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Cry me a river, the Light Bringer thought to himself.

IF I KNOW IT'S NOT ME, AND YOU KNOW IT'S NOT YOU, LIGHT MY FIREFlow, my tears, fall from your springs,Exiled for ever, let me mournWhere night's black bird her sad infamy sings,There let me live forlorn.
If you didn't get yesterday's message, click on "how"Please understand, it is you that really must tryKnow that I am no king, nor a king makerI am here to set you free, and "why"
This thing was never about "us or them"That's that kind of mentality that tears us apartIn my own mind, this days is the beginning of Baruch Ha'shemBut for "the collaborators" it's really the day youstart.The novel is parodied as The Android Cried Me a River in VALIS.[6]Author's interpretationIn his undelivered speech "How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later," Dick recounts how in describing an incident at the end of the book (end of chapter 27) to an Episcopalian priest, the priest noted its s…

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