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The Lamb Lays Down on Broad Way

H    O      M    I     L    E     T     I     C    S

GEE, I EL ... M  O  R  E ?    LET I "SEETHE KISS.

So here we are, at the conclusion of HO MILE, adding another "LET" to the series of "LET THERE BE LIGHT'S" that recently had "LET IT BE GIN" (which certainly does do a good job of highlighting Cousin Bianca in the Addams Family) and "LET US Si" added to Trinity that was fairly well LIT by our modern idioms--linking these colloquial statements not just to the disclosure that we are in Exodus, but proving (at least to me) that we are being guided, or in the words of he with "the touch of the master's hand" LED, and I do mean controlled.  It is every word, and every name that contains proof of this message that we are, and sometimes they just make me smile.  Red Hot Chili Peppers mentions specifically that "I heard a voice coming from a photograph" which echoes something that never actually happened; which gives me hope that perhaps I'm not really "ON TV" in Heaven--meaning relieving a bit of my belief that this idea that a large number of people are "living my life with me" as in the book of the Underworld A.K.A. the Amduat suggests.  While I'never heard a voice coming from a picture, I do see "life" in the eyes of still images, often seeing "nods" or "head shakes" and sometimes looks of "stern longing;" which might very well be the source of common superstitions that our souls are trapped in pictures.  Would you like to know more?  By trapped, I mean trapped in a strange world of half-reality half-twilight zone where this apparently not only the only way, but an "accepted" way of communicating with me from Heaven--call it "Windows" in picture frames.  To me, it's just about as good as the Land of Not.

T    R      A    M    D      K    O      I    N      E

It's fairly clear that what I perceive as a "show" that you can see more allusion to in sounding "Shofar" akin to the Bells of Hell, is actually rampant misuse of the very technology we should be using to end murder.  Specifically I imagine that it is a previous incarnation of "Heavens" oversight system turned on it's head; and that the sphere of people in the fold, has grown significantly to nearly everyone at this point, as a way to "shift or allevi@e blame" more on the connection between Allah and "o" in a bit.  Changing the system is as simple as discussing the now very obvious proof we have that this could be Heaven if it wasn't Hell--and seeing that the dividing line betwen those two things gets less and less grey as we begin discussing it.  I'm not on the "just blame Adam for everyone's mistakes" train, by the way.  I do think you still have brains, and because of that, it's "ouy" in Allah--actually making yourselves "slaves" to darkness, secrecy, and pretending you are somewhere else; when it's fairly clear you are here and don't like murder, starvation, and slavery--yet seem to be reluctant to do the one obvious thing that will fix those problems.
By GIN, by the way, I do mean truth--and the truth--the cold hard truth is that IT is something between your apathy, and overt mind control that you are ridiculously failing to help yourselves overcome.  Try doing it yoursElvis, it will probably work.  Listen, I'm just the messengiah.  To see the answers to questions posed in music for decades makes me wonder how it is that this insight hasn't caught fire yet--see in Guitar Man, "and you want to get the meaning out of each and every song" lost between Elivis and suicide, so have another drink and break on through to the other side of the wall.  Listen to the radio and Jefferson Starship, baby it's the Guitar Man on the radio, radio, radio in GAS hed goes west... and in Radio-active too.  Now listen to me, between the Last Stop and Bittersweet Symphony, it's clear as day and night that it is the purpose of Nero and this fiddling with (minds) music to prove this technology and influence exists... to set us free.

Inline image 11 Inline image 17

B A N D   N A M E S   J U S T   A S   I M P O R T A N T   A S   Y O U R S 

The title for instance, "The Lamb Lays Down on Broadway" well Who knew it was by a band named Genesis, and it's about HO MILE and the battle of Homildon on 9/14.


