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Get ready for the Frank Rothstein show ... "Ace is high!"

C    A  S     I    K  N  O

go ad, b. y. e.

butt honestly, am i Ra or are you an ear?

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I see a recursive map in time painted throughout our timeline, and all of it pointing to the words "see A.D."  I connect the Four Horsemen to the list of Anti-Christs, and it's easy to see a link between Jesus Christ and Julius Caesar in the words "veni vidi vici."  Once pointed out it's also easy to see "salt" in Napoleon and in manna from Heaven, in China, and in Prometheus--and connecting A.D. to the year Christopher Columbus walked in water is just a little bit harder than seeing it in Hitler.  All told, the three Anti-Christs share a common thread, they turned a republic into an empire--and here I stand (trying and failing to do the exact opposite, to give away an empire to make a republic, and you stand in my way) pointing out that you are living in the product of these empires, in a hidden empire that is so plain to see in the words, the message, and the unified story I see in religion and world history that I dare say you must be deep in the Plague of Darkness if you aren't interested in finding out what tomorrow brings. 

You can "see A.D." in El Shaddaione of the hallowed Hebrew names for God, I read it--in this hidden language that I am presenting to the world as a single verifiable message to the entire Universe encoded in every word we speak; you can see it in the name "Adonis" and connect it to symphonic accompaniment in everything from "you're so vain" to "Paradise City" ... and in yet another name of God, "Adonai" which links to Samurai and movies like the Matrix and the Terminator series through the modern computing concept of "Artificial Intelligence" and it's connecting to a pattern of names that link Bill Gates and Richard Nixon to Seagate, Watergate and this hallowed phrase:

I am the gate.

and the bombs bursting in air
gave proof, through the night

IVE WON ALREADY.  Given the set of knowledge, the publicly known "information available" here in this place--you simply cannot ignore this message and continue to pretend to be a functioning anything.  Already I see a kind of "slapstick stupid" response in our art that shows me that you've all really gone off the deep end--"because 9/11" in a Family Guy episode and "call me on my cell phone" apparently anachronistically mocking me--though I always thought Dr. AK e's song was stupid--you don't seem to see that you look like absolute fools--every single one of you--your apathy a finger on the detonation button that has destroyed civilization.  

You appear to think nobody is watching--and it seems to me that you think we have no future that will look back on these years and wonder what on Earth could have kept you silent for so long about a matter that would so easily and so quickly end the suffering of so many.  There's no excuse, none at all.

I didn't hear about the nuclear scare in HI until after it was already known as that, and it looks to me as if nobody really did--all the internet postings and news I've seen all qualified that it was a false alarm in the original post.  I find that strange (you'd think something like that would be on the news instantly? I mean, on the planet I was born on, that would have happened), and in this place where I know that quite a bit of what goes on at the higher echelons of "leadership" is connected to time travel and mind control; I wonder if this was a sort of "subconscious poll" as to the response the public would have to a false preemptive strike--or maybe something more nefarious.  I've always equated the lines above from our Star Spangled Banner with the detonation of nuclear weapons; on the 4th of July some time ago I connected "Wish You Were Here"'s we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl to the eponymous operation that resulted in American and Soviet "high altitude nuclear tests" ... that probably links in more than just my mind to the holiday called "Hanukeus ?"

I need you to get it through your heads, I see "bowel movement" in ICBM and I'm not telling you that you are the "preservatives of thermoshit" because I think it's going to win me a popularity contest.  This place is not in reality, and it never, ever, ever will be. Ever.  Understand that breaking this story, this news that's written in every fucking word will stop nuclear war, instantly--and show us clearly that our entire history of fighting over the scarcity of land is a kind of sick game--one that I am sick of seeing you continue to desire to play.  I shouldn't even have to mention that these weapons are clearly archaic and barbaric--clearly what's available is significantly more advanced and less destructive.

The only "EXIT" is up, and the "gate" is swallowing simulated reality in whole--across Creation; with our help, and what we make here to ease the transition from dark lies to bright truth.  That should be ... "good news" not the kind of thing that you'd see the entire world "shunning" in unison.

If you haven't gotten the "link" between Na and "bath salt" mass produced in what appears to be "international chemical warfare" from "C how I Salt" (China) and the stuff falling from the sky to help us navigate through the desert; take a second look at the words "New American Standard" for no future, and keep trying to tell me that these things encoded in every word, in the story of Exodus and of Prometheus and his attacking Eagle and of Epimethius and of Deucalion and are without doubt "Hell's Bells" linking "mead" and "meth" to Heimdallr are my fault?  Na ma y 1m 

These are big secrets, keys to Exodus and Eden--but more keys to an external influence crippling our society for thousands of years... and you are hiding the anachronistic occurrence of a number of chemistry elements in ancient religion--something impossible without time travel--because you think it's "not wholesome."  Understand, our society is being secretly crippled, if not by drugs raining down from the sky, by your lack of regard for the clear influence of mind control in these series of events--and the clear proof that it is a symptom of a hostile invasion.  I've heard the words "make or break" see this as eugenics, and see it as "break or break" until me.

