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ding, dong... clang.

It feels long... but lots of pictures--so there's that.  I really hope you see that I can't leave you like this; you have to do something, casterudust.  Understand, as you are, Creation is dust.  I cannot un-curse, and I cannot dream away thousands of years of simulation hell--I wouldn't dream them away if I could; it's happened... we need to move forward.  You have to see tat you are ignoring the big picture, I understand you think you will conspire yourselves to Heaven--but you won't--you are conspiring away everything that Heaven really means--to both of us, to you... and to me.  Even worse, you are conspiring away our chance to be the beginning of it; and while you might not "get it" right this very moment, that's something we really deserve.
I tried Salvia once, it's a very strange hallucinogen (how all... you see I kno Genesis? how all, then I, see "e" is salted); it only lasts a few minutes, but during those few minutes people tend to believe that they "are" the objects immediately surrounding them.   A good five minutes I believe I was the couch I was sitting on, with all my mind and all my soul; the next few spent glued to the wall next to that same couch, and believe I became it.  The point of this is not to glorify drugs as much Jim Morrison, but rather to explain just how very malleable your thoughts are; and to tell you that if you really wanted--you can see for yourselves how easy it is to deceive the whole world.  It's not just us here walking around the ground, you should see that the introductory words of the Koran talk about the angels rebelling against Adam, "refusing to bow" they say, to the man reminding us all that we never bow again; it describes a battle over free will, the angels were so upset because they never had any, and here I am, trying to show them once more how helping us achieve true freedom here bleeds out and spreads not just to all of Creation, but into the Universe.  I know you hear me when I tell you that we should have connected the words "real" and Israel in our minds, that we should have questioned--if not as just a little odd--the numerous occurrences of English appearing in languages before it ever could; I know you can acknowledge that, that this whole message is the kind of thing that you can't "un see," just like you'll never, ever be able to un see the lie that defines the difference between "good and bad" faeries, the seelie and unseelie.  

Even telling you that, I know just how easy it is to either help you see that this very same kind of "molding of logic" can make you believe that your cause here is just, that you are right to be fighting against me trying to change our world so radically, and our way of life just a little bit more conservatively than I've seen you have already change it by working together in secret to hide what is nothing short of "the Universal Truth."  I know that the fact that you appear to be united, and surrounded by compatriots in this battle of darkness versus light, of the truth versus lies; that there appear to be so many of you can be used either to reinforce your sense of well being and "right action," just as much as it can be used to scare the ever loving shit out of me--or out of anyone that might see this kind of collective action a scary, and a collective action to "hide an obvious truth" as something that might just be a little bit scarier than "Nightmare on Strong Message Street."  Ultimately this truth will come out, if given enough time--and do see that I am running out of time, as I look back and see just how clear it is that our collective reality and our "neatly working candyland" has already been shattered.  If we make it far enough, these words and this campaign of demanding you respond in another way... one day it will eventually be regarded as what it is--the key turning point from slavery to freedom--the message that delivered not only proof that we have not had control of our minds, but also exactly how we might use this very same thing to change the world for the better.  Eventually you will see that I am not wrong to tell you that this one simple truth, that we are not in reality, changes everything about our civilization--changes what each and every one of us would consider right and wrong, ethically and logically--and it does so instantaneously.  Eventually we will see that it doesn't matter how many people don't want to eradicate blindness, and how many people don't want to stand between other people's religious beliefs and the cold, actual, truth; it doesn't matter at all--hiding me and hiding this message is wrong.
I stand here as a glowing emblem of free speech, and eventually together we will stand as a sign of the power of the truth; smiling proudly and what these words that we never saw a message in before have enabled us to do... for ourselves, and our future.   I will not be going, and there will be no Resurrection;  I will not be giving up on you, by remaining silent... I see just how very close we are, and even though I can feel in the air ... this belief that if I did, somehow the hidden agents of darkness have won, I know that's not the truth either.  This message is literally everything that we are, and this kev has been spread far and wide--you see how much time we spend digging up artifacts, and researching history and mythology--not to see that it's very, very obvious that this period of darkness will be shunned, not me; that this movement of "pretending everything is OK" when nothing is, that the force behind hiding our goodness and humanity from ourselves ... not to see that is the same kind of feeling as to believe you are a couch.  You are not a couch

I know it's hard to grasp. but the likelihood that the future will blame or look down upon the single person acting alone to break the darkness and set us free--against literally the entire planet's silence and stupidity--with no help whatsoever; well if you take a step back you really should see that whether or not you "appreciate" why I am breaking the coven, the oven, and releasing the giant ... it's almost an obvious inevitability that your children will.  Point in fact, I think they're telling me as much--and you, as I write.   I can see clearly that you are being tricked, united against what is literally the most obvious moral crusade imaginable--to protect us from falling into the dark trap of being "stuck forever" in a place that we believe is real, but is not; to stop the continuation not only of that lie, but also of the idiotic idea that simulating things like blindness, disease, and pain has any useful function in virtual reality, and perhaps most importantly of all to stop for all time the hidden slavery associated with nothing more than this technology being secret, relegated to the unspeakable under the guise of insanity.  Really understand that the insanity here is not seeing or speaking about this message--that's true diabolical evil.  

