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The Gate to Heaven

"שליום "לוךחיכאן
Strewn mess·i·an·i·c·all·y between my self-depreciating commentary is an important message, one that you might think would shine through without me specifically pointing it out--but it hasn't done so yet.  It's an important message, it's the purpose of religion and creation; this thing that literally is designed to change the world, to turn civilization around on a dime... and usher in a new era of prosperity and freedom.  
fire | light | cal | salvation
It all started with a message connecting 9/11 to Exodus; one that should be more than enough to prove that whether or not you think I'm "Jesus Christ" that this information that I am presenting is coming directly from the Creator of the Universe--and should be making news and spreading like wildfire--and isn't just yet.  That's a big part of the message, this baptism in fire and water that Matthew 3:11 talks about; and is pointing out some seriously debilitating flaws in our so…
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deyanu, keyans.

if it only provedthat we are notfree and told us how to be ... that alone, should be enoughif it only showed us the power of the truththat alone, should be enoughif it only gave us understanding of virtual realitythat alone, should be enoughif it only helped us to strive to be the best we canthat alone should be enoughif it only demanded in gods hand that we end world hungerthat alone should be enoughif it only showed us that the future screams for us to heal the sickthat alone should be enoughif it only showed us corruption and backwards lawsthat alone should be enoughif it only ended murder and rapethat alone should be enoughif it only ended painthat alone should be enoughif it only promised and end to aging and to deaththat alone should be enoughif it was only a message from the creator, proving he existsthat alone should have been enoughlight the internet.oh, look... a beach.'s "armageddon," clearly you need the assassistance.The above "song&…

appearansays, stfu.

Nearly in tears, something like simultaneous joy for the visible reaction, for the giant leap forward from the place we have been stuck in for so long... and genuinely sad that I've been so focused on seeing any reaction at all, at piercing the darkness hiding miracles and Heaven's door... that I've really failed to convey the uplifting presentation that I have hoped for--and asked for.  I really am sorry that we've fallen into this Downward Spiral, symphonic-ally indicated to be "not an accident;" I hope it's clear from the amount of work on the "rail road" that this is not at all "the end of the world" it's very clearly the end of Hell and the beginning of a path, a well lit road to the place that we have always called Heaven.  The myth of Thor at Ragnarok ties to American Pie's "I couldn't take one more stepand my heart is glowing with new hope seeing Pope Francis break the first small …

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