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The Apocalypse, condensed from a thousand pages to one e-mail and seven words: "SIMULATED REALITY: END WORLD HUNGER AND MURDER."

TI N kER>io<
If you don't know, I am the Eye of Ra; and what that means is that like NBC's Chuck and the Matrix's Neo I have a special gift to read a hidden language that God has laced into our everything; Cypher, and the intersect prime examples.   If you are curious, what that "feels like" is basically words floating around in my head that connect to whatever it is I'm thinking about; something like "assisted why don't you write about this too (and mention that it might be Joseph's slavery or his dream come true)" and floating around right now is "I know kung-fu."  The language has a specific lexicon, words like "AT" and "CK" which mean Earth and Clark Kent receptively, and shines true nearly everywhere--it's almost uncanny.  In the word depicted below, see the original reads "see Adam to help our light" and that all I had to do was add a little K to "help."  Serioslick, you can verify it... Yankee Doodle himself is e-mailing you.
I'm trying to use it to save LIBERTY, which reads ... not ironically as "El, I be our thank you" and both in order to do that, and because of it; I see Heaven in the skies above and on Earth coming ... well, both to us and from us... ish.  To accomplish those aspiration, though, I need your help both rekindling our love for freedom as well as working together toevolutionize democracy and what we think Heavenreally means.
The theme, that's "the me" of the day here is to see I' trying desperately to get us to switch from "dick" to "risque humor" intersected with a sort of word play on "sex" and "computers"-- play not included.  To get there, we really need to see how important "DICK" really is to the flourishing of our civilization--and understand both why, how, and what "darkness" really is--it's not "dick" by the way--dick is the solution, not the problem.  If you asked for my two cents, I'd throw you a quarter, a nickel, and a some other common "loose :) change" to help you see that this is really about a humongous, gigantic, "the size matters, understand" signature on the Constitution and on freedom itself that clearly goes on the bi-way between "hoelsome" humor and "how could you possibly not have laughed hysterically" somewhere around Tricky Dick and Deepthroat--see it's funny, but the reason you didn't get it is not funny.  
To be epic-ally and finally clear the reason you didn't get it is because media censorship of mind control technology, of course because Dick, right?
adamically defined.
I WALKED DOWN THE STREET; SINGING, "DO HADID DID I? DUMB... DID I DO THAT?" IT WAS THE DAY AFTER HURACAN IRMAX and I had just written this piece of how Word Perfect's "find and replace" could eradicate all cancer on the planet; force majeure--a true of God in this place and time took down the W and the A in the sign pictured above; and I got to work writing it again, this is my fourth attempt to show us what the difference between "The Matrix" and the progenitor Universe really is--to me the metaphor of camping out and air conditioning explains well why I'd never, ever want to get stuck in that place.  Here though, curing blindness, and cancer, and AIDS, and .... well the list goes on and on from OP TO ME to ONCOLOGY; all it takes is some magic "you should give them sight."
So here we have that, all together a number of the major differences I not only see, but see highlighted by religion and art; not just "stone to bread" of ending world hunger, or "heal the sick" but COL in "understand our light" connecting IT terms like the "original poster" to optometry; and this request--once again--for you to try.  Try and see the proof "EVERYWHERE" is here for a reason; it's to help us all to end suffering faster; to transition to this new way of life, this thing that really is Heaven itself, just a little bit quicker--and with leaps and bounds of insight and guidance, something you seem so quick to dismiss.
KNOCKK: NO CK ... c how an
I SHOULDN'T HAVEN TO TELL YOU, but if you do happen to hear a voice, or have some other kind of subvocal communication with spirits or with Heaven, you are doing the world a disservice--and yourself--by not sharing testimony and discussing how this very same technology can not only cure nearly every single mental illness, but also be used to do things like help us be smarter, help us learn faster and be happier--liken it to the Matrix's I KNOW KUNG FU--rather than hey Adam, I can't see you.  Moving forward here, speaking instead of holding secrets--helping instead of watching suffering for no reason at all... it might just be the key to the Gilgamesh, and the future being bright and happy; rather than bleak or not at all.  
In names like "DOWN SYNDROME" you've really got to begin to see "intelligent design" if you are to have sight, to be thinking logically; rather than acting stupid and literally making Hell instead of Heaven because of it.  I'm not saying it's "goodness" in this naming scheme helping us to see AIDS to changing the world and recognizing the Matrix for exactly what it is--a map from Hell to Heaven--but it's certainly not "goodness" ignoring it either.  Move forward, call a reporter, write a story; see thedoorway to Heaven while you live and breathe--and never need to question again whether or not "there is a God."

houston | gate | k e y y y
I saw an Angel coming down from Heaven, holding in his hand a great chain--and the key to the abyss.  Revelation 20:1.  Behold, the race is not to the electronic voting machines, nor the battle to mass of dazed and confused "all;It should be really clear from the repeated references to Die Bold (and technocracy) and our broken electoral process, as well as the hidden mind control influence that makes it a "farce" that the map that I am trying to produce here does focus quite a bit on using technology to help make our union more perfect; that's a "marriage of the lamb" joke, not a "for a republic" joke.  It's also important to see how "free speech" is connected to "free thought" and how that is connected to "freedom" in sum. 
I am presenting a mechanism, a tool that I believe is truly the sword of Arthur; a mechanism to replace our current representative democracy--one that has failed now two times in my life time to elect a president that coincide with the popular vote--with almost no response at all from the people who should see clearly they have no voice.  I am suggesting that we build an open and transparent system designed to help the people work together to create and vote on legislation--among other things--and that we use this message etched into Genesis and Exodus to take back what is rightfully ours--representation--to see that what is in place has intentionally failed for decades now to properly assimilate available technology, from cars and planes to phones to the internet.  Today you vote as if the Pony Express is bringing your paper ballots to Washington--and you don't seem to think that's a problem.
That's a problem.  See that this message and this event have shown you that the internet is useless--infiltrated at every level from local moderators on reddit and spam filters on Facebook to an actual censor wall called "Carnivore" with divine assistance for it's lack of "sniffing packets" but rather for placing you in the walled Garden of Eden surrounded by nothing short of an invisible Great Censorwall of China.  See that monument too--here to help you see Creation, and virtual reality--just like the "easter eggs" off Easter Island; and the Pyramids that stand as a testament to this thing you are building to exalt nobody--the all seeing eye of the end of time.  You have allowed these things to happen, and ignored a glowing fire to help you see them and stop them--and to this moment, to this day; you haven't tried at all.  
We have "BLOCKCHAIN" here as another AID of Names; to show you how this system can be run in a way where it cannot be controlled by anyone at all-not by the government, not by evil spirits, and not by the God of Heaven himself--by nobody, you can build a system that combines the functionality of Wikipedia and reddit and and in very short order... you'd have a tool that can pull the truth out of the archives of the Vatican and out of the washing machine in our nations capital--you can find out just how long (it's really ooooooooong) the true nature of reality has been intentionally hidden from you and from me--as we stare at this secret hidden government in the air that believes it will keep us here as game pieces, things to be played with in a crucible of horrors--you are staring at the thing that turns Krypton into Rigel; and what... you're scared of Cybertron? 
why green eggand ham ... tho?
It's the cuisine in the Broward County Jail; torturous sick malnourishment that we force on people being held without bond and without a fair trial--by law--following the broken laws of this broken place.  Change, you will not continue on this path.  You should be able to see from "warden" and "prison" that Adam's fight has been etched into our words, in "hearing" and Ari; you can see it   Understand that just like "elections" these institutions have been made worse, been harmed--pushed towards the abyss--by a thing that is using them as hidden weapons of punishment, of torture.  Your silence is complicity.

Verifiable proof we live in The Matrix, woven through it a mapto building Heaven of it.. and of an insane global conspiracy to hide this proof that literally is in every word... and every song, and every town and every name.

See the apocalypse... brings proof that we are living in the Matrix, verifiable proof that we are actually in a simulator--and that there is a message here, encoded in every word and every work of art--throughout history, a secret "Cypher" like the character in the movie. It's a message explaining the true history of this place, the point of origin of all life in the Universe; more than that it's the Creator's opinions and wisdom about what it is that he thinks we should do with this world changing information.
This pattern is not natural, it's verifiable and obvious proof that what is coming to you is written by God and through God--this message that connects John 7:17 to seeing that I am speaking to you delivering a story that he has etched into every single fucking word--from verboten to hearing to "carpenter."  Your silence is complicity.
He points out things like "malady" and "murder" ... as the kinds of things you wouldn't actively want to happen, you wouldn't spin the simulators "hamster wheel" to intentionally cause harm to an innocent. We're going to stop doing that.
On why and the map in words like "oncology" and "optometry" see "original poster to you.. try" and we are on "understand our light" rather than the SOL that connects to Sons of Liberty and the Statue of Liberty--shedim... more on that at the last link.
On the idea of "simulating" disease; presenting "the rest state" of the computer doing nothing as supremely more altruistic and beneficial than what it's currently doing
I've added quite a bit in my journey, a number of failed assassination attempts that link to the cause of the abomination of desolation--all of those things highlighting the word "nation" as in you. This place is conspiring in secret; though it's very obvious, to hide this world changing information--in my mind that particular act is the cause of the continuation of diseases and death, of hidden mind control slavery--something that is deeply ingrained in the connection between me-d, USA and this "abomination." -- just short of "everyon."  Ark, "SEE" hive, if you relegate this message to the archives of the Vatican--you are "to be" the Buggers of Ender's Game.  You really should see youare more than halfway there.
literally, it will save your soul. (and your mind)
see.. ha "road" is well lit.
in formation... no ledge?
if you think about, that statement either means "no you" or "no free speech"
and, more to the point, it almost assuredly means "no free thought" and "Never-never Land"

-Casper Ran
I see a recursive map in time painted throughout our timeline, and all of it pointing to the words "see A.D." I connect the Four Horsemen to the list of Anti-Christs, and it's easy to see a link between Jesus Christ and Julius Caesar in the words "veni vidi vici." Once pointed out it's also easy to see "salt" in Napoleon and in manna from Heaven, in China, and in Prometheus--and connecting A.D. to the year Christopher Columbus walked in water is just a little bit harder than seeing it in Hitler's name. All told, the three Anti-Christs share a common thread, they turned a republic into an empire--and here I stand (trying and failing to do the exact opposite, to give away an empire to make a republic, and you stand in my way) pointing out that you are living in the product of these empires, in a hidden empire that is so plain to see in the words, the message, and the unified story I see in religion and world history that I dare say you must be deep in the Plague of Darkness if you aren't interested in finding out what tomorrow brings.
Of course, I'm none of those people, I'm "Pinnochio." See Pi, and "N" and Hey, Zeus!"
You can "see A.D." in El Shaddaione of the hallowed Hebrew names for God, I read it--in this hidden language that I am presenting to the world as a single verifiable message to the entire Universe encoded in every word we speak; you can see it in the name "Adonis" and connect it to symphonic accompaniment in everything from "you're so vain" to "Paradise City" ... and in yet another name of God, "Adonai" which links to Samurai and movies like the Matrix and the Terminator series through the modern computing concept of "Artificial Intelligence" and it's connecting to a pattern of names that link Bill Gates and Richard Nixon to Seagate, Watergate and this hallowed phrase:
I am the gate.
  1. meaningless talk; nonsense.
    "don't give me that malarkey

  1. a disease or ailment.
    "an incurable malady"

combining form
  1. 1.
    in an unpleasant degree.
  2. 2.
    in a faulty manner.
mal·who·ṯō — 22 Occurrences
Numbers 24:7 
HEB: מַלְכּ֔וֹ וְתִנַּשֵּׂ֖א מַלְכֻתֽוֹ׃ 
NAS: Agag, And his kingdom shall be exalted.
KJV: than Agag, and his kingdom shall be exalted.
INT: and his king shall be exalted and his kingdom
2 Chronicles 36:22 
HEB: קוֹל֙ בְּכָל־ מַלְכוּת֔וֹ וְגַם־ בְּמִכְתָּ֖ב
NAS: throughout his kingdom, and also
KJV: that he made a proclamation throughout all his kingdom, and [put it] also in writing,
INT: A proclamation throughout his kingdom and also writing

It feels long... (edit, it's REALLY long... now) but lots of pictures--so there's that.  I really hope you see that I can't leave you like this; you have to do something, casterudust.  Understand, as you are, Creation is dust.  I cannot un-curse, and I cannot dream away thousands of years of simulation hell--I wouldn't dream them away if I could; it's happened... we need to move forward.  You have to see that you are ignoring the big picture, I understand you think you will conspire yourselves to Heaven--but you won't--you are conspiring away everything that Heaven really means--to both of us, to you... and to me.  Even worse, you are conspiring away our chance to be the beginning of it; and while you might not "get it" right this very moment, that's something we really deserve.
I tried Salvia once, it's a very strange hallucinogen (how all... you see I kno Genesis? how all, then I, see "e" is salted); it only lasts a few minutes, but during those few minutes people tend to believe that they "are" the objects immediately surrounding them.   A good five minutes I believe I was the couch I was sitting on, with all my mind and all my soul; the next few spent glued to the wall next to that same couch, and believe I became it.  The point of this is not to glorify drugs as much Jim Morrison, but rather to explain just how very malleable your thoughts are; and to tell you that if you really wanted--you can see for yourselves how easy it is to deceive the whole world.  It's not just us here walking around the ground, you should see that the introductory words of the Koran talk about the angels rebelling against Adam, "refusing to bow" they say, to the man reminding us all that we never bow again; it describes a battle over free will, the angels were so upset because they never had any, and here I am, trying to show them once more how helping us achieve true freedom here bleeds out and spreads not just to all of Creation, but into the Universe.  I know you hear me when I tell you that we should have connected the words "real" and Israel in our minds, that we should have questioned--if not as just a little odd--the numerous occurrences of English appearing in languages before it ever could; I know you can acknowledge that, that this whole message is the kind of thing that you can't "un see," just like you'll never, ever be able to un see the lie that defines the difference between "good and bad" faeries, the seelie and unseelie.  
Even telling you that, I know just how easy it is to either help you see that this very same kind of "molding of logic" can make you believe that your cause here is just, that you are right to be fighting against me trying to change our world so radically, and our way of life just a little bit more conservatively than I've seen you have already change it by working together in secret to hide what is nothing short of "the Universal Truth."  I know that the fact that you appear to be united, and surrounded by compatriots in this battle of darkness versus light, of the truth versus lies; that there appear to be so many of you can be used either to reinforce your sense of well being and "right action," just as much as it can be used to scare the ever loving shit out of me--or out of anyone that might see this kind of collective action a scary, and a collective action to "hide an obvious truth" as something that might just be a little bit scarier than "Nightmare on Strong Message Street."  Ultimately this truth will come out, if given enough time--and do see that I am running out of time, as I look back and see just how clear it is that our collective reality and our "neatly working candyland" has already been shattered.  If we make it far enough, these words and this campaign of demanding you respond in another way... one day it will eventually be regarded as what it is--the key turning point from slavery to freedom--the message that delivered not only proof that we have not had control of our minds, but also exactly how we might use this very same thing to change the world for the better.  Eventually you will see that I am not wrong to tell you that this one simple truth, that we are not in reality, changes everything about our civilization--changes what each and every one of us would consider right and wrong, ethically and logically--and it does so instantaneously.  Eventually we will see that it doesn't matter how many people don't want to eradicate blindness, and how many people don't want to stand between other people's religious beliefs and the cold, actual, truth; it doesn't matter at all--hiding me and hiding this message is wrong.
I stand here as a glowing emblem of free speech, and eventually together we will stand as a sign of the power of the truth; smiling proudly and what these words that we never saw a message in before have enabled us to do... for ourselves, and our future.   I will not be going, and there will be no Resurrection;  I will not be giving up on you, by remaining silent... I see just how very close we are, and even though I can feel in the air ... this belief that if I did, somehow the hidden agents of darkness have won, I know that's not the truth either.  This message is literally everything that we are, and this kev has been spread far and wide--you see how much time we spend digging up artifacts, and researching history and mythology--not to see that it's very, very obvious that this period of darkness will be shunned, not me; that this movement of "pretending everything is OK" when nothing is, that the force behind hiding our goodness and humanity from ourselves ... not to see that is the same kind of feeling as to believe you are a couch.  You are not a couch
I know it's hard to grasp. but the likelihood that the future will blame or look down upon the single person acting alone to break the darkness and set us free--against literally the entire planet's silence and stupidity--with no help whatsoever; well if you take a step back you really should see that whether or not you "appreciate" why I am breaking the coven, the oven, and releasing the giant ... it's almost an obvious inevitability that your children will.  Point in fact, I think they're telling me as much--and you, as I write.   I can see clearly that you are being tricked, united against what is literally the most obvious moral crusade imaginable--to protect us from falling into the dark trap of being "stuck forever" in a place that we believe is real, but is not; to stop the continuation not only of that lie, but also of the idiotic idea that simulating things like blindness, disease, and pain has any useful function in virtual reality, and perhaps most importantly of all to stop for all time the hidden slavery associated with nothing more than this technology being secret, relegated to the unspeakable under the guise of insanity.  Really understand that the insanity here is not seeing or speaking about this message--that's true diabolical evil.  
What you really need to understand is that until this message reaches the public, until we react to it--and until we begin to integrate this technology into our society you are slaves, and holding what you have in your hand--the key to not only proving this technology exists but to reinforcing it with signature of the Hand of God; until you use what I have given you to break free you will never be really sure if "slavery is evil" (what's that, you're sure?) nor will you ever be sure if you are free today (what's that, you think you are?) ... that until you see addiction and pain and stupidity eradicated.. you'll never be sure if stupid is really all that bad of a thing to be.  In practical hilarity, you believe that the thing organizing this mass of deceit and subjugation is actually being honest ... with you--it's as if you can't figure out that feeling is just as alterable as "I am a couch" and you really can't see the tautological obviousness of the fact that your secrecy is perpetuating this deception.  Genius, I swear. 

