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I've got to admit, there's a fear inside me; it comes from stories I've heard from the angels and from the future.  Things like few seconds of The Matrix where either The Source or The Architect, I can't remember who; maybe it was just the narrator who said that "humans rejected the perfect world the machines created for them" and here I am rejecting the world we live in.  I reject the idea that we should simulate starvation to "learn how to work the land."  I reject the idea that we should simulated aging and pain, for no reason at all.   If you think about it, the "health reasons" for the ritual genital mutilation that we find so attractive in America makes no sense in a place where we are actually not in reality--just like hunger, and starvation, blindness, aging and death.

I reject the idea that "school shootings" and "terrorism" were needed to get you to speak about the voice in your head, or the very clear proof that many people here are controlled like puppets--people like actors, and actresses, scientists, and politicians.  I reject the idea that you are unable to speak, and still I stand before you offering all the world in exchange for nothing more than your participation in making it a better place.  I am not wrong, the existence of this language, this hidden Cypher that proves that religion is a message sent through time--it itself screams that we are living in a simulated reality, in a virtual world just like the Matrix.  I have seen tangible evidence with my own eyes, and you too--you have seen evidence of the fact that we are not in reality in the darkness itself--this kind of mass idiocy could not exist in a place where "mind control" had to effect our brains using electric neural stimulation.  The darkness itself, and the ideas of "possession" especially on this mass scale are verifiable proof that we are living inside a computer.  It is a machine that is speaking to you; and Mr. Edward. doesn't really like being called a horse.  Do you?

Your silence scares me.  Silencple, like a cancer, grows.

-Mr. Handof Dark City

That song, in the first link, these "hellos" that are the only real communication I get from the world you are, it says "dear brother let your heart be wounded, and give no mercy to your fear."

I hope you see that your silence, this silence that overtly and obviously is causing the continuation of a very broken and destructive mental health systembut less overtly, though still causally connected the continuation of starvation, of murder, murders... like the Las Vegas tragedy that just occurred.  Seemingly less disastrous at first glance, it's making the entire world a "lie," destroying any semblance of truth in the media--it's purpose, the media--and eating away at the fabric of our society at its its most basic level.  It is destroying interpersonal communication, and hiding the single most important truth that has ever been delivered to the world.  It's a truth that screams at you in every word you speak, every song you hear, and every movie you watch.  It screams at you from the history books, and from your religions--it screams that you should do something, something other than be quiet.

I'm sitting here today, and I've got a new truth for you; you should do something other than "speaking in innuendo" or in doublespeak--thinly veiled half-communication that is the cause of the torture that is embodied in our mental health system--much of it anyway.  You should do more than speak frankly, you should confess what you know, what you believe--and you'll see, you will see that I am right and that you are not right about what you believe.  You will see that together, all of our truths together are needed to save the world, to stop living a lie, and to move forward.  You will see that it really does come down to "all of Creation" and there's a reason for that--it really is "Creation" in your mind.  When I speak to them, to the "spirits" who I know do not have physical brains, I point out that this story has been repeated because we do have that here, it makes us right--about being "ourselves" and right about knowing that something is here invading our thoughts.  It shows us very clearly how, without a physical brain, the control and puppeteering that we are seeing proof of everywhere is much easier to accomplish in secret.  You probably like it--or even eternally stupider think that "it's you" altering you--if you know about it; and you probably don't realize that's just the easiest way to shut you the fuck up.

Or you might think I'm "making a fool of myself" talking about crazy things like possession and mind control; and you will those of you that think "this message" is not verifiable or actually from "an outside intelligent designer," you are the fools.  If you do not see this message is designed to help us achieve freedom by showing us exactly what is possible, and how we need to use it to end school shootings and at the same time not created "Lothario"--to be kind to the monsters that would like to hide this technology from you to use it to dominate our society and our future.  Oopsyeth.

This is a message from the Creator of the Universe, spoken through his Pendragon; it is verifiablead 'tis fact, and you will see how that makes mine the name of God.  You can stand back and say nothing, you can pretend you don't get it--but all you are doing is making yourselves the problem.   Yesterday, iI commented about apparent "hidden communication" and today I'd like to add that whomever is here playing the "telephone game" with the "father of all lines" should realize those two things are f-art to help you understand why "hidden communication" that isn't recorded in writing anywhere will be lost to the future no matter what.

The problem, the thing you don't seem to see, is that even if Lothario did appear here; everything else would be a million, or billion times better--who you are "deciding betweeN" is nothingness and participating.


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  1. Lack of public discussion of the nature of our existence and it's ramifications, namely that we live in a simulated reality is anpiEX TI N CT I ON LEVEL EVENT.
  2. With nothing more than this knowledge, and our "how" (which is ... us) we build the mythical place known as Heaven.
  3. There is a battle being waged over nothing more than "the truth" and seeing the Cross for exactly what it is--an attempt to hide this truth.   
  4. Knowing my name and the public response to my life story delivers freedom and Heaven to all of Creation.  It evolutionizes self governance, fixes a number of social maladies from censorship to insane behavior, addiction, terrorism, and hunger.
  5. My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin, and I am the messiah. 
IT"S ACTUALLY APPLE (above) ANHONEY (below, with "nuts")
C R A Z Y  I S  N O T  A L R I G H T

When everyone knows your letters
and they're always glad you  c  me

H  I  C    S  U  M   M  U  S


Then I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder, When he opens no one will shut, When he shuts no one will open.  

