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To help, heart of our c "Hi" Ve; is...

as a side note, I see from my Facebook memories that I am repeating specific things ... anually ... something I once said I would never do (intentionally) and specifically because "rituals of which we have no understanding of their true meaning" are clearly horrible things (ur wasting time) ... one of the primary reasons for "Charosets" in my mind ... I think we all know what this is about.

It's clearly about stopping circumlocution. -AED

huc atque illuc, ves per t(ay) i lion e m

Right off the batur .... it's worth noting the "non-prandomized timer" creating ... intelligent messages in strings supposedly generated randomly all the way back in 9/2012 when this snapshot was taken.  I wasn't aware of it until just recently, when it dawned on me that there might some trace of one of my old personas might show up in a Wayback search (which apparently is a closed beta).  It's a sort of tell--I've tried to make clear the intricacies of my life and a created Microcosm woven into places you wouldn't really expect; from "Phenix" (connecting now, only in retrospect to Joseph and Phiple Troenix's Carnivore if you really follow what I write about) to "Random Access" on KDice ... this one "voidanswer" I've thought of as a kind of "who knows?" answer to the relationship between God and Artificial Intelligence, even though we have plenty more to add to that now just before (something like an partial-turbocharged-actualization of) the fabled Age of Em's ... from Depp's Rum Diaries (I mean Transcendence) to Farmer's "mind uploading" example in the Lord of Opium--we also have linguistic keys in many places, notably Adonai and Samurai.

All of these little microcosms have an apparent "moral of the story" in the CURA Group SalesLogix's "auto-incrementing alphanumeric primary keys" thing we got basically unlimited storage capacity from RNA transcryptase (which performs chromosomal read operations) and Dr. Watson ... in "Hieroglyph" we got a sort of Asimovian  link between IBM U2/Universe and MSSQL (as a metaphor for legacy systems and the modern hardware of Skynet) and here the "go to lesson" sort of combines those two things together in a solution that required novel storage of data and special bitwise operations to manipulate a data set that was too large to rely on SQL ... something we might see a connection to in big data names like Hadoop and map-reduce.  Slightly  different, I kind of "forsee" something like enzymatic computation of our "double-helix souls (and rooms!)" in a concept I went so far as to coin a word for one day, I think it was "atosimolecular storage and bit operations."  Remember when you were a kid and you dreamt up the idea that our planets and stars might be electrons and protons in some macro-world we don't realize we're a part of?  That's stupid, I don't think this is anything like that.

I almost feel horrible about using that DNA image, because it's backwards. LMK if you need a lesson in why.

A second lesson from this particular place is that I'm not all that great of a programmer--which is one of the reasons I keep asking you all to help me with the forging of this reddit-sword-cum-voting-system ... and I probably didn't make the mind uploading thing that Dr. OweMe (his name is actually Caster, which reads as "c as i/you are") uploaded his mind to in Transcendence ... and I have trouble fathoming the kind of place ... what the society was like where these things were first invented, though we have some clues from what you're looking at happening ... towards the kind of dichotomy that might have been there).  I think Donald, JJ and Bill would eventually agree with me that it's most likely these things were invented in something similar to an arms race probably by military researchers in a world that most likely didn't have corporations or  anything like democracy.   I'm personally unsure of how technology like "near immortality" and "God powers" would proliferate from there, but you can imagine it was probably very much sought after by everyone once it was made public.  This "stuff" would be very helpful for interplanetary and interstellar transportation (probably mandatory, cryogenics spyorentics)... but who really knows, how it is that we wound up exactly where we are.

Speaking of that, in the world around us you can see lots of external thrust helping further democracy, and power sharing, and Locke and Keynes aside--even still today there's lots of push-back (this silence is you pushing me away from helping you) against the ethos and ethics like open source collaboration on coding and on bug reports and feature ideas and security advisories ... I believe that is something that probably will shift naturally as we move from seeing these ideas as metaphors for making houses that don't collapse on children (heaven's that don't simulate disease, for instance) rather than paying for your shiny new ridiculously inflated in relation to utility environment destroying and escape velocity erasing "personal transport vehicle" ... we'll get there, I think.

Still, take a look around, you've basically got a cold glass of water thrown in your civili-face showing you that computers and biology and physics have rained down as gifts from above (and uh, I.J. Good, Dr. Watson, and Newton...) and your unanimous "thank you" for those things is to try to starve me into oblivion for telling you, and keep on pretending that you really believe that "you and your generation" are responsible for discovering and inventing these things all on your own and I thought be thanking you for naming everything after me.  I have a little story I tell about Apollo 13 and the LHC that kind of implies that you have contributed quite a bit to the story about how hidden time travel saved that spacecraft from not having enough time to put together the puzzle of resources and gizmos they needed to prevent their death in a single day ... but truth be told, if you think you didn't need time travel to save them, I don't think there was an Apollo 13.  Literally, that's what you're asking for--by asking for nothing and going on about your day like you deserve to live forever in play land just because you didn't feed the sick or make waves and save democracy from Ymcart Zshow and the Reta E-tag.