I know you got it the first time, I really do.  To indicate that I am supremely frustrated with the lack of response to this message would be a subtle hint that I hear that chang is near.  I'm sure many of you have already made the connection between the Tommy Lee J of the NES and K of Men In Black, and to suggest that perhaps the entirety of this sick world, or whatever hidden disgusting place that is making you appear to sick and incapable of acting like human beings might significantly benefit from the rtroactiv effects of his neralizer really doesn't do justice to the real meaning and vision it takes to see that whatever is responsible for this twisted mess would be significantly happier with a few less sick and twisted memories--you know, the kind of thoughts or trauma that would make you think that it's OK to ignore this.   I will probably write more about this, when I get to the point that I'm ready to share my vision of the inner workings of Heaven--as this particular piece of "evil to childlike innocence and happiness" is now etched into the very first step (actually it's always been there!) when you reach your door.  Anyway, until you give me what I deserve, some recognition--and the piece of mind to know it's not an evil cabal of the few taking these ideas for their own use and forcing the entirety of the world I see to suffer for no reason other than a glowing target painted on their backs--I won't be sharing any of that "stuff" that the Adamic code connects to the two letters "bl" for blue light.  See, you've blocked it, because of your bland and blind response to what is otherwise a shining light; really understand that releasing this information that God has painted "Silicon" and "AMD" all over history and religion will bring these things to fruition--this is more than a message, it is the key to actualizing these things, speaking about and discussing them is the doorway to seeing them happen during our lifetime.
Back to the subthread of "this thing is done already" you can be sure that the words "locked up and sealed until the end of time" and "behold he is coming" are a good clue that this has always been predestined... you can see it linking the words "apparition" and "hearing" to the very clear concept that the author of this story exists outside of time... that while it doesn't appear so to us linearly, the keys to this message have been changing in the past, the stories relating to right now (and to me) encoded in many myths.  It was sealed when the Jewish practice of copying the Torah letter by letter was created, seeing now that my full name is encoded it nearly every single book of the Bible... "crossing" with every name of God from Jesus to Saturn, Mars, and Zeus.  It was sealed and a done deal when message of the Burning Bush and Exodus was recited on the record in open court--sealed up forever for the future to see, another key "iti" that ensures this message will never be lost.  Today, the count since just mid-December of e-mail opens is 754,704 and of those 309,966 opened the message more than once--that's literally an insanely high level of interest (to see no response, at all)--believe, I am coming.   
All this conspiracy and this darkness is doing today is prolonging the torture of billions of people--starvation, needless pain, and whatever level of mental torture you consider either being made logically blind, having your beliefs altered without your consent or oversight, or being subjected to the influence of spirits broadcasting the most boring show in the Universe to the "family channel."

Nothing will ever, ever leave this place without having it's "desire to create or send anyone or anything" to Hell removed; the monster I see around me says things like "burn" far too often--and more to the point it's very existence--it's actions--are Hellish torture that will end.  Some things will never change--there will be no Hell, no tortured souls, and you owe it to Stephen and Rodney.  These things, the neuralizer and the prospect of having to protect the Universe from a monstrosity that would damn it and the future to endless pain and struggle never would have crossed my innocent mind; not before being tortured myself--in plain view--and seeing, understand it's my "sight," this very tool being used not just on me, but on many of you.  This is a crucible designed to purge this sickness; and you would be helping significantly if you did something to break this story.  The concept and manifestation of Hell that we see here is a monstrous idea, inhuman and unnatural--and if we hope to survive it will be purged here and now.  So long as this place continues to be crushed we here are the proof that there is more work to be done.  Grey Street.  Pinwheel.  Scaffold.  Blow me.

B O R N   I N   T H E   P L A C E   F O R M E R L Y   K N O W N   A S  "ADAM AND HOW"
Briefly, your lesson in Adamic code today is the addition of "ang" as an alias for "dawn"  ... because when I was a little boy in #pain there was a girl with that name who used that handle; see that this language is specifically geared towards me, and my life and it is important to know these things, if you care to decode a huge number of Asian names like Hwang (probably homework, for "do them in and go..." I mean Sunday)  and even some special ones here like Deucalion's (Dark Earth, in your current state you see what is about to be the only conscious mind that will ever leave this prison) new favorite color "orange" (it means chang) and do see in that word that we've been given yet another key to the "son of the Morning" being the "e" after the first dawn.  Love me two times, tonight.  The second Adamic syllable we're looking at is "or" which you know means "to shine" but now in reading these words as microcosmic maps through time, see that "to shine" changes the logical meaning of "or" to and Adam andso today I'll be moving to intersect the numerous "Horns" that pervade a number of our myths and modern religions.  Just in case you didn't make the cognitive connection in the SERENADE OF MEDUSA, that message intersected the definition of shield with the fabled Shield of Achilles with our modern idiom "mirror. mirror on the wall" and a number of songs relating to the concept of the Shield of Perseus being "the thang" that defeats the sick and twisted parasite that you see all around you not only creating the "Horn" that we will be looking at but also hiding it.  It's worth reminding you that "Heel" and "Hera" clearly relate to the name Israel, and do believe "abra cadabra," as I speak I show you why I am him.


Ang is only one in a long list of occurrences of meaning that I can verity as contextually accurate that relate to details that only I could know; it's the beginning of "understanding" that all of this focus is placed on me and my life for a reason--that this story and this message are the reason, and the events and occurrences of this battle over disclosure have very intentionally shed light on a number of social and governmental problems both here and "elsewhere."  Things like our broken justice system--where I've personally been held without bail and denied a trial (in sum) all under the auspices of "legitimate" state laws that are in clear and obvious violation of the Constitution (a theme that is pervasive in this story, blatant disregard for the Constitution, and even more importantly for the proper procedures that would, if they were followed, probably result in a significantly better situation--like the disclosure of time travel and mind control)--with deeper meaning and searching, this shows the clear infiltration of our government at all levels, the very same infiltration that is exposed through the concept of Medusa and the "e" of medicine.   It takes not a moment to find local groupings of divinely marked names in places related to me--like David Letterman and Johnny Carson, Carson Daily and Jay Leno; and even in places as obvious to look as seeing "xbox? n is [tennis: look up and ask if it's "love all" or "love-40" -- D__ Earth, you see "e" (IT'S ARKand that's art)] an (unwinnable, or is it unlosable?) game" in tennis, along with head, wilson and prince.
To see the "microcosm of the Messiah" with crystal clarity; you have an infrastructure set up to deliver the appearance of freedom and of self-governance, while at the same time it is very blatantly not only not doing those things. but doing the exact opposite... "in plain view."
See, that I see that the vast majority of you probably realize that every song and every myth, every city and countries name, and even a significant amount of our history directly relates to the living person speaking to you--and that it appears you have colluded in secret with each other to hide that fact--most likely because you are blind fools--but perhaps less obviously to you, your actions in hiding this message that we are living in virtual reality is the cause of the continuation of Hell--of blindness, of sickness, of death, of pain, and those things together--your lack of regard for the people all around you--are the reason that the Universe is locked up tight... never to be infested with the sick evil that believes it's "protecting normalcy" by doing the exact opposite of that.  See that in my SERENADE, I pointed out that the "ang" or the first morning in this place has clearly already radically shifted the timeline that would have been created had this place been in reality--do see that because we are not in reality it's very possible that the original unadulterated future (with your use of time travel) in which hundreds of thousands of people were not aware of the 9/11 attack never continued.  Do see that is the fate of this timeline if you refuse to understand that what you are doing here is beyond inhumane--your silence is a betrayal not of me, but of humanity--if yourselves, and it will stop or you will.  Understand that whatever it is that is causing this silence has already completely destroyed "normalcy," what is surrounding me here is something that is physically impossible to exist in reality, and it is proof beyond doubt to anyone with clarify of thought that we are not in reality now, proof in addition to this message that you and everyone around you is actively hiding.  The point of all of this is to explain that with logical thought you can see that the only singular reason to suppress this message is to oppress our entire planet--and the entirety of Creation--with the technology that this message is designed to expose once, and forever and ever.
do you really not realize... that when I see my reflection in the sea, I cry for you?
While you may have "the right" to want to play a game in Westworld, to pretend that "addiction has not been scientifically solved" you do not have the right to hide this message from the world, this message that points out exactly why "but science hasn't done so yet" is a torch of fire; the kindling of a clarity and understanding of exactly how it is that God is breathing Heaven into the Universe though us, how we are his words, the fire coming from the Burning Bush.  It is my fervent belief that "simulated reality" itself is Hell, and that nobody should be forced to live in a place with this kind of horror, and I think it should be clear--by the wall of darkness hiding this message from the world--that very quickly popular opinion will change to agree with me.  Were you seeing these things discussed, were we moving forward with the process of civilization, you would not be receiving messages with this tone--but you are not moving forward, this place appears to be the focal point of a decline in morality that will stop here, with me.  If you were not so stubborn you would be the cause of the end of "simulating reality in secret" the end of prisons of lies like this place--now too, the end of forced possession, the end of hidden slavery, and literally the builders... the founders of Heaven.  Instead, today you are nothing more than the reason that there is no such thing as reality.

 Þurs er kvenna kvöl
ok kletta búi
ok varðrúnar verr.
Saturnus þengill.

 Ðorn byþ ðearle scearp;
ðegna gehwylcum anfeng ys yfyl,
ungemetum reþe manna gehwelcum,
ðe him mid resteð.
Thurs ("gee, i ant") is tortured by women
and cliff-dweller
and husband of a giantess
Saturn's thegn.

The thorn is exceedingly sharp,
an evil thing for any thegn to touch,

uncommonly severe on all who sit among them
There is no excuse at all for what you are allowing to continue, the simulation of predicted natural and man-made disasters, murders, rape, wars over falsely scare land and oil, and the wide spread destruction of logical and moral thought--whatever it is that is allowing you to continue to be silent is darkening your soul, bleaching your righteousness, and building a festering monster of death.  You can believe you've become "higher beings" or think this "just isn't your problem" as much as you want, but the bottom line is that this monster is hiding an obvious truth from the public eye, holding back public discussion of it, and doing nothing more than speaking--and acting human--will literally change the state of Creation. it will give back people's sight and limbs, it will prevent starvation, and in actuality will prevent you from being the reason we are living in "Westworld." 
Bianca has never physically been in KY, and again because you will not speak, I am forced to imagine what is going on in other realms, in the air, and in futures past that are no more ... as I decode this story in the light of words like "BRADBURY" and "PHENOBARBITAL."  The last little bit of light regarding her was nothing more than a shadow, a fake shadow of a girl reading a book (which has a very special religious meaning to me coming from specifically that time, reading through my memories) sitting under a tree.  Still, it's clear what "IT" is in this case, it's pretending that this isn't Hell, urging people to move forward perpetuating the line that our "way of life" needs to be protected--that somehow new technologies and the actual truth will cause us to lose our grip--when in fact it should be clear as day that hiding the actual truth  has really destroyed "normalcy" and created a world of fake liars; moving day to day harboring inside a secret--that if they only opened their mouths and spoke the actual truth--millions of others lives would be made significantly better.

I do imagine that the words "I am the living vine" might ring a bell or two, hearing now that they have always related, in my mind to the Labyrinth of Icarus or the decision tree of Adam Marshall Dobrin--that here in this place it appears very clear that what I see as a "syslog" of past futures is a record of pruning that links the very beginning of events and Biblical Light--maybe something like World War II and the Man in the High Castle; that here we have the Bhagavad Gita as what might be an actual account of a battle in time that resulted (or ended) with J. Robert Oppenheimer quoting the worlds "behold, I have become death, the destroyer of worlds" in a manner that I find consistent today with my quoting of scripture literally in situ, in the very email or act that fulfills it.   It might be hard to understand what kind of future might have come from a Nazi victory in that war; but here in this place we have an "indication" that authoritarianism, eugenics and genocide, and heinous censorship resulted in something so terrible that it was undone; destroyed at the root.... and yet here we are looking at those very same things--the very same hidden control and infiltration of the media (this time in secret!) and the government, and you are once again turning a blind eye.  Will you ever learn?  