A L L  A  H   H U  A K  B A R

It's a pretty good indication and microcosm for the whole problem we have before us; it brings a little bit of the redeemer out of El Elyon and hopefully incite some of you to wake up and do what you know you want to do inside--to take stand and make the world a better place.  It's pretty clear from the derivation of "AH" that comes from Menorah and SOL and the wives of the Patriarchs, Mary, and Nun; that "Allah" is yet another leading indicator that "all humanity" is in fact the blood of Christ in the chalice that is our Heart, the Holy Grail is Earth.  

We can see clearly in "every name is lit" that your names, both your first and your last contain a message directed specifically at the Last Adam, at the Messiah; for instance Adam Lastiwka of The Travelers TV show tells me that his soul agrees that the last rewind has already occurred and we are moving forward, onward, and upward from this place, rather than erasing ourselves, our history, and the significant amount of proof that we have before us, and within us, to help us build a better future.  The fact that your names deliver a message to me; and that I know these same names existed before the "First Coming" and that everyone in Heaven Knows that this proves beyond doubt that what we are experiencing now has not only been forseen it is part of a grand design to help us overcome hidden control and slavery.  You are part of the grand design, a it should be clear, HU is me.  

It should be clear to you all, that "who" is you all too, and that particular you all is being coerced, controlled, and influenced into doing nothing, appearing to be moronic, and hiding how that's happening from yourselves.  Try yourselvis, I've spent years writing about the effects of this technology; and trying to help us overcome it.

But you don't like me, because ... uoy literally sat back and watched me be tortured with this technology, forcing me to do drugs, isolating me, and the whole time all you had to do was try to help everyone; it really should be obvious that helping to deliver this message literally saves you, me, and everyone.  Wake up, this is not blame shifting it is the truth, and when you realize it applies to you as well as me; you might see why the fiery altar lights a bright future--rather than nothing.

While we are on the subject of Islam and "on the lam" connecting the Koran to salvation you can see some more "word tricks" that are anything but meaningless in "Sad am Who-sane" and "Original sin AM-A of La Den" certainly not describing the 37 year old person writing to you about remembering that "original sin" might have something to do with blaming innocent people for something you are doing.  Call IT nothing, call it ignoring the truth to the detriment of yourselves and everyone around you--what is not being done by hiding this message is the equivalent of turning Heaven into Hell. 

I could spend lots of time commenting on the "interestingly distasteful" visual commentary of "me" in religion; for instance the children with Ra in the movie Stargate, and the similar depiction of babies with God in the "Creation of Adam;" the Muslim "misconception" of Heaven being something like a wild orgy with 21 virgins, but the truth of the matter is that while I now see where these "ideas" came from, they are nothing like me or what I want.  Cousin B has been plastered into the forefront of Eden in the form of RIBApple, and a question of "is IN ... in Heaven or in Hell" in my last name; and in my eyes to show the obvious solution that the original sin really has nothing to do with her at all; it has everything to do with your blindness and your stupidity.  She's way too young for me, to avoid ob-livion it's clear that the line between Heaven and Hell is waiting two years to dance with her at LIVright?  Honestly, I've never really dated a girl more than a year younger than me, and as I near my half-life crisis, a twenty-something sweet really does seem like a good idea.   You know, to Zeus; who has no problem with Sarah's old age.  Start the car and take me home.

Honestly, you do realize this is what "you all" as Medusa have done; you have placed our civilization on the brink of oblivion because my niece-ex-law is hot? See clearly that you are all being manipulated into hiding "virtual reality" and overt external control and BiancaTaylorNanna, and I have nothing to do with your stupidity.. other than providing you with a clear path to a better future, and some fantastic incentive for me to waste all my time doing it, all alone, with no help from anyone--because you... youwhatknow better?

H     I     C       S     U     M     M     U     S


Come on, read the synopsis of The Taming of the Shrew, see "SOB" we all love to be told exactly what not to do--so see how "original sin" defines exactly how not to "do pre-crime" by destroying freedom; and hopefully "contributes" to eradicating rape; this is the weay to get your "attection."  What would you have done, say "I have no idea why that's there?"

...or this...


can you tell us, how do we get to sesame street?



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