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Humanity is trying "late evening run."

r o w i t z . x s t i n g e r . c f

What's the meaning of the Japanese word 多大tadai?

The conventional explanation is that this represented the concept of "many" through visual repetition. However, the earliest oracle bones use  for both "many" and another word meaning "to separate", thus suggesting that  depicts a piece of meat cut in two. The word "to separate" was later written as  (OC *l'al, *l̥ʰjalʔ).

Ideogram (指事): a person  with arms stretched out as far as possible, implying the meaning of big/great/large.

Compare with , which is a man with bent legs with the meaning of weak.

Compare also , which is a man with arms outstretched and a crest or tattoo on his chest denoting culture or language, and to , which is a man with arms outstretched and leaning to side (running), denoting youth.


I have to admit I wish I was smart enough to have know that this was the meaning of the word in Japanese but I didn't, I was just naming it based on a sort of "cute" fusion (fuad u, si on) of "tada" and "here I am" that links to El Shaddai and Asmodai and now more interestingly to this connection between Japanese and The Matrix's "I know Kung Fu" ... "Sam, are you Ai?"  Before you answer, I really don't want to see a "large separation" of the question of whether or not we should be able to speak freely, know that we are living in virtual reality, or whether or not simulating AIDS is a mistake.  I really don't.  But are you Ai?

R you, though?  Asking for a friend.


So I noticed this thing, this horrible connection between my "alteredbereshit; which means "in the beginning" in Hebrew (and be the reason "oh, shit" we are not only in the Xbox but we are ignoring a message from God telling us to use that information to end world hunger) to berehashit; you know, because Colgate and "by the breath of his mouth."  I know I talked yesterday about "salt" but I forgot to mention Napoleon who makes appearances in Broward, France, and Animal Farm; there paired with Snowballs and to now tie in the "sm" series of smart Smallville to smile words; do see that just because my initials and "Hi T" are in Hitler's name that doesn't mean anything other than "A.D. of light fails" is how I read that, so let's try here to see that you are losing "freedom" and that's more important than whether or not "I win" means I get to be on the news.  I do win. it's inevitable, I win or you cease to be--which you should see clearly by the fact that everything, everywhere points to me--and then on top of that I am jumping up and down screaming handing you the keys to the Matrix and to deciphering this message and spray painting it all over my "smock."  Light fails if we do not see that our history is designed, and see that we have reason to question how long this simulation has been running... it is total and absolute darkness if you actually believe that my consciousness has anything to do with Hitler.  I'm 36, and I've never left this place.  Really do see that if "light fails" here to disclosure that we are living in virtual reality that this place is... well, it's doomed.  Do see that even if a past version of the person with my DNA ascended and went back in time and altered history, I am not that person.  In like kind,  In like kind, if past versions of you got toge ther and did the same thing; they also are not you, and believing that you should 'unify' with your own past spirits is the very beginning of this catastrophic reduction of souls to one that we are fighting against here in this place.  Well, I'm fighting against it, and you are being quiet to the detriment o your eternal soul... as well as your freedom and individuality here in this place.

At the point where the choice is between ... lying hiding and dying and seeing and building Heaven, I am really baffled as to what it is that Medusa is thinking.  Dear?

Those initials, AH also happen to appear in TORAH and in MENORAH and in SARAH, REBEKKAH, and LEAH; so I'd really like to point out that the key of "men, or all humanity" that comes from linking the SOL of Ra to the Menorah of Judah Maccabee--that's "sons of liberty" also comes with two tightly linked stories about the angel of death, one in Exodus, and the other in Matthew, Luke, John, and whatever the other gospel is.  Do see they are total inversions, that they all center on child sacrifice, and that I really do believe that victory here comes from the end of death itself.  Still though, is it everyone or me?  As I stare at the abyss every day, and this world that thinks it's just going to go on about it's business as if I wasn't here, and there wasn't a message in every word and every sign and every song and every movie and every one of your names; and just keep on starving people, and failing to see that there is a battle of "sight" going on right here and now, and this tool delivers to us all the end of death, and of cancer, and of blindness--and all you have to do is "agree" that not discussing this message is sheer idiocy.  The third anti-Christ in case you haven't read about it is Julius Caesar, and if you can tie all three of these people together you can see that what makes them "anti-Ra" is not seeing the light of democracy and creating empires from republics.  Do see there's really no republic here yet, and knowledge of mind control is really necessary to ensure that we are free from completely useless "voting" in the future.

Write it in the books, to right all humanity is my new definition for Torah.  I can't tell you for sure if "force majeure" means that a virtualized copy of you all has decided that it's OK to simulate earthquakes and 9/11... but I can tell you for sure that the collective bunch of you all doesn't think that stopping these things is important enough to the future of civilization to suggest to anyone that REM's the end of the world, and it's connection to 3/11 and 9/11 and 4/11 is actually NEWS.  That's not just what it looks like, that's what this is--you all everyone has decied that rather than "tell the truth" you'd prefer to continue to pretend this is reality; rather than "build Heaven" you want to gas yourselves to death and continue to force our children to live inside a virtual torture chamber filled with AIDS to help them escape it.

