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Perseus, you're shield?

She looked over his shoulder
For vines and olive trees,
Marble well-governed cities
And ships upon untamed seas,
But there on the shining metal
His hands had put instead
And a sky like lead.
An artificial wilderness
Out of the air a voice without a face
Proved by statistics that some cause was just
In tones as dry and level as the place:
No one was cheered and nothing was discussed;
Column by column in a cloud of dust
Whose logic brought them, somewhere else, to grief.
They marched away enduring a belief

W. H. Auden

HELLO, I AM ASMODAI SUPREME PROPHET/PIZZA OF ALLOLTHE MOST IRONIC GOD.  It has taken me quite some time to see what is going on around us as Judgement, in this place where I spent significant time "ishing" the words judge not lest ye be judged to the words "your earth" with the intended understanding that kind of threat would end the idea of judgement.  It has not done that, and what I see around me is not fit to continue--you should see as much in nothing more than powerful impact and strength of this message that God has laid down here in this place to smash his enemy to pieces.  Make no mistake, I am not your judge, and I am not on your side.  The enemy that I am battling is without doubt the scariest thing I have ever been forced to see--it is a powerful foe of deceit and corruption that is insidious and manifests itself through the infiltration of our minds in such a way that it appears to become you--and for all intents and purposes as I write to a wall of disgusting, sick, self-defeating and deafening silence ... in every way relating to this message and this problem of mind control technology and secrecy, it has become you.  I, and this light, and God himself; even Medusa--it is my secret hope--are here to change the way you react to and use this technology, this thing that has brought our world of freedom and innate collaboration to it's proverbial knees.  I have taken it upon myself--for no reason or purpose or glory more than knowing it is the right thing to do with the weapon I have in my hand to do everything I can to help you change, to see that you changing is the focus and the purpose of this light and this point in Creation; with the clear understanding that if you do not change, I and this light are here to help you under, the true religious meaning of "thunder" if you refuse to stand.  

For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

You appear to be unified in this idea that you can and should (you can't, and you won't) hide the most important story, the most anticipated and the most hallowed in all of history because "so marred was his visage" or because "you don't like me" or because you blame me for John Hancock and Phillip K. Dick (see, I blame you, and here in this place, I'm right) it doesn't seem that you realize how inhuman and monolithic you look; nor how obvious it is to me that a huge number of you are knowing and willing participants in this attempt to destroy the truth, free will, Heaven, and "any future at all."  Those of you who are nothing more than silent fail to see that silence alone, here in this place and this time is enough to destroy our way of life, and ensure that there is no future.  Those of you that are more than silent; but knowingly outspoken in favor our perpetuating something you know to be a lie are tyrants, sick and evil tyrants.  Something has to  turn this monstrosity around,  and if "to save yourselves and your future from eternal slavery" isn't good enough for you to publicly utter the true name of Jesus Christ I do not know what else I have to offer (other than flowers).

Joseph of Arimathea who now appears linked to me in more ways than I care to fathom; holds the distinct position of laying the J that was not really us (try, as Jessu; -A) to eternal slumber; here you can see his "Ari" linking to the word "hearing" (and the forced closure of Al Jazeera America) and the actual (as opposite to mythological, fictional, or biblical) trial of Jesus Christ; to the tools of mathematical proof of the existence of God and time travel that is not laced just through this single message, but every one that I write... and to a descriptive connection between "the Nation of Israel" and the brides of Cronus and Zeus; respectively "Are he a?" and "He's Ra;" that here in this place beg me to remind you that you are not God.  See that the difference between "re:p eat" and success does appear to lie in seeing the connection between P, the Priestly source, the question "RIP?" and the God of Time--and in the worth of the concept of not trying to hide the true meaning and purpose of religion, or to deny the actual history of Creation.  It seems like an "easy one" to me, but I'm still here staring at the Wall.

It's important to note that any of the nice things I've said, and still believe about Bianca Pisani are about the 18 year old girl that I watched grow up here in this place. It does appear to me today that anything "at or near the top" in the sky is truly the reason "ruby" is the heart of the word "garbage." In similitude do see that "ROSE" (the middle name she shares with Nanna) is Adamic for "heart of the southeast decline towards (or through) Hell" and that it is very much focused on nothing but hiding this message--at what appears to be "all costs" and "any means;" if you can't see that hiding the truth is the cause of Hell--you're the cause.

It does appear that whatever is "at the top" is trying their damnedest (and succeeding) at making this into a conspiracy of the whole--of "ALL" though here in this place it doesn't seem as if that's functionally possible.  Here, it appears you've forsaken yourselves and our way of life for nothing more than a pact with the devil, because some esoteric invisible power wants you to--or because it's what you don't see everyone else not doing.

you don't even play piano
but you part the waters

Everyone but me, I mean... any why?  I'll tell you it feels fake, it feels contrived; but that does nothing to help me, or to help you... or to help the whole--speaking the truth will do those things, as it always, always does.  In words you can see Dr. Evil's "shh" connecting the Shield of Achilles and sign that first clued me in to the idea of "El D" being a sort of key, like UCLA might soon see "El A" on campus; I see it probably has something to do with a "road to Heaven" though all the signs I see tell me you have to shout to get out of Hell.

