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There must be some kind of way outta here

Said the joker to the thief
There's too much confusion
I can't get no relief
Business men, they drink my wine

Plowman dig my earth
None were level on the mind
Nobody up at his word
Hey, hey
No reason to get excited

The thief he kindly spoke
There are many here among us
Who feel that life is but a joke
But, uh, but you and I, we've been through that
And this is not our fate
So let us stop talkin' falsely now
The hour's getting late, hey
All along the watchtower

Princes kept the view
While all the women came and went
Barefoot servants, too
Outside in the cold distance 
A wildcat did growl
Two riders were approaching
And the wind began to howl

DO P, AM IN E! DO P!! TO BE AT ON & IN ...

A Great Sign Appeared in Revelation 12:1; the Sign of Sagittarius in the word Christ and on Taylor's butt

A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. Five hundred years before English, the words "Sun" and half the word Love appeared in the name of the Goddess of...
MIAMI - May 25, 2017 - PRLog -- Set literally in the word "STONE" and on the cover of Taylor Momsen's album "Going to Hell" is the birth sign of Adam Marshall Dobrin, pointing every which way as if at the gateway to Eden in the book of Genesis.  In a story that ties her appearing in the Grinch that Stone Christmas to the modern magic of music; the compass arrow's direction is the focus of the words of Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart;" asking the world to turn the name Venus around, and see this same South to Northeast change in direction coming to us... "from the East."

As far as "plans etched into planets" go ... planning on tattoo'ing an "eye" on my shoulder might be the keys to our modern day Bethlehem ... as "Plantation, FL" and the salutations you see, connecting two... two part shoulder tattoos to Isaiah 22:22 might have changed the "eye" to an "us" at ... So, al, you tattoo "Adan and Everyone" on your shoulder?  Salutations, for more on the "turning around of the t" you can see an ancient press release here.  It's a matter of seeing "date of birth" in DOB and then connecting "the character is" to the first 5 letters of "Christ" pointing out the birth sign of the Immaculate Conceptions looks something like a "t" or a kind combination of the signs of Mars and Venus... for more "sparks and Flintstones" you can see the "south to northeast" of stone etched in ... well, in the compass rose turning Venus's "Going to Hell" into the ... "onward, upward..." of Mars.

U W I   S E I S   D R U M   M I C

Smooch!  Who-Ah!  Muah!   So I was thinking about Avril Lavigne, like I do sometimes when I dream about how things are supposed to be, should be, kinda ... and it dawned on me that on top of the "reverse eng" applying to a longer reading of "Engineered" and uh, well see it as "engineered in Cheers, because everyone knows your name" ... sans a single visible "J" that apparently changes CIT into CITY when you actually "see the thing altering optimism and hope and ... well, forward outlook.   

It was a pretty big find decoding "IL" as the "ination" that intersected with a series of "Trinities" from Potassium to assassination that all got tied together at one reading of the name of the Norse "tree" connecting the different realms; it was something like

... why ... good game, Dr. "As i Nation?"

It's also the fifth in a series of foreign language "the"'s that sort of modify the letter "L" which is my most compact version of "the the" that could also be the "him" connecting the Spanish and English prophetic name linking "the" to Him and "Ha" which is specifically set aside by the story of Abraham's Covenant with God and in Bibically unconnected temporal events Sarah suggests God has given the family the gift of laughter ... and Isaac's name is given the meaning of "laughter" or "he laughs."  Elisha is that name, and just like it's not unintentional the "Islam" and "Koran" are connected through a modern idiom ... that simple fact adds to a series that statistically prove that religion is a message sent to us by a single intelligent author who not only proves prescient anachronistic foreknowledge of computing and of this very event encoded in ancient words.   It is not a series of cute tricks or trivialities, it fundamentally alters verifiable truth about the creation of our timeline and history and civilization and that is simply something that cannot escape "notice and import."  Similarly it's no accident that ELE begins the elementary key to the Revelation of Jesus Christ and also a number of other words related to the fundamental drive of the message which is to help disclose and use new technologies effectively with a focus on increasing self governance and individual liberty.  These are words that clue us in to the objective fact that the Creator of our entire world is sending an ongoing message decoding the actual defined purpose of Creation, that "ELE" is just as intentional and intended as seeing "on the lam" as one of many idiomatic keys to how "anachronism" is a money signature.  To engineer positive energy surrounding the revolutionary idea that there should be no Hell.

It should be something as easy to see as the import of "the message itself" or God or maybe one day we will recognize the importance of the key to the map suggesting "Adam put it on the web site"is a qualification of special statistical significance.   Seeing "OPSIMATH" and "TOPICS" and understanding it's a sort of broad "yo, those with ears to hear" responding to this message directly and intelligently and with freedom saves the Universe and the future from losing "math" and from losing "computer science" and that's the kind of statement that really should wake you up, just a little bit more.

