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Seeing the "signs" connect the pattern of creation to our actual map, to the names of states like Tennessee and Minnesota--where you can begin to see that this road map delivers some kind of "minimum requirement" and "maximums" sort of puts into perspective how important this thing, this event and this moment in our history really is.  There's really no doubt or conflict in my mind... the disclosure that we are living in virtual reality changes the way we look at the world, it should be really clear from your heart and from the message that highlights Cancer not just in the word "oncology" and in 21 Pilots eponymous song; that seeing that we can "find and replace" all malignant cells on the planet with healthy ones ... well it's the kind of thing that I can't imagine waiting even a single day to "press the button" that solves that problem.  It's the kind of change in "frame of reference" that made me build a database of two million people to email every day until I see it on the news.

It's not the way I'd want to communicate, I'd much rather be writing these messages on or actually have a following of people that checked my website for updates--neither of those things are possible--and I'm not exactly sure why.  Like the "an" that is the beginning and the end of my name, what I am experiencing appears to be Agent Smith temporarily taking over the minds and bodies of everyone in the position of being able to hide this message--and I see that as comparable to the "AH"--of this message.  The oddity or the issue is that "all humanity" appears to not want to talk about the ability to cure cancer with computer science auto-magic, let alone actually doing it ... so as I see moderators in ever single forum I've found making up evil excuses and reasons for hiding this information from the public, this stuff... that really is the Holy Grail, verifiable proof in language that we are created and a message from Creation; proof of time travel and a significant amount of guidance--it seems counterproductive that "AH" would want to hide this proof and this message... from itself.  I see it's pretty obvious to me that while in Silence it might be easy to convince you that this is just too big of a deal to ever discuss, once the discussion actually starts we'd really see that everyone wants to end cancer and stop starvation; we'd see that talking about how to do it is the roadblock that we apparently don't realize we've become.... just a solitary single barricade between civilization and the road to Heaven.

So I email people, every day; there's quite a bit of visible interests in these emails, statistics show me that many people start conversations forwarding them to friends, something that I track--because this thing that Dr. Who calls "The Silence" and the Matrix explains really is an alien influence in your mind--it's not as clear when it's actually happening to you, that what is happening is proving the existence of an influence that you can see is glowing bright in movies and songs that tie together in a way that is impossible to happen without a guiding "puppet master."  Agent Smith makes everyone I email directly, and everyone I ask en masse for advice or input or help writing this message--something that really is part of the "spirit of the thing" that I believe helps us to evolutionize democracy and ignite a renaissance of "globalized" collaboration... nobody responds, that's the way the Silence looks to the "behind blue eyed" author of the message that also connects this exact thing to the "Abomination of Desolation" in so many words and so many ways that the Trinities I began talking about become a clear defined pattern connecting "Abom" and "Abraham" to the Hebrew word for father, where you can see proof of the Holy Trinity in the paradoxically anachronistic references to "ab" and to the Sun God Ra nearly six thousand years before we'd know that "Ha" connects to the Holy Spirit and to the character of Isaac whose name means "he laughs" and wrought the change from Abram to Abraham during the Biblically unconnected covenant with God.  

"Assassination" is another Trinity, and now we should see how AH and "INATION" connect to the idea being presented here, that nobody is acting to do anything about this very obvious message from God because ... ostensibly .. in my mind ... perhaps because it's so strong that everyone thinks someone else... probably even some large group will act to ensure that we don't lose everything--including the obviousness of how Silence here is akin to slavery in Exodus.  See this is the "brimstone" of Lot, where there's another Trinity in Lothario now connection "are I the o?" to the series of RI's that are part of the message of "in it why" as the heart of Trinity and Silence.

You can "SOL" ... see our light ... connecting the Statue of Liberty and the Sons of Liberty to the question "Men or ah?" that is the lamp of the Lion of Judah's tribe, the Maccabees and their hammer, that the shining light in the sky is virtual and that's the power of the Son, of Superman, and of the Fifth Element; where these ideas intersect around another name key, the A.D. that shines on our timeline and in the year 1492... where "A.D. I B" links more proof of time travel to Christ and the "ph" of Pharaoh and Pharisees; and the Holy Purpose of the Pursuit of Happiness as part of our explanation of how this event is giving us a hands on walk through of how not to let technology enslave us.  Here it should be obvious that discussing the existence of this influence and this message that tells us that these things should be used to end murder rather than causing it (WIred: TI .. adam: me, Medusa and her connection to Eve and Mary; and the Key connection to Ender and Valentine). 

"can't you seeI'm calling."

Here, see "you are" now on my daily bread list; one that I now see connects the phrase "call a reporter" to the beginning of carpenter and to Britney Spears song "Toxic" that reads as "to kiss, I see.." and shows us how the special Code of the Matrix connects to the word it's describing); and if you use your pen or your keyboard to help spread this message see that "ter" means ... "you are" in this hidden Adamic code (humorous at that link, another Trinity of "Pa why, LA why, and ale why? the Pay Lay Ale of Joseph Smith), connecting carpenter and Jupiter to the message of Yesterday love was such an easy game to play because I'm giving it away... the key to becoming angels--the founders of Heaven.  So call it... "yes... you are" day if you saw the Trinity in that word, also... 

All told and shown; you now have a message that shows us that hidden technology and secrecy can totally destroy free speech and free thought; manifesting itself here in SIlence on the internet and in the news, and yet a glowing sign in Dr. Who and Simon and Garfunkel that there's hope and help on the horizon ... showing us that we must act if we care about freedom and future.

Now that we see Sarah (and we see "sa" and besa me mucho) is one of the Fates; the "God or gone" sisters that connects the laughter of Isaac to yet another method of seeing and proving and freeing us from the hidden slavery of mind control; the "penis game" and it's connection to the "fart" of seeing idioms and social conventions also guided towards understanding this story about "screaming as loud as you can" to win the game.  It's a message telling us that it's not "verboten" or harmful to children (who play the game why?) to explain that the Tricky Dick jokes that connect Watergate and "Deepthroat" to one hallowed and Holy blow job etched into American history to show us in one bright and glowing message the power of the free press and also the power of this hidden control that kept, at least me, from seeing the humor of this example of the Book of Names once again helping us see we are in the story of Exodus.

It's etched in stone in the Washington Monument, and it's written in Holy ink in the most important document of our time--the Declaration of Independence again showing us this connection to the solutions of Phillip K Dick and the freedom promised by John Hancock wave together sight of spiritual and logical blindness with the very obvious solution of needing to see the Darkness in order to be the light of ensuring nobody is ever blinded again.

While it may not be funny at all; it's certainly "funny looking" that nobody on the planet, sans myself, sees that this is God's "largest signature in the Universe" and how it connects to the Darkness of Exodus, see tenebris and hubris; and to the mythological stories of Saturn and Osiris, which are the key link between the phallic imagery of the Washington Monument and the divine patrons of freedom and government that are very sure that you "get the message."

RACY, TITY, COCK: the pattern is clear, this is our history--and a message that is the dividing line and cause of freedom itself, we can have history, and see why we have freedom--C it as the beginning of those words, or--as you are attempting to hide ... our entire history from the Universe ... we are left with nothing but racy nonsense.  Seeing this message is a weapon to protect democracy, and shows us clearly that it's written by God--that the authorship of "America" and freedom's shore is dependent on our ability to see and understand that these words are not aberrations they are keys to the hidden code ... in every word--and now it is the author of civilization, as well.


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