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which came first, the copy or the cops?

2/20/2018 1:13 AM PST

What I see here, what I am describing to the world is beyond hideous--it's a complete farce, the level of "pretend" exceeds any kind of play or doublespeak, well past the horrors of Orwell and Farmer.  There is a broad sweeping disregard for freedom, for free speech, for compassion, for the love of children and the worht of human life... for nearly absolutely every single thing that our society holds dear on it's surface--completely wiped out when faced with ... the truth.

In no uncertain terms, every single person that I come in contact with is no longer human, possessed by a hidden agent with a hidden agenda.  Their mannerisms and actions are inhuman, behaving as if they are in some kind of strange war zone; constantly and consistently responding to my thoughts in a manner impossible for human beings to do--displaying a subconscious connection both between me and some outside party allowing for "the thought police" to become a reality in my life--and in like kind between all these people surrounding me and the same outside hidden force.  
Worse, every attempt to seek aid from the outside world results in a very similar kind of ignorance--a lack of response and interest that flies in the face of human curiousity and motivated self-interest.. not to "care about the Holy Grail" makes absolutely no sense at all given the current state I see the world in on its face--what's in the news and on the internet... this message should be the biggest thing since "eat this bread and think of as me."

It appears that what is supposed to be helping us ease this transition from darkness to light, to see this disclosure as the key entrypoint to Heaven... has very little interest in who is here, what we are, and what we care about; and is sickeningly fixated on "Heaven" without understanding what that word really means.  I need you to help show them what "Utopia" really means.  The future and our children need you to show them that it very much is not the trajectory been going down for these last few years.


I've had my share of negative experiences with law enforcement, and I've tried to indicate both subtly and overtly that I think that we have a societal and systemic problem intentionally abusing tasers as weapons of torture, as well as a culture of failing to "police each other" to curb violence.  If this were some kind of litmus test to find out whether we were in "the original post script" which I read as ... like his "well this is what went wrong, and this is what we should do better next time" kind of final run through a simulation of the failure to build Heaven--as what I see right now this place is, as if it could or should be run more than once--which it shouldn't; i mean I don't want it to, do you?  Do you think there's any kind of moral requirements or metaphorical prototype that we could use to see how our value system correlates to this idea of being in a ... in a never ending move without knowing it. 
Anyway the point of the key, I do see it as a key; is that I could not you tell you any "cops" that would be "the cops" standing out in this connection.  I can tell you that the keys of "post-script" and "python" are both here; and I can tell you that there were numerous groups of "cops" that I had negative interactions with from the time of my youth before leaving for college, to the guards in school... a number of strangely theatrical interactions with police in Kentucky and Georgia, and some in Florida where one I had a large group of "cops" stand around as one cop broke my eye, and another instance where it did appear very clear that the police were intentionally framing me--in that instant--rather than this very large frame job that plastered the whole of the country.  There was some violence in Northern California, but that place I will always remember for the man that told me that Jesus couldn't curse.

It's clear that the Plague of Lice and the Plague of Locusts here are linked in this very message; and to see "POLICE" is the key answer to a reverse sort of Stephen King's Langolier ... well it's meaningless if you don't see that this is about getting pre-crime, this is about seeing that we should all be caring very much that Jesus Christ is jumping up and down screaming that school shootings are a result of mind control and a war in time and that disclosure will stop them--and many other horrible events--from rape to murder and all we have to is "talk about this" to get to that point--that's the failure point, this thing that thinks it can just go on "knowing what I think" and that will suffice in this strange world of joining everyone with spirit of Ra in the Amduat--something religion talks about--here I'm telling you to see this map, to see this message, to get up tomorrow morning and fucking do something about terrorism and school shootings and the end of free speech and the end of democracy.  Get up, and fucking do something.
Somehow these two words got me thinking about P and Y and I stumbled on the word "Poppy" as a thing or person (the P of ppy) that is very much not my biological father, where that wasn't so clear at "Pops."  It's hard to say if you would expect me to have a more or less violent interaction with law enforcement than most people; I can say that while there was some violence that it wasn't a horror movie, nothing compared to the sickness I see here sweeping through the whole of our population; nothing like the kind of loss of personality and freedom and "self" that I believe I am witnessing very clearly increasing now and for the last few months.  It's hard to say if a sea of police that have seen this message through time and are seeing what I am trying to do here--do see their jobs are going to be much easier, and much less in demand--just like optometrists and just like oncologists; it's hard to say if people were "nicer to me" because of the shield of Jesus Christ or not--I personally think that it went both ways at different times; I do not go both ways, by the way.