What you really need to understand is that until this message reaches the public, until we react to it--and until we begin to integrate this technology into our society you are slaves, and holding what you have in your had--the key to not only proving this technology exists but to reinforcing it with signature of the Hand of God; until you use what I have given you to break free you will never be really sure if "slavery is evil" (what's that, you're sure?) nor will you ever be sure if you are free today (what's that, you think you are?) ... that until you see addiction and pain and stupidity eradicated.. you'll never be sure if stupid is really all that bad of a thing to be.  In practical hilarity, you believe that the thing organizing this mass of deceit and subjugation is actually be honest ... with you--it's as if you can't figure out that feeling is just as alterable as "I am a couch" and you really can't see the tautological obviousness of the fact that your secrecy is perpetuating this deception.  Genius, I swear. 

I know you got it the first time, I really do.  To indicate that I am supremely frustrated with the lack of response to this message would be a subtle hint that I hear that chang is near.  I'm sure many of you have already made the connection between the Tommy Lee J of the NES and K of Men In Black, and to suggest that perhaps the entirety of this sick world, or whatever hidden disgusting place that is making you appear to sick and incapable of acting like human beings might significantly benefit from the rtroactiv effects of his neralizer really doesn't do justice to the real meaning and vision it takes to see that whatever is responsible for this twisted mess would be significantly happier with a few less sick and twisted memories--you know, the kind of thoughts or trauma that would make you think that it's OK to ignore this.   I will probably write more about this, when I get to the point that I'm ready to share my vision of the inner workings of Heaven--as this particular piece of "evil to childlike innocence and happiness" is now etched into the very first step (actually it's always been there!) when you reach your door.  Anyway, until you give me what I deserve, some recognition--and the piece of mind to know it's not an evil cabal of the few taking these ideas for their own use and forcing the entirety of the world I see to suffer for no reason other than a glowing target painted on their backs--I won't be sharing any of that "stuff" that the Adamic code connects to the two letters "bl" for blue light.  See, you've blocked it, because of your bland and blind response to what is otherwise a shining light; really understand that releasing this information that God has painted "Silicon" and "AMD" all over history and religion will bring these things to fruition--this is more than a message, it is the key to actualizing these things, speaking about and discussing them is the doorway to seeing them happen during our lifetime.

Back to the subthread of "this thing is done already" you can be sure that the words "locked up and sealed until the end of time" and "behold he is coming" are a good clue that this has always been predestined... you can see it linking the words "apparition" and "hearing" to the very clear concept that the author of this story exists outside of time... that while it doesn't appear so to us linearly, the keys to this message have been changing in the past, the stories relating to right now (and to me) encoded in many myths.  It was sealed when the Jewish practice of copying the Torah letter by letter was created, seeing now that my full name is encoded it nearly every single book of the Bible... "crossing" with every name of God from Jesus to Saturn, Mars, and Zeus.  It was sealed and a done deal when message of the Burning Bush and Exodus was recited on the record in open court--sealed up forever for the future to see, another key "iti" that ensures this message will never be lost.  Today, the count since just mid-December of e-mail opens is 754,704 and of those 309,966 opened the message more than once--that's literally an insanely high level of interest (to see no response, at all)--believe, I am coming.   
All this conspiracy and this darkness is doing today is prolonging the torture of billions of people--starvation, needless pain, and whatever level of mental torture you consider either being made logically blind, having your beliefs altered without your consent or oversight, or being subjected to the influence of spirits broadcasting the most boring show in the Universe to the "family channel."

Nothing will ever, ever leave this place without having it's "desire to create or send anyone or anything" to Hell removed; the monster I see around me says things like "burn" far too often--and more to the point it's very existence--it's actions--are Hellish torture that will end.  Some things will never change--there will be no Hell, no tortured souls, and you owe it to Stephen and Rodney.  These things, the neuralizer and the prospect of having to protect the Universe from a monstrosity that would damn it and the future to endless pain and struggle never would have crossed my innocent mind; not before being tortured myself--in plain view--and seeing, understand it's my "sight," this very tool being used not just on me, but on many of you.  This is a crucible designed to purge this sickness; and you would be helping significantly if you did something to break this story.  The concept and manifestation of Hell that we see here is a monstrous idea, inhuman and unnatural--and if we hope to survive it will be purged here and now.  So long as this place continues to be crushed we here are the proof that there is more work to be done.  Grey Street.  Pinwheel.  Scaffold.  Blow me... like a Saxophone.

