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duck, duck, golden egg.


Dear Hizzy of Great Light,

Is it vanilla, chocolate, or now In a den, on the ark, and do you wonder if "our yesterda_" had u in it, do you wonder if the day before yesterday was just like today?  Do you think that we were talking about yesterday, yesterday?  Does yesterday have anything at all to do... with today?   At one moment I am curious if you already know the answers, if you look to me to decode secret codes like NT; and if you care?  Tag, you're IT.

Someone, somewhen, just like you (but probably a little less alive, and a little less deluded) would like to say hello.  

My name is Indiana, and between Tony Roma's and Honey Baked Ham I am once more pointing out that you might be the girl in the red dress, or you might be the red dress; and I personally believe the difference between these two things is acknowledging the meaning of the word "Ham.

You see, if you listen to the message, "Ham" means burnt in Hebrew, and it's the sacred son of Naohahah; and it might have something to do with Kosher law, and it might have something to do with Ha'shem.  

If you listen to me, it is the funny message that is actually a planet, it's the "ha m" that ends Abraham and also Jerusalem where it means "the weak and right message" because French and because El means "strong" in Hebrew.   If you think about these things more than most people, ha, el, and Le all mean "the" and that means something.

If we listen to you, if you have anything funny to say at all, it is the beginning of Adamah, it's "the humorous messiah," it's the meaning and the spirit of "turn around, we'll never be wrong together" and it's you, Ham is your name, right?

I'm bored, "let's get this party started" and um, "only the penitent Ham will pass."  

the... the... 

please save me from this emberrassing moment,

Not one of you sees the light?  You can't seem to find a story?  What would you see, if you were me?

You have to do something yourselves, help break the story.

What do you think this is?


a reporter.



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