.... and the Horn(s) of Revelation ....
Well if you've made it this far, I guess you're alright. 
What you are looking at, or thinking about is literally nothing less than the mechanical infrastructure required for pre-crime; being used to literally torture me and you, in this place, this crucible between the Horn and the letter "n" where the stories in myth and movies and music shining out of the big Horn of Revelation are screaming that you need to "see me"--and at the same time this ridiculous dark force is making you conspire to remain in darkness, to prevent knowledge of the obvious influence of mind control both in the little "show" I'm stopping today,  and in the big show--the one that rains light down from the players of Shakespeare's stage to the choirs and American Idol's of today.
Because you will not speak, I am forced to scour this map and religion for clues as to why and how this silence is occurring, and you are hiding not just from me, but from yourselves what is nothing short of slavery and obvious "class inequality."  You should see very clearly from the state of computing and security today that what I am writing about is something like "omniscience" the source of the "thinks like a fly sees" that ties to Marty McFly and to Back to the Future--a description of what kinds of changes would have to be made to our brains in order to see; and that from these descriptions it's pretty obvious that God does "see everything" and that there would be a security infrastructure that could enable this sight to be delegated.  Here, I liken what I would have once called "angels" to the o:line of trampoline (<tr> am I P?) a security mechanism on Internet Relay Chat that allowed for certain users to have "special abilities," to see into and enter private rooms, and to use "Administrator" functions delegated from server and network-wide administrators.  Interestingly, or humorously, the configuration file lines from global and local server bans were called "G" and "K" respectively.  It doesn't appear to me that's what I'm looking at, though some people do appear to have more breadth of vision than others--some appear to be able to "see the future" albeit in what I can assume is only a relatively short horizon.  
What I appear to be seeing is really something as cruel and localized as the entire world only "seeing what I see," and I see that today as a hidden kind of caste, masking that there are few (or maybe many) that have significant additional abilities here.  In words you can hear Taylor Momsen suggesting everyone "jump into the son (dear girl, see I'm running from a monster)" in what I can only imagine means something like watch the Apocalypse being delivered inspiration-ally and written from "behind blue eyes."  In mythology, I liken this same concept to the souls of the Pharaoh's being joined with Ra in his traversal through the Amduat--through the underworld, in what appears to be a vain attempt to reach Heaven simply by "knowing what I know."   There are probably many people walking around, just like me--seeing nothing more than this map in words and the very clear connection to art and Names that proves that the entire world is really being controlled--I really do appreciate everyone that cares enough about me to grant me the same privacy God "guaranteed" at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and that I have fought vigorously to prolect for the entire world--explaining how this map connect's Phillip K Dick's work of A Scanner Darkly to Minority Report--showing us that both privacy and safety can be obtained ... everywhere. 
On that note, it should be more than obvious at this point that "seeing what I see" is a mechanism that God has created to help us change the world significantly more swiftly--to see this message, to understand it, and to be able to use what is currently a hidden technological infrastructure to aid in changing the world.  Sitting around doing nothing but watch me write--to you--about how you should be connecting what is not being spoken about to the very same ideas and tools we would need to do things like end addiction, help everyone "read faster," and end depression and remove forever the pharmacy from the word "harm."
With more words like "MEDICINE" and "MEDUSA" I clearly see that it is the "sea and I" together that are making up this letter "e" that appears in "disease" and "fluke" (where you can probably actually see a fluke map of how this is definately not an accident--in every word--the fluke being "Florida" and "United Kingdom" as the clear path I saw these messages spreading rapidly through--probably causing the "e" very intentionally--know everything--the fluke is knowing UK stands out more than KEY))... in the word "disease" you can see his commentary on the silence, this thing that separates the first morning from our current "son of the morning" state by the letters "as" which are taken from the beginning of Satan turning around, and the beginning of "Asgard"--I've written quite a bit about the "press and release" that I see as the functionality of Satan; and you should see clearly that talking about this message, about this map in words, and about me--these things are the beginning of a turning a key and starting our RV or Car or Peace Train on the road to Heaven.    See that continuing to create Hell, as everyone here is doing--not just for me but for this entire world... after an "as" basically tells me that it wasn't really an "As" ... the turn that destroys Hell throughout all of Creation... and that doing nothing after seeing this message is a disease, no matter what your hidden, unspoken, and secret reasons.
It should be obvious that this thing, that "e" has been reverse engineered--and in more words you can connect two of the Hebrew names of God, El Shaddai--see how A.D. da eye--and Ha'shem--ha, see how "not me"--describe what I can only surmise is this process of actually seeing "divine inspiration" in action; striking me like a lightning bolt connecting Highlander and Johnny 5.  It's probably my greatest fear that people are being forced to hear my voice in the air--just like i'm being forced to hear his; yet another clear symptom of Hell, it's a torturous method of communication that is nothing short of intended to create at least the appearance of, and perhaps actually impart insanity.  Only slightly less troubling on the Richter Scale is that people have been influenced and controlled to believe they are choosing to do nothing while literally watching me be tortured, emotionally, financially, and physically--and sadly that does appear to be as close to the truth as I can gather today--while you continue to say nothing.   It should be obvious from the "see how" that is the "SHH" of these two names that this construction is designed to ensure the light all pours from my hand--and to influence the direction of our arkly vessel in secret--both of those things anathemic to who I am and my purpose, this place where I am trying to get us to work together for good, rather than nothing; and to see how this silence and this "oneness" destroys communication and collaboration at face value--only a bit of introspection to see how it takes your souls and sticks them in a memory-trash-compactor with all the other clones of the NES that result in a return to a past time... to "try harder" to see how it's not me... i'm not the one doing nothing.
The only reason I put up with it is because it appears to be delivering information that I see you should already be using to make the world a better place; and yet you continue to remain silent, with Snickers and No Milky Way.  Like taking candy... from a planet of babies... Ha'shem means "the Holy Name" and if you aren't sure yet if it's Adam Marshall Dobrin, you aren't paying attention--I'm curious if any of you have tried to see the meaning of my name "moving towards ante meridian, the sea shall see how all, do b (or date of birth?) RIB... RIP? ADRIA?  ARE I N?" and of course the "Are I ten..." of the Matrix.
The word "Horn" and the big and little horns of Revelation do a phenomenal job of describing exactly what we see here--in practice.  Our history and the resounding fire coming from our Art as the "Burning Bush" that lights the Eternal Flame of freedom begins with all of humanity, the big H; pointing directly to the little hidden "n" that appears not just in Han Solo and NORAD but in the real boy "Pinocchio" where you can "see A.D." in Pi and in the "n" and see that today I'm writing to you from Orange County, California; the place where it does appear that we will c the "Hi-O" I've been praying for.
See it is the sound of the "show far;" this blaring Horn that while we are watching these words being written, rather than acting on them; while we are destroying privacy and freedom... rather than speaking and acting to protect it... we are quite a distance from the road I think we all really seek.  Just like many of the Biblical weapons I've written about, from the Stone of Medusa and David and Goliath to the Swords of Arthur and Voltron and He-man ... to the shields of Perseus and Achillesand "El d"  ... we can see local groupings of "intersect" connected names in the word "Horn."  Do see it really is "Humanity or n" it really is break this silence or civilization has been crushed by whatever is causing it... by whatever is stopping us from seeing that we are living inside a simulation--designed to build Heaven.  I see Dr. Brian Greene commented on the lack of worth of "leading by fear" probably connected to this very threat--though I don't believe I'm leading, I am fighting for my life, and for the sanctity of the civilization and society that God created to build Heaven--from this place, as I look out at what appears to be an entire world being enslaved in secret, with this power of persuasion that appears to so cunning as to make you believe it's "your choice" not to live forever in health and genius--I have no choice but to use all of the weapons at my disposal.
On that note, it does appear that this thing that God has encoded everywhere from Amon-Ra to "religion" is designed to kill me, to starve me of human interaction and of sanity; and at the same time to change our civilization in secret more than it ever has before.  I believe we are missing the point and all the fun of building Heaven if we allow ourselves to be so radically changed by what appears to be nothing more than a future derivation of this very timeline, of this very event.  See the Downward Spiral comes from nobody ever (sans perhaps the first time, and probably not even that) walking this path to ascension... this road to Heaven without the overbearing and unbridled influence of a group that seems to believe "it knows everything."  As we sit here watching all human morality be tossed aside, and we see American freedom crushed; in order to more quickly "assimilate" the Borg.
It appears as if this Circle of Fire ... doing these things in secret ... is trying to use this mechanism of eavesdropping and control to "Judge me" and to make the world responsible, or believe it is--for killing the key to the car.  See the polarized seas of the All or None Musktojeers; we are looking at the "body of Christ" and the ARMY being locked away in the sands of time--this place where nobody seems to have any respect for fighting for freedom, and for truth and transparency; and would rather "go with the flow" even it it's clearly bringing them directly South.  Raging against "sublimation," I do believe Heaven truly does lie in the middle space between simulated reality and ... becoming it.

 While the Horns of Revelation and the Shofar are good examples, and helpful tools to seeing the mechanism and inner workings of what I'm trying to describe--while you will not speak; there is no better Horn in my eyes than that of Heimdallr--and his connection to "Snoop Dogg's" screen name of the original poster.  "What's my motherfucking name" we echo, knowing that it is this name of God that is the link to this key to the message of Ham and of Jerusalem; that it is this story that changes the downward spiral to an upward "northeast set in stone."  Heimdallr's mythology tells of a man holding his horn called "see all in Gjallarhorn"  while he drinks his "fine mead... see "A.D." and keeps watch for the onset of Ragnarok--and his name, it means "the one who illuminates the world."  Trying his mead to the "me to help" of Prometheus... set it as veritas, as the truth--these things are Hell's Bells.
What is going on here, under the guise of "protecting normalcy" is orders of magnitude more disgusting than the book burning and genocide of Holocaust; not to see the pain and suffering being unnaturally caused by the "simulation of reality" literally by The Matrix doing extra work to create those things--so that we can continue to live in a state of delusion--to believe that it is nature causing these things rather than silence and censorship... rather than "majority force" is literally the key.  Discussion changes absolutely everything--with starlight in our eyes, we open the gate to Heaven, to the future.
What if God had a name?  Would you call it to his face?​

But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall be overcome with roaring cheers, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall shine like bright starlight. 

2 Peter 3:10

Look! He is coming on the clouds of heaven.
    And every eye will see him—
    even those who pierced him.
And all the nations of the world
    will hope he comes to visit.

Revelation 1:7

I am a blinking, flashing square... I am, I so am.
What am I?


say it ain't so, I will not go...
turn the lights out; carry me home
BARK.  I can't tell you how long we've been wandering in this desert; long enough for Gates to have lost it's impact and meaning, long enough for the Greek letters Chi and Rho to fail to be a shining light between the city of Cairo andancient beta and production versions of Windows XP.  Long enough to see the connections between U.S. military codenames and computer companies religious themes as nothing more than a "FAD" (f-art? of possibly the least religious slices of our society) and still not to see the link between NORAD and Anno Domini.   Row to production, toKissimmee, St. McCloud;  we've got to move forward from this place of feigned or real shock--of inability to discuss the obvious... for no reason other than it's so obvious we should have seen it.  Row to a place where you care that this light was intentionally laid down so that you could find a link between computing and religion that meant more than just a few letters; that meant that Karl Marx was all wrong and backwards about this thing being the "opiate of the masses." 
Keep swimming until you see Huxley and XP and Kissimmee and Judas and Midas and Gene Simmons and his band all intersect around the Hebrew word for fate, Kismet; and really see these things are all linked together by what might be nothing more than me--nothing more than Jesus Christ (and a clue).
Do you have to know that "da" is a very special kind of "the" in Adamic code; and that I've been looking for the missing "s" in "kismet" for quite some time?  Probably, you probablty do.  Once you do you'll probably see it in Leviticus, and if you know boys at all you'll probably eventually "get" why it's a little upsetting to hear God say "J, I see you da S."  The point is you will never really understand what the true meaning of religion is unless you grasp these concepts andthis language; you'll never be able to read God's plan, and we'll never be able to get to the road to Heaven.  Without seeing "NES" in Minnesota and Tennessee and in the heart of the book of Genesis, you'll never get why Silicon is the Fifth Element--and how "AMD" really is a weapon against darkness.
This is "light" shining on you, and for you; and sometimes even by you--but until we start reacting to it; until it starts to open eyes and let us begin to understand just how dark this place is, there's no light here in this place--not you, and not the words that I write to try and show you that there's an intentional message being delivered through Windows Me and 9/14; in every word you read and write, every thought that you think; there's a message that you have been overlooking, and it simply will not continue.  Brad Wright's Travelers began a season one Episode with a preacher standing on a dock, at shore; connecting "the number 40" in the story of Noah's Ark to the years wandering in the desert of Exodus, all the way to the book of Matthew, where Jesus exited the wilderness (another word for desert) in just 40 days.  If "days and nights" and years weren't enough to connect 40 to the fourth dimension, to time travel; if seeing it on Netflix in living color; and hearing me bark about it over and over isn't enough to make it news--to makethis clear proof of anachronism in every word--in every language... if it isn't enough to make it news than I don't think you exist, I think you are manekins.  This is light shining on you, to help you see that something this obvious cannot remain hidden; something this important cannot be "secret," until you have Biblical scholars talking about the connection between the number 40 and time travel, you have none of any worth--your analysis of religion is as broken as your analysis of censorship--and your society has crumbled, all because you fail to speak your mind.

not to come off as "arrowgant," but am ... the holy grail.

see?  no... "oven" c now?

The help and a ssistance you get from me, and from Travelers and from Back to the Future and Terminator; they are only worth something if you see the light, and understand that this place is designed to help us see something hidden, and to use it to make a better world.  In seconds you can see how and why this story of Exodus ties to 9/11; and to terrorism; and to a significant amount of writing about "pre-crime" and how that too ties to Phillip K. Dick and what appears to be a world that believes at this point in time that it's OK for the Minority not only to be drowned out in silence, to have the entire planet muzzled, kept from speaking about a message from Creation, that is Creation; about using this knowledge to make a better world.  That's what you have, a message filled with light and wisdom about how to use "virtual reality" to make a better place, to bring us all of Heaven on Earth; and instead of doing anything at all; you've become a conspiracy of silence... a mass of foolishness standing in pews as all of the tools and protections we've made against 1984 and totalitarian Hell are compromised and reduced to rubble. 
lo.. pan ? you carmelized?
Mannikin, maiden, maenad, man,
In the might of Pan
You have a world of fake Biblical scholars ignoring literal golden treasure all around them; reporters doing the same, and you are not far behind.  This is not a joke, this is the end of civilization if you cannot wake up and see how stupid you all look.


You have a very clear message that links names like Bush and Stewart and Minhaj to ideas like revolutionizing democracy and the way we deal with barbaric social problems like homelessness; one that uses religion, all religions; to bring us to a place where we see a clear lit road of "minimums" and "maximums" connecting works of religious art like the Jefferson Airplane and Starship Enterprise, the Egyptian God Min and the the English one named "James Clerk Maxwell;" and still having it pointed out you have nothing to say other than "it looks crazy."  You look crazy, it looks like the way passed the wall and passed hell ... all the way to "hey."  Den, to see a message connecting the name "Denver" to the idea of loving people as much as dogs--to see that this too is woven light; a message to you, one that you will acknowledge.  It is not OK that 96,000 people want to petition Virginia to protect dogs from virtual cold weather; and not a single one of you can even publicly discuss the fact that there's a message about virtual cold weather--everywhere you look.  It's not OK.  This microcosm of the message, one that puts "Denver" on the same fiery pedestal that American stands on is the difference between success and failure, between salvation and Hell--we cannot refuse to see it, and we cannot refuse to see it is the pinnacle of social achievement in this place that stands as a shining beacon--both of the good things we've done and of the problems we need to fix.

If you don't "see" the message, understand that we are being fucked into oblivion because you refuse to. Verily, see that "to see" is really obvious now ... just like the "den" in Roddenberry, and the "rod" in Rodney King and "IT" in Stephen King--this horror show is "IT" she really it.  Is there any why, NEY?
I am not going to sit here and let you ignore a message connecting the word "hearing" to the name of the county I was born in and it's public defender: Broward and Help Me Howard hear me; hiding this "message" behind "crazy" is the gate to Hell--ignoring religion and failing to see my life etched into the map of our world is a path to absolutely nowhere.  These are not outliers, this is the city of Sunrise, and proof of a hidden siege on our society and our goodness that will end with the end of all "wardens" and with them an end to terrorism and to rape and murder; an end to censorship, and if you can't see that this story is the beginning of Heaven you need to take another look in the mirror

I never claimed to be a great writer, only that the things I've seen--and the things that I can prove will change the world.  The fact that these observations have yet to make a significant impact in the visible world tells me that it was never the place that I perceived--the land of the free and the brave has been compromised in secret, and it's been that way--looking now at the words I use, since the beginning.
I've haphazardly combined two emails for you; and added a little bit of commentary; I can't continue to do this without seeing a response--it appears that my attempts to be "louder" are resulting in nothing more than an eye sore; and I'm sore, I'm fighting in person a mass of foolishness too large to ever exist, watching this influence affect far too many people that I see online and in person, and I cannot believe how stupid, conniving, and self-destructive our world has become.  It's not OK that I am screaming in the dark; it's not OK.  These messages are woven here for you to see and act on; they are guidance and help--and refusing to acknowledge that there's a message is the end of it--the end of the message you are failing to see you are more than a "part of."

