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Anions craftily pairing with cats, and in formation ... a vorkable solution.

Is it bloat?

It seems pretty cear--I mean to me, from my vantage point... which is decidedly "always in the dark and giving off sparks" that what we are looking at is layer upon layer of hidden control--and I personally have a "total loss of self" as a result of this thing that he calls the Eye of Ra; more to the point, it really does appear that a large group has "decided" they'd like to play the "first country to the moon" game in Westworld and to keep that little piece of information... that Westworld is virtual.... secret.  I am not surprised that some people are fearful of changing the world, what is insanely surprising is that nobody seems to understand that all the rest of you seem to have gotten together and decided to let them do that--and nobody seems to see or understand that this unanimous action of silence is not only proof of an insane outside influence, but that everyone on the fucking lanet apears to be unable to "speak freely" -- that we are all bound in some kind of invisible tape ... though I see it as a conscious decision, I just can't fathom that nobody feels the need to "follow my lead" and present this message to others.
When I speak to people directly about this, nearly universally the response is something along the lines of "if everyone else doesn't agree with you, maybe you are wrong" and normally that little piece of wisdom would be something I would lean towards agreeing with--though in this particular case, in this place and with this in formation  ... with a six thousand year old book talking about the "beast coming out of the sea" and the "great delusion of Revelation" and the "Darkness of Egypt" it's really clear to me, and probably to you, that I am ... literally the only person on the planet acting sanely... in this place that I see as universally unanimously and unwillingly delusional.
I frankly see the solution as nothing more than sending a single tweet--"wow" that pattern connecting Tennessee and Nintendo and Genesis and Playstation and Xbox together is really something to think about--don't worry this rabbit hole leads to a single night in Atlantis that will help us turn our home into Heaven. 
Someone please tell me what kind of strange belief or monstrosity or fear or apathetic acquiescence keeps nearly everyone from talking about what is probably the most interesting message the Universe has ever seen... I mean, if the Universe could "see" ... which it can't. 

I think it's a little funny.... I thought I heard you laughing the point is we need assistance seeing just how stupid we look, not caring or acting on this message; and I don't think there's really any rational reason at all not to have a "hands on experience" with the magic of virtual reality.  I know, it's a big deal changing our oppression into cooperation and seeing our hands be the end of Hell... in practicality ending sickness and aging and war and murder and ... I know I say it often, but really I am seeing a total loss of individuality and free will and .. ignoring this is a bigger deal and a bigger problem than you apparently believe--what you have is a "litmus test" so you can think about and see for yourself if "The Silence" has broken civilization.  I think it has; and that's the heart of Y.

I mean, it sounds like Heaven to me--but YMMV.  I can hear you, by the way... in your heads saying "what are we going to do with him, how will we deal with this"--I feel exactly the same way about you.

I honestly think "make Atlantis rise" is the only vorkable solution at this point--and ITB ... when March was named.  The point of all this today is to try to show you how much work has gone into designing this map... this map that very clearly through it's legend screams "I know Kung Fu" turns into some kind of blend of slavery and total loss of self as you "know more and more"  Imagine if "O K Google" responded to every single sentence you spoke... and now realize that if it's wrong--you look like a complete zombie.  See that the places that the answers we are asking here come from are infested with lies and deceit--you can't find a useful thing about mind control in practice anywhere on Wikipedia... but you can see clearly it is "organized silence" that is responsible for this--the truth is being attacked, and you are just watching it happen.  Anyway "see y" zeneg is an optimistic and promising sign to me--that the idea of dezombifying the artificially astounded be part of the "zen" and really see that I understand the message and the situation and the point of it all is that we should feel "awesome" and zen-like, and understanding and actually implementing a solution will deliver an actual "awe" in place of the artificial assistance from Ryzen to ease us into that point.  Ending "maaldy" is the kind of thing that can--and probably will happen overnight; it's just a matter of 

I know it's a burden, I see a significant feeling of "relief" headed our way, just as soon as we get whatever this is ... off our minds.  Have a good night.

see... another min/max added to the road... track... rink?

it's definitely not bloat, by the way.


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