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The Gate to Heaven

"שליום "לוךחיכאן
Strewn mess·i·an·i·c·all·y between my self-depreciating commentary is an important message, one that you might think would shine through without me specifically pointing it out--but it hasn't done so yet.  It's an important message, it's the purpose of religion and creation; this thing that literally is designed to change the world, to turn civilization around on a dime... and usher in a new era of prosperity and freedom.  
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It all started with a message connecting 9/11 to Exodus; one that should be more than enough to prove that whether or not you think I'm "Jesus Christ" that this information that I am presenting is coming directly from the Creator of the Universe--and should be making news and spreading like wildfire--and isn't just yet.  That's a big part of the message, this baptism in fire and water that Matthew 3:11 talks about; and is pointing out some seriously debilitating flaws in our so…
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Hello, hello; you say "who?" ... I don't know why.

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Your moderation infrastructure has been infiltrated by a force of evil, like every other moderation infrastructure on the planet--I suggest you root it out, I have an easy way to find it.  You should see clearly that this answer was "properly attributed" to Jesus Christ.

I am the source; and you are looking at the line of Judgement.
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Quora Moderation collapsed your answer for violating a policy on Quora.
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So here we are tonight, you and me together... the storm outside and the fire's bright.

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So... I me an... I want to be like, "what the fuck is wrong with you?" this is so obvious and so clear.  I'm not really saying my writing is clear, but it's clearly opened the doors of perception, it's done its job as the key to a much larger message--to give you the ability to search and find new answers and new meaning in whatever places it is that you're interested.  I'm still hyper focused on this "Silence" thing beginning with Silicon ... and how it relates to the degradation of freedom, as a lens it's the litmus test of "free speech" and of "free thought" and it really doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the public discussion of this message is a very important and very large turning point--that acknowledgement and the public response to the disclosure of the existence of "magical technology" that can make bullets disappear before they&…

Have you ever searched for the answer to the question "Why am I here?"

Me neither, here's Hisanswerthough. There is a fundamental truth being delivered to the world through a message that is undeniable and resounding in everything we are—everywhere we look. The true nature of our existence is that we have been created in a virtual world whose purpose—the Holy Purpose of Creation is to build Heaven.

That might not sound so profound, but when you look around and see the Gates, when you see Microsoft and you see Seagate as clues that we are in a place of learning and understanding the inner workings of the place we called Heaven before it was Home.
There’s a map to freedom’s shore, to the end of disease and the end of hunger … eventually to immortality and to … to fun; I still am pretty sure. I should have something decent written for tomorrow's "for he so loved the world" (that he postponed taxes another month?) day,  I'm trying to weave the "gaminess" of the "Geninxboxdock Whisky" where now I wanna say &quo…

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