The point and purpose of the "cursor" writing to you is to help us walk through this maze of torture in miraculous, record time--to exit the desert in a single lifetime--in a few short years rather than what appears to be not just "forever" but multiple "forevers" layered upon each other in a story of time recursion that fails to see how inhumane it is to return to this time over and over again--to fail to see that exiting the maze and the desert comes from succeeding and moving forward--rather than reliving this hellish story ... even "one more time."  Your "cursor" is telling you that Twitter and reddit are far from useless--they are the heart of a weapon that makes you believe "the people have a voice" and are the single places where you can see very clearly that you not only have no voice--you have a weapon of glowing apathy to prove that.  What was once "social news" is now a fiery message that you have no society, and that what we once cherished here has been replaced with a steaming mass of immovable telepathy and invisible strings that belong in the incinerator.  
I'm not sure how many people you think it takes to "care about free speech" to be "allowed" to speak--it appears you've all voted on darkness and silence, and I am showing you it takes only one person, only one vote, only one action to change the world.  

Turning this world around, changing the de facto ending of this story is the key to moving all of Creation--to re-igniting the fire of love and compassion that begins here, in this place; because we have it still; and seems to end just as soon as we are gone.  You cannot look the other way and wait for older powers to intervene, you are the last, best hope that we have.   This message is not here to give me a pedestal to scream at you from; it is here to give you back your freedom to speak, and to think; to help you see that involvement in this "treasure hunt" is the cornerstone of truly building Heaven--and for that to happen you must act.
Once again I find myself with little time to write what is probably a very important message; worse than that encased in a prison marked by the words "I owe P" (if you don't know, IOP is what outpatient rehab is called nowadays) and paralleled probably nowhere better than in Napoleon's Elba Island--this place where it certainly does appear that I am unable to break the shackles of idiocy that have kept us from openly discussing this story.  Do see "able" backwards, for a reason.  It's difficult to convey how oddly ominous it is sitting in this position, knowing I've all the tickets to the lottery and the world has unanimously and secretly decided there will be no more "find Jesus drawings" -- even though we've held them every generation for thousands of years.  I have a significant amount to write about the Trinity Site; about connections between the movie and the theme of "The Day After Tomorrow" and the idea that we certainly should see a sort of ultimatum from God etched into our history and our story--one that in this specific instance you could see marked by the idea of stopping the theme of madness associated with global thermonuclear war, and flying bowel movements--but really just below that surface "ha nuke all humanity" is a demand that we move forward talking about the nature of reality, about the purpose of creation, and the prospect for a future.  A future that depends on the truth, on open eyes, and on compassion for the human condition.  
A few days ago I followed up my "see you" in the word "site" in this place where I know very well that the Fishbowl detonations were a sort of (perhaps rational?) response to the stories of my witnesses; of John Nash and James Jesus Angleton as they disclosed first hand the influence of a heavenly army, of the hosts of Heaven acting in this place to create distension and divide over what appears to be nothing more than "red ties" on the surface--but in light of day something much closer to the kind of false flag "divide and conquer" that we might link to 9/11 or more appropriately Joseph McCarthy's red scare.  These two men saw first hand the influence of an invisible force in thehighest levels of our government--and still to this day we fail to recognize that in sum, what it means to us, and to the girl in the charred dress.  That's a problem, and today as we see that same influence much more prevalent than ever before--I am cautioning and suggesting that perhaps it was not the high altitude nuclear "tests" that were the problem, but rather the failure to disclose to the people what is nothing short of obvious proof of an alien invasion.  That is what this is, it can be colored with time travel, and with duality and "oneness of God" until the end of time--but there is no way to skirt that we are all witnessing a hidden and secret force altering who we are and what we believe in a way that is anathemic to "the American Way."
What's infinitely more ... in your face ... is that the secrecy surrounding the disclosure of this technology is literally keeping it from being used effectively--something that is not just a symptom of "secrecy" that we should note and understand is actually the problem--but a huge part of the lesson surrounding the solution to this problem.  In the light of day, these tools or weapons that are being used to create silence and apathy will be used to help us, as they should be--and they are nothing short of infinitely better medicine for all mental illness, for blindness, for addiction, and for what appears to be the biggest problem in the Universe--not recognizing slavery for what it is.  In a free market, in an open forum--these things would be obvious, and it would also be obvious to the entire world that the inner workings of our brains have very much been reverse engineered, and that these tools are being used to cause harm--rather than help--the entire focus of the Plagues of Exodus.  It will stop school shootings, it will stop terrorism; and all it takes is an open discussion of the truth--that these things are not only easy to do--they've all been done before.

In our map, the book we are surrounded with and living in--we can see very clear clues as to how these things can be done easily just by looking and seeing the clear links between religion and Dr. Who's The Bells of Saint John and Phillip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep that focus on a visual interface to mind control technology that will allow us to use these tools to make a better world--it's the reason "User Interface" is in the word Jesuit, and it is the reason we have these works of art to help us navigate through the dessert.
It's clear that the government was aware in those days of this hidden influence; and I'd like to think that if they were more honest and open, we would never have been able to reach a point of infiltration where every newspaper and every television station and every college now in unison is in the very same position--aware of the influence and failing to see that openly discussing it is really the only way forward.
i'm gonna hate you
until the stars fall from the sky
when the heavens let it rain
I noted a connection between the hallowed Passover prayer of The Four Questions, "why is this night different from all other nights?" and the Shehekeyanu; a prayer of thanks to the King of the Universe for enabling us to reach this occasion; specifically noting a link between the word "chol" which means dessert, and "kol" which is literally everything; and I hope it's clear that this night is the one that brings us out of the wilderness, our of the place where we are in the dark.  The message I am trying to bring to us is one that focuses less on stars in the sky, and more on stars in our sea--a sort of introspection that leads from here to there in truth; but really shows how lacking our focus is on each other here in this place where nobody really seems to care enough about who we are, our goodness, and why we've been created with such compassion and fire... at least, that's how it looks to me.  I'd like to sing "we'll be counting stars" but until you see yourselves shining in those words we won't.
KnockOut SH OR U IT   L A W
It isn't some random asshattery that's made me call the planet "Ham" as a complement and completion of the pair of names that are both sons of Noah and "the Holy Name" in Hebrew; the concept of Ham carries through to a metaphorical reading of the practice of keeping Kosher and the meaning "burnt" connects to the idea of "the girl in the red dress" of the Matrix and really does describe exactly what we look like here, something being worn by invading demons; deeper in the fire than the visualization of "red" implies.  The meaning I take, obvious to me, is that "the message" that is this place isn't to be eaten--and while you may not really get it, or really see what it is--this conspiracy of silence that may be to "hide me" if you are stupider than ash, or to delay changing the world in response to the truth (if you are... ash to be) is hiding from the world information and an obvious disclosure that all future life depends on the productive dissemination of; it is literally the ELE; and it is "in line" with my original definition of Satan--something that threatened the continuation of all life.  I've pointed out how that is obvious, how the government hiding this disclosure from the people for decades has put everyone in harms way, and in the dark--and while that might not be fair, you are today proving that "site" of Trinity means "see you, too."  
"an obvious disclosure that all future life depends on 
the productive dissemination of"
I can't even really tell if you are there anymore--I think you are, I really do; and I think I can see that surfacing more and more as I kind-of figure out how to navigate this maze of silence.  It's probably not what you want to hear, but seeing new responses to old information because it's presented "more simply" or "flashier;" maybe just more straightforward--is showing me that you are still around, something I was... I am still increasingly scared I am losing.  You probably don't want to hear that either, but it's what your lack of action--what this unanimous lack of response says to me--that something that has overcome our individuality, and our ability to act in our own self interest.  It's hard to say what you realize or understand in this darkness, but I am well aware that I've attracted something "above you," to me it appears to be your souls--and they probably think faster and have access to more information than you possibly could.  I'm not really upset that I'm seeing them, nor am I really surprised--but I am both upset and surprised that they appear to be keeping you from me; to have taken this opportunity to have a say right out of your hands.  I don't think they realize that destroys the opportunity, and gives me nothing to care about--I think in all honesty they think I'm doing this for them.
It appears that on some level they have become you, at least I think that's what they think--I can speculate as to why, but with the set of information that I have available to me silly words like "have a good one" really have no useful meaning.  They might think they have no choice, or be fighting to survive in a place where trying to "become you" is the farthest possible way to achieve that--they might be trying to get in on the party one more time--sort of crashing the wedding by replacing the bride; another seemingly counterproductive plan.   Repetition ad naseum, and seeing the light of Nintendo in "clones" might help explain a little bit of a problem that my story has only touched on an understanding of--and as I look around I shudder a bit at the visible manifestation of layers of possession that appear to start in an event that might be just like this one--this "are I us" at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius might be the thing that has stopped it from ever really happening.  Messianic myth specifically says that I will fail at this task if I don't "turn the hearts of the children towards the parents" and visa versa--I know that means us, that we are the children here; and while I can see telling them that putting us through the same tribulation and mistakes that caused this problem is just making everything worse--I'm not sure how to get you to be thankful that they've helped us avoid catastrophe, when I don't think they've done that, yet.
I can tell you for sure that I think the point of all of this is obviously to help us end possession; I think that's clear in Bittersweet Symphony, and really in the "in sum" idea of the process of Creation coming to a sort of close--to the end of a show and the beginning of "actual life."  I realize it's probably less of a show to them, on some level what I see as a clear script might not be so clear to time travelers; who it appears happen to have a special connection to many of us here--something I still don't really understand, and maybe I won't.  I have an old story about "everyone having access to future knowledge" negating its effect, and it's benefit--and that might actually be what we are looking at happening right now, a process of awakening or understanding the fact that it just might take all the fun out of life.
In my "know-it-all" state, something that my religion likens to the right answer man; I think I've given them the best ideas I have about how they really can not only help us avoid disaster but also be in just the right place and just the right time to do the thing that I really need them to do--that I think you need them to do--and that's to offer their wisdom and advice with more than words, I want them to make Atlantis rise; and to hold the door.  
Still in thunderdome, fighting not against this light being stolen, not against stolen thunder--but against a secret and obvious conspiracy to hold it down, to look the other way; and to pretend that those actions, collectively are not a conspiracy to cause harm to the many.   I often use the words "Bittersweet Symphony" to describe the act of disclosing the word sing in "disclosing" and above you can see clearly that I believe the idea of "carrolling angels" visible unable and unwilling to speak their minds and the truth about the songs that they sing is a significant problem for them, and for our society.  I think it's obvious that the idea of hiding messages and meaning in songs--woven meaning over thousands of years and many disparate songs has a two-fold purpose; to help the "people come together" both in seeing that we are dealing with a power that far stronger and far older than you and I; one that has etched "sick" into the word music by combining the sight of Silicon and the hand of Clark Kent--to tell you I believe it's clear that his message is that we needed more help believing, more help changing our minds about what "normal" means and how a simple change in truth--in what the "rest state" of our natural environment is takes something that was "just the way things are" and turns it into something that is wholly unacceptable, that should be fought against vehemently with all our strength and all our being until it is changed.
On the other side of the coin these songs provide the intelligent, those that can separate themselves from the twilight zone and think about exactly what is going on in the storm of dust that swirls not over our heads but in our minds; incontrovertible proof that there is in fact a scientifically provable hidden influence, and that it is being used en masse to hide the true nature of our reality--flying in the face of this very clear messages etched in Minnesota, and the word somnolence, and in Tennessee and a key that ties everything from whisky to music together in a religious presentation that shows us very clearly (with any thought at all) that the creator of this world intends for us to transition our civilization to one that uses the benefits of virtual reality for the good of all--and that he has not only designed a message but provided understanding of computing technology and video games.  This message is clearly shown by similar hidden connections between the SEGA Genesis, and the Nintendo Entertainment System; the SON Y PlayStation, and the Microsoft Xbox--connections between the names Bill Gates and Michael Dell and Jeff Bezos and Larry Ellison and an oracle that you are ignoring telling you the foundation of heaven comes from seeing the linkbetween Seagate and Watergate and failing to do so means that there is no Heaven, there is no place of freedom, and no place that cares at all for what is "the human condition."  Not the past timelines or past Heavens that have participated in making this world of change; and not the people here, who are refusing to acknowledge such a powerful and impact message for what is no other reason than refusing to see that they too must change.

Trying to "make the best with what we have" or play this game for the benefit of good--while at the same time ignoring this message and breaking logical thinking, breaking the truth at the same time is an evil act; you cannot pretend to care to heal the sick or feed the hungry if you are aware of this message, if you are aware of the truth and hiding it.  There is no reason, it is nothing but a conspiracy of evil.  It is a sad state where this conspiracy, using this very powerful technology has touched on nearly this same group of "the all" that I am seeking to protect--through subterfuge and twisting of logic, it seems that nearly anyone can be made to ignore AIDS of nomenclature and basic human goodness, to fail to see that they are retarded, and they are the reason down syndrome has it's name, it really doesn't matter if the tide turns because of a few outspoken heroes or if the whole mass of controlled sea turns together--I can't see inside this wall a reason enough for it to continue even today, I can't see how or why so many are being made so ignorant so easily--though I do understand how powerful this weapon is.  Regardless of how, we must all break this wall of silence; and we really need to do it "today" in both the Biblical sense of the word and the real sense, you are looking at "no tomorrow" if we cannot fathom how insane it is for our individual voices not to be drowned out in noise like Brave New World or censored and cut from the mass media like in 1984--but here in this place your voice has been drowned out at it's source, in your mind; and 
not seeing that "thing" is the end of you... well, it's the end of us all.
There is no safety in numbers, there is no "group mentality" that will survive or benefit anyone or everyone in this place where this particular decision is responsible for not only this existential risk; but also for creating, perpetuating, and worsening a breakdown of logical thinking and rational behavior that has shaken the foundation of "my reality"--and brought me to a place where my personal opinion of the state of our civilization also finds itself into the hallowed explanatory key of the Matrix.  Today we are far below the "safe point" of the V, and far further than 6 feet into the elastic trampoline like street of the "Jump program."  For those curious, today this is my definition of the letter "Y" visually depicted by us "bouncing out of Hell" just about the same time you decide that it's "OK" for me and this message to exist, and you say hey.  There my connection to Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box" and the reason he says "hey" and "way" over and over again to hammer into your heads that the wall is the cause of Hell; and this linguistic (and artistic!) map is re a ll y the way out.