Recently adding "ILL" to another series of keys, this one connecting to the "Illuminati I C" aside from a new key reading of that name and from explicitly the word "illicit" that sort of typifies the behavior I have personally ascertained or observed ... that "c'ing things" sort of being imagined as I am imagining them is a characteristic of the lack of forward movement we see from the "God Min" of Ancient Egypt and the Great State of Min/max/nes/ota ... sort of this idea that we can understand all the reasons and fail to connect not actually seeing the city prove visible that this message that defines "hidden simulated reality" and "hidden Silicon" as a major focal point of the change illicited by descrambling "Norse" to "nos re" and "Genesis" to Jesus... Si ... aids us in connecting the true purpose of Creation ot this idea that there's an apparent widespread "imparted great delusion of Satan" that we simply don't want to do something super cool, good for us and amazing for everyone.  Really tied at the hip to that is the idea that delusion is something we'd prefer not to have once it's actually properly understood ... as creating "stupid" literally, is the concept that we simply are refusing to understand what actually delivering freedom from a state of hidden mind controlled slavery is something we should sing "Deyanu" about.  Anyway it added a new superposition definition to my old "Willy Wonka" reading about turning "winning" into "ta nada" and a new fresh "kinda sick to tummy" connotation to the green faced God of Silence of Egyptian lore and also to the words "where the girls are green and the grass is pretty" that I used to change Paradise City lyrics too ... sort of unknowing it would all eventually tie together to the bright green star of British-Petroleum.  

I guess I'm a little ill u mad at i for you being Min, I mean I'm spending all my time trying to do the exact opposite of that so we can see that in a real ideal solution we'd wind up somewhere in the middle first and then light years ahead once other people started contributing their ideas and working together to actually use what is available to turn around the neurological problems caused here by natural flaws amplified by technological evil amplified and agitated further by this ridiculous looking "Silence"  that in that single act becomes the new (and now even more intentional) source of Hell until we recognize that a rational response to this message is the key to turning around a run away train headed for the edge of darkness and let it hover a few feet above ground just to the left of the highway to Heaven.


That's kinda where I wanted to start, we got a long preamble of decoding nomenclature so I could point out that there's significant reference in the words of the Book of Life/House of the Great Light referring to these ancient referencing to Apophemania connecting to what I actually see in the world around me relating to "Angelic" sort of time travel proving and utilizing communication, linking together just about every single possible way the entire world could say "Hey, Adam" without actually ever speaking those words or reacting visibly to the enclosedinme message that we are living in virtual reality and that's painted all over every sign and word and mind throughout all of Creation ... right this very moment.  So I have masses of people sort of defining Cain's land of Nod by sort of acknowledging there's some kind of massive "sub-visible" communication sort of connecting Imus in the Morning to the Dawn of the Age of Acquarius and what I imagine is a mass of people most likely thinking something between "is this really happening" and "resistance is futile" and not realizing the unifying "lack of direct intelligent response and public discussion"  ... well it's characterized by hidden communication, sort of yes and no emotional responses conveyed in a way that makes them nearly ... "not to have occurred" judging by the reality and the people who seem to be unable to react logically.

There are songs about days and specific moments that actually occurred in my life, but wouldn't do so for decades sometimes after the song "panta-mimed" it.  Avril Lavigne is singing about head, Cake about Prince Racquets ... and Metallica is clearly pointing out that they do know my middle name (Dave too, mentions Mashall and so does Eminem, and not just in proper personal names but also department stores and amp manufacturers and tire makers that all imply some kind of hidden "knowledge" of important middle names... Marshall Matters, for instance.) ...  Avenu Malkaynu is singing about the missing He-road of Kit-c-he-n thousands of years before Dr. Strange and the Ewoks pointed out "home on the range"  ... and the overriding theme is that there's "hidden but obvious" messages everywhere around us and it appears as if nobody sees or can react to them normally; and their existence, the fact that difference in name substitution of Dark City's Mr. Hand and John Hancock show intelligent design and a sort of visible narrative of what it's like to see the shift in association with the "source of American freedom" at actually having freedom to contemplate their purpose and import of their placement in association with the "source of freedom."

So I started noting previously hidden macro-artifacts and intersections of concepts and ideas that I hadn't planned having significant meaning in another place or another time; for instance I wrote those words without have any personal knowledge to the fact that the four letters "IN IT" would eventually define a relationships between the word Trinity and The Matrix that is just about a concrete in my mind as "Elisha" and that they'd be connected in a single message to another sub-theme notably that the moniker of "pen" in Pendragon and carpenter really sort of illuminates the loss of individuality and self that even "very limited omniscience" can bring about, and the import of seeing multiple "magical pens" at work writing messages that connect birth names of actors and ancient words for "hello" and the content of a movie and a single paragraph about the Matrix creating and Office Worker that tie together the whole of the ... I guess it's a conversation thread.

