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To help, heart of our c "Hi" Ve; is...

as a side note, I see from my Facebook memories that I am repeating specific things ... anually ... something I once said I would never do (intentionally) and specifically because "rituals of which we have no understanding of their true meaning" are clearly horrible things (ur wasting time) ... one of the primary reasons for "Charosets" in my mind ... I think we all know what this is about.

It's clearly about stopping circumlocution. -AED

huc atque illuc, ves per t(ay) i lion e m
Right off the batur .... it's worth noting the "non-prandomized timer" creating ... intelligent messages in strings supposedly generated randomly all the way back in 9/2012 when this snapshot was taken.  I wasn't aware of it until just recently, when it dawned on me that there might some trace of one of my old personas might show up in a Wayback search (which apparently is a closed beta).  It's a sort of tell--I've tried to make clear the intricacies of my life…

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