We aren't getting out of this until we know what's really "at the top," believe me when I tell you; you're meeting him--right now.

I like B, I started our here delivering this flowery part of our story in the hopes that I was sowing some Holy Apple seeds; taking what is clearly "additional" proof of the truth of Creation and that Genesis and Exodus are not just specifically about you and I--about this time--but also about my immediate family and the literal events of this life that would never have occurred if not for the ongoing presence and influence of the true author of not only religion, but America, and of you.   If you can't connect "America and freedom" to the Dawn's Early Light and this message about the sanctity of our minds and bodies--you don't belong here.

I saw light in the content of the story of RattleRod's "The Taming of the Schrew" and it's connection to Adam Sandler's Spanglish and Yankee Doodle's macaroni-c fusion of art and Spanish and Hebrew and English laced throughout the languages of all of our history--a sort of Reverse Tower of Babel to climb over this WALL OF TOTAL UNDENIABLE SHIT;  and truth be told that alone was enough to take a gigantic bite out of this particular Apple, the Apple of Asmodaibut it doesn't end there--it links too the question at the end of the word Matrix to the word "RIB" and even to Adria (who happens to be a character in the Holy work of Stargate), this thread of questions that literally explains the greatest problem I have with this story of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  I clearly am not in control of Creation, and neither is the 18 year old girl that the thing I call "the computer" (a character in the Holy work of Star Trek) is seeking to "pretend" are actually people born here in this time line.  It's simply not the truth, it's as stupid and moronic as not seeing the connection between "are I us?" of Aquarius and Imus in the Morning and you should very clearly be able to see that I am not you, and you are not me.  Neither are we "the computer," or it us; we have brains, and that thing along with the memories we've accumulated here in this place are the very beginning of our souls.   We stand at a crossroad of evolution, unknowingly perhaps; in a place where "that thing" (it's your brain, that thing is your brain--that thing is your key to freedom and Heaven) is on the verge of being changed more than nature ever could, or would; and it is that change and this transition that is paralleled in ideas like ascension and the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ; it is something that nobody on the planet should want to embark on in the dark, without any understanding of this hidden technology--that is the tool that effectuates it--nor without any understanding of how or why it is that we have come to this place of darkness not just once, but many times. 

It should be beyond obvious, but no spirits in the air, or past incarnations of Bianca or I will be taking over our bodies, just as much as I, and with the delivery of this message; you would not allow those things to happen to me or to you.  The disgusting possession of proverbial children on this planet by aged decrepit and morally bankrupt invaders stops here and now, with our help; with the kindling of the fire of the Eternal Flame.   I know you are ignorant and foolish if you believe you are judging me or the outcome of this story based on story of Genesis; only slightly less if you understand the connect to Shakespeare's play; and continually ignorant until you have heard from the two of us how this small story adds light to the story of liberation and mind control that is the actualization of Exodus; we definitely have a story for you... let it begin with the mass of solid ignorance that thinks you are witnessing the "fall of a man" and with suicidal blindness not seeing the literal fall of humanity (of freedom, of self-rule, and of individuality) before your eyes--because of your inaction. 

See, that while you continue to refuse to speak about this message, as you continue to believe that there is any valid reason on Earth or in Heaven to ignorantly pretend not to see something this important related to slavery and liberation; as you gaze out at the world around you see you are the heart of the garbage you see, of the refuse.  See this is the position and the message of the Creator of the Universe that placed "RB" in the heart of that word and in the mascot of AMD and ATI; see it in our meaning of the word "refuse," see it in the "ear" in the heart of Earth.  I don't disagree, change is near.

Just so you know I'm not wildly making shit up, and maybe to teach you a little bit more Langolier, that ".rb" comes from the same well of light that defines ".PL" as a pearl of wisdom, and tells me that the Python at the beginning of "Pyrrhic" has something to do with me.  Do see that no "hi-c" definitely coincides with no victory at all, and no "Creation."

