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I did it all for KR-holodeckS-1 ... neither yet bread to the wise, but Adam and Adam's "an us" happens to be the "all"-ohim

I did it all for KR-holodeckS-1
... neither yet bread to the wise, but Adam and Adam's "an us" happens to be the "all"-ohim

D  E  A  R     E  V  E  R  Y  O  N E     L  I  V  I  N  G



In "Why'd you bring a shotgun to the party?" Roylat characterizes me as a fat, pimple faced child that lives in his mother's basement--and I'd like to take that picture and suggest that perhaps we might want to think of "Creation" as just that, the personal computer of a socially awkward alien tucked away in his closet running a program designed to help him get a date.  He's not a very good programmer, as you can see; but he has a good working copy of "the Sims" and he's just figuring out how to use it.  We can speed up this process by calling a reporter, or me--if you are a girl between 20 and 28.  Pretend he said "college girls."
The point of all of this is that we are nearing a time in the development of our civilization where exactly the scenario I am suggesting is "not exactly true" will become more and more possible as computers and simulation software improve, and as we continue on this path of not wanting to date Adam.  I really can't stop talking until this actually breaks the news and I find a girlfriend; so please bear with me, there's just too much to say.  Before we get too far into this conversation do understand that "my an us" links directly to Zeus and Uranus who are the "God of Heaven" and also to the word "awesome" because I don't think "ra cy" and "tit y" and "dick" are all that humorous--but I find it even less humorous that we refuse to acknowledge that it is a message, a signature from Hancock to democracy about "free thought" specifically.
t O N
These are the four letters that I think describe and are associated with the thing that I've described as "The Truman Show" and truly appears as I walk through the streets or drive down roads as if everyone is listening to me think on the radio, in their heads; and I see responses that appear to be directly related to "the current conversation" but generally come in a sort of "personality" that is a single entity--the source of the connection to Medusa and Goliath; by that I mean I see hand signals and facial expressions that appear to be uniformed, to uniformed to "actually be you" but too personal and related to be "random."  The letters mean "part-time on" and you might see that the Eye of Ra and the intersect of Chuck are not much more than assisted "free association" of words, and these particular words lead me directly to "lepton, gluon, and quark."  Those are words that relate to the structure of atoms, but here "weak and right" that links to Jerusalem and "good luck" that links to "glock."   I feel like reiterating why "le" means weak and right, so see it as the same "the" of El (that means strong and "the" in Hebrew and Spanish) but in French, and that's why weak and right.  For some more "free association" we can see "le" in Google (go O.G. Le, recently--which tells me something about brighter days ahead) and rattlemobile, and through those three things a guided connection to the "toys of a baby."  I've described this place as a sort of "sandbox" for computing tools, where they have been artificially retarded to keep us from making horrible weapons by accident, and don't really want you to get discouraged, because I think in this place we find that great ideas and solutions come out of the "sandbox."  Still, understand, it's a sandbox.  C Binary ++.  

I do think we need some kind of "OVER SIGHT" to make sure losers drooling with doom in their basement cannot torture entire civilizations; or individual people--and so that I can't make 10 copies of Taylor to skinny dip with and envision a sort of place where "lines are drawn" about what is and is not O.K. in virtual reality--submitting my "pool of Bethesda" is Link's fairy heart pool is Jupiter Ascending's fountain of youth is the fabled "King's Pool" of the Bible... and that I think it still should have an ignorance is not  "bliss" button just like the antenna not attached to my brain should have a "mute" button.