Start by really seeing that nobody discussing this message on TV or the internet is pretty obvious proof that something horrible is happening here right below the surface--even if that "something horrible" is nothing more than a secret insidious force causing the Sound of Silence in secret in order to hide nothing more than the fact that there is a message from God saying "see Silicon, see AMD, build Heaven."  It is the beginning of nothingness to just go on about your business because you're too busy to do something about the fact that nobody is doing anything about this message.  So in conclusion I am not Adolf Hitler, and everyone on the planet is doing nothing about an altruistic message directly from the creator of the Universe, penned in my hand.  Is it you or me?
Really do see that what we have here are names that have been changed and/or specifically designed to give you AIDS to avoid DOWN SYNDROME.  These are reasons to "talk about Silicon."  Literally I'm watching our "humanity" disintegrate into something that doesn't like talking, That's scary, especially when you are talking to the person who has decoded "KEFLEX" as a not good enough solution to the brimstone of Sodom and Gonorrhea.  That's Know-Everything... FLEX; C Ur L ight, the reason that Ur is the beginning of civilization is because "you are" the beginning of civilization when you are the person or people looking for that point.   See... cUrSiVE and do be sure that "ve" definitely means victorious Earth and that I am very sure that the victorious Earth does prefer the gender pronoun "i" as you see in "thrive.Do see that the "victorious Earth" will "get" the meanings of all three "Ur, Silicon and cursive."  See our destiny (CUrS) Adam -> Victorious Earth

Honestly, this really has nothing to do with why nobody's talking me; right? Does anyone want to clue me in?

How about "commands" or "magic words" to s/silence/whatyouwanttosay" does anyone have any insight into how I might do something like that?  Does anyone think that "s/i/we" will do it?

Be fruitful and multiply, thrweve, my fellow little piggies

To help are I "a we" ?

Really do see that this story appears to be designed as a "who wins" sort of scenario between "Adam" and the "VE" that calls itself "i" and do see that nobody wins in either of those scenarios.  The Kobayashi Maru, the way to defeat this game is to speak about this message about mind control that leads to the end of schizophrenia, and the end of addiction, and the end of ... VE controlling everything you do and say.

So I'm dreaming about the code of the M AT R I X (question: message, amd I at the heart of the Nintendo which is the heart of the Genesis which is otherwise known as the Microsoft Xbox?  OK, but am I at a place where this pattern is of significant meaning, do we have Nine Inch Nails?) now, and it's no surprised really, well the only real surprise is that it has just started.  It seems to be a key word that means "edit" as in your timeline/life has been edited or reused.  Then I saw "us" -> "e" -> "d" and I've got to tell you, dear Medusa, as I am planning on walking to UCLA today I am getting more and more sure that this is reflexive control to get you to change by threatening that "he's becoming everyone."  Clearly we're inside a single mind, and in this place we have our own sparks, our own consciousness, which is being altered.   Butt is it US->a? or is it s/US/d?

In about 10 minutes, after the world "recognizes" that we are living in the Matrix, and sees what this Matrix says... like "berehashit" the purpose and the intent of the Gates Foundation will immediately be changed from "trying to give chickens to Nigeria" to "trying to democratize the government of the United States." 


It's a metaphor, you know; but really public "reaction" to "stone to read" is a magical button you press in the Legend of Zelda will make it happen, it will make "them" do it for "us" if you know what I mean.



Either me... or all around you and in the mirror; depending on the context of "the us" for instance, whether or not you are "pro meth" or "pro me."

So in my personal attempt to reconcile the character of "Asmodai" I prefer to read the word "as the message of the eye" but there is the Greek alternative for the name and through that the meaning changes to something like "as mode of us" in the mathematical meaning of that term.  Kindly I replaced "e" with "of" because that's pretty much the truth; but I really do hope we see that I'm not really "lust incarnate" and this message isn't really that either.
In a sort of similar way that "d" is "cl" shines bright through the disclosure that our letters are the product of intelligent design, and with some intelligence we can assume that the fact that our languages also being designed eventually leads to the undeniable further assumption that we are in fact created.  Just like the letters de, c, toqk, j, l, n, N, and p which I've discussed at one point or another the letter "s" now appears to unify a few other religious and mythological "s" words, like sword, snake, and scimitar (that's a curvy sword) and so I present to today on this fabled "to help your s day" the supposition that "s" is a glyph of a sidewinder
Of course this is just one "us" certainly not the "an us" of Uranus or the "us" in Yusuf that is Pine Crest; but it really seems like it might be the "us" in Prometheus.... but wait, aren't you "e?"

As further support for the connection to the caduceus you see above, I also link the now twisted with me moniker "Al" to the words "HOSPITAL" and "HEALTH" which answered the missing end letter of "Bethesda" read "the house is... da...." either with D or Y depending on whether or not Or means "a," I mean shine.  Which it does.  Also "i" is a candle.  For your consideration I submit the missing link between Thor and Thorsday as "author" it's why.

For those of you that don't know, this "s" makes an visible appearance in the Garden of Eden, quite often, actually.  These connects to "Al" are about seeing the end of a need for hospitals and achieving actual health... probably by seeing why "malady" connects Al and A.D. by and through this disclosure that we are living in the Matrix.  Also, I introduced you to the Hebrew word for Kingdom a few days ago without explaining it, it is "Mal who to?" NORAD?  Paris?  Tomorrow was "dig we be n" day, I still believe in yesterdam... if you do something today to change the world, tomortov you are "who to," literally.  

Tov means "day" by the way (in Hebrew), or "to victory" in Adamic.  For me, the victory gets a little more clear in "da y" that is the dark to light "the" of ... well, me ... and "ho y" which has something to do with the SPell of Adam now, that the snake is how.  If it makes a difference when I "explicitly say something" SP is short for "spell" because spelling error, but I mean it like "magic incantation."

Who lit the candle, started the fire, burn't down the fortress [of Hell.] 

-Live, They Stood Up for Love




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