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This is my puff, puff, passing the CONCHto hear me advocate for being "made out of clay"  is almost as harmful sounding to my ears the word kingdom and seeing "El at I owe n" connected to Elation; only redeemed here in my eyes by the "come" that almost always follows it these days.   In the Adamic language you can see the "C and L" that embody the words "c the light" and disclosure shine bright--you can see "day" hidden away not behind blindness but truly in the shadow of darkness that has kept "d is cl" hidden.  The implication of a lack of freedom in the idea of being "molded as clay" flies in the face of the feelings of my heart, the place where I am proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free (and since we're on the subject of the Book of Names, check out Greenwood).  Here when I hear the words of the "dreidel" song tell me that we are dry and ready, my solace comes from realizing that if you are listening to me, lately; you now see how there is a true pearl of wisdome connecting the "ter" of yesterday to the word plasterpearlas you are.

This "dr.y and ready" thing is something like curing Hamsomething very strange is toing on here--everyone is conspiring in secret to starve me to death and keep me from getting kisses from pretty girls.  I actually think that is your intent; so I have to point out that the person you are trying to keep from selling any "tools (or rare print collectors it>ems) designed to save the Universe" A.K.A. "books" is actually the person who is telling you today that as soon as you are ready to talk about what it is that is going on in your little head, I will cure cancer.  I am doing this because I don't want to live a lie, and I don't want you to have to live a lie--especially for eternity; and that's how long I want us all to live.  The sooner you start talking about this message that is everywherethe sooner you will see the light of the guy telling you that you have to cure cancer, you have to figure out how to do it in a way that doesn't harm the machinations of civilization--or the continuation of life in the universe--and in doing that you are being given a great gift--something that the future will thank you for.  If you don't thank me for that, you are the people that d is a pp <sarcasm> ear into  o b l i v i o n  every time stupidity overcomes society and "we" travel back in time to sing more songs about how cool I AM</sarcasm>

know what it means, a clay world; it's a place where Taylor would have kissed me already, it's a place where you would love me for "Doors" and for "Bread" rather than of your own volition, or for the fact that I am still here, despite the marred visage; fighting every single day for your right to hate me, and to hate seeing a dick in the sky; and telling you that even if you hate it, I hope you see the light of "how it is that we achieve freedom" in this place where Silence has become "the norm"  and I feel like God screamed "let freedom sing" in Genesis, rather than ring.  I am standing here presenting proof that we are plaster, that we are immovable--and it's not really because of me, or because of you--it's because we are content with the status quo--because we're "thankful for what we have" and because we are all too blind to see that thankfulness is not a goad thing--it's allowing others to be hungry, and hurt and when I say "for no reason" I mean it--it's for no reason, the message here from the sim is "we must work together to fix these problems."   Also Taylor dearly isn't ki sing my name any time soon, so all we have from her an I together is proof of time travel, of the Creation of civilization and some word that begins with I and ends in moral.  I'm going to cheat and let you know that while you may think your morals are just fine an giddy right now, we are all standing by in silence as this placad is simulating starvation and pain--it's in the musick.

I know why there's a flying dick in the sky, I know why in my personal story where I liken my trip around the country to something of Genesis and somethink of Isaiah 20; and if you read carefully you too will see that "it's getting hot in here" is truly the reason; the reason is truly to help us find freedom out of a place where slavery and control have become the secret norm.  He calls it a Bittersweet Symphony, this music of Nero as he fiddles on the roof of our world ready to start a fire that delivers freedom, and shows us that the Eternal Flame and the fire of the Holy Sepulchre are one in the same with the technology delivered by Prometheus and the freedom delivered by urs