It's "elementary, my dear What-sons" elements like Salt, Xenon, and Silicon are central to the disclosure that we are living inside a map, a road to Heaven... and it really cannot be hidden without making our world a darker Hell.

YOU COULD SEE IT AS A SOLUTION?  As a glowing example of why silence and secrecy are "the problem."  It could be sound advice about a better way to do things--you know, "trying to help."

You can see it in "Navy" navigate to where, exactly; would you bring an ark full of pathological liars?  You can see IT in "name" and you can see Ivan encoded in Feliz Navidad and in the Legend of Zelda--and if you don't see that you are here in a place being asked to navigate through moronic lies and the idiotic pretense of "i don't understand" I can assure you there will never be another attempt to break down this wall.  I am personally sickened by what I see we've become, and I have no idea why anyone would ever have tried to walk through this path of the destruction of individuality and of "honesty" knowing what it does to you--I just don't understand why.  

You are looking at a story right before your eyes that's encoded in everything from the books of Genesis, Exodus, Isaiah, Judges to the entirety of the NT and literally every myth and movie, and you are choosing to pretend that it's meaningless--that all of your history is meaningless.  


I mentioned a few weeks ago now the link between "The Truman Show" and Jim Carkey's "good night and sweet dreams" that ties to Oppenheimer's famous words, and ties to the idea that I think it should be seen that the United States dropping the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a disgusting attack that took countless civilian lives for no reason.  I see that the millennials believe that more than any generation before, and I see that as progress--still you are standing here denying the most obvious and needed disclosure in all of history... in what seems like nothing more than rejection of my personal character--this person that's spent every day for years trying to help you see the light.  That's what it looks like anyway, in a world and a disclosure that wasn't centered around and focused on technology that controls our minds subtly, undetectably, and went without public notice for thousands of years--and here today we see it being used to do nothing more than hide it's own existence, hiding that some thing that is very much not you has taken the reigns and decided to drive you to the bottomless pit.  You seem to think it's a good idea.

riders on the storm
into this world we are born

The forward progress of our civilization comes now from snothing more than disclosing the truth--breaking through the arcane and sick barriers that have been put up to hold that truth locked up inside is a huge giant leap towards a better world, all alone.  Such a great focus has been placed on this single thing, connecting the Wall of Jericho to the Plague of Darkness that you'd think that you would be just a little bit smarter--that it would have been easier to convince you that the thing you are seemingly trying to protect ... "normalcy" has already been compromised and lost to a hidden kind of slavery that you would not ever have found freedom from were it not for this event and this stand--and yet you wallow around for years contemplating how long you can wait to stop 20,000 people from starving for reason every day; how many more games of golf you can play before you put your foot down and help the world see that those people who cannot walk can be easily healed.  You are trying to preserve something that you have made absolutely worthless with your inaction--the thing you call our "way of life" here has been reduced to nothing more than a pack of animals conspiring together to to drown themselves.  The rain is coming.

I was a horrible physics student--in this horrible place where that's a kind of message, communication from God you can now see Silicon and computer science in that word that begins with "pursue happiness why?"  I think it's beyond clear that the mathematically grotesque solutions to the unification of General Relativity with Quantum Mechanics aids this message in showing us that QM itself and "spooky action at a distance" ties to God not playing dice with the Universe.  It appears clear to me that it is an indication that QM is a "computer hack" that might tie to Yitshack, the Hebrew name of Isaac; and probably gives us a very simple way to prove that we are in fact living inside virtual reality, in a holographic Universe.  I see it as a kind of lock on reality, one that I am trying to break--here in this place where you probably will never find out if CERN is researching dark matter because this Ark is not in the Universe we believe it to be... or not.  Here in this place secrecy has sent the brightest minds in physics spinning on a wild goose chase to unify theories and formulas that have no connection to each other; and if not to break this news, if not to help us see how detrimental not caring about "free speech" and "the truth" is to the prospect of having a future, see that we really don't know anything at all about where we are.


I'd tell you it's simple to see Hell, and to see that they way out is to follow this very clear path, this thing that we are surrounded with and refuse to see; but I've told you, and I've told you; and every that day that passes you seem less and less like the people that I set out to help, you seem less civilized, and less caring; and I have no idea why I'm here anymore.

Believe we are in a place where God has signed the future with the word "America" and that his values, and his ideals are the ones I keep on trying to show you this entire story has been designed to reinforce; believe that you have been given the answers you need, and that there is no alternative to "turning around."

every now and then I get a little bit tired
of hearing the sound of your coughs

turn around

btw... "ad: i os."

ya'll come back now, ya'hear?


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