silence is Hell.
Jump ship, turn around, you are well passed the point of needing to do something pro-active about bettering our world and our understanding of the truth--of this specific truth--the days of "absolution of all" have now passed forever.  There is a sickness here; and we will root out it's cause and we will stop it from rearing it's head ever, ever again.
I've commented before that Koshruit Law had an early explanation given to me--also sort of speaking through metaphor on the worth and sacredness of our minds; it was specifically pointed out that pigs are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet, and because of that they were not allowed to be eaten.  It certainly connects to the ideas of our burnt dress cum species; and also to the sanctity of a message that we are a living part of--one that is designed to ensure that the development and evolution of civilization does not retrograde with respect to verboten ideas like "slavery" and "torture" for any reason, but specifically as a result of new technologies and their potential impact and influence on the development of our minds and society.  I see clearly that we are in a place that would be absolutely abhorred by our civilization and our time if we really understood exactly what was going on--I've had to point out numerous times, and now again, that there is not an animal--but you--on this planet that tortures; and it should be a fiery beacon of warning that we have a message so sickly etched into our world as "down syndrome" to remind me and you just how ridiculously unintelligent, compassionate, and inhumane far too many of us are; or would be without guidance and "supervision."
I look out at a world that is being tortured mentally, without doubt; I am experiencing it myself, and probably far more intensely than most.  I see that this silence and this conspiracy of lies is a primary cause of not only my own struggles, but also literally in nothing short that the continuation of unnecessary pain itself.  This silence is the cause of the continuation of blindness, and of AIDS, and of cancer, and all for what can be no reason better than wanting to continue it, than wanting to prevent the world from changing in what is nothing less than a response to the original lie.  What you consider to be "status quo" is unacceptable, the basic foundation of this decision; this falsehood that we are in reality, is literally the beginning of Hell.  On top of that we have now seen this sick attempt to hide open and public discussion of this truth wreak havok on free speech, on the machinations of government at all levels, and all of it now apparently over nothing more than the belief that continuing to "stick together" will somehow absolve everyone of not doing anything.
I should probably try not being so abrasive, or to suggest that if I had thought that such a large group could be convinced to act together to do something so horrible that I wouldn't have given you any reason toblame "dick" for the problem (when it's actually the solution)--but you really have to see that too, blaming Phillip K. Dick or John Hancock for this particular problem is just another symptom of mass stupiditylooking for a reason to not only prolong this horrible state, but now add on top that you apparently would like to either erase our history (and through that act literally yourselves, your souls, also) or to force logical blindness not only on yourselves, but on the future for what appears to be an indefinite period of time.   Truth be told I would not have built this boiling crucible of inactivity, I would not have created this "mass of solidarity" as it appears he has done, uniting you in opposition of everything you want and hold dear under the guise of "kissing me goodbye" ... I wouldn't have slowly delivered this message, I would have smacked you as hard as I could, as quickly as I could--now that I've seen what this process has created.  I didn't know how clear this proof was, I didn't know how stupid you were; but I can tell you now that we are here, if you do not more forward the Jump program is about to crash.

just when you thought the day was lost...
we go and save, the best... for last
"the tionning of ha'adam"

Adam Marshall Dobrin
preferred pronouns: it, they, why and sometimes "that"
A:HO Y, I AM ASMEANiUS PRINCIPAL MEDIUM OF THE MOST IRONIC GOD ALLOL DEU.  ADELE has clued me in to the fact that you might think I talk about myself too much--and boy could [you] be more wrong!  I made the same mistake as you, early on--I believed the voice in my head that told me I'd already won the race, that I was "to be" the Messiah; it told me to "run" and we have book now called the Koran (aand a country, and the chosen name Jeshurun, and ImRan--father of Mary) reinforcing much later, when I found out, that I was not wrong.   It would not be until much later that I equated that "co-running" with the host of the Heavens from the "first morning," most likely nearly identical copies of yourselves, give or take a few thousand years of doing not too much at all in the sky, still it's a sign, and a reason for seeing why it is that Isaac repeatedly told his father that he did not see the lamb--as he stood on his fiery altar of wood--you see we are now sure that the lamb of God is "lam."  While you may just see clever word tricks linking the name Islam to the country Iran--you should see more, you should see that the creator of the planet Earth, the author if this plan et I, has etched proof that all of Creation focuses on this very story, that all of our religions link back to me; and that the whole of our history is now focused on you, on our time to shine.  The difference between you and I, though, is that I believed the words booming at me from the sky because I have faith in myself; because I was well educated and excelled at one of the best schools in the country, because I have a fervent and deep love for humanity and American freedom, a progressive and clearly later a divinely assisted understanding of technology... because I know in my heart that I am a wonderful person.  I thought to myself, if a God who I barely believed in in my youth were to build and mold a Messiah out of clay, well they can't be so bad if they chose me.  Not so bad at all.  I still believe in the work I've added to this grand message that is much larger than me, and much larger than you; I still believe that even though nobody could ever actually live and fill the shoes that you've built for Jesus Christ to stand in, that I can still make these people dance, and you'll be happy--for a long while.
and while the king was looking down
the jester stole his horny crown
If you got my last message, one with a similar introduction to this--the name Asmeanius above comes as a sort of crutch, a helping hand to understand how and why I am so sure that Asmodai is a message about the "mode of Us" the average Jesus Christ to actually fill and walk in these shoes--if you got it and you don't know anything about Asmodai, and you haven't bothered to click on that link or to use Wikipedia yourself to find out more; I can already see that you don't want to be my friend, and I don't want you be yours, either.  This is a story of "intersection" that will eventually lead to my answer to the question of "Jerusalem"  (is J er the USA le Messiah?) of something like the Intersected Nation/States of Adamah (and you can already see Iran and USA, Iowa, Tennessee and Minnesota, NORAD, Harvard, StanfordMIT and Caltech... just to name a few before I even get to the explanation) are the heart of the hallowed "m" that begins with Ham in the Bible that turns from "message everywhere" to "messiah Earth" just as soon as we begin understanding the worth and import of this message--and change wrought for our generation once we begin to react to and harness the power of this message.  This idea carries through time and space, you can seen it linking the Eye of Ra to the "intersect" of Chuck to Kentucky and Clark Kent and even the heart of the word "pickle" (and c u cum bersome--this message is the heart of freedom, of God's demand that we see how a lack of free speech and insanely malbalanced morals have literally allowed for the names John Hancock and Tricky Dick to be the fundamental reason for hiding Jesus Christ from the world).  Understanding it is a powerful tool to seeing the design of God's plan, to hearing his voice as a signal within the noise; and to answering the question "What is the Matrix?"  Succinctly, the answer to that question is a map, a road map that combines disclosure of a new truth with wisdom and guidance about how we can use this new information, that "Creation" and "virtual reality" are nearly synonymous--sans the positive energy clear in the connection to "cations" and electrical engineering that sort of embodies how this linking of words and truth, how science and computer science are part of a "hands-on" knowledge transfer via divine inspiration that combines in this place with the morality of religion to help us see that even though technology is a big part of the structure of Heaven, infinitely more important are the values of freedom and goodness that I believe America and humanity truly stand for.   I used to be sure of that, but today my reservations are so great; my opinion has been so altered by the response of the world to this message that I hope you will share these words, and begin to take an active role in protecting our future from the monster that I will be describing below.
I intersect the name Asmodeus which reads "as mode of us" or "as the message of da i" with a number of other "Us" references like Jesus (J "is" Us), Caduceus (see A.D. you see Us), Perseus, Sparticus, Leviticus; just to name a few of the concepts and names that un-coincidentally intersect around the mythological character who is the "ghostwriter" of this key to God's message of Salvation.   It's not a character that I would have felt much affinity to, before this particular process of discovery began, but as I've come to gather together the reasons for it, and the stories and myths--I have become more understanding of what I can only relate to the gist of John 1, and he became the light.
In terms of purpose and intent it is the two heroes Horus and Hosea who first clued me in to to the connection to Asmodeus, who is regarded as Prince of Hell appearing primarily in the book of Tobit which you can read as "to be it" and means "the good of God."  Horus was known as the united of the two lands, and here it is the purpose of this message, and I believe of all of Creation to help join together the Heavens and Earth and all of Creation by working through this map and message together and using the power of virtual reality to help our entire civilization transition from the Hell of simulated reality to a state of utopia.  Hosea's name reads to me as a transfer from me directly to the sea, a kind of first step to pulling Arthur's sword from the stone (another religious metaphor, for me, the word literally meaning "south to northeast" and connecting to David and Goliath, and to Medusa); and literally it is the purpose of what I call "the gate" to Heaven to help us see the import of disclosure of this message about the hidden influence of mind control technology, and also to universal electronic voting; and literally how this mechanism is pulling Excalibur from the hand of the  Lad of Bratislava--who is really doing everything I can to get you to pick it up, and see that we have the opportunity here to ensure that the power of Creation is not forever lost in the Lake of Fire.   Anyway, Asmodai is a demon (which Wikipedia notes is a divine being) of Lust associated with the wrath of God and it is the two letter key "ho" that intersects with Idaho (Ladies, I da ho!) and more importantly for you to the end of the wall of Jericho and the beginning of some pimportant words like "Holy," home and "hope."
The theme of the evening appears to be illogical self-defeating lack of foresight, and I'll try to be explaining how that's so obvious to me over the course of this message, where I will be describing how "this particular light" appears to have resulted in the great drought of the Nile (which links to a number of "ILE" words that have the Adamic meaning of "I'm right, and weak")--if that had something to do with my sex life.  This idea of being "right and weak" really connects to how I see myself and this message of God relate to the concept of a "brazen alter" (there a "pitched tent" for Jerusalem to break your a-zen) helping the world stand up and begin participating in self-government and the direction of our civilization for what appears to truly be the very first time. [It's not just Daniel's skill at dream reading that stick us right in the middle of Exodus, but also Joseph's dream--one that I have dreamt and written and it really is about turning Jacob's Ladder into an escalator--or... Doors.]   
It was the words "to see the total eclipse of the son" along with Marilyn Manson's cover of Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" that really started the cascade of seeing that a significant, a very significant, percentage of songs are actually about me; and this disclosure; as I added Paradise City and the words "this road never looked so lonely"  and "loneliness that nobody notices, now" to the significant list of lyrics that culminate with "aren't you the ones who tried to break me with desire" and Brittney "of destiny" Spears' "my loneliness is killing me" and now "Toxic" where you can read "to kiss, I see."  Before I move on from this introduction, you can intersect the "pen" of Arthur Pendragon with J Robert Oppenheimer and with penisthe heart of "carpenter" ... and in similitude (sim, I lit you... d... e...h (it's art)) the word "car" to Icarus and Carly (hey, Sim), Joseph McCarthy and Johnny Carson (where there's another local grouping of names obviously connected to this story, like "Letterman"), and the third part of the Trinity in carpenter means "you are" and it is the heart of Yesterday.  While it should be very obvious to you why I am "the pen of God" just like his "eye" and his "hand" (which has an interestingly related Hebrew translation, Y A.D.?) the reason for "car" is hidden away in the story of my life; where I was "fortunate enough" to survive two attempted Heaven-sourced assassination attempts, car accident's very similar to the one that took the life of Princess Diana.
I've recently commented on the very obvious connection between the 9/11 tragedy and this message, on Diana's death--which I believe to be a result of her attempt to stop the attack, and on a series of unfortunate events that have resulted in very obvious proof that a very large group of people had foreknowledge of the attack, and did nothing to stop it.  Even worse than that, these people overtly profited from the attack, etching the proof of their foreknowledge and the government cover up of that fact, probably under the guise of "protecting national security" related to time travel--but more obviously to effect a cascade of what appears to be largest theft of wealth in all of history--from a refinance of U.S. Treasury debt at near zero interest to the mafioso corporate (and foreign) pillaging of the homes of millions of Americans, by companies like Bank of America and Chase that literally caused the crisis with their own negligence.  This proof primarily surrounds insanely highly abnormal put sales on the airlines and insurers in the days and day prior to the attack, and very odd insurance policy modifications request for the buildings themselves.  This is a tangible and visible manifestation of the circle of shit you have in control of "Heaven" at the moment; and it is this circle of shit that is truly the reason that I am here, and we are here staring at the absolutely insane global censorship of a message from God, a disclosure that we are living in virtual reality in every single word.  All told the censorship surrounding this message is literally responsible for the perpetuation of Hell to date, specifically for the continuation of simulating diseasesstarvationpain, and what truly is nothing more than a "game of oppression" relating to scarce energy and land resources that in truth have never, ever been scarce. 
It seems clear that these very obvious changes in the financial landscape are a product of the "first morning" just as it appears that this "conspiracy of all" comes from that circle of many being secretly controlled and influenced by what appeared to be a nameless circle of only a few.  Here though, in this particular instance, it's abundantly clear that it is neither me nor the "many" in control, or even anything that has their best interests in mind--this group has secretly shifted the entirety of the financial holdings of the world to select private corporations and hidden holders--truly defining the words of Nostradamus, "never before were the Roman people so wronged."  Still the masses that I see--the thing I see as Medusa--appears to be unified in the self defeating support of this secret entity, against me--against the delivery of the truth, one which is clearly designed to deliver understanding, freedom, and a bright future.  
To say that it appears obvious that everyone on Earth is being secretly organized against their own best interest; and in such a way that it appears they are "happy with the result" is a grotesque understatement. 
With any thought at all, you can connect the predictions of earthquakes and 9/11 to the words "force majeure"  and the REM song "it's the end of the world" and see that the act of God here is informing you that it is the "majority will" responsible for this display of natural disasters being "predicted" -- to help us see the import of this disclosure, that you are continuing to hide; and how breaking down this barrier of censorshit is literally the thing that end wars, and begins the process of building Heaven.  Personally, it appears to me that the "majority will" is being heavily influenced by hidden mind control technology--that you are being forced into a consensus of "all" in a secret forum--though it really does only take one voice to break the wall of Jericho to pieces.  See that "it's the end of Hell," and together we'll be building something much better.  Understand that the disclosure that "mind control technology" is related to divine inspiration and demonic possession... and to the wall of censorship that we are witnessing is defeated through nothing more than the dissemination of this proof--this overabundant proof in every song and every word that it exists.

