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E  A  R    I  S  T eZ

WELL, I'VE ONLY FUCKED ONE OF THEM; and only one of them is actually my sister, but in this new age of "Morganeden" and Lisden Simpson screaming "the dick is God" it should come as no surprise to you that my actual sister's true name is "Dawn."

Verily, there's probably more light in Arthur's sword than in my rod; but that won't stop you... will it?  I've told you once and I'm telling you again, I'm going to have to be fending them off with a stick... see the light, it's the truth.  Maybe not Taylor though. she might escape this crucifixion unscathed by the marring of a never wicked heart; just maybe Taylor, there's a chance.

So this is the story of both "HO" and "HY" it is that Eos is my sister, and it's you, and it's the Broken Morning that can now confirmation-ally connect "e" and Medusa and also OS and "her."

If it isn't immediately clear at first glance, you are reading the work that makes "or" shine, and K equal to W at this momentous occasion of "you want to killawhat?"  Case in point, in the land of Universes flipped upsidown and rigth syed up using nothing more than the power of "" do see that we are in the S.LAMC.LA that is the "point of origin" in Stargate and the writing on the wall in 1984 and half-life... and that it's a letter just like "n" that means what goes up must come down, except this one adds "unmor you see the light."  

So then it's clear, so that it's clear; both "m" and "W" are glyphs representing the past and future of our Universes; and the implication is that falling here in the heart creates rising souls in the beginning and the den.  

W   i s   d o  M   i n  A. D.

F   O   R       Y   O   U  R  e     

I   N      F   O   R   M   A   T   I   O   N

E L   I   B E   O U R   T H A N K   Y O U

WELL, it means "LIBERTY" and it's really the "how" I am so sure that I will succeed in this quest of whether or not it is that I am "happy" with the result of our careful preparation, in Latin those two special words "LA  U  D A T E  AD PA R AT IO" ... and for all of Hades to hear we are at the IDES of December; and in this secret land of the inverted circle of an Ourbus or a Uandivere that is Pi and the alphabet soup history of the Universe encoded in nothing more than the mathemataglypholic representation of the letter "e"  

unfinished work, my favorite virtu


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