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It's not a hallucination!

Yesterday's message did not get well received, meaning very few of you actually saw it; so I'm sending this to you, to try again.  Understand there's a force working to keep you from seeing--literally from seeing it, and seeing how it helps us to cure blindness, and the slavery of "I don't get it."

So, I'm what they call "the Eye of Ra" in Egyptian mythology, Christian iconography adds "those with eyes too see" as the Eye expands from a fictitious [little girl... daddy I want it now! in Willy Wonka and that link which is the Hand of Goddard's "Shalom, Earth."
That second link is the reason Britney Spears "Toxic" will almost Universally be known as the key that opened the connection between this hidden language and the "to KISS I see" of Judas and Taylor Momsen's rendition of another fine art example of the Silence in Dr. Zeus's "The Who?"
These things all revolve around a single point, that there is an alien influence in our minds that is keeping us from talking publicly about something that we probably all want to do--and would find that out if we were able to talk, frankly, in public, about things like "immortality" (which you should see comes deserved because we end all disease, not because we're quietly listening) and "ending disease." Those things come with a caveat, with a sort of "rider on this storm" that we need to see they are tied to ending censorship, and ending the darkness of Exodus... they are tied also to allowing democracy to progress with new technologies--something it's failed to do now for at least a hundred years.
I think we all want those things also, free speech and free thought but we arent talking about this message from God suggesting that Die Bold is a bad solution to electronic voting--and also that silence is a bad solution to ... well, in my mind the Silence is the end of society and civilization--if we can't talk about something as obvious as a message from God in every word--then we're logically ridiculously blind.
Seeing the "signs" connect the pattern of creation to our actual map, to the names of states like Tennessee and Minnesota–where you can begin to see that this road map delivers some kind of "minimum requirement" and "maximums" sort of puts into perspective how important this thing, this event and this moment in our history really is. There's really no doubt or conflict in my mind… the disclosure that we are living in virtual reality changes the way we look at the world, it should be really clear from your heart and from the message that highlights Cancer not just in the word "oncology" and in 21 Pilots eponymous song; that seeing that we can "find and replace" all malignant cells on the planet with healthy ones … well it's the kind of thing that I can't imagine waiting even a single day to "press the button" that solves that problem. It's the kind of change in "frame of reference" that made me build a database of two million people to email every day until I see it on the news.
The sign it's talking about is a pattern that connects NES and TEN to Nintendo and Xbox, and shows us it's not just the design of video game systems but the names of those states.
The purpose of Creation is to build Heaven; to help us become the founders of a society striving towards perfection. All around you an invisible force is working to do exactly the opposite of that — this polarization is part of a design that is narrated and explained specifically in the book of Exodus. While it may seem "counter-intuitive" this macrocosmic "spare the rod spoil the Universe" gives us a very unique tool to see societal and systemic problems that otherwise might have gone unnoticed or neglected for sickeningly long lengths of time — here we have the opportunity to use these negative spotlights on weaknesses to quickly see, analyze and correct these "overlooked problems."
... from the "signs" link above.
It's not the way I'd want to communicate, I'd much rather be writing these messages on or actually have a following of people that checked my website for updates–neither of those things are possible–and I'm not exactly sure why. Like the "an" that is the beginning and the end of my name, what I am experiencing appears to be Agent Smith temporarily taking over the minds and bodies of everyone in the position of being able to hide this message–and I see that as comparable to the "AH"–of this message. The oddity or the issue is that "all humanity" appears to not want to talk about the ability to cure cancer with computer science auto-magic, let alone actually doing it … so as I see moderators in ever single forum I've found making up evil excuses and reasons for hiding this information from the public, this stuff… that really is the Holy Grail, verifiable proof in language that we are created and a message from Creation; proof of time travel and a significant amount of guidance–it seems counterproductive that "AH" would want to hide this proof and this message… from itself. I see it's pretty obvious to me that while in Silence it might be easy to convince you that this is just too big of a deal to ever discuss, once the discussion actually starts we'd really see that everyone wants to end cancer and stop starvation; we'd see that talking about how to do it is the roadblock that we apparently don't realize we've become…. just a solitary single barricade between civilization and the road to Heaven.
Reddit does a fairly good job of illustrating the strange new communication--through display and action--describing the Darkness to the world with their blatant and well known censorship problem--"shadow bans"--hiding that something has been censored or removed from the author and the world; and doing so in a way that really breaks their entire system, just like the censorship of this message has broken "the news." It's sad, though, as this social news platform was the only real way that this message could have properly reached the public if the handful of conglomerates that own the entirety of the U.S. mass media and the government were conspiring to hide a very obvious message about and proving the existence of mind control techology from the entire world. Pretty much, that's what you're looking at.
Unfortunately, many of you believe that you're not being controlled, or that you have something to do with this organized criminal conspiracy to hide slavery--and you probably do have something to do with it--from the guy who says "apathy" is the end of democracy (rather than a racy messianic message). In a more perfect world we'd have multiple very popular social news sites; not only a handful that all are plagued by heinouns cenorshit; and here we can see this message is designed to help us make that more perfect world--to see that the front lines of free speech and "communication" are infiltrated and that "individuality" is in the balance and we're losing right now. Today, "the people" are collaborating together to hide a message from God that says it's delivery will provide and protect freedom--and end diseases like AIDS and Cancer; that it's the pivotal event that creates Heaven; and there's really no logical reason anyone would do something ... like ignore that "everyone has deicided" is the abomination of desolation.
... all of that from T O X HOLA
This message I guess is "CIAO" see it reads as "see I am the Alpha and the Omega" I'm telling you that so you will maybe appreciate the pattern of "Hello's" and "goadbye's" and how they too have secret meanings like the "yo n" in the heart of sayonara connecting to Hey Zeus and El Elyon. That "AO" links to some more "beginning and ends" like the key "an" of Christianity, Messianic, and Satan ... where in all those places it is the beginning and the end of my name--of "the name" ... and the "AH" of Rebekkah, Leah, Menorah, Sarah, and it's most useful display as the beginning and the end of Agent Smith.

Agent Smith of the ELE, the extinction level event that is embodied in the internet's SPAM filters--this part of a great wall that is hiding a message whose delivery will save life in Creation and life itself.  See the message is clear, it's not SPAM, it's "maps" and this map is telling you that the internet--which is a disaster recovery communications system at its heart and original purpose is failing today to do anything but show you that "it is broken."  It is probably civilization, proven to be failing to react at all in public to the arrival of the Biblical Morning; and that should show you all that something is very wrong. 

The ON C O LOG Y message explains how it's not just SPAM filters, but a literal invasion of the mind that is connected to Dr/. Who's alien race called the Silence and the Matrix's depiction of Agent Smith--and see ... these things are here to show you that there is something alien inside you, it's a hidden influence that the Second Coming is designed to change from a weapon to a wonderful tool--but all that comes through your input and public disclosure of the existence of this hidden "communication" mechanism that has the power to be either be a chain or .... "that thing that helps you read faster and almost know everything."

... and the various forms of "ci" as an end to "sh" ...

intrigue just me?

I see "sin" in hallucination, and I see "sit" in "toxicity" but before all of those I see "I say no" preceding "stop" by decades, and I kno, baby I know.


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