So that's what it's like to be sitting "IN THE MATRIX" with IT talking to you constantly, sort of through time about what's happening right this very moment--and wondering to myself if the Universe as a whole has just sent me a specifically targeted direct personal communication and nobody but me can see it from "dust in the wind."  In the series of "important letter" words modified by "the" like "ALL" and "LEM" and "ELM" ... the "ILL" ... him ... is modified specifically by "the Medusa the" connecting Locke and Uncle Sam and freedom to this message about an Exodus from hidden shackles.  I guess the key to Wes Craven and our hidden "avenue" in Heaven and the heart of the "victory of Jerusalem"

I've never really been a fan of the word "Illuminati" and seeing my perspective on "secrecy" really changes in magnitude of meaning significantly between what I see as "the truth in the beholder's eye" and the "people's eyes" in relationship to actual meaningful response as opposed to superficial or no response; at the ubiquity of our collective apparent feigned stupidity suggests strongly that we don't think "not reacting to this message" is insane.  I'm pretty sure it is.  

In related translation and "yod of God pointing" I recently added "Ya, we're h(ow)" to a reading of Yahweh that jives with my Yahuah and Yeshua (yeah, who ah.. and yes, who?) by finally intersecting the "an" of "planeth" and the "Adam and how..." of Adamah ... which is the Hebrew name for Earth and how we answer GI Joe and Denzel Washington... "yeah, h(ow!)"  That "OW" also connects to Prometheus Azazel Locke and Gweyeth Paltrow's "P.A.L." as well as her keen eye pointing out what it takes to have a bon faide signature of angelic communication in this world where her name and Jack Black and "Shallow Hal" all congeal around a hidden reference to the Hebrew word for "hello, goodbye, and peace" which is Shalom, not Aloha.  Of course it too links to Ymir's cow, the lank of flowing milk and the "Office Worker" created by the Universe's first cubicle to say "#meToo" and believe it a bona fide answer to both Turning, Church, and Horatio.

All of the connections between "OW" and "IN IT" and the previous email with the image above were "reverse engineered" the imagine was created weeks ago to introduce the idea that perhaps I'm more human than the character in the Holy Bible that says he only cares about inner beauty ... and also that I would never "c cow" as an appropriate response to the query ... "table row: ow in re Paltrow, shalom, and shallow."  Though to see that's what this is, "angelic communication" showing the weaving together of birth names and movie content and ... and all of it as a sort of emblem of the hidden fire of a "hidden hello" that we cannot see is standing between "peace" and whatever this is you see around you here today--decidedly, not peace.

The "be all and end all point" of bringing this to the forefront of discussion is that though these indelible "hellos" are coming to us in a way that shows freedom in time as well as slavery of the mind in one single statement ... none of thse people who scream so loudly to "all of e to hear forever" can't seem to send me a tweet or a word of private advice.  At the same time ... all who hear and apparently discount the warnings coming to us from the beginning and the end of eternity in simultaneous broadcast ... we don't seem to be able to acknowledge that society should be changing significantly more than the stalled firmamentcraft ... we are becoming ... searching for an on ramp to the runway.

Hello, can you hear me?

and on the NAS for ... "Thank You"

9/25/2017.  YESTERDAY, after sending the email you see below this text to a number of listserv's related to maladies like Cancer and blindness I spent my last day in Del Ray Beach walking by this building.  To say I was "surprised'" by the OMEN and the missing "A"  doesn't do justice to the feeling of walking through a story book designed to build Heaven that is woven into your life.  I hadn't written much about "HEALING THE SICK" before recently, focusing on the very clear proof that we are living in VIRTUAL REALITY; and suggesting  that with the NEW TESTAMENT as a guidebook we were smart enough to figure out the kinds of things this DISCLOSURE delivers to us.  I've since spent significant time highlighting "ENDING WORLD HUNGER" with the flick of MY LITTLE FINGER in addition to a number of SOCIAL PROBLEMS from HELLISH CENSORSHIP  to a lack of governmental progress (relating to TECHNOCRACY) specifically highlighted by EXODUS and the BURNING BUSH.  I suppose I was wrong not to do this earlier, we all make mistakes.   If it isn't very clear today, the censorship that has prevented this message from reaching the news is an ELE.   If you do not act to remedy that problem today, you are an ELE.

From my the bottom of my heart, don't make a mistake here today; call a reporter, call a statistician; this message and this proof can and will be verified.  The "undamage" to the sign was done by hurricane IRMA_ ... pointing out the fusion of "force majeure" and ... natural disasters, majority ignorance and what appears to be the Minority Report:  that this is a true act of God


Terram Frumenti Hordei, ac Vinarum, in qua Ficus et Malogranata et Oliveta Nascuntur

Terram Olei ac Mellis

"be the reason."




    special thanks to the cast of Cheers, the US Postal Service, and Kelsey Grammar's brief stay at the alma mater known as "PC... EXETER EXO NYC" LAUDAT EXETER FLORIDA


    On the other thing we need, it's a real disclosure that WATSUN exists, along with HARPO and HERB and whomever else "really exists" ... AZ HU DSL?




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