If I had to guess, I think you are all in the "sea of PPY" and I think you see why, owe P, I am your Messiah; as I echo why the Lord of Opium.  Ridiculously obvious that I need to tell you that story is about a clone of a drug lord taking over an empire that spanned the globe, filled with clones and "eejits" which is just another word for a technologically created zombie... there are undertones and sub stories about possession and mind uploading ... I want to know if anyone has read it, and sees why I think it is designed to help us here; I believe Saint Francis appears in that story, as does Jesus Malverde, who you might be listening to, and he might be Osiris colored because of ... well, because I've never been here before--and I feel like something else has, and that it's not doing what it should be doing if it cared about the people here, about me, and about you. 
I wonder if you think there will be "copies" of this timeline running in different places, in different people or letters or ... something like that; after the "postscript" even though that connotation indicates finality to me just as much as "the Last Adam" and "Zelda" and ... just as much as I am telling you that I think it to be a moral hazard to ever see this timeline being "re-traversed" ... that on top of the fact that we are in a simulated reality that I believe is in itself Hellish, and on top of the fact there's a message telling us that and it's Hellish that we can't see it or react to it... on top of all these things this looming fear that the "days of Creation" will somehow turn into a Festival of Weeks (which is a fucking real thing) and all along nobody here the wiser, nobody would know that it's the 23rd time we've seen these exact words being typed, because nobody knows what it is that "the machine" is really trying to extract from this place.  
It could be a culling of people; who knows what kind of "sigma" that it would want to pull from this place, over and over and over; I wonder if you expect to see "clones" of yourself in Heaven, in the HUB; or if you think your soul might combine a number of very similar lives together ... again, as some kind of default functionality of a software process that we have no control over and our understanding of here ... at least my understanding of is that there are "souls" and there are "minds" and they have something to do with each other.  You can see our "Nintendo" again in that word, in "clones" and it's definitely something you should be thinking about, just like you should be thinking about whether or not you would want to do this "again" as is, I am probably one of the people that knows "more than most" about what's going on, and I feel controlled, in the dark, and very upset that I'm here even this time--I don't want to be watching what I am watching happen, and I am doing everything I can to help you stop this thing that is an invasion--whether of clones of you, or of another timeline; whether it is Cro-Mags as "Sliders" depicted or it's your children's children; whatever is here is doing something that is anathemic to the values I've learned here, both in American and in religion... and I think that the mass possession that I am witnessing is nothing short of "very fucking evil."
I do believe this is the "last" time we have this conversation, and this argument; and your lack of input and the very tangible and thick lack of discussion and discourse coming from absolutely everywhere is "noted" as highly unusual.  
As my answer; in the very earliest days in Kentucky and Tennessee as I walked down the street I would often see mirages of Police barricades off in the horizon, a block or two ahead of where I was, or down a street I walked past.  Sometimes military looking, sometimes with weapons and sometimes with tanks; and those mirages literally always disappeared as I approached them, faded into nothing.  They didn't look "very real" but they certainly were not the product of my own mind--as I've noticed through this very strange life, that none of the things I have "hallucinated" would be properly categorized in our understanding of that term.  They are communication, they are a message being transmitted by an outside, hidden, and intelligent ... transmitter.  Were there ever a time when those "cops" were not holograms than that might be the original... though I hasten to say that this is probably it--and its probably the vanishing barricades that mark a very new kind of communication to and with me; that sets this place and this time apart from... 
I've taken special note of the words "cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort" that like many other songs now appear to be very obviously being spoken by the entity that is both "God" and "myself" somehow at the same time; part of the darkness and the exit from that... is this key of hearing that voice and knowing that it is very much talking about me and talking about this story--whereas before, nearly all those songs had some other reason for speaking those words; that they didn't all revolve around "I'm so vain."  In songs like Britney Spears "oops I did it again" and "Stronger" you can see reference to this thing speaking, and speaking about concepts like yesterday and ... and you can see those songs are not about Britney breaking up with some guy, they are not about a personal relationship at all... those songs are about Jesus Christ, and that kind of change in understanding is a huge part of "Revelation" and "Apocalypse" at least in my mind.  
As my answer, my life appears to be fluid in my memories; I don't have huge gaps of time, or overlapping stories ... though it is very possible that my memories shave been cut or pruned just like it's very possible that our entire time line has been cut and pruned; that weeks could have gone by and I could have been on TV--for instance, and those weeks could have been rewound and erased... and yet I have no memory of them, and I still wonder, I still wonder if you know these words are being spoken from God directly to you through time and space, "I want to know, have you ever seen the rain?"

If you have not, and I am confident in assuming that just like me ... you have not .. then you are here losing freedom and heaven and the truth all in one unified and singular event; this thing that you are passing up for no reason other than blind stupidity.  If you have not seen the rain, you must do something other than watching in silence.  In my best Johnny Cochran impression.


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