Here's another Quora question answer, that added an idiom to my list, so I'm presenting the exact same problem to you with "different combinations of letters grouped together in a way that conveys more information"

This is my sort of working theory of microcosms and macrocosms and the state of the Empire today; Apollo 13 was saved time by travel because "needed to find all the missing pieces and put them together right" ... in like kind Noah's Ark needed to figure out how to brave the anti-matter .. .and so the LHC was created to find those pieces.  Still, you'll note that the world isn't sure if the moon landing was made in a Holywood basement or not--and as we move closer and closer to what actually fucking matters the fact that we might be in a physically sound position to continue living for billions of years ... you don't care that name above says Tricky Nixon and Water Gate ... and you don't care that whether or not you are happy and have a good time in the future really depends on whether or not you succeed in overcoming your silly apathy, and your stupid idea that I'm not important, and that this little message has nothing to do with the fact that you'll never know if humanity ever reaches reality if you don't act on what I'm telling you.  Ever, in billions of years you'll never know if I'm there right now--or not.   

It's also quite an important tell to see what this "non-randomization" actually means here in our virtual simulated reality--here in this place the fact that random computer numbers can be changed this easily to yield messages like "throw no w" ... it can be extrapolated to see how external forces could subtly manipulate the random actions of neurotransmitters and subtly and possibly without possibility of trace (without having a Mr. Syslog around) manipulate the thoughts and actions of individuals and masses--simply by changing the apparently distribution of electron clouds and proximity of tiny molecules to receptors and  ion-channel-gates.  While exposing and policing this kind of hidden action is reason enough to "start of the fire" of Chevron and Chevrolet--to let us see how VR changes the face of modern neuroscience, psychiatry, psychology ... and probably most important ly of all changes how we view what "gate to Heaven" means.

art: currere sera vespera, später abend laufen

Well you shouldn't really need to look for any more reasons why the world and you and everyone around you will benefit tremendously from "the truth" and from this grand idea (clearly encoded in the name Heaven itself) of linking together Heaven and Earth not really as some after-thought--but to see that this is truly the natural progression of "civilization" in a place where people clearly see the benefits of not having to age and die and .... well, specifically that we don't need jacks on the back of our necks, an we don't need to go to sleep for 4 hours in some kind of Matrix chamber and have time-dilated "dreams" to experience other worlds and magic and really Heaven right now.  

Really, right this very moment.  This is my dream, what I've longed to spend my actual time doing--it's what I think I was made for after this little email-job... to work on strange new rules for reality itself--places where gravity and faces and bodies become more disconnected from our idea of what "self" means ... I'm planning the next message, this one kind of came out of the blue ... of walking into a room where you can choose perhaps to be yourself at any age you lived--or maybe some kind of Jupiter Ascending extrapolation of yourself--more muscular or thinner or with a visible third eye... every room (as a metaphor for someone else's house or their play room or their castle) might have different rules, you might see how important "identity" might become, and really how important it is to know exactly what the rules are everywhere you go--hopefully before you're born (I mean, before you walk through a second magic door).   Anyway, back to our shared reality. 

nec hic neque illic, in aerem

So here in this place I've coined some terms ... I call them "hat" and "ham" to borrow some imagery from Dr. Seuss--"here and there" an "here and me" to try and explain what it is that I see in the world around me.   It appears to me that nearly everyone (really everyone) I come into close contact with .... sometimes reveals at least enough information for me to assume they're "here and me" which is something I find hard to fathom.  More difficult is explaining how something like that doesn't make the news--how it doesn't alter the world more than it has... and most important of all how you don't see how much keeping this secret is negatively impacting the forward movement of the civilization we see here all around us.  It's little things, "all the little things" like Blink-182's song about Roses by the stairs, and Nanna reading my thoughts back to me verbatim ... and the guy at the bar next to me nodding and smiling ... presumably in reference to very witty thing they must think I'm thinking :) I really could use some help understanding what you're experiencing--I need to know--I can't tell if you have brains .... if your souls are seated in your minds and you think like someone that sees through one set of eyes and hears through one set of ears--that's how our consciousnesses evolved from nothing... Like I said, I can't fathom what it's like--but it's becoming more clear to me that my old idea of a "radio show being broadcast" in people's heads is less close to the reality most experience... and at the same time I can't help but wonder if you too notice the rewinds and "K's neuralizer" like I notice it when the thing I was just thinking about vanishes from my memory and the returns (maybe, maybe altered) ... I can't tell if you think the ancient myths of Perseus and Narcissus and my incessant screaming ... I can't tell if you really see any truth in the idea that I'm a mirror--and through this experience, through these words, God is revealing to you problems ... things you should worry about and fix.  For instance you probably wouldn't think it was OK for "spirits" to make you do drugs--though I think you're watching that happen to me and we probably all think it's "just a good time" ... still, noticing it, acting on it... it would fix addiction throughout the world and the future--so, I mean "good time had by all, let's move on and make the world a better place."