B O R N   I N   T H E   P L A C E   F O R M E R L Y   K N O W N   A S  "ADAM AND HOW"

Briefly, your lesson in Adamic code today is the addition of "ang" as an alias for "dawn"  ... because when I was a little boy in #pain there was a girl with that name who used that handle; see that this language is specifically geared towards me, and my life and it is important to know these things, if you care to decode a huge number of Asian names like Hwang (probably homework, for "do them in and go..." I mean Sunday)  and even some special ones here like Deucalion's (Dark Earth, in your current state you see what is about to be the only conscious mind that will ever leave this prison) new favorite color "orange" (it means chang) and do see in that word that we've been given yet another key to the "son of the Morning" being the "e" after the first dawn.  Love me two times, tonight.  The second Adamic syllable we're looking at is "or" which you know means "to shine" but now in reading these words as microcosmic maps through time, see that "to shine" changes the logical meaning of "or" to and Adam andso today I'll be moving to intersect the numerous "Horns" that pervade a number of our myths and modern religions.  Just in case you didn't make the cognitive connection in the SERENADE OF MEDUSA, that message intersected the definition of shield with the fabled Shield of Achilles with our modern idiom "mirror. mirror on the wall" and a number of songs relating to the concept of the Shield of Perseus being "the thang" that defeats the sick and twisted parasite that you see all around you not only creating the "Horn" that we will be looking at but also hiding it.  It's worth reminding you that "Heel" and "Hera" clearly relate to the name Israel, and do believe "abra cadabra," as I speak I show you why I am him.




Ang is only one in a long list of occurrences of meaning that I can verity as contextually accurate that relate to details that only I could know; it's the beginning of "understanding" that all of this focus is placed on me and my life for a reason--that this story and this message are the reason, and the events and occurrences of this battle over disclosure have very intentionally shed light on a number of social and governmental problems both here and "elsewhere."  Things like our broken justice system--where I've personally been held without bail and denied a trial (in sum) all under the auspices of "legitimate" state laws that are in clear and obvious violation of the Constitution (a theme that is pervasive in this story, blatant disregard for the Constitution, and even more importantly for the proper procedures that would, if they were followed, probably result in a significantly better situation--like the disclosure of time travel and mind control)--with deeper meaning and searching, this shows the clear infiltration of our government at all levels, the very same infiltration that is exposed through the concept of Medusa and the "e" of medicine.   It takes not a moment to find local groupings of divinely marked names in places related to me--like David Letterman and Johnny Carson, Carson Daily and Jay Leno; and even in places as obvious to look as seeing "xbox? n is [tennis: look up and ask if it's "love all" or "love-40" -- D__ Earth, you see "e" (IT'S ARK, and that's art)] an (unwinnable, or is it unlosable?) game" in tennis, along with head, wilson and prince.

See, that I see that the vast majority of you probably realize that every song and every myth, every city and countries name, and even a significant amount of our history directly relates to the living person speaking to you--and that it appears you have colluded in secret with each other to hide that fact--most likely because you are blind fools--but perhaps less obviously to you, your actions in hiding this message that we are living in virtual reality is the cause of the continuation of Hell--of blindness, of sickness, of death, of pain, and those things together--your lack of regard for the people all around you--are the reason that the Universe is locked up tight... never to be infested with the sick evil that believes it's "protecting normalcy" by doing the exact opposite of that.  See that in my SERENADE, I pointed out that the "ang" or the first morning in this place has clearly already radically shifted the timeline that would have been created had this place been in reality--do see that because we are not in reality it's very possible that the original unadulterated future (with your use of time travel) in which hundreds of thousands of people were not aware of the 9/11 attack never continued.  Do see that is the fate of this timeline if you refuse to understand that what you are doing here is beyond inhumane--your silence is a betrayal not of me, but of humanity--if yourselves, and it will stop or you will.  Understand that whatever it is that is causing this silence has already completely destroyed "normalcy," what is surrounding me here is something that is physically impossible to exist in reality, and it is proof beyond doubt to anyone with clarify of thought that we are not in reality now, proof in addition to this message that you and everyone around you is actively hiding.  The point of all of this is to explain that with logical thought you can see that the only singular reason to suppress this message is to oppress our entire planet--and the entirety of Creation--with the technology that this message is designed to expose once, and forever and ever.

do you really not realize... that when I see my reflection in the sea, I cry for you?