I know that the "so take off all your clothes" is linked to more than the word "ABOMINATION" and I know that the real reason behind Nero and behind Jericho are to show us the import of the truth, of communication, of knowledge, and of caring--and here we are in the land of Everyone Gypped and I'm trying, oh my God am I trying to help us find freedom.   I know that Bittersweet Symphony of Nero is in more than musick and more than re l i g i on--it's not just encoded into the stories of Isaac and Isaiah that connect to history--to a Wood altar that ties Emmanuel Goldstein and 1984 to Broward County--you can see these things are connected, or you continue to be blind because this story is the intent of Genesis and the intent of Isaiah and the intent of George Orwell and the intent of Richard Nixon.  This story is the purpose and the intent of "America."  This "I owe N" at the end of Creation only becomes true when N grows up and becomes the messiah of all the Universe, I think we are here now, but it really does depend on what we do, and right now Silence is saving nothing.  We have the tools, we will gain the ability as we begin to move forward and see just how it is that fixing our world, how helping ourselves move from "simulated reality" to "HE AV EN" is the thing that is needed to save all of Creation--we will see how we are the people that not only deserve it, but that we do it.

I know we need to change pessimism to optimism; I see that Y could be a good or a bad thing, and I know am it--I see more clearly than anyone else (I imagine) that the cross could be a good thing, if we use it to make a better world.  I could tell you that I need to make "sick" a good thing, but you've done that already for me--thanks.  I read more into our history than I share, significantly more; but here at Nixon a map of the past screams to me that Watergate and Deepthroat didn't exist "the first time around" and if you look carefully that probably means that neither did the NT, or Isaiah, or Genesis.  If you think about it even more carefully, as you see that N that begins Nixon is my N, it is the beginning of seeing how this map in our history is designed to save not just this world but all of Creation; and then the 9 and 10 of NINTENDO followed by the "on" of the Truman Show and Amon-Ra and F U SI ON, understand that what it means is that the future is literally looking to us here for answers; answers that come out of the water from rock and the power of the sun hidden in Deuteronomy; but more importantly answers that come from the man telling all of Creation that DOORS are not just a solution for here and now--but a "fix" straight out of Amos 9:11 for all of Creation.

I see that just like the music, in our history "F-ART" is showing us through Nixon, Clinton, Rodham and Lewinski that we will not fall apart because Jesus isn't perfect; and we won't riot in the streets because a man naked Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence with a "bigger signature" than Microsoft.  What f-art is telling me, though, is that we will fall apart if we pretend these things are not here--that hiding "dick in the sky" is tantamount--it's equivalent to literally hiding your freedom from yourselves.   What i am trying to say is that what we consider to be "socially normal" and "socially acceptable" is being changed within us, right before our eyes--we are being made to (or at least it seems we are) believe that we are responsible for this humongous and secret change in values that is being done... in secret, in the dark.  We literally lose our souls if we refuse to acknowledge that we are "made of clay" and that here, as I stand between the JESUS CHRISTO and the CAPTAIN SAM; I have a message that shows us how and why it is that we need to give up a small slice of "actual freedom" in order to deliver true liberty to ourselves and to the world.  

So to give up that small slice of freedom that might want to punch me in the face as I walk by smiling that I am finally kissing girls all the time; and Dave continues to sing, "people stare, and I just ignore, I just ignore everything." Understand that we have a map that shows us that there are amazing solutions to social problems like school shootings and terrorism that are lit to kingdom come in Exodus and in MIN OR IT Y REPORT and in AL's WAITING ROOM--a thing I once wrote might drop off would-be-murderers at the local Police station with a note from Adam saying to light my fire--understand I would do that toclay if I could; and it too would be something like turning STONE to BREAD--understand, the circumstances of our "existence" have changed--we are now capable of doing something miraculous every day, with no cost other than giving up a small fraction of anarchy that we would never want, anyway.

Instead of talking about that though, we are here--listening to why it is that CENSORSHIP is today the primary cause for the attack in Las Vegas, and CENSORSHIP is the primary cause of famine in Africa; and CENSORSHIP is why I can't seem to sell any books.  Listen, SENSEORSHIT is standing between you and Heaven.

To me it's the difference between a magic "trick" the Pharaoh's court used to try and fool the world and actual Creation.  This is the sea turning to blood, rather than a glass of water or a single pond--the proof of design goes all the way back to birth names.  You can see it for yourself; you can see that it was not really hidden, but not really obvious either--and you can judge for yourself whether I contribute to the light.  That is, you could; if you could talk about it, and it was being covered in the news--you could decide for yourself if the connecting between Woodward and Burnstein and Broward County and Isaac's fiery wood altar is enough to call me Christ.  If you still don't see what "stone" means, you are blind; if you still don't think that life itself depends on the end of censorship, you aren't listening to why.