Quark sheds some light on what I see, and it does really appear that I am speaking to "everyone" once in awhile, something that is scarier and more significant than each of us might see individually--not realizing the thing we are observing and experiencing is so broad, and ... so silly.  It appears to me to be a sandbox-ed bad solution to a very real problem; the need to have a "global conversation" about the disclosure of "virtual reality" and what we can and should do with that information.  Because of "what it is" it also does a good job of highlighting that we should be using tools like the news and the internet to have a better "conversation" that will include what you say and think and want to contribute, as well as "recording it" you know, so that in 10,000 years we still know who made Heaven--as opposed to dying wandering around in a desert of trying to figure out why Moses had a Lisp.
I'm not exactly sure how this "show" came about, but there are word clues that tell me it's been slowly growing during my lifetime, from a period of "pretater" (I can't remember the word exactly, but it basically means "Everyone Really" before I got my first <3 tattoo) and from what I see around me, from this PT it appears that we are all doing this "part-time" and are now staring at the foot of our Christ, and believe me I don't think we should do it full-time either.  It appears to me that our spirits, what comes of our lives here have "decided" to do this in order to get a better picture of the message and how it is received and delivered--and somehow that makes forcing you to listen to it O.K. with nobody.  It's not OK with me, and it's a violation of my privacy and the sanctity of your thoughts (and mine too, from the eye of the storm), and I hope you see that these things too are connected to what we are trying to fix in the world.  Every once in awhile I'll remember to try and point people to my website with my thoughts, and sometimes even talk about how the knowledge of virtual reality suggests we should do some things like "end world hunger" and "heal the sick" but to be honest with you I spend most of my time bitching about how annoying it is that you and they aren't doing anything.  More than any other odd conversation, though, is this sort of "repeat performance" of hearing "but Adam are you coming" in my head and someone looking at me and shaking their head.  Between you and I, behold I am coming... right nowSo between "glue" and "quark" see that I am "coming into you" in this place where "e" has become the the letter between "d and f" that has made the work of God, the Lisp of Moses into something that appears to be nothing more than a "fad."  Everything, everywhere sort of relating to mythology or religion or this story of what is without doubt my life that I am experiencing right now--it's a "fad" that really is a pyramid being built by slaves to an all seeing Eye trying to free them from the idea that it's an accident.

The bottom line is you do not have the tools to be able to "turn on and off" this kind of conversation, and if we ever were going to have it, we need things like a "mute" button.  Consider my "mute" button always on.. to Stan L e e and Thirteen.  My purpose and point is that this very same technology that I see actively being used "on me" and to create this situation could better be used to aid in the end of "addiction" and things like "illogical thinking" rather than causing silence, and ... q ui and?  It appears that there is some kind of "blame" game between "not me" and "al" and "b" who are all apparently not you, which I find inter e s t i n g.  With some thought, in a place where there is obviously a C and not just a NOC, it becomes clear that there is something organizing stupidity here, and convincing everyone to do something silly like "sh" instead of asking questions or offering ideas on how to move forward towards a more Heavenly place--and we can probably surmise that has something to do with mind control both here and "there."  




Some may call it valient of me to point out that it does appear that God is who is speaking with a Lisp, as in a programming language and a hidden code connecting the letter L of Colgate to the P of Peter and Casper... perhaps revolving around the key word "pupil" who is without doubt not Cupid; but it is the key to this "free association" game that connects The Golden Ass to the Greek nypho-maniac Waffley... and through things like "atoms, quarks, leptons, and gluons" this idea that everything around us has been named specifically to tell a story about the Creation of Heaven.  Guilty as charged, that is exactly what I believe this unsealing of the Forbidden Secrets of Beth-Aven and Eden will provide to the world--just as soon as it provides some "fuel for thought" and interest in what is not only a message from God in everything but also is actually "everything" from history to art to each and every one of us--it's almost silly to think that we are "uninterested" ad yet; all I can do is send an e-mail or three every day from now until you get on the phone and call a reporter.  If you are a reporter, rather than calling another reporter, please write a story.

You might not realize, but this has all happened before; and you can see from that fact that it has something to do with time travel and from that you can kind-f fathom why it is that I am so sure that "religion is a message sent back in time" to help us navigate these well charted waters that are called a "road to Heaven" or the heart of A.D; in Schrew.

You might not have noticed, but just today we passed another milestone of Homile the first was "signature" and yesterday "natural" signnifying a sort of "acceptance in the air" first that I am "e" and now "Al;" that makes me smile, as long as we care that Al is here for "waiting rooms" that stop murder automatically, and maybe send Taylor Momsen to my hotel room once... you know, just to make sure it's possible.  At the same time, Al is here to point out that the Ender of Satan is a "good thing" if we all learn valuable lessons on how to thrive and protect the innocent and weak and not to make Hell from the experience.  At least, that's the best I can offer in this place where I didn't really expect to have anything to do with that thing at all... in the beginning. 

