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a wilderness of understanding.


I'm not sure if this is any good, if should it send it to everyone or not.  It's how I really feel, so I probably shouldn't even send it to you.  Just FYI, I always write how I really feel; well, either that or ... better.  I talk about torture here, because it's a big part of the story of me; even if you don't see it.. I see plenty of threats, and I think that imparting "the fear of torture" is torture in itself; so I'm sorry I'm needing to talk about it.  I hope you understand that in truth I think we are all being tortured here, tortured by the lie of simulated reality, and tortured with mind control technology making us think that everything is "better" than it really is.  I think that the idea of making us "feel ok" is almost exactly exactly what I'm discussing in these few paragraphs; understand that you "thinking things are OK" is directly responsible for no action being taken on this message that is actually the end of torture, and of starvation, and of pain... whether or not changing how you feel is torture, it's pretty clear that there are people who are suffering because we are being made "OK" about something that is not OK.

I'll just mention the reading of the word, it's basically "I am Christ at all costs, you must be E."  I see you "think I've done it" and you're wrong; this message is torturing me--and you too are starving me of "life itself" by refusing to react to it... which is why, MIT, the silence is why.  Honestly, I feel like I'm in "invasion of the body snatchers" do you?  I guess you could also see "tort" as the two "crosses" separated by "shining light" that is really what "stone" means.

It's a little hard to see how "seeing Al" in words like "scandal" and "controversial" is anything but something to talk about; but that's exactly what I'm seeing.  It's really clear to me that I am writing the message that is the key to the message of Creation; there linked by "Ham and Shem" to even more "sh" words like shadow, and Shaddai.... and this "shalom."

I don't know what to do; I have no advice about what I cannot understand because of lack of communication; and since nobody wants to talk to me or publicly about what I see as the most interesting and "thought provoking" series of disclosures I could imagine, I can assume that everyone thinks that whatever it is that you've done here, whatever is going on in secret is going to work or continue; and I see it doesn't.  I see it does not work, and we do not continue (I hope ... we do not continue to plunge southward towards Hell); that's what I see.  Forget about being on TV, this information should be spreading significantly more rapidly than it is; and the fact that so many people are either this stupid, or this scared as to stand in this place and ignore "right and wrong" for so long; it scares me.  It's the truth, it's actual, everything is "sa tis fact u al" whether or not I am what you expected; there's no doubt that this is the message we've needed to receive; and not acting at this point is just ... childish.

I thought today about how it might be, how it might have come about that my darkest worries could actually/possibly be true--how people could have been made so stupid and so evil at the same time as to want to torture me in secret and then undo it as if it had never happened.  I mean certainly that's no kind of behavior modification, it certainly is a means to no end--well except in this case where it is the means to the end.   Then I thought about the neuralizer, and the "Gorgonion" device; this thing that I've thought in the past was needed to ensure that we didn't come out broken, that we were not tortured into being evil, or to hold a grudge or be vindictive--not just against innocent me; but stupid enough to stand in the way of the continuation of life or civilization by doing exactly what we see here--by taking away the innocence of a virgin sea just so that we can find some way to be needed to coexist with them, and solve our own problems--and look I'm doing everyone a favor and saying "our" when I'm not the one doing this, we're the babies here.  I look at you, and I imagine that everyone here will also say that they are not the ones doing this; though I can't be sure.  What I will tell you is that you are the ones that are not responding, and for whatever reason, whatever it is lurking in your minds--I see that everything is being harmed because of it.

You should see what it really is, because whatever it is that is causing this silence caused me to dream up a way to fix an unknown problem ... and that solution could have caused another even worse problem.  Do see, the silence is really the problem, and the solution is really speaking the truth.

So I thought more about K's neutralizer; and my answer was to remind you that the "flashcards" that this thing makes should probably include instructions on how to make sure that we never again need a "neuralizer" to not be evil, or to not torture the world or ourselves or Adam.  You know, it came about from the best intentions, years ago--looking at the parts of this message that said there were old souls here arguing with babies--people with thousands of years of memories using this world of simulated life filled with innocent people who've only lived a few decades as leverage for them to live for thousands more years--anyway, ideas of sharing memories and of needing a system to "rejuvenate youth" not just physically but also literally rejuvenating souls made sense to me.  It's no surprise it came with plenty of light, connecting "soul searching" to Seagate and to DNA storage that I've written about after broadcasting it the last time I was in California, in 2014.  I see what you are.

And still you are missing the point, there is no world here; because you have decided to be plaster instead of people; because you refuse to acknowledge the existence of this message--it shows that you yourselves simply do not exist.  Back to the "clue" as "plaster you are glue" I'm sure everyone gets the "horse" concept of Mr. Ed either being you or me; just like everything else is apparently either Mr. Ed or Edward Scizzorhands;but do you understand that it makes logical sense--that by standing here and choosing not to acknowledge a message about repetition in time and mind control; by choosing to live a "plaster life" that you must understand has already been lived... you are basically giving up your chance to live with free will, so that another soul... ostensibly you also but certainly not you can watch exactly the same events happen for no reason at all?