While you may have "the right" to want to play a game in Westworld, to pretend that "addiction has not been scientifically solved" you do not have the right to hide this message from the world, this message that points out exactly why "but science hasn't done so yet" is a torch of fire; the kindling of a clarity and understanding of exactly how it is that God is breathing Heaven into the Universe though us, how we are his words, the fire coming from the Burning Bush.  It is my fervent belief that "simulated reality" itself is Hell, and that nobody should be forced to live in a place with this kind of horror, and I think it should be clear--by the wall of darkness hiding this message from the world--that very quickly popular opinion will change to agree with me.  Were you seeing these things discussed, were we moving forward with the process of civilization, you would not be receiving messages with this tone--but you are not moving forward, this place appears to be the focal point of a decline in morality that will stop here, with me.  If you were not so stubborn you would be the cause of the end of "simulating reality in secret" the end of prisons of lies like this place--now too, the end of forced possession, the end of hidden slavery, and literally the builders... the founders of Heaven.  Instead, today you are nothing more than the reason that there is no such thing as reality.

 Þurs er kvenna kvöl
ok kletta búi
ok varðrúnar verr.
Saturnus þengill.

 Ðorn byþ ðearle scearp;
ðegna gehwylcum anfeng ys yfyl,
ungemetum reþe manna gehwelcum,
ðe him mid resteð.
Thurs ("gee, i ant") is tortured by women
and cliff-dweller
and husband of a giantess
Saturn's thegn.

The thorn is exceedingly sharp,
an evil thing for any thegn to touch,

uncommonly severe on all who sit among them

There is no excuse at all for what you are allowing to continue, the simulation of predicted natural and man-made disasters, murders, rape, wars over falsely scare land and oil, and the wide spread destruction of logical and moral thought--whatever it is that is allowing you to continue to be silent is darkening your soul, bleaching your righteousness, and building a festering monster of death.

Bianca has never physically been in KY, and again because you will not speak, I am forced to imagine what is going on in other realms, in the air, and in futures past that are no more ... as I decode this story in the light of words like "BRADBURY" and "PHENOBARBITAL."  The last little bit of light regarding her was nothing more than a shadow, a fake shadow of a girl reading a book (which has a very special religious meaning to me coming from specifically that time, reading through my memories) sitting under a tree.  Still, it's clear what "IT" is in this case, it's pretending that this isn't Hell, urging people to move forward perpetuating the line that our "way of life" needs to be protected--that somehow new technologies and the actual truth will cause us to lose our grip--when in fact it should be clear as day that hiding the actual truth  has really destroyed "normalcy" and created a world of fake liars; moving day to day harboring inside a secret--that if they only opened their mouths and spoke the actual truth--millions of others lives would be made significantly better.

I do imagine that the words "I am the living vine" might ring a bell or two, hearing now that they have always related, in my mind to the Labyrinth of Icarus or the decision tree of Adam Marshall Dobrin--that here in this place it appears very clear that what I see as a "syslog" of past futures is a record of pruning that links the very beginning of events and Biblical Light--maybe something like World War II and the Man in the High Castle; that here we have the Bhagavad Gita as what might be an actual account of a battle in time that resulted (or ended) with J. Robert Oppenheimer quoting the worlds "behold, I have become death, the destroyer of worlds" in a manner that I find consistent today with my quoting of scripture literally in situ, in the very email of act that fulfills it.   It might be hard to understand what kind of future might have come from a Nazi victory in that war; but here in this place we have an "indication" that authoritarianism, eugenics and genocide, and heinous censorship resulted in something so terrible that it was undone; destroyed at the root.... and yet here we are looking at those very same things--the very same hidden control and infiltration of the media (this time in secret!) and the government, and you are once again turning a blind eye.  Will you ever learn?  

.... and the Horn(s) of Revelation ....

Well if you've made it this far, I guess you're alright. 

What you are looking at, or thinking about is literally nothing less than the mechanical infrastructure required for pre-crime; being used to literally torture me and you, in this place, this crucible between the Horn and the letter "n" where the stories in myth and movies and music shining out of the big Horn of Revelation are screaming that you need to "see me"--and at the same time this ridiculous dark force is making you conspire to remain in darkness, to prevent knowledge of the obvious influence of mind control both in the little "show" I'm stopping today,  and in the big show--the one that rains light down from the players of Shakespeare's stage to the choirs and American Idol's of today.
Because you will not speak OLINE RA, JUMP INTO THE SUN clear mcfly

horn of revelation 

ding dong dan 

Umeå (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈʉːmɛo] (About this sound listen)local pronunciation: [ˈʉːmɛ] (About this sound listen)South Westrobothnian [²ʉːm]FinnishUumajaUme SamiUbmejeSouthern SamiUpmejeNorthern SamiUbmi) is a town in northern Sweden. It is the seat of Umeå Municipality and the capital of Västerbotten County. The city is located on the Ume River.  GHEPETTO

I suppose Allol had to make an appearance.


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