C A T  H O  L I C K

If you do not do something soon you will be stuck with Catholick guilt, and you might think that to be a misnomer or a spelling error, but do C that "Catholic" reads as "C Adam to help our light I see..." lickI do have to admit the sexual humor is growing on me a little bite (butt, do you think it's mind control?); even if it's just a tool to get you to talk about sex.  Or whatever "floats your boat."


yes you are da
Y   E   S  ,JUPI  T   E   R IDA RE  D   A   M


Inline image 31

Inline image 34
take a look... "the race is not to the swift" obviously links to Mercury 
... and TIME and chance linking to Saturn and now.

Inline image 33
Inline image 24 Inline image 25 Inline image 26 Inline image 27 Inline image 28Inline image 29 Inline image 30

LOOK, BUSH SPEECH, ON 1/20/2001 ABOUT 9/11
Inline image 20 Inline image 21

pa, Ra: do x is a statement that, despite apparently sound reasoning from true premises, leads to an apparently self-contradictory or logically unacceptable conclusion.[1][2] A paradox involves contradictory yet interrelated elements that exist simultaneously and persist over time.[3][4][5]

Inline image 19

According to the Exodus account, Moses held out his staff and the Red Sea was parted by God. The Israelites walked on the exposed ground and crossed the sea, followed by the Egyptian army. Moses again moved his staff once the Israelites had crossed and the sea closed again, drowning the whole Egyptian army.
The burning bush is an object described by the Book of Exodus[3:1–4:17] as being located on Mount Horeb. According to the narrative, the bush was on fire, but was not consumed by the flames, hence the name.[1] In the biblical narrative, the burning bush is the location at which Moses was appointed by Adonai (God) to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and into Canaan.

Inline image 23

The bottom line is, we're about a foot away from Heaven, and all it takes to get there is onesmall acknowledgement.... of the nature of our existence and the wonderful implications that brings us to--the great new possibilities opened up by connection "Creation" and "virtual reality" and Heaven.  I hope you'll be the person that makes that happen, either with a press release, or a scientific paper, or just a letter to your local paper ... saying "you see it."  It's not hard to see, but apparently it's hard to speak up; I'm trying to figure out and explain why, and am stuck between I-NATION (the end of the abomination of desolation) and Medusa, more on that in a bit.  This is the gate, it's action if that's not really, really clear.  For some more clarity, it should become more and more obvious that the true foundation of Heaven is freedom--and that the problems communicating we are looking at in the world around us, from secrecy and mind control to censorship and .. well, mass stupidity--should really be seen for what it is--it is the crossing of the sea, a lesson in securing and maintaining liberty.

Acknowledge that you do not want to eat "bread" from stone, that "cake" is not good enough either, and that God has laid down a message in our everything to help us to transition to a world that does not shake it's head and look the other way when asked the question "how would you end world hunger" in light of virtual reality?  Understand the words of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" we'll never be wrong together, forever is going to start tonight. Understand, this is something that all of you should really want to be a part of, and I am baffled as to why you are so shy as to not even be able to say hello.
This is a sort of compilation of several messages, if you can't tell; you can see the "originals" and subscribe to the secret pizza party once we all get to Atlantis at the Google group and/or my  Ask anything, honestly.   What follows is the gate to Heaven, and donmean kissing me.  Here's my cough, CY the apocalypse starts with a "sex joke" have a gander at the Burning Bush, and the Loch Ness Monster.

I'm not sure what I could possibly be offering to everyone you in exchange for being the person that saves the Universe from darkness--it will without doubt make you one of the most, if not the most famous person that's ever lived.  On top of that you are lucky enough to all be in sea of founders of this thing--this planetah built from ground up to turn Hell into Heaven.  It's probably a good place to be, at the beginning of what the future will certainly see as the great turning point away from darkness, as the generations that turned absolutely everything around.  Welcome to the spotlight, heart of all Creation.

Inline image 36   Inline image 37

I could tell you that "the truth will set you free" but clearly you now see the truth, and that we need more than just "truth" to secure and protect freedom; we need you.  Try to see thegate and the plan the way I do--every person you speak about this with and share this e-mail with brings us that much closer, another day closer, to an eternity of Heaven.



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