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The Gate to Heaven

"שליום "לוךחיכאן
Strewn mess·i·an·i·c·all·y between my self-depreciating commentary is an important message, one that you might think would shine through without me specifically pointing it out--but it hasn't done so yet.  It's an important message, it's the purpose of religion and creation; this thing that literally is designed to change the world, to turn civilization around on a dime... and usher in a new era of prosperity and freedom.  
fire | light | cal | salvation
It all started with a message connecting 9/11 to Exodus; one that should be more than enough to prove that whether or not you think I'm "Jesus Christ" that this information that I am presenting is coming directly from the Creator of the Universe--and should be making news and spreading like wildfire--and isn't just yet.  That's a big part of the message, this baptism in fire and water that Matthew 3:11 talks about; and is pointing out some seriously debilitating flaws in our so…
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Big things come in small packages.

It's the little apostrophe in the word "ha'esh" that parts the sea, and this little Yod is God.

More accurately the Hebrew letter "He" depicted above looking something like a "gate" is representative of God, looking at the tetragramatton, and reading it as a time map as I do--that Yod comes before God.  The Vav, it's third letter--talked about below, is representative of ((a)man.

Every word, of every language.  Every single one.  That's what the "fake news media" is ignoring; proof in every single word that we are in The Matrix.  A simulation designed to end Hell and build Heaven--that's what you are ignoring.  Every day.  Jesus Christ is telling you that we can end starvation and stop all pain if we only know this truth, and that it is the purpose of religion to ensure that we do not lose knowledge of "The Matrix..." and these helpful suggestions on what (and how) we might do with this new knowledge.
Is it morne█g

AD den d u █ to the Err@a, los palabras del día son "dense" y "laudate"

FivelorID me
As I am, the only person on Earth that I am sure knows why Taylor sings "I am, I am, I am" in such a cute way--I've seen it before, in the mirror.  In the strange land of mist that I live in half the time, this place that I keep telling you has angels or demons watching me all the time... in this place--this place where these things are the source of a significant amount of "religion" and myth, I am trying show you confirmation that this is happening; I'm showing you because she seems to have seen me--though I don't understand how.  I am not telling you this for absolutely no reason, I'm telling you because I want to make Taylor Momsen to kiss me--not really, but that seems to be what you fools expect from me, so you might as well know--she's gonna do it.  
As an aside, I don't actually know that--but I do believe it, I believe almost everything I say.... half of me is a character that you need, you need Him to save you; and the o…

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