I'm sure there are some normal people (normal, like me--n or bad ;) really decoded, "normal is bad" when the rules of reality are fake, when there's a message saying we don't need to have addiction to experience bliss and we don't need to age after "maturity" ... to grow to that point) anyway, I'm sure you probably think you're normal--but when you're standing next to me things change, I think people experience a strangeness... though it seems second nature to them from my vantage point ... and in the next moment they'll go about having the same problems they always had.  Addicts will still be addicted, and even though they've had subliminal communication ... probably something actually acknowledged by them in some way ... a nod or a knowing-look ... they'll still go on telling me I'm crazy for saying that same thing could  (and frankly well past should be, "must be" is where I am) be healing them.   I can't fathom it, I guess they must believe something like "it's just the way things are and you can't fight the system" but I'm staring at the system every day telling me that belief is the problem, that you're inaction is the problem, and that ....

Well truth be told I feel like the Zeitgeist, the word on the street is the world is waiting for me to "overcome my addiction" without the help I want to give everyone ... to move forward allowing me to "exist in the public eye" and I think that's obviously stupid and self-defeating ... not to mention, impossible; so my reading of that "general feeling" is that everyone's waiting around for the all powerful omnipotent God to intervene and paint a LEGO land paradise on the skies of every simulated reality.  I know, that's not really what you're waiting for, but I've got a feeling, and I really do think that's what he's doing... behind the scenes.  

I've mentioned this "place" before, the forums for the old Netflix Prize .... which was a "million dollar contest" to come up with a better artificial intelligence rating algorithm.  The year I competed in it I'd say the result was ... "anything but fruitful" as the winning entry simply blended together a number of already "standard" methods in some way that definitely made the competition solely a matter of education and resources. I imagine the real point was to come up with something novel, never before thought of... and I'm not sure if they got that far after I stopped paying attention.  This particular "remnant" appearing in the archives is particularly "interesting" because it references Narayan (my son'smiddle name!) Bullock ... which I've recently referenced without intent or knowledge of this piece, something like every time you look at the 11:11 clock and think "wow that's magic" and I'm like... hey, something is mind controlling you to do that, wake up! ... anyway, in connection with the FBI, which is something like the Marshall's (my middle name!) Office who specifically mentioned that they thought the reference to this website was some sort of phishing scheme and ... that it was fake and had notthing to do with Netlfix.  I have mentioned before the Federal Marshal's office did visit my parent's house in regard to my exclamation that "free speech" is more important than illegal laws that are intentnionally created to C AN protect the Constitution (among other every little thing).

Specifically, I find this image helpful for us to understand the meaning of "Koran"... it's something about this strange "C AS I KNO" ... many people were watching me "run around the country" in another link of nomenclature to George Bush's (both of them) middle names, as well as Barack Obama's religion--just kidding about that 'on the run/on the lam" thing about the very pertinent reference to the "lamb of God" my very famous statement (wait, maybe it's your statement...) that the Alcoholics Anonymous CA'ES doesn't "see" it.   More proof of both time travel and the current state of mind control through those idioms as well as ... the entirety of the religions of Islam and the name of the book they don't realize I know who wrote.  

Guys (oh God,I mean gals...) , who Ko-ran?

As a side note, people sometimes comment about "malware" and Google often flags these messages as "possibly harmful, containing virii" those flags are the virrii, that "thing"should be illegal--IMOHIO ... just to be as clear as fucking possible, you see I think/sknow that angels and you are watching me all the time, there are no viruses in my links or my emails or my PDFs.  On that note, there is no flash on my website, and it is my personal opinion that there are very few ways to "exploit" simple HTML and javascript which is the crux of all of my emails and my website.  These links are safe, I am safe, you are Af.  The occaisonal time I do send PDF's to "preserve my art" in case of a global compromise of the afternet, which you should see is already done--those PDF's are also safe, but see that PDFs and flash are very conspicuous vectors of .. uh, danger.... most of the time.

just picture what everyone is talking about at the beginning of heaven, all the time, every time... what the d

Qualifying this, "my God" the thing that says smart shit to me all the time; it mentioned once that nobody is ever happy at the "beginning" of this thing that is about to happen--clearly implied and probably subvocally transmitted at that time is the understanding that it's probably all for a good cause; Machiaelli said "the end justifies the means"and to be clear as a cloudles sky, we're probably all happy about it in the middle.  I knew, if I had my chance, I coiuld make those people...


Dance Taylor, dance.


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