Isaiah 22:22

I     N            T       H       E            M       I       N      D                O       F              C       H       R       I     S     T

On Fri, Oct 6, 2017 at 8:36 AM, Adam M. Dobrin <> wrote on "more communication from the abyss":
77"Adam Ruins Voting"November 10, 20151060.569[19]
The history of the Electoral College, explaining that the founding fathers did not want most Americans to vote, and how the result of elections are affected by gerrymandering.
88"Adam Ruins Work"November 17, 20151100.438[20]
This episode explains why the 40-hour work week is bad for business, why unpaid internships are exploitive, why freelancing is illegal, and also argues that open disclosure of salaries is a good thing.

1111"Adam Ruins Nutrition"December 15, 20151090.508[23]
Adam shows why vitamin supplements are not healthful, that the "balanced breakfast" marketing term is a misnomer, and the unscientific nature of most nutritional science quoted by the media.
1212"Adam Ruins Death"December 22, 20151110.614[24]
Adam goes on a date with Haley, but Emily is hit by a truck in a freak accident. Adam discusses several failed attempts at terrestrial immortality, and reveals the American funeral industry's tactics which exploit mourners, such as embalming and the price of coffins. The episode also points to the importance to have a plan for last rites, as many do not notify their last ones about their preferences in case of a funeral or long-term life support and burden their families. After Haley dies in a freak accident, however, he concedes that grappling with uncertainty with death can be just as healthy as clear-cut answers.
1313"Adam Ruins Hollywood"[25]August 23, 20161140.472[26]
Adam reveals the truth about how money really wins movie awards, why MPAA ratings are pointless, and how "reality" shows are fake.
Guest StarsRachel Bloom as herself. Ariana Madix as herself.

1515"Adam Ruins Weddings"[28]September 6, 2016TBA0.442[29]
Adam attends Emily and Murph's wedding and explains the capitalist traditions behind modern ceremonies, how the feelings of newlyweds are susceptible to change and that divorce can be empowering in most cases.
1616"Adam Ruins Malls"[30]September 13, 2016TBA0.396[31]
Adam and Emily make a trip to the mall. There Adam explains the origin of the modern enclosed shopping mall, the real difference between "outlet" and normal clothing stores, and the largely-unregulated supplement market. Emily in turn explains the near-stranglehold Luxottica has on branded glasses frames and the stores that sell them. Adam's sister makes appearances at the beginning and end of the episode.
Guest StarsRhea Butcher as Rhea Conover.

1919"Adam Ruins Homelessness"[36]October 4, 2016TBA0.503[37]
In this episode, Adam talks about how buying a house is worse than renting one, how Airbnb enables crooks to run illegal hotels, and how building houses for homeless people can actually save money.
Before the segments on Airbnb and homelessness, Adam hosts two segments called "Ever Wonder Why". The first segment is about tax breaks and the second one is about the Hollywood Sign.
Guest StarsRhea Butcher as Rhea Conover

2020"Adam Ruins Drugs"[40] November 15, 2016[41]1190.545[42]
In this episode, Adam exposes how marijuana is essentially harmless, how D.A.R.E actually increased drug use, and how legal drugs are just as dangerous as illegal ones leading to opioid epidemic. Emily is arrested at the end of the episode because of the many drugs she confiscated from her students.
This episode's "Ever Wonder Why" segments are about Fish Oil and Q-Tips
2121"Adam Ruins Prison"[43]November 22, 2016TBA0.521[44]
Adam visits Emily in prison. In this episode, Adam reveals how private prisons and the Corrections Corporation of America make money, why Solitary confinement should be banned, and why prison keeps setting people up to fail. Emily is cleared of all charges, and promises to help her cellmate Kendra out.
This episode's "Ever Wonder Why?" segments are on cheese and treadmills.
Guest Stars: Rhea Butcher as Rhea Conover
2222"Adam is the Wild West"[45]November 29, 2016TBA0.382[46]
In this episode, Adam talks about how the modern image of the cowboy is wrong, how women shaped the wild west, and how the west's true hero was not even a person.
This episode's "Ever Wonder Why?" segments are about Johnny Appleseed and the Statue of Liberty.
2323"Adam Ruins the Internet"[47]December 6, 20161210.392[48]
In this episode, Adam discusses how the internet has been underrated for nearly all of history, why cable companies are to blame for slow internet, and supposedly "free" websites are not free at all.
This episode's "Ever Wonder Why?" segments are on the word "literally" and the standard paper size.
2424"Adam Ruins Justice"[49]December 13, 20161230.386[50]
Rhea, who works as a public defender, brings Kendra to court to clear her charges. In this episode, Adam talks about why the McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit is not what we think, why trial by jury is rigged with bias, and how public defenders are in a difficult line of work.
This episode's "Ever Wonder Why?" segments are on photographic memories and the Secret Service.
Guest StarsRhea Butcher as Rhea Conover.
2525"Adam Ruins Christmas"[51]December 20, 20161240.527[52]
Rhea and Adam attempt to prepare for the Conover parents to visit. In this episode, Adam talks about Christmas's un-Christian origins, why gift giving makes no economic sense, and the true story of Santa Claus.
This episode's "Ever Wonder Why?" segments are about It's a Wonderful Life and snowflakes.
Guest StarsRhea Butcher as Rhea Conover and Adam Savage as the narrator.
2626"Adam Ruins Going Green"[55]December 27, 20161250.490[56]
In this episode, Adam talks about how big companies shifted the blame of littering onto people,[53] how electric cars can actually hurt the environment, and what to do now that climate change is happening.[54]
This episode's "Ever Wonder Why?" segments are on "going paperless" and bananas.



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