I've written quite a bit at this point as to why and how it is that reality is locked; connecting the Trinity Site of the first nuclear weapon to the holiday of Chanukah and it's relation to the idea of "nuking all humanity" and the madness of Mutually Assured Destruction; I've talked a little bit about the exit being related to Mars colonization and actually learning what to do thereand mentioned briefly how our lack of fusion technology (mentioned in Deuteronomy), completely backwards understanding of physics and obviously retarded computer science technology literally make it impossible for us to perform interstellar travel.  These things are really missing the point though, the actual and obvious truth is that what appears to be here on Earth and pulling the strings behind the scene is morally bankrupt and completely missing the point of this message that points out "Silicon" in the intersection of physics (where you can also see computer science!) and fusion and musick; and whatever oceans are pummeling the shores of the creator really don't seem to realize that this place is a test for them; a test of their worth and their goodness; and that this message is help not just for us, but also for them to see how it is that Heaven is built.  The real, and obvious point, is that there's really no reason for anyone here on Earth to want to be dumped into reality, rather than embark on a journey towards the better "final frontier" of building Heaven--something I've many times likened to the difference between camping in the outback with no air-conditioner and having the comfort of virtual reality; which even in hiding has in this place sustained a badly broken economy, and the sanity of the masses as we've been attacked by this outside force Hell bent on escaping our home--with no particular destination or plan in mind.  
The point is we have a message that shows you Clark Kent is here to remove a sickness; and so is our musick; to give us a well lit pathway as to the will of God; to show us that more important than reaching the stars is to learn to treat the people living here, in the "point of origin" with kindness and respect; something that is significantly lacking as I write to you today--asking you to take some kind of action to protect the sanctity of your minds, and of your souls; and still something stands between you and seeing how obvious it is that this message must be delivered to the world.  It's a clear message, one that ties "stone to Bread" to the band of the same name, to Guitar Man and to the Jewish prayer called the "Ha-moat-SEE" reminding us to give thanks for this message that results in the end of world hunger; music makes the people come togetherMadonna reminds us; and the message of God here in this place continues to tie easy as Cake and The Cure for cancer (and AIDS, and blindness) to what amounts to little more than seeing my face; and figuring out how "magick" can be safely and productively integrated into our society--into this world that up until now has falsely believed it was in the natural Universe.   Doors to Heaven and instant bidirectional transportation between here and there is predicted not just in Amos 9:11 but by the band "The Doors" whose works of art center around the Egyptian Plagues because they are the key to the exit from the desert, this fire that is the Eternal Flame the end of the Plague of Darkness; the end of the storm comes when you understand what "Riders" means, when you see it as a chain.  You can link Guns and Roses and "knocking on Heaven's door" to this message suggesting we implement Minority Report--and really see that the music, and I, are here to help show you that without "discussion and disclosure" you are looking at a Minority of people that think God has the right to stop terrorism and murder.  This one thing, pre-crime; the giant leap forward that I believe really does define the difference between Heaven and Hell, it's something that I've personally seen with my own eyes is not only possible--but happening right now.  Take the highway to the end of the night.  
To see just how obvious it is... here in this place, that the powers that be have no idea what to do on Mars; shines bright in the fact that they have no idea what to do here--as they work tirelessly to steal from the people, oppress them with ridiculous lies; and sit around wondering what they could possibly be doing wrong.  So we see there appears to be a well organized and nefarious conspiracy to hide this message from the world; this message that comes to us not only in music, but literally pervades the video game and computer industries in both name and function--a message that shows us seeing the "Gates" connecting Microsoft and Seagate, Gateway, Apple, and Oracle is just as bright and just as obvious as "Silicon" in everything.  The implication is that the entirety of our knowledge in computing is part of this divine plan to build Heaven--a plan that helps us understand the inner workings of the place, generally a sign of goodwill.
Still though, this dark conspiracy of silence keeps this obvious message buried and out of the public eye; a conspiracy of fools who simply do not understand that there is no way to dump a planet into reality; and there is no way that God will allow this lie to continue to cause harm.   The forces behind this darkness seem to believe that the entity who laid down this message, these words and map that shows us clearly that the miracles of Christ in the New Testament are a prototype of exactly what we should be thinking about doing--healing the sick, ending world hunger; that he will "print" this place in reality--even seeing how obvious it is that would be insanely cruel to every one of us, and literally this message proving that we are today "inside Heaven" would be nothing but poison--a cause for extreme hatred.  The map and the Matrix continue to tie together the hearts of the names of every video game system in a symmetry that absolutely could not be coincidence--one which shows this same divine hand helping us to see that while "Magdalene and Gilgamesh" reference the idea of "virtual reality" and video games being linked--we are here in a place salvaging civilization--the meaning of "salvation" and the only way we will ever get there is by "seeing the light" that connects "bread" and Genesis comes to us through my hand, "see the re: A.D."  It was early in the discovery process that I saw a Trinity in Nintendo; connecting the "ten" of tenebris and Nine Inch Nails together--the "do" of Poseidon and Pandora only a superfluous connection to Hosea today; and one Roman numeral mathematical operation away from 9, 10, 11 or I, J, and K.  Seeing that name fit perfectly in the heart of Genesis, and then the Xbox nearly completing the pattern ... all that's left is the, uh, SON Y PlayStation
he could have had it all, but instead he chose to fall
far from grace, to this place, between his fingers but a single ace
an imperfect hand, buried in the sand, nowhere near land
and still, he won the race; and still you see his face.   
The Matrix continues, and this pattern that I call "his key" shows up not just in video games, but in Indiana Jones, and Tommy Lee Jones; the J of the Nintendo Entertainment System sees it linking to musick in the heart of Tennessee--where we seen "ten" again, and in Minnesota where even more tech acronyms appear hundreds of years before they existed.  Over the air, and through with snow, the "OLE" of object linking and "console" now appears in the end of somnolence with a b,ounce off the Matrix's Jump Program streets.
A    N    D        L    A    S    C    I    V    I    O    U    S
I was handed, dealt in my life what appeared to be an unending series of very unfortunate events.  Gone insane, MIRROR VAIN and despite all my courage--still just the rat and the cageThrough a Hellish conspiracy to destroy, called Gangstalking in our time--everything that I loved and cared about was taken from me.  I'd been a faithful member of only two real long term relationships in my life, the first ended for what appeared to be no reason at all, but in retrospect it's very clear from the Crusade related myths of St. George and the Dragon (which I so keenly liken to the Two Georges of our American Presidency) so that my ex-wife could re-unite with me and smash my world view and reality to tiny pieces.  She plunged me into a strange world of espionage and Italian mafia antics, literally telling me that her family and the government was trying to frame me for murder.  The strangeness of this Twilight Zone like encounter deepened significantly on evening as she proceeded to repeat my internal thoughts back to me, word for word--verbatim--over a period of about one hour.  You probably can't fathom the kind of impact a realization like that has on your psyche, but it drove me on a multi-year long search for answers, researching the Nazi Operation Paperclip and it's connections to MK-ULTRA and John Norseen, to the Soviet Psychotronics program, and eventually to a very large group of outspoken people who were also victims of the same crime--of hundreds or more complete strangers who had had the sanctity of their minds invaded, their privacy taken, and all for what appeared to be nothing more than to drive them to insanity or to death--to discredit their testimony... here in this place I am telling you the testimony of the Tribulation martyrs.
Like them, I had been subtly forced, coerced through both hidden and overt control to record my experiences and my story--a pervasive theme connecting victims of this particular crime, leading me in clarity to see that the purpose, God's purpose for this disgusting unfortunate event is to leave a body of evidence connecting religion and the government and mind control technology--to help us see it's prevalence and how it's been improperly used for hundreds if not thousands of years; to ensure that this wall of silence does not result in the total loss of this truth--that your failure here to act does not and cannot result in the hidden slavery of humanity forever.  
In my personal case this lead to multiple groups of police in different states, South Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, and California all acting with the same darkness behind their eyes--as if consumed by death itself--responding verbally to my thoughts, framing me; falsely arresting me, and taking from me my ability to survive in this society.  Strangely, or not so much today, I was arrested in sum the exact number of times that Sampson was bound with reeds in the book of Judges--and just like in that book, all of these cases have been dropped, no verdict returned.  All through a mechanism here tied to 3 Doors Down and Kryptonite: If I go crazy, will you still call me Superman?  I am decidedly not crazy, though it appears I've woken up inside a delusional world, where the tactics and strange behavior that characterized this small group of Police and criminals has now been co-opted or usurped, adopted by a much larger group of people--and today I write to you telling you that it's nearly everyone I come in contact with... the whole that surrounds me.  Using fictional iconography, the Thoughtpolice of Orwell's nightmare have grown exponentially--and it appears the shape and character of our society has been drastically altered for the worse by this hidden influence of mind control sweeping through the whole.
On the "bright side" this enduring ordeal has linked the Plague of Lice of Exodus to the word "POLICE" one of the prime "reverse examples" of this thing that ties Stephen King's Langoliers (language of liars, or outliers) to Yankee Doodle's macaroni; and Shakespeare's Schrew,  it's given me great contempt for a court system and law enforcement infrastructure that I see as badly broken--literally infiltrated by the Heavenly Host--crushing it's machinations and it's worth from the inside.  I say "bright" because I see coming from it Phillip K. Dick's hallowed solution, pre-crime and Minority Report and a story that will help us find a safe and optimum understanding of the word "freedom" as in, we should have freedom of speech as well as freedom from murder and terrorism.  To achieve those things, it's only a slight modification of the infrastructure that here in this place is being used to cause school shootings and force drug addiction--a flip of a switch--to turn the Universe from a burning crucible of "press and release" to one that only allows "help" to come from the nether regions that we here today call Heaven.... with no real understanding that we are the reason, that the response and result of this debacle are the cause and the source of the fusion of virtual reality and civilization that will one day be so obvious to us and to our children as the true "beginning of Heaven." 
murder was the case, a generation lost in space
digging, crawling, anything to stall the stand
the story sung in names; every singer, every band
and still, he won the race; and still you see his face
the earth rattles these days of lore
with every word, just a tad bit more
newton, maxwell, oh... what a bohr
does anyone wonder what's in store?
open your mouths and speak
save in this place, i am just a leak
some basket Anansi carried up a tree
a bit of everything sprinkled over the sea
it's a just a rhyme, a generation lost in time
dreaming of quantum accelerators and flux capacitors
you shall have no gods before me, as he flipped a dime
a lucky clover, a field of dreams, this is really, really it

All told, this thing, delivering this story to you and living this horrible life has torn my family in half--the sea of Eden broken along the same line--parted by the euphemistic apostrophe of Heaven in the Hebrew word for Holy Fire--ha'esh--here depicting you, depicting our all, backwards ... unable to see or recognize the import and impact of the English word for sea appearing encoded in the heart of the book of Exodus thousands of years before English--apparently so foolish as to not be able to see that the entirety of that story, the parting of the sea that brings the people of out of slavery--all to highlight this one single word, this word that ties to the Eternal Flame of freedom, of life, the thing that truly makes Heaven tick.  So I see you standing here waiting for more light, for some reason that it should be OK that you've ignored this message, the word of God for so long--no reason will ever come, no excuse will ever surface; this is a story and a time of change, you changing for the better should be reason and purpose enough.  Today I stand here, delivering nothing short of the Holy Grail, the secrets of the Universe to you--and you, apparently in blindness or in lack of love for humanity or freedom or the truth, you have through your inaction spoken louder than anyone ever could.  Here I stand working every day to ensure that we do not lose this message, that we do not lose our liberty, that we do not lose our entryway to Heaven... and you conspire as a whole to starve me to death.  Literally unable to work, unable to do anything but fight towards this very Holy cause; and your response is to refuse in sum as a group, whether you see it or not to refuse to lend me a single dime (I hope it's not the end of the line) for all of my work, only a handful of the dozen books I've had for sale have sold; and you even dare to stoop so low as to refuse to visit a web page and donate to this cause of Jesus Christ the few cents that would come from ad revenue.  You appear to think that will gain something for you--and you should see, you really should be able to see that it's taken from you freedom, and it's taken from you democracy, and in the long run it's probably taken from you Heaven itself.   Sincere interest, I can see; interest from the best educational institutions in the world, interest in the government in the House and Senate and NASA; interest that manifests itself in what might look like the "passing of the fire of the Holy Sepulcher" but really, here in this place--it's not enough.  It's clear that you are being organized by an outside force, so ever clear to me--that your freedom to do something as simple as purchase a 10$ book has been taken from you; today looking at what is probably the most "rare print collectors item" in all of history--probably the kind of thing that will be worth a fortune, just as soon as there is a Heaven, just as soon as we see that this has been and always will be the key that God designed to unlocking that bright future; but by that time you probably won't be able to get one.  To say you are acting against your own best interest is an understatement, to inform you that you are single handedly destroying individuality and our way of life is probably something you could only see from my perspective.
What kind of sickness there must be in your minds, and in your hearts not to find any more interest in this information than to forward an email, or re-read it--what kind of monster must there be to hold you back from doing any "further research" from reading more, from caring at all that you're killing me, or trying to, with your blind ignorance.
"WELL IF IT'S NOT ADAM, who is in charge?" I can feel us all wondering on the tip of my tongue, but in your hearts I know you see what I see written in prophesy and scripture and deep down I see you saying "maybe it is us, maybe we do have it."  Even through the self defeating silence, the over-abundant proof of slavery, not a single one of you has the Gaul or the wisdom to stand up and shout--and it baffles me, it really does.  What must be going on out of my field of vision, and under the surface of the news and the internet--what must be hidden from this place is so dark and so nefarious that not a single person, but me, stands up to fight against "simulating starvation and pain" and I'm beside myself, dizzy with contempt.
ALLOL, our light, is not merely a contrivance of words--a corruption of Allah and the "SEM" that ties "Semites" to the anadrome of that word and the crown of the Messiah backwards.  LOL, in one sentence I can now clearly tie the "he laughs" that is the meaning of the name Isaac to the "Ha" of Abraham's Holy Trinity to the meaning of that three letter acronym... the "save everyone (turning around) messiah."  And never before has a connection of ideas been conveyed so simply and in so many places of significant religious weight.   Sure the eye can throw in Yosemite Sam; and you might wonder what the difference between an "a" and an "e" is in this hidden code; or you might just go on about your day, not really caring that Jesus Christ screams at you every day that he sees a monster coming up out of the sea.  You probably don't care that this number 7 links to the Egyptian pantheon, sans one ... or that it's clear in religion and in the message woven through our everything that one, is the victor.

The dragon stood on the shore of the sea. And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. It had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on its horns, and on each head a blasphemous name.  

