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op·si·math: a person who begins to learn or study only late in life.



I began this journey into searching for the answers to all of my questions and players by looking at the words "warden" and "prison" not more than two years later I am staring squarely at the words physics, opsimath, and topics... and still--just like then--the answer I have is showing you the light and showing you how very much the answer here lies in our ability to take action.   We live in a place where I've now pointed out numerous times the connection between Mary Antoinette's "let them [listen to] cake instead" and the idea of Jesus Christ turning stone to bread to feed the hungry because of a moral imperative--but more than that because of a complete lack of response--of any feedback whatsoever from a world that should very much be actively involved not only in the decision of exactly how to break the veil of simulated reality, but also in figuring out how it is that the entire world has been silenced on a matter of such momentous import and ensuring that never again happens, never, ever again.

The world I live in looks just like yours, it looks like we live in the same place--only the one that I see has been destroyed by an infestation and infiltration of evil that has come here to turn what once looked like a "naturally progressing civilization" into nothing short of an absolute torture chamber--and refusing to see that is now the primary roadblock to the progression of civilization.   In what appears to be a kind of "skirmish" relating to the magnitude of "evil" in question--the secret land of Atworld has morphed "Mortal Kombat" into something that results in a series of false arrests, false imprisonment, and the hidden and total destruction of our social structures relating to law enforcement and "justic" to the point where if you cannot see that truth encoded in my story and my writing and those words that began this message than you will see this warship that is trying to find and change a hidden force of evil affecting your mind and your opinion--you will see it turn into the Kenterprise without your input.  

This little side conversation appears here because "opsimath" brought up the word "sociopath" (soooo see, I owe "path" and so see, I disagree) and I've had quite a bit of time to think about how it is that this problem would be best solved for the world--in a place where you were physically incapable of responding (as you still seem to be) and I had the opportunity to change "Hancock to Dancock" and the unfortunate understanding that might be something I'd have to do very quickly, under pressure.  I wouldn't change those signs at all--but here in this place where the warship is actively fighting against the infiltration of our world by this hidden force that seems to have turned not only prisons but pharmacy's and an intentionally degraded pace of the disclosure of the active use and knowledge of significantly more advanced neuroscience (one that it appears nearly all of you are personally aware of, but ridiculously incapable of connecting to the idea that not using the technology behind "on" to make the world a better place means nothing short of Hell) ... and in this single run on sentence I've now added Walgreens and CVS to the "appetizers" to be eaten by the John Locke Ness Careerbuilder on the fateful day that I do finally have the opportunity to change the world with the snap of my fingers.   So it might be "sociiopathic" to make such changes instantly--but it's pathological and disgusting to be fighting against changing the world at all--or against the disclosure that this thing is very much possible, and the reasons it's very much needed.   For quite some time, "my plan" for the "planet's" change to a pathway to Heaven has been to instantly implement a form of "pre-crime" that stopped all violent crime and severe accidents before they happened, using teleportation and the idea provided to us through the connection between the "Father of Heaven" and Quantum Leap in Al's Waiting Room--just t o be as clear as possible, I do believe it is this thing and this decision that defines the beginning of Heaven.   In my dream of the world changing in a single moment, this change would allow for the world to see something I think we've needed since the beginning of the Cold War at the very least--for every jail and prison on the planet to turn into something more functionally acceptable to a thriving happy civilization--into a combination of a soup kitchen, a homeless shelter, and a career training center that actually does something to improve the quality of our society rather than the sick and twisted, completely useless, and pathetic form of torture that you as a whole appear to consider "rehabilitative" in this place where you are not right.   The warship continues to magically turn all Church's on the planet into something more functional, perhaps closer to a YMCA or a local meeting center ... and if it wasn't so obvious that the purple lights that peppered the world's monuments at the death of Prince were related to this dream--and a clear message that it's been seen my more than I can fathom refusing to talk about it--I'd light the sky and the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell and the Great Pyramids, the Great Wall and the "I Fell Tower" just to name a few--with some glowing rainbow light to remind the world that never again will God allow evil to fester to the point where civilization itself was in peril.

I'd like to tell you that this dream was just "reflexive control" to spark a conversation, to deliver some guidance that comes from the heart of the story of Jesus Christ and the problems highlighted through my "walk through Hell" but I really do "secretly" wish that something like this would happen for us--some kind of momentous statement about the lack of worth of these sick institutions and the need to turn around on a dime rather than in some "slow progression" from torture to assistance.  Every day you do not speak about this Revelation is one day closer to the day that Jesus Christ once again holds his rod all alone.  

Adranus ran a marathon while you were spilling fake oil over a fake ocean, move forward today... you must see that doing "nothing" is the end.


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