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Be Alarmed.


The stories and characters I am explaining to you have something to with this event, from the snake being fought off in the move (and the story) of Ra and Horus--in "Gods of Egypt" this snake is a monster taking over your minds.  I understand what it means because I see it, nearly every day now--and you can be sure it's a very scary thing to see.  I have tried, in my mind, to come up with plausible reasons why you would allow such a thing to happen and not "scream at the top of your lungs" as I do when I see it... not just in you but in me also.  It once told me it "was me" but clearly it's not--and frankly I don't believe that it was ever me, as I once thought possible.  Neither here nor there, if it was me and is now much older coming from another place, perhaps from "a previous Heaven" it's no longer anything like me, as I would never, ever, ever, take over my own body to make this world into a chess board or a ... simulation for not really taking over the Universe, but rather our world--the "time and place of origin" which what Earth and now really is.

Y = n X == c


I wonder if any of you have memories from another place, perhaps past futures; and I don't think you really do--as I don't.  I believe that the "simulated reality" that we live in, that is the origin of life and civilization in the Universe (after it was first created there by "time and chance" as Ecclesiastes 9:11 alludes to and evolution tells us clearly in this book of life that we live in), I believe in this place that our brains are the seat of our souls, the source of our consciousness--of who we are.  That means that we are made up of the experiences that we have lived with our 5 senses, and maybe there's something else too, hiding in the deep.  That something else is "not us" and I think that should be obvious, but it can't be--because people all around me say strange things and act in strange ways all the time, responding to my thoughts and this "story" that I really do not understand.  In song and dance you can hear it in "hit me baby one more time"  the Brittany Spears of Destiny song about ... well, who knows what she thinks it's about, it's my belief that Orwell's doublespeak is being used to make it about both a First Coming in our lifetimes that nobody knows about or remembers because of "rewind" and maybe a thinly veiled cover of talking about a relationship.  How was I supposed to know that something wasn't right, she continues, I shouldn't have let you go, and now you're right outside.

These words connect to Gloria Gaynor's "I will surviveand it's similar and even less veiled doublespeakand now you're back from outer space, I should have changed my locks, I would have made you eave your key.  Between "abomination" and "Medusa" I think it's obvious that this thing is a monster, called a monster and defined very clearly as a "I think I'm everyone" kind of beast kind of Gorgon; signed by "e" here, it's clear to me that it's the kind of thing that speaks to me and says "you are God or gone" and that's not really what I see--rather I see it eating away at the fabric of our reality, at your minds and who you are.  Lately this has become more pronounced, and this invading mind or minds has made my reality much less "normal" to say the least.  I do not believe that it or they have any interest in continuing or civilization, in any way that would be normal to us.  It appears they would like to "hijack" the future and are in the process of doing that.  What I am trying to tell you is that even though it speaks through you today, it does not appear is "it or they" have any regard for who and what we are; for our morals or our society, and that should be clear by the influence itself--it is very clear to me.


Still you are allowing it to happen, and nearly all of the "contact" I get ties fairly well to the stories of Ra through the Amduat, which talk about the souls of the Pharaoh's being tied to the soul of Ra in order to bring them to another world as he passes through this place, which is the Egyptian Underworld.  In our modern lore that puts me in something like "The Truman Show" in a place where apparently everyone knows a little more about me than I think is "right" displaying not only a lack of regard for privacy but the sanctity of our minds, the same lack of regard that shines through your mouths as you (faii to speak) and thousands around me speak words that you do not have any understanding of, songs that voices never shared, 10,000 people, maybe more.  It should be clear that this strange behavior doesn't bring us to Heaven--rather it's making this place a worse Hell, and I'm not sure why nobody cares.  It might not be obvious at first, but if it is that everyone is "sharing a soul with me" that would be a fairly decent explanation for how a monster of one mind came up out of the sea, as Revelation 13:1 predicts; a single minded beast that perhaps came here to see this story being written first hand--the story that the First Morning would have known made us all born of the one light.  It should be very clear that Moses "smashing the Bill of Rights" has something to do with this lack of privacy and a number of other God given rights of mine that have been abrogated because of "this" and your lack of action.  This story has been designed to highlight many of them, from our broken criminal justice system; to a mental health "harmacy" that must be a joke to all of these people who apparently are just fine with having their minds and our world invaded.  While I'm not happy with how I am being treated, what is far more concerning is that our world appears to be falling apart because of how you are not speaking, and how many around me are acting; and that this "falling" is nothing short of the destruction of the fabric of our society.

