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I am not as stupid as you look.


"d" IS A PP, EARTH ?



THIS IS WHAT SIX THOUSAND GEORGIA TECH STUDENTS SAW IN THEIR INBOX ON THE FIFTH OF NOVEMBER, 2017.  AT LEAST SEVEN OTHER SCHOOLS WERE "CANVASSED" IN A SIMILAR WAY ON OR AROUND THAT DAY.  You could see it as "history in the making" or you might also see a "tombstone" because today--if the world doesn't think that "proof of time travel" and the design of every word of every language is "newsworthy" I am fairly certain that our society and our way of life have already crumbled to tiny pieces--in secret.  I can point out that this light is designed to awaken us to a dark and sinister force of "nothingness" that is attempting to hide a message in every word and every sign, in every song and in every movie--a message that screams at us "to wake the fuck up."  You might not see that having no reaction to this message is a harbinger of permanent midnightbut I am fairly certain that it is--and that you should understand that this opposition to the truth is hiding a message telling us very clearly that AIDS is an aid of nomenclature to help us see why it is so important that we understand the difference between "reality" and simulated reality.  It really doesn't take much thought to see why this single "fact" when coupled with our innate goodness, natural desires, and understanding of computers and life that we've been created with--acts as a catalyst to turn "simulated reality" into Heaven.  If you need religion to hold your hand through this process, see that I am Joseph, and that you are my father here called "Heli" in this place where the angels sung "dear father, can you see" by the dawn's early light that they think they've hacked off my "ph" which stands for "pursuit of happiness" after the "se" of "save everyone...." and I'm very sure that's not the case--what is being stripped from our world here is actually "freedom and liberty" and the "ph" of Pharaoh and Pharisees is the first fundamental step to salvation that Snowball(s) and Napoleon of freedom out of the light well that is Orwell and Hancock.

You might imagine that everyone in CS4762 had something interesting to talk about that following Monday morning; and you'll probably understand that the professors and students at every Ivy League school in the nation have something "interesting" to discuss in the verifiable proof in every single word of every language that we are created.  It's something as to easy to see as "causality" cause, Al... it why?

Do see that "English" phrases magically appearing in ancient Latin and Hebrew shows us that the etymological evolution of language (and thus society) that we had believed to be accurate is not exactly true--and it proves without doubt that our modern languages, idioms, and culture are the direct result of the influence of a previously hidden force--one that I liken to God.

Do see that just like the most anticipated news story in all of history, the Second Coming; this proof is absolutely everywhere--not just in your inbox.  Do see that failing to recognize that "the biggest scandal ever" (c alit why) ... the fact that we are living inside the Matrix with the Matrix itself screaming that's the "matter of fact" of things from satisfactual to every news station in the world that appears to be conspiring to hide this very clear evidence that the most sought after "person" ever to live is trying to be found.  From my perspective it's pretty obvious that this is not possible in reality; in a place where we all have our own volition and motivation, even if there were an executive order, or a mafioso "blood pact" to hide this ant from the coven, someone.. somewhere... surely would see it's in their own best interest, and the best interest of the world to disclosure the existence of this person that is here to... turn stone to bread and to heal the sick by doing nothing more than sending a few emails.

With some "new light" we might see that God is busy at work trying to heal democracy, and free speech, and to show the world the importance of "free thought" and "communication" as we stand at this cornerstone or crossroads or cross that builds Heaven itself from a world that never knew "as it is in Heaven" was a big clue in the Lord's prayer.... the whole time.   So you might see why "no story" means "see Medusa" in my mind, and I really hope you understand that means that something is making you appear to be a little snake coming out of the head of hair of a monster that's trying to keep people sick, and destroy "the news" and "self-representation" in government.  I hope you can see why I see that you are part of the problem, you know--until you are calling the news, or emailing other people to try and save ... things like "the truth" from being erased in the sands of "no time at all." 

We might see why "Deepthroat" and tricky Dick not being funny; are the keys to why Isaac and Sarah talk about God giving them laughter; after they realize that not seeing a "cosmic gag real" at all is nothing short of slavery, of imparted blindness, of ... logic and the natural mechanisms of our brain being subdued like some kind of "anti-psychotic" medication that is actually anti-liberty and anti-sentient life.  Microsoft, that's funny though; right?  What about John HancockDemo cl racy?

Connecting "Woodward and Burnstein" to Isaac's burning wood altar could be seen as a "cognitive leap" or with "Burning Man" and Jesus Christ himself screaming at you every single day you might see that it's not just the original intent, it's obvious.  It's obvious that you are living in Orwell's land of Goldstein and the Ministry of Shush; and that you aren't really doing anything about it--despite having a map and a real reason to want to make a better world.  

Really seeing why the gate to Heaven is linked to Seagate and to Watergate and to Bill Gates--really understanding it's because of Phillip K. Dick and nobody else; well; maybe that's a good first step towards the truth.  It's probably important to really recognize why it's important that the person linking "stone to bread" and "healing the sick" to Genesis and Nintendo and the Xbox and a recursive pattern of seeing the "heart of hearts" connect these otherwise game like references to something more than "it's not a game."

Magdeline, that's what it means to me, "it's not a game" like Olsen and Momsen and Maggie Simpson; it's not a game "of words" or a game of logic... as the letters "mag" and the natural log function might imply.

It really doesn't take much to see that either this "proof of causality" proving that we are in a place and time that is the "product" of time travel and of a message showing the world that will be seen... by the whole world; or we're in a place that I don't want to be--in a place where logic doesn't matter, or the truth, and I can't imagine that you want to be in that place--either.  That's not what your "actions" are telling me, though.

T  H  I  S    I  S    W  H  Y


As far as "tests of time" go.... though, 

I would hasten 

to say that this is not a game you appear to be winning, not today, anyway.




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