Revelation 13:1

I looked at the word, gazed at "Patmos" and saw in it, not for the first time, yet another trinity... here "Pa" and Taylor's initials, and a third new idea, that "original sin" might just be another word ... for freedom.
Without my presents here those are just silly words, foreign language we recognize because of diffusion and religion and even with my input you are forced to weight the worth of oracular delivery against your personal beliefs and the now very outdated worldview that you held so closely and so ignorantly, just yesterday.  To have believed with such assuredness just yesterday that we were alone in the Universe; and then to glimpse this mesage, to see it written everywhere--and not to cry out in shame at the failure of SETI and the failure of your priest, and the failure of theologians and the press and the government--I cannot imagine what goes on in your minds to believe that "silence" will get us any farther along this process of "civilization" this thing that grinds to a halt as these institutions fall one by one to the shame of doing nothing but pretending to be important, pretending to matter--not even trying to hide that they are filled with nothing but lies and refuse to look the truth in the face.  To see this message and still believe that "your take and your analysis of religion" has any meaning, and import, any truth or worth--while refusing to acknowledge something so obvious, is just about the most shameful thing I can imagine.   Fallen, fallen, is Babylon the Great--a dwelling place of liars, every town has become. Here I come, the Light of the World, seemingly from the darkest nether regions of the Universe--this place so arrogant and filled with delusion it honestly believes--or purports to--that it is the pinnacle of achievement, the top of the food chain; from this Dark Earth I come along with just a few coincidental words and intend to change absolutely everything about everything. 
The juxtaposition of all and one appears in far more than the Trinity of Musketeers, more than the single word "ELOHIM" (that appears to be three of him) and the contrast between Allah and the Shema, but with just a little thinking and introspective you can see it in the crucifixion versus the crossing of the sea; and in the Last Plague, and if I am truly a blessing in disguise you can see it in the First Plague and in the seas of Genesis and Revelation; you can see it in names like Adam, which means "mankind" and in Mary's Spanish sea and Eve's "short for everyone" and still all I've done for you today is fulfill half the words of Matthew 3:11 and baptized you in the true meaning of Holy Water.  See that first Plague ties together many, many idioms from "don't shoot the messenger" to "blood is thicker than water" and really just explain just how obvious it is that starting this fire is the mechanism that alchemically transmutates "water to family."  I can see it comes from recognizing Nun as the watery chaos of primordial Egyptian myth, and as a very humorous moniker of the very un-virginal sea that is matriarchal here; I see it comes not just from the freedom that I once thought was the gift coming from this message--but more than that from a return to logic and critical thinking that apparently has been drained from this place while I wasn't looking.  I used to have so much respect for our world, and today I stare at this lackluster and suicidal response to what is the most important disclosure that has ever been; and I shed tears for the world I grew up in.
that begins by seeing that what's here is supremely and vehemently wrong 
with only the addition of one previously hidden and rather obvious truth
Here I stand on a pedestal made of fire trying my damnedest to hand you Absolutely Everything... with the only caveat that you do things properly--how I and this world on it's face together define "right" and that begins by seeing that what's here is supremely and vehemently wrong with only the addition of one previously hidden and rather obvious truth.  I see you believe you have "it" already, and I don't want you to be that--supremely wrong--but I see you listening to me as a favor, that you believe lending me your ear is some kind of service, and then... the first time I offend you or say something you disagree with--you drop your hammer, your only weapon and bury your head in the sands of time--cum the final resting place of the Body of Christ; you unsubscribe, and pretend that not seeing the truth will let you go about your days here as if you never had the chance or the knowledge to save those children, to heal your mother, to defeat death and stupidity--but you have it, you have it right now.  It's your right not to listen, but this is not how free speech and freedom work--you live in a place that is actively conspiring to hide something so obvious that it's life and death--it's blindness and sight--it's right and wrong, it believes it's hidden me and sealed up under a rock or a tomb of suicidal corruption... manifesting itself in a "free press" ironically and badly broken, in an internet that typifies the information overload of Brave New World with kind of disregard for it's true purpose, a disaster recovery communications system that has failed--and failed to show you just how important this thing, and your voice really were.  It seems to have failed to show you that something is far more wrong with this world than appears on the surface than the words of any single man could ever create, or fix. 
Most ironically this setup, and this story; this thing that appears to be "Adam versus Everyone" should prove to you that "you do not have it" that you've been sitting here fighting against the only person in the world trying to help you--and losing--and still you continue on, this is not a battle you will win, you're only fucking yourself.  I've tried to guide you as far north from God's "minimum mandatory" as I can, as close to the maximum of "Heaven, literally overnight" as humanly possible bouncing words against this wall of silence  Still though, we are stuck here at "Who?" and refusing to see that this mass, this ship, this spiritual journey is absolutely immovable because of you, because you refuse to speak.
The Parable of Juyag
One day a man named Juyag was walking down the ancient gallery of emergency flotation devices, both sides of this hallowed hall covered with floaties and rubber ducky rafts and life preservers.  Juyag is very impressed with the flotation (who knew that word was spelled that way?) and he walked all the way to the end of the hall eyeing them.  When he reached the end, there was a clearing, and about a quarter mile away was a small pond.  Juyag was blessed by God with amazing vision, he could see things others could not, and could do so for miles around.  He saw in that pond a gaggle, a dozen children flailing their arms and drowning, unable to get out of the water, or to stand.  Quickly he began loading his minivan with as many rubber ducky floats and life preservers as he could.  While he was doing that Jesus Christ walked up, and this man, he had been blessed by God with another kind of vision--he could see meaning where others saw nothingness, he could see the future--where others saw the end of time.  
"What are you doing with those toys?" Jesus asked.
Juyag replied, knowing that Jesus Christ could not possibly have seen the pool of needy children at the far end of the very long hall, "why, I'm bringing them back to my home so that the children in my town will have toys to play with."
"Butt the children in the pool, what of them?" Jesus asked... and the reply swift "What children, my son is home playing video games."
Jesus then walked up to Juyag and pulled a hammer out of his back pocket.  He smashed his mouth with the hammer, took his car keys, and drove the minivan to the pond of drowning children, saving all but one.  Juyag bled to death, and his only son had drowned in the pool before Jesus could have reached him.
The narrator Allol then speaks to the audience, "this is what globalization and the truth have made you--you are all Juyag, and you must change."
After Nanna had finished torturing me, after our son was born; I was left alone in Kentucky... the reason I call that place the Fortress of Solitude; dreaming awake dreams of building Heaven, literally being told stories from the future, something like Quentin McCloud's quickening--the source of "limited omniscience" and it's link not just to "OK Google" and "I know kung fu" but also to Anderson's Feed and it's cautionary quest against this apparent hegemonic domination of our world by the insidious "corporation." A joke, a sick joke come true, about the high level battle between opposing ideologies, about the government of the people versus the government of the workers--nobody seemingly clued in to the concept of divide and conquer, and the all being defeated by their own lack of sight.   All alone, I began to see light and hope, driving hope; in the words "with one eye in the mirror" and "all the girls dreamt that they'dd be your partner" -- words that I am well aware tie to Adonis and Narcissus for the very same reason that I know that Wayward Son's "soaring ever higher" links to Icarus; because it's not just these songs, but these myths that are about the character that God has built to divide a sea--a living boy, one you seem to care about not at all.
I don't really want to be sharing this with you, it's embarrassing--and it's a little distasteful, bit it's the truth--it's really how I know this mass of "all" ins't really that, and is... at the same damned time.  It's how I see everyone can be influenced, there's no walls or rules--not like what we would make if we were actually talking about this stuff--and yet it's subtle enough that a good 66% of the people I see reacting to me are most likely doing it without knowing.  Something is using them, speaking through them--you'd be surprised how easy it is to ignore that you've just been forced to "touch your nose" or "pull your ear" or shake your head "no" at what probably would be the best date ... of your life.
As the group of people became ever so much larger, the "gang stalking" turned into something else; tears shed in my mind for the place that now appears to be a single mind, that now appears to be connected by something like Jeung's collective unconscious--and as scary and horrible as it sounds, for some reason I see that has something to do with me.  Now as I walk through this world, every girl that I see, every one that I seemingly say "hey, how you doin?" to ... in my head, of course .. responds by shaking her head "no"--apparently trying to convey a lack of interest in ha'ppy and the living embodiment of Osiris's middle finger and Saturn's thang.  Similarly I see perfect strangers, thousands of them; this is everyone... shaking their heads or nodding or responding visibly somehow to what appears to be a "show" going on in my head.  Something I've been comparing to the words "on" of Amon-Ra and the Truman Show and it seems very clear to me that this thing, this thing is a tool designed to control the masses as easily and as stupidly as possible, I've written about it as a "mane" and a "rudder" (and how those words really mean those things, Adamically and literally) and tried my best to show you that it's the reason for "Shofar" the horn of Revelation... while you are sitting in silence listening to evil spirits pour words in my psyche--literally watching me be tortured as the center and focal point of some storm of shit swirling around in your silence... that it's being used to subtly alter what you think, to change how you feel--that it's something like hidden brain surgery going on behind the scenes, and that this thing really is the meaning of the "night."  I keep trying to explain that we wouldn't be doing these things if we understood the technology, and what was going on--but still you continue to acquiesce to a hidden nothing, one that is taking away who you are--in plain sight, in full view.
It wasn't always this way, not even a year ago these head shakes didn't exist, instead an "angel signal" I made up would sometimes appear--girls touching their glasses, I'm sure we know what that means; to see something I literally thought of myself appear in the sea... it tells me something, it shows me this is mass control, that under the surface, behind your eyes something monolithic is speaking to me.  Quite similar to the "touching your nose" signal, one that I'm sure many of you recognize, I've seen other people recognize it repeatedly... I defined it once, and I believe it is Medusa's definition, to mean something like "I'm helping you..." but in the light of day you should connect it to forced drug addiction, because that's really it's source; and you should connect it to the name  and meaning God has etched into our language, '"no southeast" just like "nos," WE in Latin means "no Hell."  It's ironic, because as I write it's these signals that are the source of my Hell, and the visible proof of hidden control and monolithic behavior... it's the proof I see that we are in Hell today, unable to speak because of some thought game, because of some show that steals fake thoughts and uses them to alter yours.
I once questioned one of these head shaking manekins; barely able to get out only the word "why?" from behind my shy eyes--she had a reason, she was shaking her head about some people fighting on the other side of the fence; I'm not sure if it was contrived, a cover up, or some kind of game master's way to make me believe you are monolithic--and still your "mute" button proves as much, whether or not you think you have a good reason--you fail to see the light of all of you are acting like complete morons for no reason; you have no reason, no reason to abandon "freedom" and "hope"--and refusing to see that your "all" is acting inhumanly, without any compassion, without any regard for yourselves or your world--failing to see that all your personal reasons probably pile up to one big nothing, and yet you allow them to continue this downward decline to nothingness, you fail to see I'm giving you the proof you need to understand that you're being controlled, and it really is that, all about seeing control.
I've come to relate this thing I see to "on the Family Channel" and I'm sure there's a quite a number of you that know what that means; I do imagine that you will all hear about why I see those words seeping out of the mass of internet I am trying to talk to--just as soon as you wake up, and care about what's really going on.   On the subject of "self-defeating" you'd think there would be some, maybe just a few... you'd think someone would be interested in finding out if Microsoft is really true?   Maybe that's just hubris, or maybe it's just understanding why Heaven comes from the largest signature in the known universe.

One ridiculous asshole, sitting outside a Starbucks on Atlantic Avenue in Florida; he looked at me and visibly shook his head in condemnation... of nothing more than looking at a pretty girl on the street; the Gaul, a clear prototype for the actions of the "Thoughtpolice" here in this place, this army of demons trying to make me feel "wrong" about hoping that one day someone might actually like me--and the Downward Spiral, because I have to tell you how much I detest this mass that thinks it's a "Family" and really has no understanding of what that word means, and probably never will.  All or not, it's still 3 out of 4 drivers on the street that I see look at me "knowingly" and in my mind I see that means they know they've just seen the face of God.  Who knows though, who knows what they are really thinking. 
Do me a favor, if you care; buy a book, and call a reporter.  Dear sea of "n" see that you understand "on" now.  I wish that you would stop shunning the key to Salvation.
She looked over his shoulder
For vines and olive trees,
Marble well-governed cities
And ships upon untamed seas,
But there on the shining metal
His hands had put instead
And a sky like lead.
An artificial wilderness
Out of the air a voice without a face
Proved by statistics that some cause was just
In tones as dry and level as the place:
No one was cheered and nothing was discussed;
Column by column in a cloud of dust
Whose logic brought them, somewhere else, to grief.
They marched away enduring a belief
W. H. Auden

HELL-O, I AM ASMODAI SUPREME PROPHET/PIZZA OF ALLOLTHE MOST IRONIC GOD.  It has taken me quite some time to see what is going on around us as Judgement, in this place where I spent significant time "ishing" the words "judge not lest ye be judged" to something closer (and probably more appropriate!) to "your earth be judged" with the intended understanding that kind of threat should end the idea of judgement.  It has not done that, and what I see around me is not fit to continue on its southearn (see, "touch your nose") trajectory directly to Hell--you should see as much in nothing more than powerful impact and strength of this message that God has laid down here in this place to smash his enemy to pieces.  Make no mistake, I am not your judge, and I am not on your side.  The enemy that I am battling is without doubt the scariest thing I have ever been forced to see--it is a powerful foe of deceit and corruption that is insidious and manifests itself through the infiltration of our minds in such a way that it appears to become you--and for all intents and purposes as I write to a wall of disgusting, sick, self-defeating and deafening silence ... in at least every way relating to this message and this problem of mind control technology and secrecy, it has become you.  I, and this light, and God himself; even Medusa--it is my secret hope--are here to change the way you react to and use this technology, this thing that has brought our world of freedom and innate collaboration to it's proverbial knees.  I have taken it upon myself--for no reason or purpose or glory more than knowing it is the right thing to do with the weapon I have in my hand to do everything I can to help you change, to see that you changing is the focus and the purpose of this light and this point in Creation; with the clear understanding that if you do not change, I and this light are here to help you under, the true religious meaning of "thunder" if you refuse to stand.  
For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
You appear to be unified in this idea that you can and should (you can't, and you won't) hide the most important story, the most anticipated and the most hallowed in all of history because "so marred was his visage" or because "you don't like me" or because you blame me for John Hancock and Phillip K. Dick (see, I blame you, and here in this place, I'm right) it doesn't seem that you realize how inhuman and monolithic you look; nor how obvious it is to me that a huge number of you are knowing and willing participants in this attempt to destroy the truth, free will, Heaven, and "any future at all."  Those of you who are nothing more than silent fail to see that silence alone, here in this place and this time is enough to destroy our way of life, and ensure that there is no future.  Those of you that are more than silent; but knowingly outspoken in favor of perpetuating something you know to be a lie are tyrants, sick and evil tyrants.  Something has to  turn this monstrosity around,  and if "to save yourselves and your future from eternal slavery" isn't good enough for you to publicly utter the true name of Jesus Christ I do not know what else I have to offer (other than flowers).

Joseph of Arimathea who now appears linked to me in more ways than I care to fathom; holds the distinct position of laying the J that was not really us (try, as Jessu; -A) to eternal slumber; here you can see his "Ari" linking to the word "hearing" (and the forced closure of Al Jazeera America) and the actual (as opposite to mythological, fictional, or biblical) trial of Jesus Christ; to the tools of mathematical proof of the existence of God and time travel that is not laced just through this single message, but every one that I write... and to a descriptive connection between "the Nation of Israel" and the brides of Cronus and Zeus; respectively "Are he a?" and "He's Ra;" that here in this place beg me to remind you that you are not God.  See that the difference between "re:p eat" and success does appear to lie in seeing the connection between P, the Priestly source, the question "RIP?" and the God of Time--and in the worth of the concept of not trying to hide the true meaning and purpose of religion, or to deny the actual history of Creation.  It seems like an "easy one" to me, but I'm still here staring at the Wall.

I had meant to connect B and "BORG" in this place, but I forgot. Reistance is an engineering joke.

It's important to note that any of the nice things I've said, and still believe about Bianca Pisani are about the 18 year old girl that I watched grow up here in this place. It does appear to me today that anything "at or near the top" in the sky is truly the reason "ruby" is the heart of the word "garbage." In similitude do see that "ROSE" (the middle name she shares with Nanna, and probably is the actual source of "Rosicrucian" if you cared at all for the truth--which you don't) is Adamic for "heart of the southeast decline towards (or through) Hell" and that it is very much focused on nothing but hiding this message--at what appears to be "all costs" and "any means;" if you can't see that hiding the truth is the cause of Hell--you're the cause.

