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Key... hello? Nintendo (and Xbox) in Tennessee and Minnesota isn't enough? Heart of hearts, you aren't playing dumb you are ignoring the gate to Heaven, there is no other word but stufuckingpid.

I really am beside myself, sitting where I am and looking out at what I see is frightening, to say the least.  Right and wrong appear to have been blurred behind nothing more than a single verse "let your children play" and to be unable to really see that refusing to see this message is more than a declination of basic human decency; what you are refusing to see is that very obvious proof of mind control technology is being ignored not just by the government, not just by the media; but by each and every one of you.  We are failing to preserve our society on what appears to be nothing more than a "fear" (f: ear) that "things will change."  Things are bound to change, and we are sitting in a time and place where there's a significant amount of what we care about being broken to ensure that we won't fail to see this proof, this evidence, and act.  This is not the kind of thing we should be sitting around pondering, it's really not the kind of disclosure that needs to be vetted and verified or run through test groups--though I imagine you'd be foolish not to think this has already been tested.  We are looking at a stubborn, obstinate sect so blind and so ignorant that they think they can hide the name "adam" in Nostradamus. "Free thinking" is disintegrating and what used to appear to be a cohesive social fabric is turning into nothing more than a mockery--we are losing our home to a "secret" because cucumber.

What you have right in front of you is proof that every aspect of interpersonal communication has been shut down by a hidden force--all to hide the fact that we are living in virtual reality--a fact that is painted on the wall, in every word--from SOL to "sim."  The blindness that I see is so sick that I question the possible motives behind pretending not to see something this important, and this world changing--and I honestly can't come up with a single thing.  We need to act, and if this were our normal "uncontrolled state" this would a race to print, a race to share with everyone you know--and while the readership and sharing has increased this Christmas season--I still have nobody at all offering to help break this wall down; and less questions than the six fingered man could count on his hans.  I don't understand why we aren't using social media to discuss this--to comment on it--and more than anything else I can't see how or why it is that I haven't seen or heard of anyone seeing their own "interesting light" -- you can be damned sure that it is absolutely everywhere and that you and everyone that looks for it will find their own unique keys and their own unique message--something that would give me great joy to actually see and hear about.  Instead I am sitting here hammering away at a sea of silence--in what appears to be nothing more than a conspiracy to ensure that when the news finally does break... I won't be around to answer any questions.  Good luck with that.

I'd tell you that I need help, but more than anything, you need to start helping each other.  Try reading Kialo, maybe someone can help me to understand.  You literally have proof that free thought and free speech have slipped through your fingers; and the internet itself in peril--don't want to live in a world that can overcome the "threat" of a message about saving children from starving and ending pain from "leaking" from it's classified status.  I don't.

I was only planning on writing a few words... and sharing "despondent" which reads something like the exact opposite of "I put a spell on you..." Let the "RV" (that's Earth if you're slow) hit the pavement and start chugging along to Heaven; if this message is a curse we are a place that has given up nearly everything we believe under the combined umbrella of "basic human decency" and "American values."  I don't want to be in that place, I hope we are not in that place, help me see we are not in that place.  We're talking about "slavery" and "freedom" ... there is no question.

Were there no censorship, had we the truth, we could be talking about doing these things first:




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