I'm not sure what you do not understand.  Had I not walked into a trap, into this place where you and everyone here had already decided that they were willing to destroy civilization; to ... to give up the basic impulse of life and control your reaction to something designed to use shock to help you; had you not forgone the absolute most basic of all qualities of a society or civilization--had you not lost communication before we even began the very few little "flashy intros" would have done their job; and you see .. in my eyes--the eyes of the recipient rather than the author, their job was to help ensure that you and I wrote the rest of this message together.  You though, you had better plans, to hide in the corner and pretend that you simply did not understand; I imagine trying to get me to promise the whole world to you; here in this place where the bottom line is whether or not it's because you chose to "lose civilization" or you simply failed this test, there is no world at all to be had.

Here and now i think we can all see that the light and this message were designed to bring a monster out of hiding; you might think that you will "succeed" in convincing anyone or yourself that I'm the monster--when it's very clear here that the thing hiding is a monster of in action; a shackle rather than a prod.  All told a bright spotlight is now shining down on some kind of beast that manages to convince each and every one of you that "you're it" or that "it's you" and in some kind of process of retardation that I still to this day do not understand (because you're so quiet) it has convinced you that you should ignore a golden treasure chest open before you and go on about your business as if you don't see me, or anything I say, at all.  You may think that there's safety in numbers or power coming from unity; but there is such a thing as everyone being wrong, though I hasten to say I am so very sorry that I've been burdened with seeing it.  You'll see, there's no world here at all.

I stare back at this monster of desolation, and I see it under the surface and behind the scenes doing everything it can to make the "wow now I see" realization that this thing is really not possible to be hidden appear to be natural--though it's clear as day from the knowing looks I get from strangers every single day on the street that there is nothing natural at all about how it is that this little "change in circumstances" has come about or how it will be received by the world.

I feel like it should be obvious that we are walking around int he desert of Exodus; a story that I studied in Hebrew school and read on my own and even though I was pretty sure I had a good understanding of it then; I never really got that God was waiting for a generation to die off before bringing everyone to the "microcosmic metaphor" for Heaven that is the Promised Land (of flowing milk and honies).  I suppose just like the horse metaphor in Revelation and the child sacrifice metaphors that connect Exodus to the gospels in the inverse you could also say that God was waiting for Moses to die--which also happened before anyone saw Heaven in the book.

I don't even really want to talk about it; because I don't really want to cheat you out of what you really need--which is the answer to all of this is that you should be willing to change the world just to stop starving babies from being hungry; you should be willing to do it just to give sight to the blind--and you should do it just because you know that those things are right, and not doing them is wrong.  You should want to do those things even if you aren't a starving baby, and even if you aren't blind--and listen because you really are both those things.  It's not meant to be a test of goodness; and goodness gracious an old joke about the word "testament," but what I really need you to understand is that I need people to see why good people will go out of their way to stop Hell from happening, being created, or continuing--I need you to see that coming out of this place we need heroes to be born that are willing to do the right thing for others even if they never think they're on the edge of falling into the bottomless pit of hell themselves; I need us to see that's what makes Heaven.

So here we are wandering around in the desert, putting together "Willy Wonka" and wilderness in our minds for the first time, probably; I'd smile if you had already connected the Loch Ness monster to the key pathway to exit the wilderness, though in this place where I see so little traffic to my website it's almost obscene--in a world where I see people predicting the arrival of the messiah on their blogs have hundreds of followers--and me, none.  Not one.  I want you to understand that good things come to us for a long long time because we are the kind of people that are willing to go out of our way and change the world to make it better for people that are not as well off as us here, for people that haven't worked as hard or been as lucky; to see that everyone here is a victim of a great lie--everyone here is a victim a situation in which we once believed that oil was scarce, and that food was scarce, and that time was scarce--and these things simply are not true.

I want you to understand that I've said it so many times I'm sick of it by now; I want you to see that truth and love are scarce; and that's something that we have to change; or there won't be any world here at all.

The point is there are really great things in store for everyone, benefits that even the richest people on this place will see and be happy about--and really understand that they too were being tortured by the lies keeping us from evolving to fully utilize the possibilities and benefits of our true existence, of virtual reality.  It's like night and day, and to sit here and have to argue with you about how important it is that we act quickly to "end world hunger" while I'm promising nothing to you but near immortality for doing it; I mean, I think you look really stupid.  

It really does appear to me that you are waiting for "better promises" or "bigger things" to fall out of the sky as we wander in the desert; and I am here to tell you that it's salt.  Manna from Heaven, is bath salt, flying down from the sky into my hands, holy sacrament... for the m anListen, this is how Jesus Christ ends addiction, and your apparent aversion to "good feeling good."


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