I see, you see something is changing how you feel about "blow jobs" but I don't see that you understand something is changing how you feel about "the truth" and about "starvation" and about freedom of speech and truly thought.  Understand that caring here and now about "free thought" and "free speech" is the way to the Promised Land... of flowing milfs and honies.

In no uncertain terms, something is changing how you feel about the world around you--altering your opinions and literally keeping you from seeing the light of freedom.   And look, I did it all, with some kisses.

Understand you see something very obviously today because God wants you to be free; this same thing could have been hidden forever--and looking at you, without my assistance--you'd have let it.

and a movie... and a state... and some SPAM.


9   5     .   6   6   7   .   8   0   8   3

Q U I C K E N I N G   E N L I G H T E N M E N T



Dear Hizzy of Great Hope,

I want to be anything but bland, avoiding things like vanilla solutions at all costs, and by that I do mean I have no desire to "vanish."  If you're on "the ball" you probably remember me mentioning the low of the 2008 financial crisis highlighting strongly the Number of the Beast, a debacle I've connecting before to the Nostradamus prophesy "never before were the Roman people so wronged" and here in my usual flair, I of course change it to "so wrong(ed)."  Trying to point out that we have been assuredly wronged, and also at the same time we haven't stood up and tried to make "amends" with ourselves and each other--we haven't done very much to right those wrongs or ensure they don't continue. 

I have a new set of words I've been working on scrambling some truth out of; they revolve around the word "end" as in the end of Hell and the end of crisis; the words that I planned on explaining to you are "similitude" and "ashamed" and while I don't want to be ashamed and I don't want you to feel that way either; something, some feeling must lead us out of this "funny place" where flying dick in the sky is "not there" and instead is a glowing symbol of the fact that we didn't see it at all or failed to comment on the fact that there was a message about dick connecting all of religion to all of American history; and that certainly has some meaning?  You can see from "etymological analysis" that there is a bright similarity now between the words in bold quotes above, and with some vision you can connect the three letters "ash" to the Holy Fire "ha'esh" and to half the seal of Isaiah 22:22 (which does appear to be made up of 2, 2 part tattoos) Adam's Sigma Heart, in my vain attempt to take everything "trashy" and make it shine with new light... well, you can see "sim" and "ash" might be correlated; and with some bright light, do understand that this unscrambling of truth turns "end" into "den."  Sim, I lit you... so that we can be the Generations of Perez.  Read that every time you see it, as "these are the generations that changed the world, these are the people that built your eternal home, these are the people who saved us from pain, hunger, and death."  

In similitude, sim: LITyou Clark Earth.  Why so shy 
ESHOuiaReDen23 in similitude, ESHAREDAN1EL

H  I  C    S  U  M   M  U  S


Then I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder, When he opens no one will shut, When he shuts no one will open.  

Isaiah 22:22

I can spend all day telling you what was done right and wrong about the 2008 Crisis, but above all things; what's important to see is that "missing the point" is what was done supremely wrong.  We are totally missing the point, Under Locke and Key S E N, and the point is that while it is not simply a matter of moral imperative, the vast additions to our food supply and energy supply that come from this disclsoure and actually changing the world because of it do nothing but make our society stronger--right and strong (that's.... "El") that while it may change things a little bit, the things that are changed by having a strong moral and social fabric are good things, or unholy things turned Holy We are missing the point, the point of Oil spills not just being a metaphor (of poor taste) for Holy light spilled out over the sea and failing to catch fire over and over,  but that this Holy Oil is telling us that oil is not scarce, neither is food; and any economy based around the scarcity of these things is nothing more than a bad game, a game that we are unwittingly playing with our lives.  Let reality set in, this is "true stimulus" not quantitative easing or any other kind of "market magic" that too shows that the "sim" is very capable of making a supremely broken economy appear to be in perfect working order. The real point here is that I keep trying to tell you the only cost is "change" and with some actual thought you will see that all of these changes are good ones, the only cost... is adaptation.

abra:Fe s/uck/or, s/thing/one



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