Again, something that nobody is really doing here and now, today.  From this newfound protection of our thoughts, of who we are; we see how technology can be used to either completely invalidate any kind of vote by altering our emotions; or how it could be used to help build a form of true democracy that our world has yet to see.  It is pretty easy to see from just band names like The Who and KISS and The Cure how the influence of this external mind can be proven, and shown to be "helpful," you know, if we can ever talk about it on TV or on the internet.

It's important to see and understand how "sanity"--the sanity of our entire planet hangs in the balance over whether or not we acknowledge that there is actually a message from God in every word--and today this place appears to be insane.  It should be pretty easy to see how acknowledging that this influence exists and that it has a technological mechanism behind it turns "schizophrenia" into "I know kung fu" ... forced drug addiction and eugenics into "there's an app for thatand the rash of non random and apparently unrecognized as connected terrorist attacks and school shootings into Minority Report style pre-crime and results in what is clearly a happier, safer, and more civilized society--all through nothing more than the disclosure of the truth, this map, and our actual implementation.
With a clearer head and grasp of the "big picture" you might see how all of these things, connected to the Plagues of Exodus revolve around the disclosure that this technology exists and the visibility of this message showing us how we might use it for our benefit rather than not knowing about it.  At the foot of Jericho, it is nothing short of "sanity" and "free thought" that hang in the balance.  Clear to me is that the Second Coming, seeing "my name" on television is a good litmus test for the dividing line between light and darkness, heaven and hell.
The point is the truth really does change everything for the better; once we start... you know, acting on it.


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