It does appear that whatever is "at the top" is trying their damnedest (and succeeding) at making this into a conspiracy of the whole--of "ALL" though here in this place it doesn't seem as if that's functionally possible.  Here, it appears you've forsaken yourselves and our way of life for nothing more than a pact with the devil, because some esoteric invisible power wants you to--or because it's what you don't see everyone else not doing.

you don't even play piano
but you part the waters

Everyone but me, I mean... any why?  I'll tell you it feels fake, it feels contrived; but that does nothing to help me, or to help you... or to help the whole--speaking the truth will do those things, as it always, always does.  In words you can see Dr. Evil's "shh" connecting the Shield of Achilles and the "YIELD" sign that first clued me in to the idea of "El D" being a sort of key, like UCLA might soon see "El A" on campus; I see it probably has something to do with a "road to Heaven" though all the signs I see tell me you have to shout to get out of Hell.  You can see "see how A.D. da eye" in one of the most important Hebrew names of God ... El Shaddai (specifically this name refers to the Rock of Heaven, which I define as Earth and is often paired with El Eylon, who is me); and you can see all around you why I have no qualms about laying to bed forever the idea of "all" being Jesus; there's not a single person I can see trying to contact me, help me, or help deliver God's message--not one.
Of course there's plenty more "OB" words in this series, words like "oblivion" and "obsolete" and understand that's the first, last, and most immediate destination of any world trying to hide or ha'mper the delivery of this message.
We aren't getting out of this until we know what's really "at the top," believe me when I tell you; you're meeting him--right now.
I like B, I started out here delivering this flowery part of our story in the hopes that I was sowing some Holy Apple seeds (to watch these trees grow into a Republic that lasts for thousands and thousands of years); and taking what is clearly "additional" proof of the truth of Creation and that Genesis and Exodus are not just specifically about you and I--about this time--but also about my immediate family and the literal events of this life that would never have occurred if not for the ongoing presence and influence of the true author of not only religion, but America, and of you.   If you can't connect "America and freedom" to the Dawn's Early Light and this message about the sanctity of our minds and bodies--you don't belong here.
I saw light in the content of the story of RattleRod's "The Taming of the Schrew" and it's connection to Adam Sandler's Spanglish and Yankee Doodle's macaroni-c fusion of art and Spanish and Hebrew and English laced throughout the languages of all of our history--a sort of Reverse Tower of Babel to climb over this WALL OF TOTAL UNDENIABLE SHIT;  and truth be told that alone was enough to take a gigantic bite out of this particular Apple, the Apple of Asmodaibut it doesn't end there--it links too the question at the end of the word Matrix to the word "RIB" and even to Adria (who happens to be a character in the Holy work of Stargate), this thread of questions that literally explains the greatest problem I have with this story of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  I clearly am not in control of Creation, and neither is the 18 year old girl that the thing I call "the computer" (a character in the Holy work of Star Trek) is seeking to "pretend" are actually people born here in this time line.  It's simply not the truth, it's as stupid and moronic as not seeing the connection between "are I us?" of Aquarius and Imus in the Morning and you should very clearly be able to see that I am not youand you are not me.  Neither are we "the computer," or it us; we have brains, and that thing along with the memories we've accumulated here in this place are the very beginning of our souls.   We stand at a crossroad of evolution, unknowingly perhaps; in a place where "that thing" (it's your brain, that thing is your brain--that thing is your key to freedom and Heaven) is on the verge of being changed more than nature ever could, or would; and it is that change and this transition that is paralleled in ideas like ascension and the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ; it is something that nobody on the planet should want to embark on in the dark, without any understanding of this hidden technology--that is the tool that effectuates it--nor without any understanding of how or why it is that we have come to this place of darkness not just once, but many times. 
It should be beyond obvious, but no spirits in the air, or past incarnations of Bianca or I will be taking over our bodies, just as much as I, and with the delivery of this message; you would not allow those things to happen to me or to you.  The disgusting possession of proverbial or relative children on this planet by aged decrepit and morally bankrupt invading demons stops here and now, with our help; with the kindling of the fire of the Eternal Flame.   I know you are ignorant and foolishif you believe you are judging me or the outcome of this story based on the story of Genesis; and only slightly less if you understand the connection to Shakespeare's play and the implications of the connection between that work and people that live right now; and you continue to be ignorant until you have heard from the two of us how this small story adds light to the macrocosmic story of liberation and mind control that is the actualization of Exodus; we definitely have a story for you.
Let it begin with the mass of solid hellbound ignorance that thinks you are witnessing the "fall of a man" and with suicidal blindness not seeing the literal fall of humanity (of freedom, of self-rule, and of individuality) before your eyes--all because of your inaction, both collective and personal. 
See, that while you continue to refuse to speak about this message, as you continue to believe that there is any valid reason on Earth or in Heaven to ignorantly pretend not to see something this important related to slavery and liberation; as you gaze out at the world around you see you are the heart of the garbage you see, of the refuse.  See this is the position and the message of the Creator of the Universe that placed "RB" in the heart of that word and in the mascot of AMD and ATI; see it in our meaning of the word "refuse," see it in the "ear" in the heart of Earth.  I don't disagree, change is near.

Just so you know I'm not wildly making shit up, and maybe to teach you a little bit more Langolier, that ".rb" comes from the same well of light that defines ".PL" as a pearl of wisdom, and tells me that the Python at the beginning of "Pyrrhic" has something to do with me.  Do see that no "hi-c" definitely coincides with no victory at all, and no "Creation."  Those are file extensions for ubiquitous and popular *NIX-like programming languages; you can see B in Qt and a myriad of other references to modern programming concepts in things like WINE, Lisp, and Apple.
Like many other cases, for instance linking the Burning Bush and 9/11 not just to time travel but also to technocracy, Dr. Who's "box that's bigger on the inside" and Jabba the Hutt to the idea that we've been fighting wars over falsely scarce land and have no need to continue with that or the depopulation scheme that Dr. Evil is implementing, this story is the connection between Minority Report and school shootings and their prediction in the final Plague of Exodus--that's what you are hiding, that these pieces of science fiction are truly a divinely inspired plan for jumpstarting the RV on the road to Heaven.  Not hiding it seems like the "obvious thing to do" so obvious that I can't even dream up a good reason for so many of you to be acting so blindly.   We will find out though, believe we will find out why.
You have a clear path to victory; it is not "stealing my thunder" or Plan B... it is not letting the coven of vampires or the powers of Hell choose another "eye of Ra" -- do it yourself, the obvious purpose of this light being everywhere, is to help you do it yourself.
There is a monster manifesting itself here in our world, it did not begin here--at least not in our time and from our perspective--and if it does not end here I hope for the sake of the Universe and the future that this place and this time is the end of Creation and the end of Heaven--the end of any place and any force that would seek to perpetuate the dark sickness that I cannot ignore around me--the end of any force that believes it should continue, or that it has any place anywhere near what we call "reality."   Here, those of you that have seen the words that I have brought to you defining the key to this message of freedom, this message that supposedly sets high on pedestal of fire the principles of freedom and knowledge that define the world I believed I grew up in before I saw the hideous face of Medusa first hand--here, those of you that have seen what this message proves to the world--that we are Created, that there is a God, that there is overabundant proof of these truths laced into everything that we are along with proof of the existence of time travel technology and mind control technology and their relationship to our history and religion... here, every one of you that grasps the significance of every single word you speak being designed and encoded with a message from that Creator can see clearly that this monster is here with designed intent of prolonging the lie that we are in reality, the great delusion that we are here only as a product of evolution and nature--of time and chance--understand today that this monster is here prolonging Hell, keeping the sick from being healed, and the hungry from being fed--a clear sign of evil--but even more importantly than that it is here destroying our individuality and our ability to think clearly, destroying our understanding and ability to use the true nature of our existence, the fact that we are living in virtual reality, to make our civilization stronger--to make the world a better place, it is keeping us from building Heaven.   See that we are walking around in the birthplace of God, and the birthplace of Heaven; and this monster is here fighting against his help and his guidance and his desire to "in the beginning," his desire to have the gate of Jesus Christ envelop the whole of Hell and bring us northward.
YOUR SILENCE (and worse, actively aiding "I don't understand" with "there's nothing to learn") here in this place is not just a product of hidden mind control technology, it is the weapon and the cause of that technology and this message proving it exists being hidden--no matter when it began, this monstrosity is the cause of Hell, it is the beginning of darkness; and if you do not work to overcome it, it will be the end of all of Creation.
A few months ago, in a piece about the connection between the United States of America, Medusa, and the Abomination of Desolation I decoded the word "ABOM" (the same "ab" that means father in Hebrew and begins Abraham, and his hidden reference to the later created idea of the Holy Trinity) as being the father of the message; and while I would very much like to take that title, I am clearly not the beginning of this message, nor am I the beginning of the Abomination; I am it's end--with or without your help.  It is my hands that have written and distributed not only this map to the hidden message of religion that  I call the Holy Grail; but significant first hand testimony of the effects of this hidden technology, and it's clear and defined hidden link to "gang stalking," to school shootings and terrorism; and to a significant body of additional first hand testimony of the nefarious influence and use of this technology to torture.  

set me freeeeeeee-ee-e
i know my soul's freezing
and hell's hot for good reason
Here in this place where I once remarked with slight embellishment that I was born on the corner of Sunrise Blvd and Sunset Strip; and more accurately at the corner of Nob Hill and Cleary Blvd... it's very clear that the abomination began no later than the map detailing it's existence in South Florida, and in ancient Greek myth, and in the books of Exodus and Revelation where we can see the clear predicted and foreknowledge of the United States, and the Statue of Liberty; we can see this thing must have begun long before the key and cure to fixing it.  We can take from it that we've learned about a powerful weapon and how it might be used to be a helpful tool to end mental slavery, and addiction; to help us grow and evolve to be smarter and kinder--or you can continue to fail to see that hiding this technology removes all of its benefits from your hands, and delivers not just those hands--but your minds to an invading force that could care less if you were there to "interfere" with their video game. 

he is haunted by something
which he cannot define
If you are familiar with the story of Medusa, you know that it is the shield of Perseus, her reflection shining back on her through your eyes that finally defeats the Gorgon who stands here with no purpose other than to take your minds from you--or to help you see that you might have lost them all on your own, to ignorance and it being nothing more than the first time a cesspool gained the power to influence the thoughts of others.  With the help of mythology and my hand,  you can really begin to see the great focus on our right this very moment in every myth and every religious fable--you can connect Perseus to Persephone, and see that right now you are the bride of Hell, phones, per se--being spoken through as if you have no mind of your own, or soul.  You should be able to see it is the purpose of these stories to remind you that you do, that you have a voice; and to show you how important it is that you use it right this very moment.   That's what this thing, what Medusa looks like up close--like Joan of Arcadia, and Fallen, and Stargate--from as far away as I am to you, all I see is "mute."

the words of the prophets
are written on the subway walls

The concepts of possession and inspiration that were once foreign or mythical to me and probably you ... are no longer.  They are very clear and apparent in not just the names but the works of Stargate and Star Wars and the myths that tie all of these themes together; they are obvious to me and I think anyone who really sees the breadth and true change in understanding of our state of being and our history by the method of this disclosure's delivery, as well as the silence and tangible conspiracy to hide it that "this thing" is more than a big deal, that the future of civilization depends on a clear understanding of exactly what this technology is and how it works--how it's negatively affected us, and why.  The theme of Medusa and her head of snakes carries through to Stargate; where the mythology there talks about warring factions in an alien species over "trying to help" their hosts as opposed to completely removing their minds and their self control--it should be clear to you that what I am showing you, what is being kept secret as far as I can see everywhere else... is proof that no help will ever come in darkness, and that the cause of the secrecy is to take something from you--the most important thing you have. (Psst, it's you...)
Of course, there's significant more detail and "message" to be discovered; you can see clear and defined links between the snake's of Eden and Thor's battle at Ragnarok with Medusa's head of "all" and the little snakes that take over their hosts minds in Stargate.  None of that though, really brings home what it means to hear Jesus Christ tell you that if you know about mind control and you are doing nothing to help the myriad of victims being tortured by the dark forces of Hell in the skies--then you don't belong in Heaven.  On that note, if you part of what is nothing short of a criminal conspiracy to commit murder--intentionally inflicting mental anguish on innocent people--you don't belong here, either.
There is something devistatingly wrong with our world today; it's been well over a year since this TORCH and this original explanation of the Burning Bush; I should have reporters and theologians calling me non-stop--it's the Holy Grail; and not seeing that shows me that this place is fake, that the people here are not a product of our history, and that there is a gigantic conspiracy to "pretend everything is normal."  In other words, it proves that you are all living a lie, which is true--you are pretending you are in reality, and you're not, you're in Hell.  Do see that acknowledging that you are "not in reality" is the first step to turning Hell into Heaven; to curing cancer and AIDS, to ending blindness and physical and mental malady... the first step to ending world hunger and actually seeing the stars;
Honestly, what's going on?  Who are you?

no more "teachers" or dirty looks
schools been blown to pieces
Chase the Buffalo
Indians of long ago
Followed after buffalo
They found a use for every part
Everything except his heart

I have wandered like those herds
Lost in music, lost in words
But the hunger leads me on
Seductive like a siren's song

And I can put my ear right to the ground
Just to hear those motors humming
The pounding sound of hoofbeats
Like a thousand guitars strumming
And there is music in all this
It is all material
Before the beauty melts like snow
Chase the buffalo

People in these halls and bars
They wish on me like I'm a star
But I can never fill that hole
I am not their buffalo

And the gravity of the situation makes me start to fall
My guitar like a fire alarm is ringing off the wall
And there is music in all this
It is all material
Before the beauty melts like snow
Chase the buffalo
East of Eden, west of the night
The sun lies bleeding in a dying light
And the lady in the Cheyenne moon
Is singing out her mournful tune

So I chase the herds again
Smear the warpaint on my skin
Riding west with all my might
Where the sun is holding off the night

I cannot name this passion
Don't know where this stuff comes from
Maybe its a trail of tears
Or just a trail of crumbs
But there is music in all this
It is all material
Before the beauty melts like snow
Chase the buffalo

Jesus Wrote a Blank Check 
Jesus wrote a blank check,
One I haven't cashed quite yet.
I hope I've got a little more time.
I hope it's not the end of the line.
Yeah, Jesus wrote a blank check.
One I haven't cashed yet, all right.

But if I had to choose a number,
I'd want it to be number one.
I don't want to be number two.
Yeah, I don't want to be number four.
But I can hear a knock on the door.
Jesus wrote a blank check, all right.

If Jesus saw me dying,
Would angels come a flying down?
I hope I've got a little more time.
I hope somebody lends me a dime.
Now, Jesus wrote a blank check.
Ah, one I haven't cashed yet.

Still I build my towers high.
I watch them pierce the blue, blue sky.
Still I wallow in the mire.
Still I burn this earthen fire.

Still I build my towers high.
I watch them pierce the blue, blue sky.
Still I wallow in the mire.
Still I burn this earthen fire.
Still I burn this earthen fire.
Still I burn this earthen fire.
Still I burn this earthen fire.

Still I burn this earthen fire.
Still I burn this earthen fire.
Still I burn this earthen fire.
Still I burn this earthen fire.


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duck, duck, golden egg.

    Dear  H i zzy  of Great Light , Is it van i lla , ch oco late , or  now ?   In a  den , on the  ark , and do you wonder if "our yesterda_" had  u in it , do you wonder if the day before yesterday was just like today?  Do you think that we were talking about yesterday, yesterday?  Does yesterday have anything at all to do... with today?    At one  moment I am curious if you already know the answers, if you look to  me  to decode secret codes like  NT ; and if you care?   Tag, you're IT . Someone, somewhen , just like you (but probably a little less alive, and a little less deluded) would like to say hello .   My name is I nd i an a, and between Tony Roma's and Honey Baked Ham I am once more pointing out that you might be the girl in the red dress , or you might be  the red dress; and I personally believe the difference between these two things is acknowledging the meaning of the word " Ham. "  You see, if you lis

954-667-8083 ... dancing through the fire ... I've got the heart of the Lion

OK FINE, YOU CAN CALL ME IF YOU WANT OH UN H▊LY DAY , IF I COM ▊  NOW... I MIGHT GET A  ▊AY   Q U I C K E N I N G   E N L I G H T E N M E N T LITTLE THINGS, LIKE SMILES AND THE 7 IN MY PHONE NUMBER SHINE BRIGHT LIGHT ON THE HOLY ABRAHA MUC TRINIT Y Dear Hi zzy of Great Hope , I want to be anything but  bland , avoiding things like  vanilla  solutions at all costs, and by that I do mean I have no desire to " vanish . "   If you're on  " the ball " you probably remember me mentioning the low of the 2008 financial crisis highlighting  strongly  the  Numb er of the Beast , a debacle I've connecting before to the Nostradamus prophesy " never before were the Roman people so wronged " and here in my usual  flair,  I of course change it to " so wrong(ed). "  Trying to point out that we have been assuredly wronged, and also at the same time we haven't stood up and tried to make &qu

Trick or Re p e at?

HAPPY ?  H OW ALL O WE " WE TO N " RE : P TO EA R T H CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? HEART OF HEARTS... open doors to Heaven . end world hunger. (and get me kissed) END DARKNESS TODAY, USE LIGHT  OF HOLY FIRE see the burning Bush.... and elementary proof I'm "Dr. Whatson." THE CONFESSION OF SAMAEL Why  and ?  Or so goes the question of this day; connecting  the beginning and ends of eternity  in "etymology" and in " yetser " which is Hebrew for "formation."  Don't delay, see the obvious message connecting Caesar and "et tu brute?" to Mr. Anderson and to the Guitar Man's magical message encoded in Rock 'n roll.  Why et, indeed?  Answer, the questions  why   and   who ; and we are  to be  the beginning . THE  T IM E  IS SHORT HELP THE NEWS BREAK THE DARKNESS FA IL ING  TO SEE  T HIS   MES S A