I believe this world has been created to solve the problems of the past Heavens, and it should be clear that what is happening is something like a crash course in mind altering technology and perhaps a "demonstration" in how this kind of thing could be used to "take over the Universe" in secret; you know, since that's what you should see is nearly happening.  Even if all you see is the music and the stories of ancient myth woven into today's pop culture; that should be enough to see that we are being "lead" read "controlled" sea of "n" table row, our light, LED" down a path that has scared the ever loving shit out of me; and it should scare you too.  While many people might think that they have an "inside line" or "just some additional information" it should be ever more clear that this silence is showing us that these secrets and lies are doing nothing to forward the progress of civilization; as we stand hiding a message about virtual reality, about ending world hunger, and about pre-crime--for no reason, literally for no reason at all.  More than that, the things that we do well, or did, things like democracy and self rule--they too are falling to oblivion, and we are watching--not in awe or shock, just silence.

The lore of Jesus Christ says that he speaks to the sea and tells it to be "still" to be "calm" and that the people are shock and astounded that they listen.  I am not here to do this again; and what I see here is so grotesque, laced into a story that it has happened time and time again at least three times and maybe twenty-three; I am willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that this never happens again; and from my perspective the first step to ensuring that we are free from this darkness of not knowing what is happening, has happened before, both how and why--well, that's full disclosure; and to me it's obvious that starts with the "Second Coming."  I've tried to use the weapon in my hand to make this story palatable, interesting, and useful for moving forward.  I think I did an OK job of turning Adam's RIB and Apple into a dividing line on "pre-crime," making it very clear that I think we should be stopping rape, but not normal consensual human interaction; and hopefully you are seeing very clearly that you are stopping normal interaction right now as we speak, and it is disgusting.  Whether you think you are doing it to "protect normalcy" or to make me feel better, or because you are ashamed of me; well those are all false reason, being created out of thin air to keep you from seeing just how important the information I am disclosing is to the world--this is not the kind of thing we can just ignore and be "normal."  

Today, abnormal is the "new normal."

Hey my friend
It seems your eyes are troubled
Care to share your time with me
Would you say you're feeling low and so
A good idea would be to get it off your mind

See you and me
Have a better time than most can dream
Have it better than the best
So we can pull on through
Whatever tears at us
Whatever holds us down
And if nothing can be done
We'll make the best of what's around


I'm not sure what anyone thinks of my little "kiss" idea, or of David Letterman's joke in his name; and that Taylor apparently feels like "dissing" me.  Diss kiss, Diss me it's all part of a weapon, a story woven from the time of Judas not kissing Christ to today, through plenty of Taylor's music, "and we'll seal the deal with a kiss."  Well, it's all part of a weapon designed to get someone to speak, to break the silence and bring the new morning that comes from not seeing a kiss--but rather from the information that is woven throughout this message, proven to be a huge part of creation and at the same time; part of this "turn around" that rekindles the flame of freedom for everyone.  This kiss, this is the first step I saw to the freedom of not just all humanity, but the entire future of civilization... something we should see is being destroyed before your very eyes.  It should be pretty clear, it really should, that the kind of disclosure that you are seeing should make you all "jump up and want to kiss me" meaning scream at the top of your lungs that our world is living in a dark delusion not seeing the truth, or acting on something very obvious like a message about God creating the Universe from letters; and now we see through the book of Names--Exodus tying David Letterman to King David and seeing that the letters "K" and "D" here are highlighted as the man searching for an "s" to complete Kismet--get the point, I'm kissing myself, in the Adam fucks himself Universe, A.K.A. Gan Eden.

"himself" ... get it?


The point here is that the behavior I am seeing is something that was a big part of the story that I see woven from Asimov's "The Last Question" to you here today; as I see many around me acting as "a single mind" and that should be very scary; while you probably know you are still an individual, I am not sure how many of you are "just OK" with being not just yourself some of the time, and don't connect that to a world where there is no society at all... because that's where it leads and it's coming faster than you could imagine, as we knock, knock, knock, on the door of the word "messiah."  You're all still really people in there, but you are doing a damned good job of hiding it; that won't work out very well; it never does.