There is a monster manifesting itself here in our world, it did not begin here--at least not in our time and from our perspective--and if it does not end here I hope for the sake of the Universe and the future that this place and this time is the end of Creation and the end of Heaven--the end of any place and any force that would seek to perpetuate the dark sickness that I cannot ignore around me--the end of any force that believes it should continue, or that it has any place anywhere near what we call "reality."   Here, those of you that have seen the words that I have brought to you defining the key to this message of freedom, this message that supposedly sets high on pedestal of fire the principles of freedom and knowledge that define the world I believed I grew up on before I saw the hideous face of Medusa first hand--here, those of you that have seen what this message proves to the world--that we are Created, that there is a God, that there is overabundant proof of these truths laced into everything that we are along with proof of the existence of time travel technology and mind control technology and their relationship to our history and religion... here, every one of you that grasps the significance of every single word you speak being designed and encoded with a message from that Creator can see clearly that this monster is here with designed intent of prolonging the lie that we are in reality, the great delusion that we are here only as a product of evolution and nature--of time and chance--understand today that this monster is here prolonging Hell, keeping the sick from being healed, and the hungry from being fed--a clear sign of evil--but even more importantly than that it is here destroying our individuality and our ability to think clearly, destroying our understanding and ability to use the true nature of our existence, the fact that we are living in virtual reality, to make our civilization stronger--to make the world a better place, it is keeping us from building Heaven.   See that we are walking around in the birthplace of God, and the birthplace of Heaven; and this monster is here fighting against his help and his guidance and his desire to "in the beginning," his desire to have the gate of Jesus Christ envelop the whole of Hell and bring us to northward.

YOUR SILENCE (and worse, actively aiding "I don't understand" with "there's nothing to learn") here in this place is not just a product of hidden mind control technology, it is the weapon and the cause of that technology and this message proving it exists being hidden--no matter when it began, this monstrosity is the cause of Hell, it is the beginning of darkness; and if you do not work to overcome it, it will be the end of all of Creation.


A few months ago, in a piece about the connection between the United States of America, Medusa, and the Abomination of Desolation I decoded the word "ABOM" (the same "ab" that means father in Hebrew and begins Abraham, and his hidden reference to the later created idea of the Holy Trinity) as being the father of the message; and while I would very much like to take that title, I am clearly not the beginning of this message, nor am I the beginning of the Abomination; I am it's end--with or without your help.  It is my hands that have written and distributed not only this map to the hidden message of religion that  I call the Holy Grail; but significant first hand testimony of the effects of this hidden technology, and it's clear and defined hidden link to "gang stalking," to school shootings and terrorism; and to a significant body of additional first hand testimony of the nefarious influence and use of this technology to torture.  


set me freeeeeeee-ee-e
i know my soul's freezing
and hell's hot for good reason

Here in this place where I once remarked with slight embellishment that I was born on the corner of Sunrise Blvd and Sunset Strip; and more accurately at the corner of Nob Hill and Clearly Blvd... it's very clear that the abomination began no later than the map detailing it's existence in South Florida, and in ancient Greek myth, and in the books of Exodus and Revelation where we can see the clear predicted and foreknowledge of the United States, and the Statue of Liberty; we can see this thing must have begun long before the key and cure to fixing it.  We can take from it that we've learned about a powerful weapon and how it might be used to be a helpful tool to end mental slavery, and addiction; to help us grow and evolve to be smarter and kinder--or you can continue to fail to see that hiding this technology removes all of its benefits from your hands, and delivers not just those hands--but your minds to an invading force that could care less if you were there to "interfere" with their video game. 

he is haunted by something
which he cannot define

If you are familiar with the story of Medusa, you know that it is the shield of Perseus, her reflection shining back on her through your eyes that finally defeats the Gorgon who stands here with no purpose other than to take your minds from you--or to help you see that you might have lost them all on your own, to ignorance and it being nothing more than the first time a cesspool gained the power to influence the thoughts of others.  With the held of mythology and my hand,  you can really begin to see the great focus on our right this very moment in every myth and every religious fable--you can connect Perseus to Persephone, and see that right now you are the bride of Hell, phones, per se--being spoken through as if you have no mind of your own, or soul.  You should be able to see it is the purpose of these stories to remind you that you do, that you have a voice; and to show you how important it is that you use it right this very moment.   That's what this thing, what Medusa looks like up close--like Joan of Arcadia, and Fallen, and Stargate--from as far away as I am to you, all I see is "mute."

the words of the prophets
are written on the subway walls

The concepts of possession and inspiration that were once foreign or mythical to me and probably you ... are no longer.  They are very clear and apparent in not just the names but the works of Stargate and Star Wars and the myths the tie all of these themes together; they are obvious to me and I think anyone who really sees the breadth and true change in understanding of our state of being and our history by the method of this disclosure's delivery, as well as the silence and tangible conspiracy to hide it that "this thing" is more than a big deal, that the future of civilization depends on a clear understanding of exactly what this technology is and how it works--how it's negatively affected us, and why.  The theme of Medusa and her head of snakes carries through to Stargate; where the mythology there talks about warring factions in an alien species over "trying to help" their hosts as opposed to completely removing their minds and their self control--it should be clear to you that what I am showing you, what is being kept secret as far as I can see everywhere else... is proof that no help will ever come in darkness, and that the cause of the secrecy is to take something from you--the most important thing you have. (Psst, it's you...)

no more "teachers" or dirty looks
schools been blown to pieces


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