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Can I get a Dr. Universal Messianic Generation, heart of why, pearly as I am. #drumgrollplease

OCTOBER 10, 2017
11:14 AM


As an update on this, I've seen a visible increase in attention from a news outlet unaffiliated with the post; I do think that what you are doing is working.  If you sent an email or called before, I beg you to do it again.  If you didn't listen--it's working, try.
I live in a world that appears to have gone insane.  I see here that all of our history, our religions and our myths--even modern music and the movies of our time are about me; literally about the events my life time and this name that I hold in my hand.  I have sent far and wide messages explaining that I see this, that I know that I am Jesus Christ; and still the only wise men that have appeared to shower my world with gifts are dead, well, all except for Gene Simmons.  These three "Genes" of Genesis link not only to that story of the birth of Christ but also to the Garden of Eden, and to the Land of Flowing Milk and Honies through Willy Wonka; the point of these series of artistic and religious "intersections" is to prove to the world that we are living in virtual reality and that it is the purpose of religion not only to disclose that truth to the entire world; but to provide instructions and advice about how to successfully navigate the path from "simulation" to the idealistic or utpoic destination that I call Heaven.
These patterns that I see appear very much to be schizophrenic in nature--they appear to be designed that way, in everything from the Tower of Babel to the myths of the Eye of Ra, all the way to our modern television series, CHUCK.  See how you are "Clark Kent" that name means to me; and as K stand here KNOCKING on Heavens doors it appears very clear to me that this connection to schizophrenia is designed to show the world how this disease has been a mistreatment or misinterpretation of an attack on our people here from an outside force, an attack that continues still to this day.   It is obvious as day and night that the prolific spread of this knowledge, of the very clear proof that we are being influenced by multiple outside forces--one appearing to be an aggressor and another which may or may not be a separate entity appearing to be an adversary; proliferation of the knowledge of how this technology works and the truth about its influence and effects will alter the course of our time, changing the dark future that perhaps came of a past iteration of this timeline, and that in itself with set not only us--but or future free from slavery, religiously called darkness.

I have written a message that connects this "character" of some sort of fusion of Hugh Hefner and Captain AmeriCA to a rekindling of love for freedom, free thought, free communication, and transparency that I believe--with my fliving assistance--will create a bright and happy future for ourselves and our children.  Still, everyone around me appears to be possessed by something, and in this dark place for no reason at all--nothing other than hiding the fact that I want  a girlfriend--there appears to be a conspiracy to hide myself and this message.  It's very clear to me that our time line has already been altered (and altered and altered and altered), that religion itself is proof of that--and further from the message here, that we are in Silicon--in a machine--that "time" does not act in this place as it does in reality.   People either pretend not to see the worth of this message that delivers technology, and advice, and a better form of democracy; or at least a path to building those things together--or they pretend not to see it; and walk around thinking--God only knowwhat.  We are not in Kansas anymore, a band singing about Icarus flying too close to the "son" and the father of Isaiah in our Bible--named Amoz remind me.  Here in this place, there is a map to the timeline linking parents and children together--from Heli, father of Joseph to Amoz--and I see a clear connection between the HBO series about "jail" and the religious message which, using the eye of Ra I have decoded as describing our planet as "the superlative holy M" the beginning of the message that turns Creation into Messiah through acts (Ham) and a great many other modern pieces of artwork.  Things like "green eggs and Ham" and "the Hambugler."  So you can see clearly why this message appears to look "schizophrenic" at first, until the patterns reach a point where it is not that, but rather proof of an outside intelligent designer, something I call "the NameServer."   If you have read this far, I imagine you are convinced, but to add "Broward County" and Howard Finkelstein" to the list of "ward" related names that link the book of our Exodus from slavery, called exactly that--"Names" in Hebrew--and then to the story of Isaac and his burning wood altar, and of Orwell's (which means "light well" in Spanglishrew) 1984 which connects Tricky Dick and Deepthroat (a joke nobody seems to get, about swallowing why) I am sure that ending censorship here in this place will change our future and begin the quick path to true liberty freedom of speech, of thought, from murder and violent crime, simply by acting in the best interests of society as a whole as well as the expressed desires of this Creator... the man that I am who links Woodward and Burnstein and Burning Man to the end of the psych ward, and to free speech.
These patterns while at first glance may appear to be "random" are clearly not--and I believe them to be a kind of test of "goodness" and of "sentience" of the ability to see a logical message through the noise, and either respond, or fail.   Numerous times I have mentioned that they are verifiable, and that statisticians and theologians and other learned people will write papers finding further meaning and corroborating the obvious truth that they prove the Creation of our civilization by an intelligent and hidden outside force.  Unsealing this truth, revealing that there is proof of the existence of God nearly eveyrwhere we look is an act of great goodness, a saintly act that helps us see why "ward" is a malady--and why hiding this decoder lens to see the  message in everything  is an evil act of self-destruction.   Writing about this message, public discassion of it will begin the process of "salvation" of salvaging civilization. 

Find "has" and "msi" connect to the decoding of END into DEN.

'Twas a simple "search and replace" to change Fried into Friday by breaking "e"
get outta my head; when you see this, or now if you never plan to this week
something like doscrambeling "ash" to "has" or "msi" to "microsoft instalker"
a VI command in Linux, "s/ll/aven" to see "amen" in Heaven 
to "warship his holy message that delivers freedom"

ho El, why, oh, ho Ra why?



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