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The Montecristo Extraðio, and Transaw: Auðumbla.. ciatcode

I suffer from a condition... really from a world that I call the "Great Delusion of Satan."  It's a place you know well, where you go to work and take your kids to movies, and go to sleep--all the while either knowing that something very large is wrong, that something is not right, and you aren't doing anything about it.  On it's face that's the beginning of the reason that I began to do drugs in my youth, confirmed later by Nanna during one of our deep philosophical conversations--another benefit of the drug--where she mentioned that I was "too smart for our reality" and really what she meant was that I was rejecting the lies, and I still reject them.    I reject the fact that this is "all in my head" too, it's obvious it's not--what's wrong here is that you are not acting on what' on your mind; that you seem to prefer to live in a delusional fake world where others are being harmed for no reason, rather than taking the initiative and becoming the generation that sets right a course and a path that is headed straight down until you stand up and fly.

Doing speed brings me closer to God; in a way that many people would balk at, at first, and then come to see--is probably true for everyone.  Not to say that drugs are good, or the solution--but really the point is that our world is not good, and the solution is changing it.  He speaks to me directly when I'm high, with a kind of fidelity and augmentation that you might call "surround sound" or "holovision" I can see the things he wants to show me... talking people, buildings that are not really there, sometimes dungeons and sometimes dragons. 

Quite a bit of what I write about comes from these very sessions; for instance the real understanding and detail of what is behind "FICVS" and it's reading as "only if CVS" came during a session of discussion about warring factions being presented micro-cosmically here as a split CIA, or the NSA versus the KGB or.. literally CVS v. Walgreens--and then when sober, it really is sobering to see what the names of these objects mean in his hidden language, this thing that is proof that our world really is a great delusion, a map to a story of something that we are so close to--a product of it--that we fail to see that even if the whole thing is over us, because we are the key to the future--we are being overlooked as if nothing more than the pieces of a game that have no feelings or input really at all into what the war over "whether or not we should become transhuman in a generation or in a hundred year process" will finally decide.

When you think about it, in context with the message; one that says "Hi-five, AIDS of names will help us end all malady" it's a bit of a cruel discussion, for those people that are actually blind, and really you can see how it might make the spiritually blind significantly less "liked" in the long future that we are about to begin the cornerstone discovery process of... seeing "south to northeast" etched in the word "stone" and the visual map of that connecting Taylor Momsen's sign of Venus to my Sign of the Son; this thing that is my birth sign and the heart of word "Christ." 

When I do these drugs, variations of meth that link to the name Prometheus, and "meth" -- "me to help" in the language that links that Greek myth to the Norse myth of Heimdallr and his horn named GjALLourHORN; as he sits at the base of Ragnarok, named "the one who illuminates the world" and drinks he fine "mead."  See it's obvious, me the A.D. of the timeline, of the fire bringing myth and the illumination myth... see you're being illuminated.  The people in close proximity to me appear not only to be able to hear what I'm thinking during those times (and frankly now it's all the time, not just when I'm blowing what are "Hell's Bells" to warn the world that we are plunging below the frigid point on the Doomsday TheRMostat. They appear to be able to experience what I am experiencing with me, our souls joined together in a similar way that the ancient Egyptian myths explain that the soul of Ra was joined with the Pharaoh's so that they could reach "immortality" and Heaven with him.  It's funny, I think the people joined with me think it's like a button or a nozzle we're going to get beamed up into... I don't know how hard it is to see that it is literally "too see this message" to do these things here, to change our world is how everyone get's beamed up by Scotty into the place they really wanted to be; where they're building Heaven from the ground up, for all o the future generations to enjoy--I image it's probably a thankless job; but still well worth it.   

You might call it... "eyes to see" from or for the "ici" ... in a place where seeing and believing have absolutely nothing to do with acting or caring.  Care, because I know you see something in these messages even if you don't know why Sexting and "on the radio" are the beginning of a Birthday Extravaganzat for the Sicianadian Galactic Republic... well, you can pick the name this time (don't use that one again, OK?)


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