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February 20, 2018 8:07 PM PST

I had an actual epiphany today, not that my entire life hasn't turned into something like a walking religious experience.  Colored with my understanding of the mechanism of inspiration, it would be more accurately described as a full fledged designed and planned cascade of mental connections.  It began with my mental visualization of merging or connecting the meaning of "Trinity" and "Matrix" together using the images you see, ones that I've worked on for the last few months.  These images are "art" to me, but more than that they are teaching tools that convey a significant amount of detailed information; quite a bit of work goes in to making each one, filled with things like connections between ancient religious concepts and modern technological ones or maybe a series of intersected ideas that help to make the mental process "click" when you see them floating next to each other--at least that's my intention.  I think they're filled with information both blatant and subtle, if anything with even more than I intended, he speaks through me without me knowing often--adding a little touch of "extra pizzazz," something I didn't see and wouldn't recognize until going over the piece--smiling a little more then to see something a little bit "more perfect" than I had intended.   For instance the puzzle that you see below had some magically added hidden messages from "the Universe" when I went to look at it again; and often I'll notice that my emails have "intersected themes" that I did not write them intending to create, showing that the entirety of the design of this message is ... designed, surprise--that was probably obvious at "hearing" and "disappear" and "precious."  Yesterday's puzzle did have some intended "intersections" specifically the link between the words ashamed, indica, den and weed; and the now connected grouping of "Trinities" of which I've now added America, Dragon, and "assassination" to.  That last one is interesting "assistance" right?

So I've talked quite a bit about the "shared m" that begins message and messenger and messiah and I was thinking of some "m"'s that I would use to show this visually.  The first obvious one is the "Ha'm" of Green Eggs and Ham, and then the second very obvious one to pick is the "m" of Amsterdam; which logically connects to the Holy Grail message that I'll be talking about in a little bit.  These choices are the obvious ones, but at the same time I connected them to another name that I'd never noticed the link to before--though seeing my initials in Muhammad I'd never noticed the "ha'm" and the "da'm" coming from the east and west to meet in the middle.  If it could be more poetic, you can imagine that we could be very much staring at the heart of that name, and the heart of the NES and the heart of the Torah and the heart of Creation all in one single point and one single picture.  The stories behind the two pieces, the time in jail and fighting against a broken legal and justice system as well as the idea of "Amsterdam," that the message is being spoken through all of humanity, the "everyone really" of well, that "m" probably give a good picture of both sides of the Horn of Revelation and perhaps of how and why we might be looking at an insightful key into layers of reasons behind recursive iteration of this timeline.  In the two new Trinities in the intersection on the word map you can see the hearts of both America and Dragon might have something to do with "see El to see (silver)... the message is really everyone." Seeing these two ideas come together in the heart of Creation along with the "neither angry nor crazy" assistance I imagine that a real understanding of this message and it's purpose really does bring to us here--well, it gave me an honest to God "holy shit" ... well, like five seconds.  You might be dazzled a little longer.

​  ​ 

The Grail message connects the concept of Holy Water and Holy Blood to the Revelation and intersections of a number of religions.  Nun is the father of Joshua in the OT and the God whose name means "watery abyss" in Egypt; Mary includes the Spanish for sea, and we can see that same word connecting Eden's initials to the idea of the "multitude of Revelation" and it continues on, and on, and on.  In Exodus we can see it backwards and parted by an apostrophe in "Ha'esh" the word for the fire of the Burning Bush--and see that turning around and seeing the light turns the fire into ... the Eternal Flame of freedom and family powering Heaven forever. 


Sam intersects with a number of other concepts, Uncle Sam, Secret Samadhi, Samael, Doctor Seuss... just to name a few; and the A.D. connections are equally plentiful.  The "AH" key is lead into by Allah, and we can see from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that this idea of a marriage to the whole sea is a "tradition" of (the victories of) this place.   In the original Sang Rael message I pointed out Shekinah in a mathematical division operation with "everyone" connects to the very words of Genesis and shows a 1:1 correlation between "she" and "eve" ... it's the Hebrew word for the Spirit of God hovering over the "waters."

It's the point of the map, you might surmise from the name of one of the primary guides, the Torah; and really what we are showing you here is proof that we are in a designed world, that this is literally the Matrix and that this is the "code of it" a tapestry connecting words and art in history and religion--to present to you the New Testament and a pattern throughout the Torah as a sort of bare minimum "prototype" of what everyone should really want to do just as soon as they find out that this is a computer simulation--a Holodeck, rather than the natural Universe.  Here I've pointed out a number of other AIDS of names, like "Down Syndrome" and Hadid it--so you should too!, as a clue that healing the sick is something "predestined" and hallowed.  As far as Trinities go, you can add "Roddenberry" to this list here, where his name ties to the rod of Christ--Doors in another code linking to Lot and the band Tool (and a map to many more bands as part of this WWJD); to Adam's Den and this idea that "turning stone to bread" is the heart of the key to realizing the vast differences and beginning of opportunities opened through this disclosure.  At the heart of "try" is the connection between Trinity and the Matrix; the message that we are "IN IT" and that changes everything--it changes how we look at starvation, and pain, and in truth it shows us that we are at the gate, only steps away from Heaven. 



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