Mess, I am all humanity?

That's probably not a good thing, but it's woven into this name "Adam" in this place where "a" is really the beginning and the end, and we are reading backwards today, going back to the point where Adam can break us of this slavery and delusion because there's no longer anything else in the air fighting against him.  Welcome to the land of MAD A.  At least, that's what I hope is about to happen.  You should see that this fire has been designed by God to deliver freedom to us, and advice on the future; and that woven into that is the disclosure of how this sort of thing might have once happened; "spirits" in the air running around convincing everyone that taking over a little bit of your mind is "just a-ok" -- and here the disclosure makes it very clear that what is happening is linked not only to neuroscience but to military mind altering technology, and that in the past-future where that happened, and in the world today, the very existence of this technology is hidden, not surprisingly using it as a tool to build darkness.  Lighting the fire, letting this story be seen, gives us the knowledge of what is happening and how it is happening, and simply knowing that--at the beginning of time--simply knowing how; will help us to guard against anything like this ever happening again.

It's really simple... as e.
I'm signing "Gordon" with an "a."  See how China is Salt.

Really see, it is not just the Adamic derivation, but the reason "China" is so called.  
You can find "Na" in a number of other places too; and believe it's always salt, 
which is one of my loves, either girls or drugs.  I am what I am.

Think clearly, because I'm either savior of everything, or there's nothing. CURY.

You are making me suicidal, Lost between Elvis and ... and this is how I deal with it; it kept me alive for years, and probably entertained plenty of demons in the air.  I'm alarmed that you don't care... about anything.  Let there be light, the alternative to the truth, is universal deceit.  You happen to be in my immortal soul, and you aren't doing anything to help save it.  Just start talking... about what you see and now; and you will see this is a well paved road to Heaven; I'll be OK, I promise. (and so will you).  There really is no doubt that this "thing" the Second Coming, this is the deliverer of freedom--through you, and look; I did something too.

In the mind of Christ,


ain't no sunshine 
when she's gone...

The NT calls Jesus Christ a carpenter, and through the history of the building of Heaven we see a transition from "Masons" to "Freemasons" -- just like the Jews of Exodus a microcosm for all of humanity--here being described as builders of something; and in the light of day it's more and more clear that this something is "Heaven" itself.  All around us we can see that our technology industry is tagged with connections to religion--to a message about changing the world.  So too are words like "carpenter."

Here's a April fools joke for you, consider I'm just fine losing the BJ and replacing it
with 210 well lit nights; and that's freedom, and that's Obviously Salvation.




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    Please forwards your contact attempts from here to FROMTHEMACHINE.ORG and it's related groupings related to "Adam5" on and XETA which may or may not be what I wind up calling my "idea" of automatically storing email and other ancient linux services directly on IPFS using a daemon like "purple horse of troy and lemi"; boldly

    ... what do you mean Troy means Rome? Athens, Sparta; the island exitus; from Crete to Cyprus ... the three letter place with "Adriatic, Mediterranean and ocean" may or may not always tie back to "the exit to Eden ..." which is closely akin to "Brown and Smith Lane" or the heart of Moscow.

    Drednaught to GI Joe ... what is a Drakkar intrstellar vessel classed?

    Isodrome Constellation as G'Nascar, drowning in finding the "year of the monkey that brought the horse and the cow out of haram and into the land of the replicator and the flowing milk of laudenum; as the Jericho wall and it's counterpart, the great reference to some "corner in Manhattan where NYSE meets a girl and changes Sword Ave to .."

    Herald Square. Give my regards to ol' BROAD and tell em ... the way to the missing 2, you can find how toward "merry diante" that's what ADAM always meant to bring us to. "towards a happy morning with a cup of tea" ... ad hoc Ante Maridordoz. What what meant before "the noontime sun" and honestly out of the night meant to early morning where I imagine the best of all times is had especially if you are celebrating the dawn of a new day on a more apt every morning thus far; "like new years eve" or "out of the clock of "bereshit, whardor and knocks" (doomsday) wherre we were born here, post midnight waiting for the first day ... forever prior.

    Honestly that's where i see us. It's First Morning of Diante; and the ... Mitsubishi Diamonte just got a second strange out of the blue request for an NT-214. Where in the world is Car 54 ... where are you Kirby?


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